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Arthur Koestler On USAF's 'Condon' Cover-Up

From: Stig Agermose <stig.agermose@get2net.dk>
Date: Wed, 7 Apr 1999 07:36:04 +0200 (MET DST)
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Subject: Arthur Koestler On USAF's 'Condon' Cover-Up



Koestler is famous for his novels, essays ('The Yogi and the
Commissar') and philosophical studies ('The Ghost in the



The Hindu - India's National Newspaper

Tuesday, April 06, 1999

SECTION: Features

Not alone in the universe?

Date: 06-04-1999 :: Pg: 23 :: Col: a

ALIEN BASE - The Evidence for Extra-terrestrial Colonization of
Earth: Timothy Good; Arrow Books Ltd. Received from Ajay Parmer
& Co., Market Managers for Random House International, Post Box
No. 7208, First Floor, Arun House, 2/25, Ansari Road, New Delhi-
110002. 6.99 Pound.

In his Janus, a collection of articles published in 1966, Arthur
Koestler, the celebrated author of Darkness at Noon and a number
of other books, came out with a blistering attack on the U.S.
Air Force for having suppressed a report on unidentified flying
objects (UFOs) written by an investigating team of the
University of Colorado, headed by Dr. Edward Condon.

When the Condon team which was in fact commissioned by itself
came out with its report confirming the truth about UFOs and
alien visitors to the Earth, the USAF decided not to make its
contents known. Instead, it issued a secret memorandum to Dr.
Robert Low, a coordinator for the Colorado project, to throw
doubts over the findings of the Condon report about the extra-
terrestrial spaceships as being nothing more than either
vehicles built on the Earth or as hallucinations.

In his sensational disclosure about the secret memorandum, Mr.
Koestler said that Dr. Low was asked to attribute a
credulousness to the members of the Condon team. The Low
memorandum suggested that this could be done by limiting the
recording of the witnesses to those of doubtful credibility and
poor perceptions.

The purpose of questioning the truth about the sightings of UFOs
was to ensure against the spread of panic among the people
resulting from the reported alien visitations since the U.S. Air
Force was scared of the possibility of a repetition of the
scenes of fear and frenzy exploding immediately after a radio
play based on H. G. Wells' The War of the Worlds in the U.S. was
broadcast in the early Thirties.

If the U.S. Air Force believed that it could destroy the
credibility of the reports about the very large number of
sightings of and encounters with the UFOs, Mr. Timothy Good's
present book, giving a very detailed and exhaustive description
of the same, forcibly suggests that it should have failed. It
is, however, surprising that there is no reference in his book
to Koestler's Janus which was perhaps the first and the most
devastating exposure of the USAF's moves to suppress the truth
and it mentions only briefly the Condon report and the Low
memorandum. This book takes the thread from where it had left it
in his Above Top Secret and Alien Liaison.

The very large number of eyewitness accounts given by persons of
unquestionable integrity - with a few of them from the USAF
itself - about the space ships from other planets and their
encounters with the aliens could conclusively establish the
dishonesty which had gone into the doctoring of the findings of
the Condon report with the Low memorandum.

If, however, ETs had indeed come to Earth, there will have to be
convincing answers to many questions. The huge expanse of space
- which is said to be still expanding - and the millions of
stellar systems having their own planets in orbit - imparts a
certainty to the evolution of life in quite a sizable number of
planets of other stars even if they add up only to a small

The other question, the efforts to answer which throw the
biggest challenge to human imagination, is whether the forms of
life could not be totally alien to what is known to us in Earth
and subject to an entirely different and unintelligible physics
and chemistry.

The space scientists do not seem to have any answer to this
question though a very strained effort is made by Mr. Good in
his book to take note of them. He perhaps knows that the
credibility of the accounts he gives about the large number of
persons who had seen UFOs and the many who had encounters with
them will be questioned.

The space probes which have so far been made by the U.S.
National Aeronautic and Space Administration have established
that the Earth is the only inhabited planet in the solar system.

Mr. Good, however, quotes quite a number of witnesses about
visitors from Mars and Venus looking very much like human
beings. This is indeed difficult to believe and the sceptics
would attribute this to the credulousness of the witnesses of
the sightings. One of the witnesses, George Adamski, invited
heavy ridicule for his accounts of his encounters with ETs from
Venus. It also appears that English has long graduated as the
inter- galactic language between the ETs and those they had met
in Earth.

At least quite a few of those who thought that they had run into
the landing ETs later became doubtful whether they had only seen
a ``pantomime of unrealities.'' Others had an uneasy feeling of
having witnessed something ``that did not actually exist, an
impression of disconnected sequences only found in dreams.''

A number of other aliens left those whom they had run into on
the Earth with the conviction that they were coming from far
more advanced civilisations and a science and technology which
our planet would not be able to match for a long time to come.

Mr. Good does provide a few glimpses of the advanced levels of
technology which the denizens of the other planetary systems
light years away from ours have possibly reached.

This could be seen from the long and striking description by
Daniel Fry, Vice-President of Crescent Engineering and Research
Company in California, of the alien space ship he had seen and
what he had heard from a ``voice'' coming to him from the depths
of space. ``Perhaps you noticed,'' he was told, ``that the hull
(of the alien space ship) seemed unusually smooth and slippery.
That is because your flesh did not actually come into contact
with the metal but was held for a short distance from it by the
repulsion of the field. We use the field to protect the hull
from being scratched or damaged during landings.''

The alien is also reported as having told Fry, ``you have no
idea of the amount of close range observation to which your
planet has been subjected by passing spacecraft during the past
few generations.''

This book is replete with exhaustive accounts of the encounters
with ETs by those who had run into them and also who were
``abducted'' by them but were later released. There is a number
of striking photographs of the landing of flying saucers and of
one or two hideous looking ETs - and not of the attractive and
radiant beings he writes about.

We shall perhaps have to wait for a long while and for a much
larger number of persons in the Earth to run into ETs before Mr.
Good could prove beyond doubt that what he has been told by UFO
witnesses is true and that we are not - to parody the haunting
lines from Coleridge's celebrated Rhyme of the Ancient Mariner:

Alone, alone, all alone

Alone on a wide, wide space.


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