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2 UFO Sighting Reports From Australia

From: Diane Harrison <tkbnetw@fan.net.au>
Date: Tue, 20 Apr 1999 23:52:00 +1000
Fwd Date: Tue, 20 Apr 1999 12:00:32 -0400
Subject: 2 UFO Sighting Reports From Australia

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2 UFO Sighting Reports

Witness: Kay McCullock
Sighting: 2 UFO Sightings
Day:   Wednesday
Date:   14th April 1999
Time: (1st at 5:30am & 2nd at 5:30pm)

1st Sighting: Wednesday 14th April 1999 at 5:30am

After being on holiday with my boyfriend (Peter) for 10 days in
Robinvale Victoria, today we were leaving to come home to
Brisbane. We had to catch a train from Swan Hill, Victoria (1=BD
hours south east of Robinvale), to get to Melbourne, stay there
for 3 hours and catch our 4.10pm flight to Brisbane.

Peter's mother offered to drive us to Swan Hill. We left at
approximately 5am. We had just past Boundary Bend when I asked
Peter what time it was, he said it was 5:30am.

I was sitting in the rear seat on the passenger side of the car
with two of Peter's nieces (so there was 5 people in the car). I
was looking out my window, watching the Moon peep though the sky
slightly with (Planet ??). underneath.

There was a slight glow from the Sun (which was to rise at :

Whilst looking in the direction of the Moon, back here on Earth
I noticed a farm house, with dim lighting on.

In the paddock next to the farm house a very small single white
light appeared (it looked to be slightly off the ground).

As we drove past the property (at 100kph on a straight road) the
very small single white light abruptly (the abruptness of the
light changing from small to large made me jump as it happened
so quickly) formed into larger single white light in a
triangular/bell shape.

Then 9 smaller white lights (3 on each point slightly larger and
then 2 in between each point), they were not touching the larger
single white light.

As we moved along the road the smaller lights seemed to move as
if on a circular base.

No more than maybe 2 minutes had passed.

I asked Peter and everyone else did they see the very big bright
white light the size of a Mac Truck in the paddock.

Everyone said they didn't.

I then described to Peter what I saw and asked if it could have
been farming equipment. He said it may have been a tractor, but
has never seen anything like that.

I will follow up to see if it may have been farming
equipment. See Diagram.

2nd Sighting:

Day:      Wednesday
Date:     14th April 1999
Time:     approximately 5:30pm
Location: Melbourne

Peter and I had arrived in Melbourne. We did 3 hours of
sightseeing. We are now catching a bus to Tullamarine Airport
to catch our 4:10pm plane (QF628) to arrive in Brisbane at

For 90% of the flight I was admiring the awsome view from 40,000
feet above sea level. I was day dreaming whilst pressing my head
up against the window. I came out of my daydream and was looking
mainly towards the middle to bottom right hand area of the

At that point there was little cloud cover and I noticed a large
body of water, similarly shaped like Italy (Lake=85=85=85) then a few
moments later we flew over some clouds, then at the end of that
particular cloud mass I noticed a sparkle just out from the
cloud, at first I thought it was something shining from the
ground, but upon taking more notice of it, it was a silver disc,
the size of my little pinky nail.

It began to rotate as if some one were holding it and moving it
around. Just on the left of this disc was a smaller cloud and
just before I could see it no more it darted to that small could
and back to its original position.

If you were to measure that darting distance on a ruler it would
be approximately 3 to 4 cms.

After the object was out of sight, another cloud mass came over
then a clearing and I noticed a canal estate below. I thought we
were over the Gold coast, but couldn't see the surf or any sky

I then asked Peter what the time was, he said it was 5:30pm.!!
This meant we were nowhere near the Gold Coast (the Gold Coast
is approximately 15 to 20 minutes by plane from Brisbane) but
more likely Coffs Harbour.

Upon speaking with my flat mate, he said he new this body of
water as Lake=85=85=85.

And the estate was probably Coffs Harbour.



Diane Harrison

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