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Gordon Creighton's 'C.V.'

From: John Hayes <jhayes@cableinet.co.uk>
Date: Mon, 19 Apr 1999 21:23:51 +0100
Fwd Date: Mon, 19 Apr 1999 19:06:08 -0400
Subject: Gordon Creighton's 'C.V.'

Dear Errol,

A month or so back the name of Gordon Creighton came up on the
list and I told Kenny Young that I would try to find his 'C.V.'
as printed in a back issue of Flying Saucer Magazine.

As often happens time goes by and it slipped my mind until this
evening when I searched through my collection of FSR magazines
and found it in Volume 36, Number 3 (Autumn 1991).

For this reason it is important to remember that this article
was written more than 7 years ago.

(In response to requests from several FSR readers for an account
 of the curriculum vitae of the Editor.)
 Gordon Creighton, Editor of FSR

Orientalist and retired diplomat and intelligence officer, MA
(Hons.,), Cambridge. Fellow of the Royal Astronomical Society
and the Royal Geographical Society. Educated: Lindisfarne
College, Bishop=92s Stortford College, Cambridge University, and
the Ecole Des Sciences Poitiques, Paris.

In an extraordinarily varied and interesting life, he spent many
years in diplomatic posts in China, Brazil, Belgium, and USA,
and subsequently served for seven years as an Intelligence
Officer in Whitehall. Thereafter was for some years engaged on
work for the British Government in research on maps printed in
oriental and other languages, at the Permanent Committee on
Geographical Names, Royal Geographical Society, London.

Sent first as a Language Student Attach=E9 to H.M. Legation (later
Embassy) at Peking. Subsequently received Royal Commissions to
serve at various times as H.M. Vice-Consul at Tietsin, H.M.
Consul at Chungking, and First Secretary/Consul of H.M. Embassy,
first at Peking and then at the war-time Capital, Chungking.
Further postings included various periods in the Far Eastern
Department of the Foreign Office in London. Then as H.M. Consul
at Shanghai, H.M. Consul at Nanking, H.M. Consul at Recife,
Brazil and Acting Consul-General at Antwerp, Belgium, and Acting
Consul-General at New Orleans, USA.

Being the Embassy=92s principal interpreter in Chinese, he had the
curious experience of being the first among the British
diplomatic officials to receive from Chinese Government sources
warnings about both the coming German attack (June 22, 1941) on
Russia, and the coming Japanese attack (December 17, 1941) on
the British and American bases throughout the Pacific and
South-East Asia. In the first case the tip-off came from
Generalissimo Chiang Kai-Shek himself, at a small dinner party
of the British Embassy with the key men of the Chinese Cabinet
on New Year=92s Eve, 1940. In the second case the information was
given to him by General Ho Ying-Ch=92in, Chinese Minister for War,
in July 1941.

In his diplomatic postings he developed a specialist knowledge
of international relations in Central Asia and the Far East and
particularly of Russian-Chinese relations, and also of Communism
and the worldwide Communist subversive activities.

Nevertheless, Gordon admits ruefully that, although, for some
months, he shared his office in the F.O. with Guy Burgess at the
height of the Korean War (June 1950-July 1953), he failed to
detect that Burgess, who was to defect to Moscow in 1951, was a
Soviet spy. (He did note however that Burgess possessed a most
remarkable knowledge of the sayings and writings of Lenin. But,
after all, a good diplomatic expert on Communism ought to do

From his childhood on a farm in Hertfordshire, his hobbies had
always been ornithology and entomology, so Gordon was able to
pursue the study of both birds and butterflies in many countries
around the world. But his greatest delight has been in the realm
of human tongues, for he has studied, and has varying degrees of
proficiency in, more than twenty-five languages, including
Latin, Greek, Russian, German, Dutch, Anglosaxon, French,
Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, Proven=E7al, Arabic, Hebrew,
Chinese, Japanese, Sanskrit, Tibetan, Mongolian, Burmese, and
Shan, as well as the ancient Egyptian and Sumerian hieroglyphs,
and the Mayan glyphs of Central America.

Gordon has had a lifelong interest in most of the great
world-religions, particularly in Vedanta and Buddhism. Soon
after leaving university he also began to investigate
parapsychology and psychical phenomena, and has seen strange
experiments and weird "happenings" and phenomena, including such
things as "psychic surgery", and "metal-bending" on Five

For many years a member of the British Society for Psychical
Research (SPR). Also a member of the College of Psychic Studies,
London, and of the famous Ghost Club in London (the oldest such
investigative body in the world). He is also a Freemason.

He has been interested in "Flying Saucers" (UFOs) since the
summer of 1941, when he saw one, over the Far West of China, not
far from Tibet, when he was stationed at the British Embassy,
then in Chungking.

He has contributed to FLYING SAUCER REVIEW right from its
establishment in 1955, and has been a member of its Board of
Directors for some years past. Now Editor of its Board of
Directors for some years past. Now Editor of the Review (since
November 1982).

In addition to writing regularly for Flying Saucer Review and
translating or helping to produce a number of books on UFOs,
Gordon Creighton has taken part in some forty TV and radio
programmes on UFOs, including broadcast talks or discussions in
French, Spanish, and German. He has also twice addressed British
Peers and MPs on UFOs, at Lord Clancarty=92s UFO Study Group (now
terminated) in the House of Lords.

He has translated a great quantity of Chinese material, not only
UFO reports, but also Chinese Government Laws, and technical and
scientific articles. He is also a translator of a collection of
classical Chinese love poems dating from the T=92ang and Sung
Dynasties (7th to 13th centuries A.D.).

In politics he is currently much interested in both the Free
Russian and the Free Chinese movements, being a member of Count
Nikolai Tolstoy=92s ASSOCIATION FOR A FREE RUSSIA, as well as of
the London section of the FREE CHINESE-BRITISH CULTURAL &
ECONOMIC ASSOCIATION, of which he is the Chairman.

(Incidentally, he recently delivered a talk, in London, on the
subject of UFOs, before a large gathering of members of the
Chinese Literary & Cultural Society in this country. As usual,
the subject was far too big a shock for the Chinese to endure,
and it is pretty certain that not one of them believed a word of
what he had to say!)

Gordon=92s wife Joan, later a College lecturer, with degrees in
the History of Art and in Literature (author of many humorous
articles in "PUNCH", and known as "EVE" to FSR readers(, was
also in the Foreign Office, and they both met just after the
Liberation of Europe, when both were posted to Antwerp by the

They have a son and a daughter (unidentical twins), who were
born in Brazil, and three grandchildren.



John Hayes


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