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Jerry Black's Open Letter to Friedman

From: Glenn Joyner <infohead@airmail.net>
Date: Thu, 22 Apr 1999 15:04:47 -0500
Fwd Date: Thu, 22 Apr 1999 17:45:32 -0400
Subject: Jerry Black's Open Letter to Friedman

As always, don't shoot me, I'm only the messenger, heh heh. Mr.
Jerry Black has asked me to pass this along to the list, and to
let you all know that an e-mail account has been established for
him. (See bottom of this article)




My name is Jerry Black, and I will now state, for the record, my
position on the UFO topic. After 41 years of researching and
investigating UFOs, I certainly believe that we are dealing with
a very real phenomenon.

As with many other objective and scientific searchers, I do not
feel that we have the positive, indisputable proof of what the
phenomenon represents. Certainly, there is a great deal of
evidence which seems to support the extraterrestrial theory.
This evidence does not come from the MJ Papers, or from the
alleged UFO crash at Roswell, and certainly not from the "alien
autopsy" video. It comes, instead, from the thousands of reports
of citizens, in every walk of life, who have reported seeing an
object, and, in many cases, losing time, to eventually, through
their own remembering, or through the use of hypnosis, recall
being abducted by small humanoid beings (in most reported cases).

However, there are other theories too. One of these theories
concerns the concept that UFOs are continually passing from
dimension to dimension. Another theory involves a religious
aspect. There are many theories, as we will all agree. At the
present time, because I feel, as do many others, that we do not
have solid, 100 percent proof as to what these objects are, all
of these theories are open for discussion.

Mr. Friedman, I would like to now refer to your response to my
open letter to Mr. Bruce Maccabee. You wrote:

"As a member of the Board of MUFON, and as a scientist who has
known Dr. Maccabee for about 30 years, and who has indeed met Ed
Walters, I will here state my unequivocal support for Dr.
Maccabee's objectivity, attention to details, and careful
approach to ufological research in all areas including his
investigation of the Ed Walters case.

"I have yet to see any indication that Mr. Black is a scientist
or has published in peer reviewed journals. Having strong opinions
is not the same as being objective."

Are you trying to impress me, Mr. Friedman, with the fact that
you are on the Board of Directors of MUFON? Is this the same
Mutual UFO Network that, for over ten years, has continued to
support the Ed Walters case? The case which was an embarrassment
to the UFO community? The case which has been proven
conclusively to be a hoax? Is this the same organization whose
leader, Mr. Walt Andrus, has said on radio broadcasts that
aliens are interbreeding with humans? Is this the MUFON that
supports Budd Hopkins' book, Witnessed, the ridiculous story of
a woman who was abducted through her bedroom window in
Manhattan? I do not think there are any long lines, Mr.
Friedman, of people waiting to be on the Board of Directors of
the Mutual UFO Network.

In 1978, I attended my first and only symposium given by the
Mutual UFO Network, in Dayton, Ohio. If I had a $100.00 bill for
every time I heard the word "I" used, I could have built my wife
and I a very expensive home. I say this only to demonstrate the
ego trips of the people involved in that conference.

I note here your support for Mr. Bruce Maccabee. Thank you for
letting me know that the "Old Boys' Club" is still alive and
well. Of course, the "Old Boys' Club" consists of Walt Andrus,
Bruce Maccabee, Budd Hopkins, Don Berliner, and yourself, Mr.
Friedman. There are possibly a few others that I could mention.
Obviously, none of you gentlemen are going to have anything
critical to say about the other. This has been going on for

Apparently, Mr. Friedman, you are not as informed on the Gulf
Breeze case as you might be, yet you are willing to accept the
work of Mr. Maccabee without taking an objective look at the
entire body of available data on the Gulf Breeze sightings,
particularly pertaining to Ed Walters. If my own father (God
rest his soul) was a UFO investigator, and had investigated the
Gulf Breeze case, doing as poor a job as Mr. Maccabee has done,
I would be just as inclined to question the veracity of his

You state that you have not seen any of my work in peer-reviewed
journals... Does my work have to appear in peer-reviewed
journals for it to be valid and objective? You also state that I
must have strong opinions about the case, but that is not the
same as being objective. Let me inform you, Mr. Friedman, that
the opinions come from your good friend, Bruce Maccabee. William
G. Hyzer and his son, James B. Hyzer, did make a scientific,
objective analysis of Ed Walters' photographs. They found that
Photo #19 was, without question, a double exposure. The other
nine photographs they had to work with all showed signs of
double exposure. Walt Andrus and Bruce Maccabee, your good
friends, stated in the MUFON Journal that Mr. Hyzer's evaluation
was only an opinion. So I don't believe that my statements are
merely an "opinion." My statements are coming from an objective
and scientific point of view. My statements are based on some
very real scientific investigation conducted by the Hyzers.

Mr. Friedman, you and all of your friends in the "Old Boys'
Club," all believe that you have proven, 100 percent, that UFOs
are extraterrestrial. Let's talk about your work, Mr. Friedman,
on the Majestic 12 issue. I have taken the time to read your
book, Top Secret Majestic," written in 1996. Personally, I do
not believe you have proven, beyond a shadow of a doubt that the
Majestic 12 papers that were received in 1984 are legitimate
government documents. With the present technical abilities, even
at that time in 1984, these documents certainly could have been
faked. Today it would be even much easier and less expensive.
The point is, it could still have been done in 1984. And
certainly, when one receives documents in the mail, to which one
has no source whatsoever to rely on, there are already two
strikes against you before even starting your research. I would
never deal with any documents sent anonymously to me in the
mail. Yet you have spent nearly 15 years trying to authenticate
these documents. There is no way you can validate them 100
percent. There have been many questions raised about the
validity of these documents throughout the past 15 years. Some
have been resolved; many have not. Many of these issues were
brought to your attention by some sincere and objective
researchers. For the most part, many of these questions remain

The bottom line is there seems to be no way to validate these
documents, somewhat contrary to what you are telling readers in
your book, Top Secret Majestic. However, it certainly has been
to your advantage to claim that you are certain that
extraterrestrials are visiting this planet, and that the MJ-12
papers are authentic, simply because this keeps you in "demand"
for the network television shows, cable specials, and your
lecture circuit. In effect, this is what the television shows
want to hear, and this is what the people that attend those
lectures want to hear. But in reality, Mr. Friedman, you and I
know that you do not have substantial proof of either of these

Whenever you are dealing with military people, in terms of being
given information concerning the MJ-12 papers, or even the
alleged crash of a UFO at Roswell, New Mexico, you have to
remember that you could be getting disinformation. It seems very
strange to me that there are so many retired military people
that have refused to speak on the subject of Roswell, or the
MJ-12 papers, because they say that they can be fined, or even
lose their pensions, should they give up any military secrets
whatsoever. However, others not only seem to be willing to speak
freely to people like yourself, Kevin Randle, and others, but
are even writing books; yet nothing seems to be happening to
these people, in terms of any discipline from the military. It
has to make one wonder if this is true information, or

On the subject of the alleged UFO crash at Roswell, both you and
Mr. Kevin Randle claim that this incident proves
extraterrestrials are visiting this planet. However, both of you
gentlemen, since your books have come out, have claimed that the
other's witnesses are bogus. Most people are now more confused
about the crash at Roswell than they were before your books were
published. Certainly neither of you have proven conclusively
that an extraterrestrial craft crashed there in the summer of
1947. Several of your witnesses, both Mr. Randle's and yours,
Mr. Friedman, have fallen by the wayside. Had more time and
expense been given to these books by you gentlemen, in terms of
possibly polygraphing more people about their alleged
involvement, perhaps some of these "witnesses" could have been
weeded out in the beginning, and not been an embarrassment to

Returning to the MJ-12 documents, I find it almost unbelievable
that, after 14 or 15 years you are still working on them.
Certainly the technology was sufficient for anyone who had the
money back in 1984 to produce fake documents that you, I, or
anyone else would never be able to detect. This also stands true
now for photographs. Mr. William G. Hyzer informed me that the
technology today is as such that anyone who has a computer and
the money can make a UFO photograph that no one would ever be
able to detect as being a hoax. So one has to question why you
continue to work on the MJ-12 documents, knowing the
questionable way in which they arrived in the hands of the UFO
researchers to begin with, and knowing you will never be able to
solidly prove their validity.

The only reason I can think of as to why you would continue to
profess that extraterrestrials have definitely visited this
planet, and that the MJ-12 documents are genuine, is because of
the financial gain you achieve by keeping the interest of the
television networks and the general public.

There is no question that the words, "MJ-12 Documents," have a
ring of mystery to them. In fact, these words have been used in
several UFO movies and television shows that have been made
since 1984. However, that does not make them genuine. It does
serve a purpose for the networks and cable special producers,
though, in being able to use those words, with their mystique,
and to have people such as yourself on to comment about them. It
increases their ratings. They are also words that will draw a
lecture audience, because of their mystique.

It is therefore my opinion, Mr. Friedman, that you are more
concerned with promoting yourself than you are with scientific
and objective UFO research. There is a saying circulating in the
UFO Community, that goes... "Tell Stan Friedman and Budd Hopkins
where there's a television camera, and they'll be there." In
some cases the quality of the particular presentation doesn't
even seem to matter, as long as it will be viewed by a large
audience. It is sad when the two UFOlogists seen and recognized
by the most people on national television are espousing stories
of aliens interbreeding with humans, and that aliens are
definitely visiting this planet; yet neither of you have actual,
concrete proof to validate such statements.

As I was reading your book, I noticed with interest that, on the
front cover it says, Foreword by Whitley Strieber. Having
recently spent four and a half months reviewing all of Whitley
Strieber's work, then asking him and his wife, Ann, to take a
polygraph test (to which they have not responded), I found it
interesting that you would have him write the foreword to your
book. I assume that most people, when they buy your book, and
see that Whitley Strieber has done the foreword, they assume
that you believe his case to be a valid case.

In my review of Whitley Strieber's work, I found there was
absolutely no validation for any of the numerous experiences
that Mr. Strieber had. Coupled with the fact that he and his
wife both refuse to take the paid polygraph tests that I have
asked them to take, I have no choice but to conclude that the
entire Whitley Strieber scenario with the Visitors is anything
but an elaborate hoax.

Now, you, sir, claim to be a scientific and objective
investigator. If you have scientific and objective evidence that
shows that Whitley Strieber's alleged experiences are valid, I
wish you would present that to us. I see none whatsoever. And I
know of no investigator, including yourself, who has ever made a
comprehensive examination of the Strieber case. You might say
that the publishers forced you to have Whitley Strieber write
the foreword; I have no idea if that is the case or not.
However, I am aware of this: you have a right to say "yes" or
"no." This is where integrity comes into the issue.

I would never allow Mr. Strieber to write a foreword to any book
that I might ever write in the future, concerning UFOs. I would
not care what the publisher might say, I would not care if it
meant going to another publisher. As I said, this is where the
integrity issue arises. When I look at your book, and I see
Whitley Strieber's name on it, I am personally suspicious of
you, because, obviously, you are more concerned with selling
books and making money than you are with your own integrity in
the UFO field, if you allowed this to happen. Then again, I
don't know; perhaps you even suggested or sought out Whitley
Strieber, simply because of the fact that he is a well-known
author, albeit one presenting highly questionable material to
the public.

I want to speak now about a subject that certainly includes you,
Mr. Friedman, that is rarely talked about in the UFO field. That
is the outlandish ego trips that some of our major, self-
appointed leaders seem to have ended up on. The three people
that first come to mind (and there are many more) are yourself,
Mr. Friedman, Budd Hopkins, and Kevin Randle. Just because you
three gentlemen appear on television more frequently than other
UFOlogists does not mean that your work is more credible. In
fact, in these particular cases, basically you gentlemen are
only telling the media what they want to hear. That, of course,
is why you are always on television, talking about
extraterrestrial visitations, crashes that are extraterrestrial
in origin, and aliens interbreeding with human beings. None of
you can conclusively prove any of this, but, since you do make
the positive statements, this is why you are sought out. The
networks know that this type of material is interesting, and
will sell. That's all they are concerned about.

Other researchers, like Ray Fowler, Tom Dooley, and Tom Adams,
to mention only a few, while not getting the extensive air time
on national television, certainly have done a remarkable job in
UFO research. But because they are careful and objective, and
will not make outlandish statements in public, they don't get
nearly as much attention or television time.

For instance, recently Kevin Randle wrote two books, after
Roswell, one called The Randle Report: UFOs in the 90's, and
another called The Face of the Visitors. Both of these books, in
my opinion, were just written for the sake of writing books --
just to keep his name out there, to keep him in the public eye.
Neither of the books further the quest of finding the answer to
the UFO phenomenon. In fact, in the case of The Face of the
Visitors, how can one give ratings to a case, when one has never
actually talked to the investigators who investigated the case?

In the case of Mr. Budd Hopkins, his latest book concerning the
Linda Cortile case, called Witnessed, is a farce. Many of Budd's
close friends cannot understand Budd's actions with this
particular book.

Yet it is what the public wants to see, what the public wants to
hear. Dramatic cases, regardless of whether they have any
foundation in reality, seem to sell well. The more informed and
serious people in the UFO field understand it for what it really

Let me reassure, you, Mr. Friedman, that the media that you deal
with is not really buying your story 100 percent about the MJ-12
papers, even though they have you on their television shows.
They are interested in ratings. This was very dramatically
proven with the "autopsy video" purchased by the Fox Network. So
just because you are appearing on television, as is Kevin Randle
and Budd Hopkins, more than other major investigators, it does
not mean your work is more valuable, or more credible. Quite to
the contrary, the inflammatory statements you are making are in
fact detrimental to the field of UFO research and study, because
you make these statements without any proof whatsoever to back
them up.

Mr. Friedman, to show just how far someone will go to keep
themselves in the limelight, to appear on national programs on a
regular basis, I want to bring up someone that you may remember:
Mr. Leonard Stringfield. You and he were never good friends, of
course. I am sure that you did speak in passing at different
symposiums, but I knew Leonard very well, and considered him a
very good friend of mine. In fact, Leonard and I worked together
on the well-known Liberty, Kentucky case, of 1976. It came to my
attention, about six to eight years ago that you were going to
appear on the Unsolved Mysteries television program, regarding
the alleged Roswell crash. Obviously the producers had asked you
if you knew how to contact Mrs. "Pappy" Henderson. (Pappy, of
course, was allegedly the pilot that flew the bodies from
Roswell to Wright Patterson Air Force Base.) You, Mr. Friedman,
came to Leonard Stringfield, even though the two of you had
never actually done any research together, or were even
considered friends, and asked him to give you the telephone
number and address of Mrs. Henderson, because you knew this was
one of Leonard's confidential sources. When Leonard told you
that he could not give you that information, because she was a
confidential source that had asked that her personal contact
information be given out, you were extremely upset with him, as
he reported to me. In my opinion, what you were in fact doing
was attempting to get Leonard Stringfield to break a solemn
confidentiality agreement, solely to enhance your position wth
the producers of Unsolved Mysteries. Anyone who has been an
investigator in the UFO field knows that their credibility
concerning confidentiality is one of the biggest assets they
have. If a person cannot rely on coming to you in confidence,
you will not get much cooperation in respect to learning of UFO
encounters. Your credibility is your word. Yet you were asking
Mr. Stringfield, a seasoned investigator of, at that time,
almost 40 years, to give up his credibility for you, merely to
enhance your position with some television producers.

In terms of sound, objective, scientific analysis of UFOs, Mr.
Friedman, you, sir, could not even carry Mr. Stringfield's

I just have one more thing to say, regarding you and Leonard
Stringfield, that I want the readers here to know... And
remember, Mr. Friedman, this is not second-hand information.
Both of the incidents that I am speaking of here concerning you
and Leonard comes from firsthand knowledge.

Leonard, who passed away on December 18, 1994, was in a terminal
state before his passing. He was told by his doctors that he had
six months to a year left to live. He received a call from you,
shortly after that announcement by his doctors, in which you
requested all of his files. When he told you "no," you replied
something to the effect of "Well, there's no one there that
would have any need of them." When Leonard hung up the phone
from that conversation with you, he had a very strange look on
his face, and said, "This guy has got to be joking."

Only 36 hours later, Leonard Stringfield quietly passed away.
Thus, UFOlogy lost one of the greatest investigators in the
field. But how insensitive and rude can you be, Mr. Friedman, to
call someone who you know is terminally ill, pressing him for
his files? Do you realize the implication, to someone who has
recently learned he is dying? All you wanted his files for, was
to use them to impress other people at your lectures, as well as
the media. Something more to feed your enormous ego, Mr.
Friedman? It is common knowledge throughout the UFO community
that you have openly criticized Mr. Stringfield's work. Your
rudeness and insensitivity to a gentlemen of Mr. Stringfield's
stature is inexcusable.

I will close this open letter with the following remarks, Mr.
Friedman. In the introduction to your book, Top Secret Majestic,
you state the following:

"For almost 41 years I have been researching UFOs. I have
written two books, dozens of articles, spoken before hundreds of
live audiences, and have appeared on many more call-in shows on
television, as well as radio. I am what you might call a
personality, judging from the number of strangers who stop me on
the street when I am away from home on speaking tours."

Enough said.

Jerry Black



Mr. Jerry Black has been researching and investigating UFOs in a
scientific and objective manner for the past 41 years. His
Internet website can be found at:


Mr. Black invites your comments on the above. An e-mail address
has been established for him, and will be checked weekly by an
associate of his. Mr. Black can be e-mailed at:


He can still also be reached at the following address and phone

Jerry Black
6276 Taylor Pike
Ohio 45107

(513) 625-2613

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