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* Jeff Rense Weekly E-News * 4-9-99

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Subject: * Jeff Rense Weekly E-News * 4-9-99

           * Jeff Rense Weekly E-News *

                 The Week Ahead
              4-11-99 thru 4-17-99

   Guests, Announcements, Week's Top Stories
               From sightings.com

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              * From Jeff's Desk *

Note - In lieu of my usual few comments, I am
running a new piece from the Rense Files located
in DataPages on our sightings.com homepage. Rip
has provided some remarkable essays...some humorous,
some poignant...and always worth the read.   From
'Looking For The Boys' (Laurel and Hardy) and 'Lois
Lane' to the 'Language Czar' rulings...Rense Files
always delivers.  Enjoy.

       Language Czar Issues Latest Rulings
                 By Rip Rense

    Hear ye, hear ye - as they love to say in
Washington, D.C. Here comes another in a series
of warnings from the Language Czar, enemy of
debris-speak - the language wreckage that passes
for communication in the final moments of the
20th Century.
    Attention, English-speakers: Citizens are
advised against using the following cliches,
phrases, and "buzz-words," which are infecting
and muddling clear and dignified communication.
They are rated 'T' (trite), 'A' (asinine), 'P'
(pretentious), and 'CP' (criminally prosecutable,
with recommended minimum punishment of one day
of imposed silence.)

1. "Raise the bar" - Everybody's constantly
yacking about raising the bar - in politics,
entertainment, medical research, etc. What does
this mean? Trying harder? Okay, then let's just.
. .try harder. There's no bar out there.  Life
isn't a track meet. This stems from a
predominant mentality that characterizes
everything as a game. Wars are handicapped like
sports events, complete with correspondents
calling the action on incoming bombs right from
the target zones!  Oh, here comes another one,
Tom!  Whoa--that was a big one!  President
Clinton's near-removal from office was covered
like the World Series. The Washington Senators
vs. The Capitol Clintons. There is an underlying
naivete and cynicism to all of this. Of course,
naivete and cynicism are currently the defining
aspects of the American character. T, P.

     For the Czar's rulings on more pop cliches
     and inanities including:  "It's About",
     "World Class", "Level the playing field",
     "Closure" and many others, go to:

                * TOP STORIES *

   Just a few of last week's most intriguing!

Editors note: This week the news stories are ALL
so important, we're including more of the titles
instead of excerpts. In going over the stories for
inclusion, there are just too many that are essential
reading to even *begin* to include them. They're
there at the site for you.

   * US Tells Russia To Stay Out of Kosovo

   * Russian Missiles On Red Alert? - Russia
     Says 'Could' Send Troops

   * Yugoslavia Will Join Russia, Belarus In
     Political Union

   * Human Engineered Flying Triangles - Many
     Names, Hidden Programs

   * Cyberwar - Email Bombs From Yugoslav
     Conflict Hit US Mailboxes

   * Y2K - 40% Big Businesses Have Already Had

   * Amazon Rainforest Disappearing Faster Than
     Once Thought

   * Russian Warships Set Sail 'On Maneuvers'

   * Out Of Public Eye Clinton Said Violent,
     Profane, Ruthless

   * Cmdr. Donaldson's New Report On TWA 800
     Missile Shootdown - READ!

   * Terminator Technology - 'Damaged Goods'
     From The Gene Giants

   * New Zealand Rents Drive Thousands Into
     Poverty - TB Cases Grow

   * EU Prepares To Ban Clothes Dyes Due To
     Cancer Risk

   * Bio Weapons Accident Caused Two Major
     Epidemics In China

   * 19 Bodies Of US Soldiers Said Transported
     Home From Yugoslavia

   * Human Brain Implants And The Work Of Jose

   * Oil Spills 100 Times More Harmful To Fish
     Than Thought

   * Armed Russian Volunteers Now In Kosovo To
     Fight NATO

   * The Dark Side Of UFOs

   * Family Sees Amazing UFOs Over LA -
     Sightings Continue To Pour In

   * Strange UFO Light Show Over Unionville,

   * High Court Gives Police Broad New Powers In
     Car Searches

   * Radioactive Weapons Used By US/NATO In

   * The Mad Hatter Of Pennsylvania Avenue

   * It's Official - Cell Phones DO Scramble
     Your Brains

   * Did A UFO Cause The New Kimberly School
     Roof To Collapse?

   * Man Arrested And Charged In 'Melissa' Virus

   * Learning Might 'Protect the Brain' From
     Alzheimer's And Dementia

   * Korea Clones Cow With Eye Toward Mass

   * Strange UFOs Appearing Over US - Cylinders
     To Glowing Lights

   * Wave Of UFO Sightings Around Sudbury,
     Ontario, Canada

Read these fascinating articles and dozens more
at www.sightings.com All stories are saved and
archived in our huge DataPages section


Win a free transcript of your choice of any that
are listed -- here's how.

Each week, we have scores of emails asking about
local stations. Well, being over here, and not
over at Sightings, I don't have that list (which
changes frequently) so I always feel badly that I
can't produce the ready answers.

I do know, though, that there are not enough.
That's because most radio stations these days
are owned by huge conglomerates. They prefer to
air the shows they own. (Yes, it's the land of
the big bucks in radio, too.) However, they DO
listen to the public. Numbers count.

I just received this note from Jeff (yes, he sent
it privately to me but you should know):

   > Just found out that we are the fourth most
   > popular broadcast.com show behind Art,
   > Dr. Laura, and Rush.

   > This is great news.  Getting there...

When we first got involved with Jeff, James Neff
(his webmaster) after 4 years of knowing him,
gave insight to his deep respect by describing
Jeff as "able to lift 25 times his own weight."
Well, he does. And he's managed to overcome a
punitive system to FOURTH??!! With no big bucks

Those of you who have been asking about stations
in your area, may I make a suggestion?

Be proactive with us. Grab the local phone book,
dial the radio stations in your area and ask to
speak to the Program Director. Then tell him you
want the Jeff Rense - Sightings show on. Give him
the web site. Tell him that Jeff Rense's show
has a 20 SHARE Arbtitron rating. (That's one
of those attractive numbers that count! The
broadcast.com rating is certainly impressive as

For each Program Director's name, radio station
name & phone number or email that you email back,
we'll put one entry into a drawing for a free
transcript. On May 1st we'll have the drawing.
The winner can choose any transcript we have

Live in a small town? Just want to do more?
Search for a web radio listing and do email.
Each one counts as an entry.

Let's get this important show to people in the
mainstream. They need and deserve it as well.


            * THIS WEEK'S GUESTS *
             4-11-99 thru 4-17-99

(Please note Jeff's Guest schedule can change
due to late breaking stories, etc)

SUN 4-11
     Arthur Horn: Humanity's ET Origins
     Frank Joseph: Synchronicity And You

MON 4-12
     Steven Mehler: Ancient Egypt Revelations
     Joseph Bergeron: RenseWorld Tour

TUE 4-13
     Dr. Bruce Goldberg: Time Travelers
     Steven Myers: Pyramid A Water Pump?

WED 4-14
     Michael Lindemann: Weekly UFO/ET Update
     Dr. J.S. Chiappalone, MD: The Countdown Continues...

THU 4-15
     Dr. Louis Turi: Nostradamus Divine
         Astrology Readings

FRI 4-16
     Brad Steiger: A Walk On The Paranormal

SAT 4-17
     David John Oates Reverse Speech Show:
         The discoverer of RS does reversals
         live on the air!

P41, Hidden Mysteries of the Pyramid
  "What you are about to read may surprise some,
offend many and create disbelief among the rest,
but what you are about to read is fact that has
resulted from an actual expedition into the great
secret and forbidden chamber..."


It's time.


Get PAID to surf the net.


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" Messages received from Higher Intelligences
warn of the cataclysms and conflicts that are
about to erupt on Earth. It is clear that the
walls of our old world and our old ways are about
to be torn down.
           - Brad and Sherry Steiger, "Starborn"

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