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Re: BUFORA Watch - Resignations Galore!

From: Max Burns <AlienHype@aol.com>
Date: Wed, 7 Apr 1999 19:13:43 EDT
Fwd Date: Wed, 07 Apr 1999 22:48:51 -0400
Subject: Re: BUFORA Watch - Resignations Galore!

>From: Mike Wootten <mwootten@dial.pipex.com>
>To: <updates@globalserve.net>
>Subject: BUFORA Watch - Resignations Galore!
>Date: Tue, 6 Apr 1999 18:53:10 +0100


>In a dramatic turn of events two of BUFORA's most active, key
>figures have resigned, leaving BUFORA once again up the far
>reaches of an effluent channel with no visible means of

>Gloria Dixon, BUFORA's Director of Investigations for several
>years, and Dr. David Clarke, their Press Officer, have both
>resigned on this Easter weekend.

>The reasons for these resignations are many but stem
>fundamentally from BUFORA Council s decision to allow Max Burns
>to spread disinformation, libel and lies about the so-called
>Sheffield Case.

I am sorry to hear that Gloria Dixon has chosen to resign as the
"Director of Investigations" for BUFORA.

About eight weeks ago I had a long conversation with Gloria by
telephone regarding various issues, including my investigation
into the Sheffield Incident.

During the conversation she informed me that she had received a
report from a woman who wrote that on the 24th March 1997 at
approx. 22.00hrs GMT she heard a loud explosion and the sky
lit up with a red flash.

Me ponders how many sonic events light up the sky with a red
flash? Please do not jump in with it was a Tornado igniting its
after burner as it would not light up the whole of the sky.

I asked Gloria if she could contact the women to ask if it would
be at all possible for me to contact the originator of the
letter so that I may question her about the report that she

I also asked Gloria if she could forward the report to me
omitting the details of the identity of the woman until she had
cleared it for me to speak with her.

She has done neither.

I have also E-mailed Gloria making the request again in writing.
Did she reply to this request.

She did not.

This is really strange behaviour from the Director of
Investigations, as I had made a request for data which she
informed myself about orally.

She has not supplied it or even replied to my mail. Why she even
bothered to tell me about this I don't know. But at least I was
willing to follow up on the report with an investigation

But instead I am being denied this data...why?

>BUFORA Council wisely prevented Max Burns from speaking last
>year. This followed Burns allegations that:

>* A pilot had been killed after being shot down by a UFO
>* That a serving member of the RAF had picked the surviving
>navigator up late at night in the Peak District..

I never said that he had Picked up the surviving navigator

>His second claim was vigorously denied by the alleged witness who
>was furious that Max had distorted his words. As a result of this the
>witness employment has been put at risk.

Well, that would be fine Mr Wooten, except that I have distorted
nothing as you seem to forget that I have the interview with the
man recorded on audio cassette.. there fore it would be
impossible for me to distort what can be corroborated and backed
up by audio...

Never mind that the audio recording of my conversation
completely contradicts the interview which Dr Clark scribbled in
his shorthand note book then transcribed how he saw it...and
either implicates Dr Clark as either being involved in this
cover up or that he has been deceived. _Fact_

I have the audio to back up these claims so put that in your
pipe and smoke it

>This situation has not changed. Burns has _no_ new evidence. Yet
>due to internal manipulation and politicking within BUFORA - to
>which only a select band of Council members were privy, Burns
>lecture for June 1999 has been forced through on a free speech

Oh I am afraid the situation has changed and I _do_ have
"new evidence". You will just have to wait till June the 5th
Ohhhh, I forgot, you will not be attending...

So basically what you are saying, Mr Wootten, is that if you lot
cannot have your own way, BUFORA are crap....

>BUFORA bigwig John Spencer went so far as to say that
>preventing Burns from speaking was the first step on the road to
>facism. This clearly shows the ethical corruption which lies at
>the core of BUFORA management.

>Burns has _had_ free speech both on the Internet and in magazine
>articles. His sensational and libellous rubbish has merely
>cheapened the subject. BUFORA Council's support for this man is
>puzzling, not least in the light of their enthusiasm to promote
>other hoaxes and scams such as the Ray Santilli Alien Autopsy

Libellous rubbish, the only people who have cheapened the
subject are yourselves with this constant bombardment to have me
removed from the lecture platform..

>Attempts to reason with key members of Council via internet
>forums have been met with that most redundant of BUFORA tools

You mean the constant harassment of council members don't you?

>Their Chairman Steve Gamble refuses to discuss the matter with
>anyone other than the small coterie of friends who actually run

The decision has been made. Its not open for your negative and
dubious debating skills. Attend or don't attend that's up to

>John Spencer - architect of this inner circle made a feeble
>attempt to justify BUFORA's actions which was received with
>outright hilarity from other BUFORA members and ufological
>luminaries such as John Rimmer and Peter Brookesmith.

I recieved the following post only this morning. I feel just
about sums up the situation:


You could pick this incendiary post apart piece by piece, and
the obvious would be even more obvious - the very same people
who have been picking Max apart for months are the very same
ones who have withdrawn support from BUFORA and/or resigned. Is
this a bit of reverse psychology on their part? Look like the
injured party and gain sympathy?? Uh-uh! Not any more. The
readership of UFO Updates is getting very savy to these
mind-trips and I do believe that they will see through the
obvious (continual) lies and distortions they try to perpetrate
by re-stating (and RE-STATING ad nauseum) the very same
so-called "facts" that have been shot down time and again.

It's the same old list again, Matthew's, Robert's, Clark.
Same-old, same-old, and if others follow as is intimated, it is
_their_ loss, not BUFORA's.

Clarke lost out in an attempt to smear Max's name over some
personal Council Tax problems; Matthews made a fool of himself
as a guest in the UK #ufo channel, the log of which is
available; Andy Roberts as the third member of this tag-along
group has also tried his hand at besmearching Max's good name.

Now for the coup'de'grace - quit BUFORA as a team and make their
final "statement". Well, this is just my opinion, but it ain't
gonna work, boys. Max is going to speak in June, and that's
that. Like it, or lump it, as we say in the U.S., and I guess
the good old boys are lumping it, royally, in a vain attempt to
make one last statement that is going to fall flat on its face.

Ufology - what would we ever do without it! Needed to vent,
thanks for listening.

And Max, go get'em!!! You've got the audience for sure now.
They've personally hand-delivered it by these actions.


>BUFORA have wittered long and hard over the years for witness
>confidentiality and all that nonsense. Very admirable. Yet here
>they are giving a platform to Max Burns who has implicated a
>serving RAF officer in his fantasies, causing him to almost lose
>his job?

First time someone in the RAF nearly lost their job over a
fantasy. All seems rather strange.

As to how the RAF even knew about this?

I can see it now..

Commanding Officer:

"Dagenahrt why are you involved in this fantasy? We cannot have
our men involved in fantasies. You will remove yourself from
this fantasy immediately or lose your JOB!"

Dagenhart responds with:

"But sir, what about our fantasy with you me and a sheep?"

"Oh, that's Ok that's our fantasy..."

"But sir, he has the conversation on tape..."

"Oh don't worry about it, the boys are on it..."

So to answer some points


1 This guy is not an officer.

2. How could he lose his job over something that you claim has
not occurred?

3..How did the RAF even know about this in the first place, to
be able to threaten him with losing his job over something that
they claim never occurred?

4.. Why would they know about this or even be concerned about
this if none of it were true?

5.. I have the audio and you people are desperate to have the
use of this tape removed from my case as you cannot discredit
this evidence, as it completely contradicts the interview that
Dr Clark transcribed from his short hand notes one week after I
had spoken with Dagenhart..

>Now, with the loss of Gloria Dixon and Dr David Clarke the
>Association remains little more than a sideshow in the
>ufological circus.

Well I have to agree with you for once. It's a sad loss to

However, in the case of Dr Clark..

In the last twelve months he has not posted one item for BUFORA
to UpDates. He has been ineffectual as press officer and has
done nothing what so ever to assist in the work of BUFORA....

Indeed, it could be argued that he has done no more than provide
up front, privy information for the group who are hellbent on
taking control of the UK ufological scene, in an attempt to
discredit BUFORA and therefore take the members to the newly
reformed IUN - whose key members are Andy Roberts, Tim Matthews
and Dave Clark. Among others.

It could also be argued that I am being used also in your total
control of ufology political agenda as a weapon to, in a three
pronged mission, discredit myself, my case and BUFORA. Bonus
for you IUN. If you can pull it off.

This is the same Andy Roberts who denied that David Clark had
supplied my details to Rotherham council (re council tax) which
Dr Clark admitted to later on this list. And I am a "liar"?

The same Andy Robert's who wished so desperately to become the
Buffer conference organiser recently?


>At least two of the people booked for BUFORA lectures in the
>99/00 season have also withdrawn their support for BUFORA
>following these resignations.

>Tim Matthew's, author of UFO Revelation and the country's leading
>expert on military black-projects

According to himself

>has withdrawn from the lecture
>programme in support of Gloria and Dave. Andy Roberts has also
>cancelled his lecture in disgust at the way BUFORA Council has
>allowed itself to be manipulated by hucksters- again.

You mean because the hucksters cannot get their way, I was asked
to speak.. I never canvassed anyone.

I am also speaking for Irene Bott's group at her request..

>Rather than searching for any truths behind UFO reports BUFORA
>Council would be better served if they started a serious hunt
>for the plot they lost years ago...

Perhaps it would be best if BUFORA started a serious hunt for
the real reason why the IUN wish to discredit the Organisation?

>Organisations such as BUFORA are unnecessary. In its forty years
>BUFORA has accomplished very little. The best ufology - as
>Jacques Vallee has said - is done by motivated individuals and
>small groups.

Then why are you plugging the newly reformed IUN?

>No titles, no power, no egos.

All power, no research, no differences of opinions more like

>If you are a BUFORA member reading this we suggest you attend
>and question them closely about matters raised here and in
>previous issues of BUFORA Watch. You will, of course, be fobbed
>off with platitudes and half-baked trivialties. Don t be fooled!

I suggest the BUFORA membership at least question the acts and
motivations of these individuals, who because they cannot
have the run of the house, and their own way, will do and say
anything to cause trouble.

Come and hear my talk with new evidence which the killing team
do not know about... I am not asking that you believe me.. I am
asking that you at least listen to what I have to say. then make
your own minds up instead of this biased influence being forced
upon the uk ufological groups by the likes of the IUN..

>A new forum for serious. sceptical ufology will shortly be
>announced via this list.

I didn't doubt that for a minute..

Max Burns

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