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BUFORA Watch - Resignations Galore!

From: Mike Wootten <mwootten@dial.pipex.com>
Date: Tue, 6 Apr 1999 18:53:10 +0100
Fwd Date: Tue, 06 Apr 1999 20:45:57 -0400
Subject: BUFORA Watch - Resignations Galore!

A BUFORA-Watch Special

BUFORA Crucified At Easter!
Egg on face once again!
No resurrection possible!
Council said to be cross !

Press Officer resigns!
Director of Research resigns!

In a dramatic turn of events two of BUFORA's most active, key
figures have resigned, leaving BUFORA once again up the far
reaches of an effluent channel with no visible means of

Gloria Dixon, BUFORAs Director of Investigations for several
years, and Dr. David Clarke, their Press Officer, have both
resigned on this Easter weekend.

The reasons for these resignations are many but stem
fundamentally from BUFORA Council s decision to allow Max Burns
to spread disinformation, libel and lies about the so-called
Sheffield Case.

BUFORA Council wisely prevented Max Burns from speaking last
year. This followed Burns allegations that:

* A pilot had been killed after being shot down by a UFO


*  That a serving member of the RAF had picked the surviving
navigator up late at night in the Peak District.

At that time Burns could not provide one shred on non-anecdotal
evidence to back the first claim up. His second claim was
vigorously denied by the alleged witness who was furious that
Max had distorted his words. As a result of this the witness s
employment has been put at risk.

This situation has not changed. Burns has _no_ new evidence. Yet
due to internal manipulation and politiking within BUFORA - to
which only a select band of Council members were privy, Burns
lecture for June 1999 has been forced through on a free speech

BUFORA big-wig John Spencer went so far as to say that
preventing Burns from speaking was the first step on the road to
facism. This clearly shows the ethical corruption which lies at
the core of BUFORA management.

Burns has _had_ free speech both on the Internet and in magazine
articles. His sensational and libellous rubbish has merely
cheapened the subject. BUFORA Council's support for this man is
puzzling, not least in the light of their enthusiasm to promote
other hoaxes and scams such as the Ray Santilli Alien Autopsy

But, as the old saying goes, If you plant ice you gonna harvest

Attempts to reason with key members of Council via internet
forums have been met with that most redundant of BUFORA tools

Using a corporate 'find em, fool em, forget em policy' BUFORA
has lost members and now officers and Council members over this

Their Chairman Steve Gamble refuses to discuss the matter with
anyone other than the small coterie of friends who actually run

John Spencer - architect of this inner circle made a feeble
attempt to justify BUFORA's actions which was received with
outright hilarity from other BUFORA members and ufological
luminaries such as John Rimmer and Peter Brookesmith.

Ex-BUFORA member Andy Roberts put it in a nutshell when he

"Let's go through it again for the hard of thinking."

* Max's free speech is _not_ being supressed. He has had his
fair share via the internet and various magazines. _But_ - It is
patently obvious that he lies/invents witnesses/evidence. We can
_prove_ that.

Should BUFORA should give a platform to someone who distorts and
manipulates evidence?

* We can _prove_ he has sent hate mail to a number of
researchers under email pseudonyms.

  - Should BUFORA give a platform to someone who harrasses (in
secret) other ufologists?

* We can _prove_ that Dave's research into the case is
_factually_ correct. We can _prove_ that Max's isn't.

  - Should BUFORA give a platform to someone
who is known to be _factually_ wrong?

If the answer to all those questions is 'yes' then I rest my
valise and BUFORA might as well throw open its doors to any
nutcase with a theory......ah, I've realised the flaw in my
argument here, it already does.

Well perhaps the time is now for it to stop doing so, to prove
it can actually make a decision for the _good_ of ufology and
for the _factual_ representation of UFO cases.

BUFORA have wittered long and hard over the years for witness
confidentiality and all that nonsense. Very admirable. Yet here
they are giving a platform to Max Burns who has implicated a
serving RAF officer in his fantasies, causing him to almost lose
his job?

Max has smeared this guy's name across the internet and will do
so at the lecture. He does not have permission to do this. But
of course BUFORA hypocrisy says that it's ok to breach witness
confidentiality when its Mad Max doing it.

The fact is that if BUFORA is so knicker-twisted about witness
confidentiality they should not give a platform to _anyone_ who
breaches it.

Many other ex BUFORA members hold similar views.

BUFORA is a waste of time and space. It is corrupt throughout.
Whatever its pretensions to democracy, it is run by two or three
people at most who manipulate other Council Members according to
their own hidden ufological agenda. Which is basically to stay
in power at BUFORA and call themselves silly titles.

In recent years due to their Find 'Em.... maxim BUFORA has lost
numerous ufological researchers.

Here's just a few researchers who now languish in BUFORA's

Jenny Randles, Paul Fuller, Mike Wootten, Tim Matthews, Andy
Roberts and John Heptonstall have all set sail for fairer

Even cash-cow Philip Mantle fell afoul of the long knives.

Now, with the loss of Gloria Dixon and Dr David Clarke the
Association remains little more than a sideshow in the
ufological circus.

At least two of the people booked for BUFORA lectures in the
99/00 season have also withdrawn their support for BUFORA
following these resignations.

Tim Matthews, author of UFO Revelation and the country's leading
expert on military black-projects has withdrawn from the lecture
programme in support of Gloria and Dave. Andy Roberts has also
cancelled his lecture in disgust at the way BUFORA Council has
allowed itself to be manipulated by hucksters- again.

It is also likely that other resignations will follow within
the next few days.

It is thought that, as usual, BUFORA Council have their head so
far up their... sorry, in the sand that they will barely notice
Gloria and Dave leaving. In BUFORA, everyone and everything is
expendable. Except the cabal which runs the Association.

BUFORA's new lecture organiser and Council member Malcolm
Robinson has also issued a list of future BUFORA lecture
speakers which includes the barrel scrapings of UK ufology such
as Arthur Tomlinson.

Rather than searching for any truths behind UFO reports BUFORA
Council would be better served if they started a serious hunt
for the plot they lost years ago.

Rather than take a firm, critical, scientific stance BUFORA have
ignored the wishes of Council members and key players in the
organisation and gone for popular ufology.

So once again BUFORA's crimes and misdemeanours have caught up
with it. It's happened before and it will happen again until you
cease to support it.

Organisations such as BUFORA are unnecessary. In its forty years
BUFORA has accomplished very little. The best ufology - as
Jacques Vallee has said - is done by motivated individuals and
small groups.

No titles, no power, no egos.

Next weekend sees yet another interminable BUFORA Annual general
Meeting. BUFORA Council members have ordered a special stock of
wool for the event and will be busily engaged in pulling it over
members eyes.

If you are a BUFORA member reading this we suggest you attend
and question them closely about matters raised here and in
previous issues of BUFORA Watch. You will, of course, be fobbed
off with platitudes and half-baked trivialties. Don t be fooled!

A new forum for serious. sceptical ufology will shortly be
announced via this list.

Watch this space!

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