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What Is Strange

From: Don Allen <dona@amigo.net>
Date: Tue, 06 Apr 1999 13:31:11 -0600
Fwd Date: Tue, 06 Apr 1999 22:19:03 -0400
Subject: What Is Strange

Source: Robert A.M.Stephens' Web Site


What is Strange

This is so simple. The claims of the macabre. Just go to Richard
C. Hoagland's page, Art Bell, Mike Bara's lunaranomalies, Keith
Rowland, and so many more.

Need I say more. These assholes have no idea what their pages,
their claims, their amazing clues to our being, look like to
someone coming into this amazing 'field' for the first time from
the outside. To quote Dr. Bruce Cornet, a professional man and a
long time frequenter of this culture, said to me by email, "when
you first enter this scene the feeling immutably comes over you
that you are in a place you should not be."

Amen. Aptly put Dr. Cornet.

When I first entered here, this culture I have now termed
'Strange', trying find a site to post my first report on the
Montana UFO I was amazed. I was actually amazed twice; first was
that I thought it was all a joke. I mean I'm just an average guy
but I do work in and around NASA and aerospace. I have done this
thing for many years---a fifth of a century now. I just know
some things. One of which is NASA isn't a bunch of liars. I took
issue with this first. This arcane nonsense that NASA is lying
about everything and our whole being.

I first tried to write the owner of The Enterprise Mission, who
seemed to be the loudest child of this pathological, sociopathic
lie. I received a terse, rude, chickenshit little email back
from Keith Rowland that the esteemed crap head Hoagland was just
too busy to write.


I should have known then I was in really deep yogurt.

I then decided that I would publicly do what I do in my work;


Oh boy.

This was the absolute wrong thing to do.

See, this place of UFO-Paranormal, Strange as I call it, isn't
so much a 'field of study' as it is a religion. A place to
worship faces on Mars, 19.5 degree vortexes letting asteroids
come down the throat of volcanos and destroying Hawaii, that it
is good to warn people that Washington D.C. is going to nuke
itself, 5 mile tall towers on the Moon, cities on every planet
in the solar system, NASA hiding a couple extra dozen planets
from the rest of us, blowing up its own space craft, and even
UFOs landing on Mountains in Arizona. and none of the above have
ever happened EVER!

And I wanted to ask why?

And I have been shot for it for nearly 6 months, over and over,
without one justification of cause.

But this same culture who embraces this bullshit can not, will
not, ever, tolerate any dissent of query into these claims. If
you do you will be shot. Even the Muslims will ask a few
questions before they chuck you and Brenda out the side of the
commercial airliner. Not so the UFO culture. You ask one itty
bitty question about this culture and boom--you are assailed to
the very core of your being--personal or otherwise.

I was invited onto a radio show hosted by Art Bell, the Pope of
'Strange' since leaving under force the Papalage of the Militia
Movement and its love of hate for that damn 'guvmint'. I was
asked to debate the great charlatan himself Turd Peak Hoagland.
I worked on the 200 questions that would fill the 4 hours. I got
12 minutes while wonder boy Bell and that dipshit Hoagland ran
their mouths about spooks, bad weather, and some phony secret
agent asshole named Tom Bearden and his cool letter about how
he'd be shot if he signed his name to the said letter. On air, I
agreed with the whole thing--the secret letter and all. Whoa! To
this day I'm still alive.

Bullshit. Bellshit.

I asked Hoagy about why he warned Dr. Richard Sauder to leave
this beloved nation's capital since somehow Hoagy had a secret
agent in the pentagon who told Hoagy that Washington was going
to nuke itself. That was my one and only question. Dr. Sauder
verified that the claim was true. But this somehow confused
these two bozos.

Then Bell pulled the plug.

4 months later he is still badmouthing me and that I am a fake
and a liar. Art Bell is a porno trafficker and a certified
asshole. In Cambodia we would have shot this asshole in the back
for being an asshole.

I have and will use just a keyboard, though, gentle readers.

Dissenting and asking why?

There are no Fireballs over Turret Peak.

The Popes of Strange are lying to all of us--about
everything--literally. And getting away with it.

This is strange.

This is strange.

  -- sincerely,
  Robert A.M.Stephens
  NASA Documentation Program
  Stillwater Mills-Aerospace

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