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UFO ROUNDUP, Volume 4, Number 14

From: Joseph Trainor <Masinaigan@aol.com>
Date: Mon, 05 Apr 1999 20:41:42 +0100
Fwd Date: Mon, 05 Apr 1999 16:14:42 -0400
Subject: UFO ROUNDUP, Volume 4, Number 14

Volume 4, Number 14
April 5, 1999
Editor: Joseph Trainor


     The Toronto UFO made two more appearances
last week near Canada's largest city.
     On Sunday, March 28, 1999, at about 8 p.m.,
Aaron W. "was out with a friend in Jack Darling Park
in Mississauga, Ontario, Canada when we saw a
glowing orb over the Lakeview Generating Station"
located two kilometers from the Toronto city limits.
     "It was a bright, gold-coloured light that hovered
for five minutes, then split into five separate lights and
disappeared below the horizon," Aaron reported.
     The following evening, Monday, March 29, 1999,
at 8:45 p.m., Aaron "was out again at Lake Ontario on
a beach in Rattray Marsh.  I looked over my head to the
northwest, and I saw a bright red light streak across the
sky.  When I pointed it out to three other witnesses,
it became very, very dim, but they did see it for
approximately two seconds.  The witnesses lost sight
of it, but I continued to watch for ten seconds as it
danced across the sky."  (Email Interview)


     UFOs were reported throughout the month of
March 1999 in Canada's Ontario province, with many
sightings around Sudbury and Elliot Lake.
     On Wednesday, March 14, 1999, at 3:40 p.m., a
motorist driving from Elliot Lake (population 14,089),
a city 117 miles (187 kilometers) west of Sudbury,
to Provincial Highway 17 "reported seeing a cone-shaped
object moving across the sky from west to east.  The
front end was squared off.  There was no vapour trail
behind it, and it was as white as a cloud."
     On Friday, March 12, 1999, at 10 p.m., a boy living
in Sudbury (population 92,884), a city on Highway 69
approximately 260 miles (410 kilometers) north of Toronto,
"was trying to get to sleep when he looked out his bedroom
window and saw a triangular object in the night sky.  It had
three colored lights--one at each corner.  One light was red
and the other two were white.  He also noticed a fourth
light in the center of the craft--a smaller red light which was
moving around in a circular pattern.  He said the triangular
craft was about as big as an aspirin (held) at arm's length."
     On Saturday, March 13, 1999, at 1:05 a.m., a man in
Garson, Ont. "saw a big, round object moving slowly across
the sky in a northwesterly direction.  He said it blinked
four times before disappearing and described it as being
'lime green in colour, oval-shaped and as large as a
garbage can cover held at a distance of 15 feet.'"
     On Monday, March 15, 1999, at around 3 p.m., two men
ice-fishing on Dunlop Lake, near Elliot Lake, Ont., "saw a
glare moving across the sky."  They described the UFO as
"the object was a lot bigger than a plane" and "it was a
silver bullet-type thing."  The witnesses "said it flew above
the trees about three or four miles away and then just
disappeared.  Both the top and the lower halves were
reflecting sunlight, he said, but the middle section was
     On Saturday, March 20, 1999, at around 3 a.m., two
women driving east on Highway 17 from Sault Sainte
Marie, Ont. "saw what looked like a bright star in the
sky.  Then it suddenly came down at tremendous speed
and flew past their car.  The witness, who was in the
passenger seat, said that as the large ball of light flew
past the car, sparks were shooting off from end to end.
She looked back through the rear window of the car to
see the object, and it stopped and hovered above the
     On Monday, March 29, 1999, at 11:15 p.m., the
same Sudbury boy who saw the UFO on March 12,
told MUFON that he "saw a similar object racing across
the southern sky."  (Many thanks to MUFON Ontario,
Sudbury Section, and Errol Bruce-Knapp for these reports.)


     The presence of over 2,000 mysterious "tree circles"
or "forest rings" in northern Ontario and northwestern
Quebec has researchers in Canada puzzled.
     The "forest rings" were found in boreal forests
ranging from Nipigon, Ont. (population 2,430), just
north of Lake Superior, to Matagami, Quebec
(population 2,467), a small city on Provincial Highway
109 about 120 miles (192 kilometers) north of Ottawa,
the national capital.
     The rings were discovered by Dr. Jean Veillette,
a geomorphologist with the Geological Survey of Canada
in Ottawa,
     According to the National Post, "Dr. Veillette first
became intrigued by the rings in the early 1980s when
he noticed them on several photos he was seeing from a
mapping project in Quebec's Alitisi region.  The light
colour of the rings results from sparse vegetation growth,
which contrasts with the dense tree cover within and
around the rings."
     "'I researched them as I went along,' he says, 'and
noticed there were more rings as I moved north.'"
     "Since then he has looked at 38,000 air photos and
recorded more than 2,000 of the rings, which seem to
be concentrated in an arc north of Lake Nipigon in
Ontario to Matagami, Que.  There is also an isolated
cluster on Anticosti Island at the mouth of the St.
Lawrence River."
     The rings are perfectly round, ranging from 'only'
30 metres to two kilometers across...They are found
typically in areas of carbonate-rich soil and/or bedrock.
located in forest regions of black spruce, tamarack
and pine, anchored in moist peaty ground."
     "Theories of how the rings were formed have emerged
from every scientific and not-so-scientific source.
Ufologists  claim an extraterrestrial influence; astronomers
suggest meteor strikes; prospectors claim they signal
diamond-bearing kimberlites," a blue, igneous rock found
in the Laurentian Shield deposits.  (See the National Post
for March 16, 1999.  Many thanks to Paul Anderson of
Circles Phenomenon Research-Canada for the article and
the background information on the forest rings.)


     Mysterious green fireballs were seen twice over
Ireland the night of Saturday, March 6, 1999.
     That night, at 11:30 p.m., Edel Chadwich "was
driving across the bog (ostensibly a road--Edel)
between Borrisokane, County Tipperary, and
Cloghan, County Offaly," about 135 kilometers
(81 miles) southwest of Dublin, the national capital.
     "Anyone who knows this road knows that it is
unrelieved flat bog," Chadwick reported, "I saw what
I perceived to be a meteorological phenomenon.
It was a very clear dry night, cold.  I saw what looked
like a very large shooting star, comet-type thing, about
ten times larger than the (Hale-Bopp) comet that was
visible last year.  It moved through the sky extremely
quickly but not from a very big distance.  It was a very
vivid green.  It hovered for a second or two and vanished."
     Forty minutes earlier, at 10:50 p.m., David Moore
of Astronomy Ireland, editor of Astronomy and Space
magazine, was making telescope observations on
Djouce Mountain (727 meters or 2,385 feet) in County
Wicklow, about 160 kilometers (100 miles) east of
Cloghan when he spotted a similar green fireball.
     "There was a brilliant fireball on Saturday night,
March 6," Moore informed Dave Walsh, editor of
Blather, the Irish online newsletter of Paranormal
Provocateurism.  "I saw the ground light up myself
from Djouce Mountain when we were using my
telescope.  It happened to the north."
     Noting the time discrepancy, Walsh wrote,
"Has someone made a mistake, or were there 'two'
large fireballs over Ireland that night?"  (See Blather
for March 31, 1999.  Many thanks to Dave Walsh
for letting UFO Roundup use this item.)


     Two more UFO incidents took place in the
state of Sao Paulo in southern Brazil last week.
     On Tuesday, March 16, 1999, around 10 p.m.,
a glowing UFO appeared over the Residential
Sete Quedas apartment complex in Itu, located
100 kilometers (60 miles) west of the industrial
city of Sao Paulo.  The hovering UFO was
videotaped by one of the witnesses.
     At the apartment complex, located in the
Itaim section of the city, "Gabriel de Carvalho Filho
watched again with his wife an aerial ballet starring
the object."
     "The Folha da Cidade reporter, Eduardo Luiz
Santion, videotaped the object and watched for 15
minutes with the other witnesses."
     "Minna Luise de Paula, also a resident of
Sete Quedas, who saw the 'glow' of light on Tuesday,
said the shape and size of the light reject the
possibility that it was stars or a balloon."
     "Francisco Bento Feitosa, who works at Sete
Quedas, said he nearly lost his cool when he saw the
light.  He did not believe in UFOs, but his faith was
shaken badly Tuesday night."
     Residents of the hillside section of Itu also saw
the UFO.  "Clarice Fukuda was one of these, and
through her window, noticed the light in the direction
of the Gaplanas Building."  (See the newspaper
Folha da Cidade for February 20, 1999.  Muito
obrigado a Thiago Ticchetti por eso caso.)
     On Sunday, March 21, 1999, around 12:30 a.m.,
Denise Ribeiro "was with my husband in the backyard
of our house" in Butantam, a suburb of Sao Paulo,
"because the night was very, very hot.  Around 12:30,
my son called our attention to a red light that he
was seeing.  At the first moment, I thought it was the
planet Mars.  It was very visible this night.  But I
noticed that this light was a little bit bigger than the
     "Looking more closely, I saw a point formed by
four red lights, in a cross shape.  The lights did not
blink.  They were very clear...The 'object' was stopped,
apparently at a very high altitude.  So, after ten minutes
at a dead stop, the 'object' started to go to the west
very slowly, a straight line at a constant velocity.  Two
of the four lights turned off, (the UFO) made a turn and
started to rotate on its own axis.  Again it began to
move but more in a descending motion and stopped at
an angle of 45 degrees to the horizon.  Then it went
away to the west."  (Muito obrigado a Sociedade de
Estudos Extraterrestres, SOCEX, por eso caso.)


     On Monday, August 29, 1999, at 4 a.m., Ryan H. was
sound asleep in his second-floor bedroom at the family
home in LaVerne, California (population 30,897), a suburb
20 miles (32 kilometers) east of Los Angeles.
     Suddenly, Ryan awoke to find "the whole room shaking
and rattling, as though a medium-sized earthquake was
in progress.  However, he suddenly understood that
something very strange and different was happening,"
in that "the source of the shaking seemed to be overhead
as well as from east to west."
     Thinking a large animal might have leaped from a
nearby tree onto the rooftop, Ryan went to the bedroom
window "and was very startled to see a large, red, ball-
shaped object, that was glowing very brightly orange,
high in the sky.  He went over to another window for a
better view and saw that the object was moving rapidly
in a westerly direction.  It also stopped and hovered
     After watching for 30 seconds, Ryan ran to an
adjacent bedroom and awakened one of his brothers.
The two men, both in their twenties, "stepped out onto a
second-story balcony and watched the orange glowing
ball for approximately 10 minutes."
     As the UFO began to move again, Ryan waved his
flashlight at the object, "and the bright orange object
stopped and hovered again.  Ryan then went to wake
his other brother and their parents."
     "Then, as the whole family watched, the object
abruptly began to move again, this time rapidly in a
southerly direction.  Then it suddenly stopped to hover
again, and Ryan and his brothers saw a bunch of
smaller orange lights seem to drop earthward from the
underside of the large object."
     Following that maneuver, the orange UFO "pulled
out and disappeared."
     Moments later, the family caught sight of another
and startlingly different UFO.  "He described it as a large,
dull gray, cube-shaped object with all of its corners
and edges rounded off.  He said the object's color made
it very hard to see in the semi-cloudy, pre-dawn sky.
All three of the brothers watched as it floated towards
the horizon."  (Many thanks to Tim Hagemeister of
NACOMM for this report.)


     On Tuesday, March 30, 1999, a couple in
the northwestern section of Philadelphia spotted
a UFO.
     The witness, a woman, was with her friend, a
male doctor, when she saw the strange object.
     "I told him, 'Look up there at 11 o'clock high.
Look at those lights.'"
     "It's just a plane,' he said."
     "I said, "No, it's not.  When have you ever seen
lights blinking in a circular motion?  It's a UFO!"
     "He then said, 'Well, it could be a helicopter.'"
     "Then I told him to look to the right of the object.
'That's a helicopter!'"
     "'Well, whatever it is, it's moving fast,' he said."
     It was 8:30 p.m., the witness said, "And we were
coming back from supper.  I have a habit of looking
up at the sky from this intersection.  It was heading
southwest from King of Prussia (population 18,406)"
on Route 202 about 20 miles (32 kilometers) from
Philadelphia "to the airport.  We lost sight of it due to trees.
We weren't able to make out a shape, but the lights
appeared to be on the bottom of the craft, one white
and one red.  They were blinking on and off generally
in a circular motion."
     This was the second UFO sighting near King of
Prussia, Pa. during the past two weeks.  (Many
thanks of J.R. Gillis of MUFON for this report.)
(Editor's Comment:  The UFO's flight path took it
very close to Wissahickon Avenue in Philadelphia's
Fairmount Park.  Wissahickon Avenue has a long
mystical history.  Originially a powwow site for the
Lenni Lenape (Delaware Indians), the area was
settled by Johannes Kelpius in 1694.  Kelpius was
a disciple of the Rosicrucian adept Knorr von
Rosenroth.  The group was into all kinds of magickal
doings.  Kelpius finally became a hermit and moved
into a cave in what is now Fairmount Park.  He died
there in 1708.  His group eventually became known
as the Ephrata Moravian Brethren.  Two of its leaders,
Conrad Beissel and Michael Wohlfarth, befriended
a young Benjamin Franklin when he moved to
Philadelphia from Boston in 1725.)


     Mississippi recorded its second UFO of the
month on Wednesday, March 31, 1999 in
Southaven (population 17,949), a town on
Highway 55 about seven miles (11 kilometers)
south of Memphis, Tennessee.
     At 6:45 p,am,, a Southaven man "reported seeing
an unusual flying object he describes as 'a Little Orb.'
The observer was outdoors at 6:45 standing in his
driveway.  The object was low on the horizon of the
northern sky and appeared to wobble."  (Many thanks
to J. Michael Long of Mississippi UFO for this


     New Zealand joined the roster of NATO countries
planning to contain and control civil unrest caused
by the Year 2000 computer problem.  Other
countries with such contingency plans include
the USA, the UK, Canada, Australia and Israel.
     "Authorities in New Zealand are expected to call
for help from the military in the event of civil unrest
caused by Y2K.  In a closed-door session, officials
from 86 territories are meeting to discuss the
likelihood of failures and how the public will react.
All military units are to be on standby New Year's
Eve and have been warned not to grant holidays
at this time."  (See Y2K Newswire for April 2, 1999.)
     In Australia, QANTAS Airlines announced a
possible cutback in flight service due to Y2K,
according to a BBC report.
     "BBC reported that QANTAS airline warned that
Y2K could cause disruption of its service.  A spokesman
said, 'QANTAS planes will only fly if it is safe to do so.
Therefore, some contingency plans may reduce frequency
of flight" during the emergency.  (See Y2K Newswire for
April 2, 1999.)

     Remember the last Blue Moon in January?  We saw
two strange Fortean events during the period.  Your
editor wondered if the same thing would happen during
the March Blue Moon.  And, sure enough, it did.
Read on...


     During January's Blue Moon, we had an out-of-
place Siberian tiger shot in New Jersey.  This time
around, it was a Western coyote that appeared
in New York City's Central Park.
     According to NYC Parks Commissioner Henry
Stern, the coyote "was spotted at 6 a.m. Saturday
(March 27, 1999) in Riverside Park at 149th Street,
he said."
     "On Tuesday night (March 30, 1999), cops saw
the animal on Central Park's West Drive near
80th Street and then again on Wednesday
(March 31, 1999) in the Hallett Bird Sanctuary at
the park's southeastern corner, said police Capt.
James O'Neill, commanding officer of the (NYPD)
Central Park precinct."
     "By yesterday morning (Thursday, April 1, 1999),
sightings had come in from all corners of the park,
including the Great Lawn, a maintenance yard at
79th Street, on the west side, and 96th Street, near
the East Drive."
     "Stern was briefing reporters at the Bethesda
Terrace near 72nd Street at about 11:30 a.m. when
word reached him that the coyote had been
trapped in the bird sanctuary."
     Officer Stephen Collins of the NYPD Emergency
Services Unit (ESU) took aim at the coyote with
a tranquilizer-dart rifle.
     "When the first two tranquilizer darts missed,
the coyote fled into the pond.  Bad move: its slow
dog paddle gave Collins an easy target."
     The coyote "swam to the other side and started
pacing north on the East Drive.   The mob followed
in hot pursuit--gathering tourists, joggers and
curious New Yorkers as it went--until the coyote
gave in to the drugs and collapsed in Memorial
Grove near 69th Street."
     "'It's my first coyote and hopefully my last.
They're too much work,' said Officer Stephen Collins,
who fired the dart that brought the howler down."
     "The coyote was taken to the Bronx Zoo, where
he was recovering last night."
     "'He's now going to be known as the Central
Park Coyote,' Stern said."  (See the New York Post
for April 2, 1999, "Coyote corralled in Central Park,"
page 9, and the New York Daily News for April 2,
1999, "Cops collar coyote--in Central Park," page 3)


     A bizarre mass demise of fish and animals took
place in the Sudan during Blue Moon.
     Residents of Juba, a city on the upper Nile River
located 800 kilometers (500 miles) south of
Khartoum, the national capital, were stunned to
find thousands of fish and dozens of crocodiles
and hippopotami floating dead in the river.
     "Residents of Juba believe the river's pollution
is causing the deaths and refuse to use the water
or to eat any of the fish from the Nile."
     Residents also reported an unusual oily green
malodorous foam floating on the river, which they
believe originated in Uganda, a neighboring
African nation 140 kilometers (84 miles) to the
     "An environmental official described the river
water as 'greenish and smelling badly of
decomposing animal bodies."
     "The local government on Tuesday (March 30,
1999) issued a statement saying that the water was
safe for human consumption."
(Editor's Comment:  During January's Blue Moon,
there was a strange mass demise of birds in
Bastrop, Louisiana.  See UFO Roundup, Volume 4,
Number 5.)

from the UFO Files...


     Of all the strange incidents that have taken place in
Idaho, the mysterious deaths of Henry Ludlum and
Albert Humburg in 1879 certainly rank near the
top of the list.
     The incident took place in April 1879 in Sleight's
Canyon (now Paris Canyon--J.T.), a few miles west
of Paris, Idaho.  Humburg, an immigrant from Germany,
owned the mine but leased it out to the three bachelor
Ludlum brothers.
     Henry Ludlum told his brothers that he had heard
strange noises coming from behind the rock walls
while working in the shaft.  His brothers said it was
simply the ground settling.  When Henry insisted
that he had heard odd, faint shrieks, whistles and
metallic clanking noises, his brothers simply laughed
at him.  Incensed, Henry decided to obtain some
proof.  Here's how it all went down in the words of
Humburg's daughter, Mrs. Emma Hymas.
     "I will never forget that April morning when I was
just four.  There was still a lot of snow with a right
heavy crust on top.  Ludlum banged on our door and
said one of his brothers went down in the mine to
work and had not showed up.  They had called down
the mine shaft over and over again, but there was
no answer."
     "Father just left the breakfast table, put on his
new red cap, and went.  That new cap just stuck in
my mind because I wondered why he did not have it
on when they found him."
     "The Ludlums had run into pockets of 'foul air'
in their mine, but had been lighting fires to kind of
make it safe, I guess.  When Father reached the
mine, he said he would go down in the bucket to
see what was wrong."
     "He found Ludlum, all right, but he was dead."
     "He tied the body tightly to the bucket with a rope
and gave the signal to be pulled up.  About halfway
up, the other fellow heard a groan and a body drop."
     "When they called and got no answer from Father,
they got scared and hurried to Paris (Idaho) for help.
Paris was a long way down the canyon with snow-
crusted roads."
     "A lot of men came back with them.  They had
some horses hitched to a bobsled, but by that time
it was way in the afternoon, and nobody wanted to
go down in that mine..."
     "Finally they got some kind of grappling hook and
kind of hooked it into his overalls, which were brand
new.  By being right careful, they finally pulled him
out.  Bob Spence, a lawyer who was there, figured
he could see some signs of life in Father, but they
did not know much about artificial respiration in
those days."
     "I can remember so plain Mother leaving the
house and climbing the hill by our place with my
brother Albert, who was only six, and sending him
down the other side of the hill on our homemade
toboggan to tell our neighbors, the Foxes, that
Father was dead."
     "They finally got the bodies down to the
courthouse where they had some kind of an
inquest.  Neither one of those mines was ever
used again..."
     No one could explain the mystery.  Two grown
men, strapping Idaho pit miners, found dead
underground and not a mark on them.  Nor could
they explain Albert Humburg's strange soft groan
or what had taken his new red hat.
     The Humburg mine eventually became known
locally as the Hummingbird Mine, and it's still
up there in Paris Canyon, about 25 miles
(40 kilometers) south of Soda Springs, Idaho.
     Drop by and visit this summer...if you dare!
(See Folklore from Utah, Wyoming and Southern
Idaho, edited by Austin E. Fife, Volume III, Utah
State University, Logan, Utah, 1958, pages 16-17)

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     That's it for this week.  Join us again in seven
days for more saucer news from all around the
planet, brought to you by "the paper that goes
home--UFO Roundup."  See you then.

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