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UFO ROUNDUP, Volume 4, Number 15

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Date: Mon, 12 Apr 1999 20:25:40 +0100
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Subject: UFO ROUNDUP, Volume 4, Number 15

Volume 4, Number 15
April 12, 1999
Editor: Joseph Trainor


A diamond-shaped UFO is being blamed for the unexplained
collapse of a theatre roof in Kimberley, British Columbia,
Canada (population 6,531).

The incident took place around midnight on Friday, March 5,

According to the East Kootenay Weekly, "A diamond-shaped UFO
covered with flashing lights may have been responsible for the
collapse of the McKim Theatre roof in Kimberley two weeks ago."

"That's the rumor setting the ski town a-buzz after about five
witnesses reported seeing strange lights drifting slowly above
the Bavarian City around midnight March 5."

"Fuelling speculation were reports of an unusual 'light show'
spotted directly over the theatre roof just a few hours before
its as-yet-unexplained collapse."

The UFO was first sighted at 10 p.m. when "Home care worker Gail
Shay had just returned from work to her apartment at the Pioneer
Lodge on Church Street. As she prepared to retire, she watched
unusually bright lights hovering above the roof of the theatre."

"A second glance sent shivers up her spine."

"'It was like nothing I've ever seen before,' says Shay."

"'At first, it seemed that there was a crisscrossing spotlight
going up into the sky from the roof of the school. (Editor's
Note: The abandoned McKim Theatre is now an annex of Kimberley
Middle School.) It was glimmering, like the northern lights.
There were all these colours. Then the light spread out like a
mushroom cloud, exactly on the same spot where the roof is (now)

"'I was seeking through a list of possible explanations,' Shay
said. She decided she must be hallucinating and crawled quickly
into bed. 'I just kept thinking, Well, it's some unexplained
natural phenomena... I can accept lots, but this was too much,'
she said."

"Approximately one hour later, 68-year-old Ted Zawaski was
shaken out of a deep sleep by a phone call."

"At the other end of the line was a friend in Chapman Camp,
incoherently insisting that Zawaski take a look at the sky."

"After a few minutes, Zawaski said he was able to make sense of
his friend's words--a diamond-shaped UFO covered with flashing
lights was drifting slowly over the trees west of him."

"'The minute I saw it, I almost panicked, but because it was
like nothing ever seen on Earth,' said Zawaski, who lives in

"Excitedly swapping details with the friend in Chapman Camp,
Zawaski watched the object from 12:15 to 12:40 a.m. when it
drifted out of sight behind the trees."

"Zawaski admitted to being a bit of a UFO aficionado himself,
and has spotted four UFOs in the past 30 years-- in Austria,
Norway, near Calgary and Kimberley. However, the other three
witnesses claimed they had never seen one (before) and weren't

"Kimberley RCMP (Royal Candian Mounted Police--J.T.) received
several telephone calls that night about the phenomenon,
although they were unable to verify the sighting."

"'We're not about to speculate on the cause of the collapse, but
we've heard all kinds of tales, including UFO sightings on
Friday night,' said George Watson," director of School District
No. 6.

Located in the Purcell Mountains, Kimberley is on Provincial
Highway 95A about 520 miles (832 kilometers) east of Vancouver,
B.C. (See the East Kootenay Weekly for March 23, 1999, "Did a
UFO cause the new Kimberley School roof to collapse?" by
Christine Boyd.


On Friday, April 2, 1999, two Carabineros (officers of Chile's
national police) observed a UFO hovering above a nearby
mountaintop in Puerto Natales, a city located just north of the
Strait of Magellan.

According to the Chilean newspaper La Tercera, "Two Carabineros
stationed at the 3rd Commissariat of Puerto Natales in the
extreme south of Chile claimed that they had seen an
unidentified flying object while beginning a patrol in the

"According to the witnesses, the UFO was seen on the morning of
Holy Friday (April 2). In their report, the officers, Sergeant
Humberto Punitanco and Corporal Sergio Said said they had seen
red, green and yellow lights on the object, which performed
several side-to-side displacements, as it hovered in the sky
near the summit of Mount Balmacoda."

"The object was visible from the highland section in the center
of Puerto Natales." (See the newspaper La Tercera for April 4,
1999. Muchas gracias a Diego Zuniga y Guillermo Alarcon para esa

On Tuesday morning, April 6, 1999, "a UFO with multicolored
lights was seen in Santiago de Chile," the national capital,
"just after 1 a.m., with reports of 'an extraordinary presence'
in the sky over the Estacion Central."

"In the barrio of Renca, a group of friends took a video of the
OVNI (Spanish acronym for UFO--J.T.) which spent the better part
of an hour circling Santiago. A close-up zoom image of the
object shows a strange form in the shape of a T." (See La
Tercera for April 7, 1999, "OVNI fue visto ayer en Santiago."
Muchas gracias a Diego Zuniga para eso historia.)


On Monday, March 8, 1999, residents of Chinchero, a village in
the Andes of Peru about 26 kilometers (16 miles) north of Cuzco,
reported seeing a glowing UFO land in a field on the edge of

When the Quechua people of the village visited the field the
following morning, "they found a large circular depression" in
the ground.

More reports came from Lago de Huaypo, an alpine lake located 15
kilometers (9 miles) west of Chinchero. Area residents claimed
to have seen "light ships entering and leaving" the remote lake.
(Editor's Note: Lago de Huaypo is a notorious UFO hot spot, with
many sightings there during 1967 and 1980.)

Researcher Kathy Doore stated that Chinchero "is the site of an
impressive Incan ceremonial complex located along the ceques
(ley lines) which radiate outward from the Curicancha (the
Incas' Temple of the Sun--J.T.) in Cuzco. Local legends tell of
strange beings interacting with the Quechua Indians of the area,
and of 'light ships' emerging and descending to and from the
watery depths of the lake." (Muchas gracia a Kathy Doore para
esas historias.)


On Sunday, April 4, 1999, at 8:10 a.m., Sra. Milton entered her
yard in the Jardim Saude section of Sao Paulo, Brazil's largest
city. Suddenly, she noticed a strange silvery gleam in the sky.

"I saw an ovoid (round) metallic object in the sky near
Congonhas Airport," she reported, "It was reflecting the
sunlight. The object first stopped, then made an abrupt move and
stopped again. Then it returned to its first position."

While the silvery sphere hovered silently overhead, Sra. Milton
ran in the house to fetch her husband. "But when they emerged
from the house, the object was gone." (Muito obrigado a Thiago
Ticchetti por eso caso.)

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