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Max Burns And The So-called "Sheffield Incident"

From: David Clarke <crazydiamonds@compuserve.com>
Date: Fri, 9 Apr 1999 14:22:03 -0400
Fwd Date: Sat, 10 Apr 1999 03:15:01 -0400
Subject: Max Burns And The So-called "Sheffield Incident"

I'm not going to get sidetracked by Max's tedious rantings, so
this is my final statement position on the so-called "Sheffield
Incident" until new and independently verifiable evidence is

After two years' investigation all the important witnesses and
participants who had any involvement in these events have now
been interviewed. As Martin Jeffrey, one of the original
investigators has written, this case cannot go on.

Rumours, anonymous informants, wishful thinking and blind belief
cannot be regarded as evidence that would stand up in a court of
law. Here are the FACTS:

1) No Tornado aircraft, or any other military or civilian
aircraft, was lost, destroyed or otherwise disabled as a result
of an accident or enemy action over the the Peak District or any
other part of the UK on the evening of March 24, 1997.

2) No RAF or NATO pilot of any military aircraft lost his life
or is registered as "missing in action" as a result of any
accident or loss of aircraft on March 24, 1997.

3)There is not one convincing and independently supported
sighting of a UFO from South Yorkshire or Derbyshire recorded by
police or civilian investigators for the night of March 24. All
observations between 7.30 and 10.30pm that night can be
explained as sightings of RAF aircraft involved in a low-flying
exercise, light civilian aircraft and the two search and rescue

4) The only military presence in the search area was a single
RAF Sea King helicopter which reached the scene just before
midnight and left the area at lunchtime on March 25.

5) A police helicopter equipped with heat-seaking equipment,
along with seven Mountain Rescue teams (141 civilians) and
around 100 police and dog teams conducted a thorough search of
50 square miles of moor between 11pm on the 24th and 1pm on the
25 "without any trace" of a crashed aircraft being found [South
Yorkshire Police Log).

6) Jonathan Dagenhart could NOT have seen the crew member of an
RAF/NATO aircraft at 11pm on March 24 because none was lost or
disabled over the Peak District that night. It follows that the
West Indian or Asian man he saw had no connection with the
incident whatsoever other than coincidence. Both the Peak
National Park Ranger and the Derbyshire Police have stated that
the man seen on the Snake Pass by Dagenhart was a member of the
public who had made an attempt on his own life.

7) Jonathan Dagenhart has stated unequivocably that he does not
share Max's interpretation of this man's identity and never
stated that he believed he was a member of a military aircraft
crew. Dagenhart has repeatedly asked for his identity to be
concealed and for his testimony not to be utilised in connection
with claims involving UFOs and crashed aircraft. His requests
have been ignored by Max.

Max Burns is claiming a very serious, earth-changing event took
place on the night of March 24, 1997 over Sheffield and the Peak
District. Independently verifiable evidence must therefore be
produced by Max to support these claims if he expects them to be
given any credence. No such evidence has been offered. Once
again I challenge Max Burns to answer the following direct
questions, questions I have asked repeatedly for the last two
years without receiving an answer:

1) The name of the pilot he claims was killed as a direct result
of an encounter between a UFO and "a Tornado interceptor" on
March 24, 1997.

2) The name of the co-pilot he claims ejected from the Tornado
and was later seen "wandering".

3) The name of the base from which the Tornado flew, and the
registration number of the aircraft.

4) The name of a single eyewitness who saw a military aircraft
intercepting/under attack/being destroyed bya UFO as a result
of a pursuit that night.

I submit that Max Burns will never be able to provide answers to
these questions because quite simply the version of events he is
promoting never took place.

Anyone who continues to support Max's claims in the absence of
answers to these questions, or the production of evidence
acceptable to a court of law, cannot purport to be an objective

Max Burn's scenario is so far removed from reality that it bears
no passing resemblance to anything which actually occurred that

Any UFO investigator worthy of the name would have interviewed
those who participated and organised the search and rescue
operation before reaching any conclusion about this incident.
The fact is that Max Burns has not spoken to a single person who
was directly involved in those events and who individually and
collectively concluded that NO aircrash or any kind occurred
that night.

These highly experienced authorities - who have all provided on
the record statements to my investigation - include: Police
Superintendent Christine Burbeary, South Yorks Police Detective
Inspector Christine Wallace, S. Yorks Police South Yorkshire
Fire and Rescue Station Officer Michael Fretwell Peter Shepherd,
Air Accident Investigation Unit, Department of Transport.

Inspector Andrew Howard, Derbyshire Police Inspector Jack
Clarkson, South Yorkshire Police HM Coroner for South Yorkshire,
Chris Dorries. Sergeant Michael Hope, Woodhead Mountain Rescue
Peak District Mountain Rescue Chairman, Mike France Senior
Mountain rescue officials Phil Shaw and Ted Burton Peak District
Park Senior Ranger Brian Jones.

If Max claims a crash did occur then all these people are
effectively liars, or at the very least have been misled and
lied to, an equally serious allegation. Claims such as these
require evidence to back them up - where is that evidence?

I challenged Max Burns that if he was genuine in his contention
that a military pilot had lost his life in an incident over the
Peak District then he must present his evidence to the HM
Coroner, Chris Dorries, by 1 March 1999.

If there is evidence that a body has been concealed from the
Coroner, whatever the circumstances, then a very serious crime
has occurred and it is Max's duty to present that evidence for
an independent inquiry.

Max has failed to present that evidence, or answer the
fundamental questions and the demand for independently
verifiable evidence that his claims require.

Readers can draw their own conclusions from these actions. I
predict that some day soon Max Burns and all those who have
supported his Alice in Wonderland fantasy will find themselves
with substantial amounts of egg on their faces.

The facts and evidence show my conclusions about this case were
correct: namely, there is no case. No UFO, no Tornado, no crash.

Simply one mundane event distorted out of all recognition by a
UFO believer and swallowed whole by a few gullible souls who
should know better.

In the words of one witness to those night's events, Sharon

"UFOs were never mentioned  until Max came to the pub and
started asking us about it."

*The full 20,000 word text of my investigation into the Howden
Moor IFO will shortly be available to read on the Magonia
website, and on the IUN's New Website, currently under
construction at: www.iun.org

Paper copies can be ordered from the IUN at =A35 from 38 Highmoor
Avenue, Brighouse, West Yorkshire, UK.

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