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Alfred's Odd Ode #299

From: Alfred Lehmberg <Lehmberg@snowhill.com>
Date: Sat, 17 Apr 1999 06:40:51 -0500
Fwd Date: Sat, 17 Apr 1999 16:47:18 -0400
Subject: Alfred's Odd Ode #299

Apology to MW #299 (For April 17, 1999)

Before the *grand* Greeks, I was taught we were _primitive_.
Shallow and dim we'd ascended from time -- a shiny black line in
an unbroken chain of them that were backward to us more refined.
The Greeks were so golden -- attractive *false* gods, *invented*
philosophy . . . cast ethics abroad. Like THEY were the sun
source, the knee of the bee, the lovers of knowledge, and wisest
you see. From _them_ we've *descended* (?), to orbit the sun, to
wander the planets -- our journey begun. _Theirs_ (?) was the
sharpness, the vision -- the clarity? It's a thought may define
a derisive hilarity! _Theirs_ (?) were the roots of the mind
that we measure, a high water mark (?) for a pride that we

"Forgive those fine Greeks the mistakes that they made," my
teachers all said so they all could get _paid_.  "Before _them_
was ignorance as wide as a river with witches and fairies and
magic embroiled. The Greeks gave us _reason_ to focus our
talents and look at the wonders our culture has toiled . . . "!

Well, _perhaps_, they're digressing, and missing the point.
Perhaps it's their outlook's askew -- out of joint. Perhaps --
not _advancing_, Greeks side stepped their issues, and used a
cognition as _thin_ as bath tissue. Their age was not golden,
but reflecting the light of that which _proceeded_ a cognitive
blight that is found in a student of Plato, I'm taught -- who's
the "source of our reason, our ethics, and thought."  And _his_
was a view that, to us, made more sense -- that we were the
*top*, we're _Humans_, and since we _are_ at the "top" and the
"crown of creation" (the center of spheres made in crystal
gestation), that we've earned a _right_ to be special, aloof,
that we _are_ the favorites of *God* in *His* *truth*.

Before this, *we're taught*, we were lawless and primitive;
blood, tooth, and claw was our _shameful_ derivative. Mankind
was lost, and he dwelled in dank caves; he was brutal and
shiftless -- and he stank a foul way? The *beauty* of chivalry
(?) was yet to be born, and man was untamed and immoral --
forlorn. His knowledge was faulty, and likely all wrong, his
plentiful ignorance was stridently strong. Thank god for the
Greeks (?), and the thoughts that they had? Our beginnings were
Greek (?), before _that_ we were mad?

Never brought up (?) -- that they copied their stories from a
dim hoary past they forgot (to dodge fear?). They spun what they
copped to, dismissing the rest as the ranting of those they
refused but to hear. Man had _old_ knowledge the Greeks thought
was _wrong_; the musings of primitives, they thought all along.
How could _these_ know that the sun was self-centered, and how
could these _know_ that the planets were there? How could these
_know_ that a belt of crushed rock existed past Mars towards
Jupiter, mon frere? How did these _know_ the true colors of
planets; Neptune _was_ green, and Uranus _was_ blue. How did
these _know_ of their similar nature, components of water --
near _twins_ they are (?), TRUE!  Primitive man had the facts
made forgotten by him who would spin a coarse weave of proud
lies. *Primitive* man knew the facts of the cosmos compelling
humility the Greeks don't provide!

Lost in the drifts of our hoary old time is the proof of
anomaly, fearsome -- sublime, that too long ago in an eon dimmed
past there were _Giants_ on Earth, and they made their time
last.  Most will fall short and pretend it was God, but it slept
with our daughters, and it gave them a prod, and these were our
Mothers created to WORK -- not to worship or fawn, and be less
than alert. These Giants crave LABOR t'would further their ends,
and we were a _means_, so they _used_ us, my friend, in a manner
that taught us some stuff that they knew about planets, and
systems, and _craft_ they flew, too! All this was lost, then,
for thousands of years! The Greeks put it down as the proof of
their fear, and then left us traditions for systems (Earth
centered) that lasted too long, so they stunted, and hindered.

These are the records as writ by Sumerians from ages on back to
a time . . . lost --mysterious. These are the thoughts that we
run from today, that we are unblessed -- could be flushed
_straight_ away by the first cosmic strike (a galactic elite?)
that may come from a planet still craving our heat! Written in
clay, it is clear and decipherable, beyond mere coincidence the
things that they _knew_ that they wrote down for _us_ in their
wedge pokes, and slashes that we've disregarded, or laughed at
-- it's TRUE!


How _could_ they know?

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