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Black's Update on Whitley Strieber

From: Glenn Joyner <infohead@airmail.net>
Date: Thu, 22 Apr 1999 15:10:00 -0500
Fwd Date: Thu, 22 Apr 1999 17:50:49 -0400
Subject: Black's Update on Whitley Strieber

Jerry Black recently made an offer to Whitley Strieber. He got
no response. Jerry has asked that this update be sent to the
list. Thanks,  GJ

Update On Whitley Strieber

On January 4, 1999, I placed an extensive 4 1/2 month review of
the various books of Whitley Strieber [which concerned his
encounters with “The Visitors”] on the internet. This review
included his latest book, “Confirmation.”

In this report, I offered Mr. Strieber and his wife, Anne, the
opportunity to take a properly sponsored polygraph test. I had
agreed to not only bring the polygraph expert to them at their
home in San Antonio, Texas, but to pay for all the expenses
incurred for both polygraph tests, transportation and other
related expenses. I stated in this report that Mr. Whitley
Strieber would need to respond by February 4, 30-days from the
time it appeared on the internet.

When nothing was heard from Mr. Whitley Strieber within this
30-day period, I decided to also ‘priority-mail’ a copy of this
report directly to his address to ensure that he received the
report. This report was mailed to Mr. Strieber on January 18,
and he should have received it on January 20.

As of writing this report on April 10, 1999, I have not received
any reply from Mr. Strieber concerning any willingness to take
this third-party sponsored polygraph test. As I have stated
earlier, all of Mr. Strieber’s previous polygraph tests that he
mentions in his books were either self-sponsored or given by
people who had an interest in his passing these tests.

I was trying to give Mr. Strieber the opportunity -if indeed his
account is a factual one- to take a properly sponsored polygraph
test which would go a long way in helping to support his claims
of encounters with the visitors.

My fairness and objectivity in giving these tests certainly
cannot be questioned. As of this date, I have offered polygraph
tests in four separate UFO-related cases. In two of those cases,
the Travis Walton abduction and the Casey County, Kentucky
Incident, those participants agreed to take the tests and all
parties passed the polygraph examinations that I administered to
them. In the Liberty, Kentucky abduction, the participants were
Mona Stafford, Elaine Thomas and Louise Smith. The test was
administered by Mr. James Young who, at that time, was the
president of The Polygraph Association of Kentucky. Likewise,
more recently, Travis Walton, Mike Rogers and Allen Dallas all
agreed to take polygraph tests that were offered to them, and
all three passed. In the early 90’s, I offered a polygraph test
-on two different occasions- to Ed Walters. On both occasions,
Mr. Walters has done just what Whitley Strieber has done by not
acknowledging my offer for a properly sponsored polygraph test.

Inasmuch as Mr. Strieber and his wife Anne have refused to
respond to my request for the polygraph test -and lacking any
evidence whatsoever to support his numerous claims of encounters
with visitors, it is my opinion that Mr. Whitley Strieber has
perpetrated a massive hoax on not only the UFO community, but
against the American people.

For someone with the writing skills of Mr. Strieber to
perpetrate a hoax of this magnitude is certainly unforgivable.
Because of Mr. Strieber’s experience as a well known
science-fiction writer, he has the ability to make his words
more realistic, more interesting and more believable.

Whitley Strieber has been called a ‘contactee’ by Art Bell,
because of his alleged encounters with the visitors during the
middle and late 80’s. The contactee, because of his numerous
experiences, affords the UFO researcher an opportunity to set-up
motion detection equipment, cameras, tape recorders and other
instruments to try and document the incident on audiotape or
film. There is even the hope that staying overnight at the
alleged contactees home may result in a personal experience with
the alleged visitors. I am personally unaware of any case with
Mr. Strieber where any UFO researchers were able to obtain any
documentation or evidence to confirm the alleged encounters with
these visitors.

The reasons that no information is obtainable from any of these
contactees varies from case to case. In some instances, the
alleged contactee -while allowing the equipment to be placed in
his home for long periods of time- claims that the encounters
stopped because, in his opinion, the visitors [or
extraterrestrial beings] knew that the equipment was there. In
other cases, the subject would not allow investigators to set up
equipment - for one reason or another. In the case of Mr.
Strieber, he kept investigators at odds because of his belief
that investigators were harassing him. Whatever the reason may
be, the end result is the same: the UFO community has not been
able to obtain any useful information from alleged contactees
even though these people claim to have repeat experiences night
after night, sometimes for months on end.

It is my opinion that Whitley Strieber kept investigators at
odds because he was not having any real experiences, and
realized that if he were to allow investigators to stay at his
cabin on a repeat basis to set up the proper equipment to detect
these alleged visitors, there would be no results and his hoax
on the UFO community would be revealed.

Recently, in February of this year, Mr. Whitley Strieber
appeared on an NBC UFO special entitled “Confirmation,” which
was named after his latest book. From his appearance on this
program, we can certainly assume that he has changed his mind
about UFO abductees from his earlier position that he had taken
from the writing of his books “Communion” and “Transformation.”
It appears that Mr. Strieber’s opinions changed depending upon
which way the financial winds are blowing.

Mr. Whitley Strieber claims on the UFO/NBC special that he had
investigated over 200 cases of alleged abduction encounters. If
he had been reincarnated over 10-times, Whitley Strieber could
not have investigated over 200 cases of alien abduction. Most
researchers recognize that abduction claims take months to
research and investigate, and in some cases [as with the Casey
County, Kentucky case], it took years to investigate.In the NBC
special, we see Mr. Strieber walking with alleged abductee Jesse
Long. Strieber goes on to say that the Long case is one of the
better cases he had investigated. Mr. Long has claimed that he
had been abducted on many occasions, and has fathered at least
nine hybrid alien children.

I will now illustrate how dramatically Whitley Strieber has
changed his opinion about alien abductees from what you saw in
the NBC TV special “Confirmation,” and the way he felt back in
the late 80’s and early 90’s concerning UFO abduction cases. On
Sept. 21, 1988, Strieber was due to appear on a show “People Are
Talking,” appearing on KPIX Channel 5 in San Francisco. When
Strieber realized that there was to be another gentleman
appearing on the show from the CSICOP organization, he was
irate. Karen Stevens, the producer of the show, tried to calm
him down and explain to him that everything had been cleared
with his publisher and publicist in accordance with the
instructions they had given her, and there was no problem with
having the SCICOP member on the show with him. Nevertheless,
Strieber was still irate. He thought ‘this person will say I’m
crazy, that I’m nuts. I will not appear on this show...’

To make a long story short, Mr. Strieber eventually did appear
on the show with this gentleman, but refused to talk about or
promote his book, Transformation, which was the reason he was
there to begin with.

I would like everyone to pay very close attention to this next
statement: Whitley Strieber charged that the host of the show
was bound to misrepresent his experience by saying they were
‘alien visitors,’ which he never -at that time- claimed to know
if these visitors were extraterrestrial. Whitley Strieber went
on to say: “Those people who claim alien encounters are just as
crazy as CSICOP.”

For those who feel that Mr. Strieber was incorrectly quoted
because this information comes from a third party, I would like
to refer you to Mr. Strieber’s Communion Letter, from the Spring
Issue, Vol. 3, No. 1 [1991]. Whitley Strieber states [quote]:
“The so-called UFOlogist are probably the cruelest, nastiest and
craziest people I have ever encountered. Their interpretation of
‘The Visitor’ experience is rubbish from the beginning to end.
The “abduction reports” they generate are not real, they are
artifacts of hypnosis and cultural conditioning.

I would now like to address some of the comments I have made
concerning Mr. Whitley Strieber. I cannot believe the arrogant,
egotistical attitude by Mr. Strieber in not wanting to appear on
the television show in 1988 with the CSICOP member. Most
abductees and UFO investigators understand that when they go
public, they are subject to criticism. The majority of
television and radio talk shows want to have a participant from
both sides of the argument. For Mr. Whitley Strieber to expect
that he should be the only one on the show and not want to talk
about his book if he’s not, is totally unacceptable.

To show that Mr. Whitley Strieber has not changed that attitude
since 1988, about six-months ago he was heard on a radio talk
show [hosted by a lady]. About 40-minutes into the program, Mr.
Strieber was asked by the host of the show if he had evidence to
support his numerous claims of encounters with “The Visitors.”
Immediately, Mr. Strieber replied: “I sense hostility,” and he
walked off the show.

So we can see that Mr. Strieber’s arrogant, egotistical attitude
continues to this day.

For those people who have written Mr. Strieber during the past
12 or 13-years to praise him for his books concerning his
encounters with “The Visitors,” and especially to those people
who have wrote Mr. Strieber concerning abductions they have felt
that they have had, I would like to just remind you that through
1988 through 1991 [and who knows how much longer], Mr. Strieber
has professed to ‘not believe’ in alien abductions, and as I
pointed out before that he stated in his own journal, the
abductions reports are ‘not real, but the artifacts of cultural

It is my opinion that to this day, Mr. Strieber does not believe
anyone has ever had an abduction experience, even though on
December 12, 1998, Mr. Whitley Strieber announced: “I am making
at this point a fundamental change in what I have said for
years. I have always held in question whether or not The
Visitors are real. That is over for me. They are real, and until
proven otherwise, I think that we should assume they are

Now Mr. Strieber embraces all those who had abduction
experiences, where in the past, he has always criticized you or
said you were crazy. But let’s not be misled. Mr. Whitley
Strieber’s change of heart is not because he now believes your
experiences, it’s because it is financially productive for him
to go with the alien abduction scenario, which is where the
money is in UFO research and UFO books.

It is my opinion that Mr. Strieber, to this day, has never had a
UFO experience, has never had any meetings with ‘The Visitors,’
and more importantly, does not believe in alien abductions.

For those hundreds of people out there who truly feel they’ve
had abduction experiences, they know that when they go public,
they will be facing ridicule. They know when they appear on
radio or TV shows that there will be someone sitting across from
them who is going to question everything they have to say. But
when they go public with the abduction scenario, they do so with
that understanding. They take the criticism and keep responding
that their experience was a very real experience. The reason why
Mr. Whitley Strieber gets so upset and walks off a radio or TV
show when challenged by statements or people on the same
program, is because he is embarrassed. He cannot feel the
feeling that true abductees feel. That feeling of being alone
and not being able to prove their situation, of being in awe of
the experience they have had... of wanting people to believe and
understand. Mr. Strieber, because he has never had a true
experience with visitors or extraterrestrial beings, does not
have that feeling. So the only feeling he can put out there is a
feeling of embarrassment. And when a person gets embarrassed
they get upset, they don’t want to talk, they don’t want to
speak to anyone. That’s another indication that Mr. Whitley
Strieber’s claims of alien contact are not true.

I would like to refer you to Mr. Strieber’s own website,
concerning information placed there recently regarding the
February 17th special on NBC entitled “Confirmation.” Mr.
Strieber has made it a point to let everyone know that it was
‘his’ UFO special. He has also repeatedly stated that this was
the ‘first UFO special’ on the three major networks in 20-years.
While that was not a major point, it is certainly an incorrect
point. In the last 20-years, there have been eight to ten UFO
specials on the three major networks - ABC, NBC and CBS. The
most recent one I recall was “Intruders,” which was named after
Budd Hopkins’ book [I believe on the same NBC network]. So why
Mr. Whitley Strieber continues to say that this is the first UFO
special in 20-years on any of the three major networks, I do not

Further, I feel that Mr. Whitley Strieber thinks that because
the networks came to him to do this special, which was named
after his latest book [to which he also was one of the executive
producers], that this helps to validate his experiences and all
the books he had written during the past twelve years. That is
certainly an untrue statement, as everyone should know, the
networks are concerned with a known name, and how well that
known name will sell their program. They have no interest in
whether Mr. Whitley Strieber’s story is a true story or an
untrue story.

It is, in reality, the interest of the general public in the
subject of UFOs that makes the networks interested in producing
these UFO specials.

Most UFO researchers, except for some of the bigger names that
appear on national TV, are certainly aware that it is not the
investigator which causes people to listen, it is the UFO
subject itself. A few months after I had appeared on a local
radio talk show hosted by Alan Browning, I received a call from
him around midnight. It turns out that Alan and his wife Sue
were on vacation, and another gentleman was doing their show.
The show was an open-forum show, and was not receiving any
calls. Alan asked me if I would, at that late time of the
evening, mind doing the last 3-hours of the show talking about
UFOs, to help this young gentleman out. After the first
15-minutes on the show, we went to a commercial. The young
gentleman came back on the phone and excitedly said: “All the
lines are lit! All the lines are lit! I really appreciate this,
you’ve saved the show!”

I replied to the gentleman that I hadn’t saved the show, but
rather, UFO subject is what saved the show.

Most of my friends and UFO researchers who watched the
Confirmation program on the NBC network, did not feel that it
was a very good show over-all. In fact, for the first ninety
minutes, many of my friends and UFO researchers commented that
it was ‘same old, same old.’ The only thing that seemed to
impress my friends was the final half-hour of the sighting in
northern Ohio of many police officers concerning a UFO sighted
for over 6-hours. There were tape recordings of communication
between the dispatchers and police officers on this program.
Kenny Young, the gentleman who did the investigation of the
case, does a tremendous job in UFO research. So for the most
part, most of my friends were not impressed with the UFO special
Confirmation. I thought the dramatization of the alleged implant
was totally unnecessary, but of course I have to take into
account that Mr. Whitley Strieber was the executive producer.
The shots of Mr. Strieber, looking through the window as the
operation was performed, was certainly inappropriate

Mr. Strieber’s statement on the confirmation special about
investigating 200 abduction cases and also the comments in his
journal on his website about being a UFO investigator are
totally ludicrous. Mr. Strieber would not know how to
investigate a UFO case, period.

This is certainly dramatized by the fact that he took his own
polygraph test himself, which is not acceptable within the UFO
community as being a valid test. So any claims Mr. Strieber may
make as far as being a UFO investigator, I find totally

Ironically, there are remarkable similarities between the Ed
Walters/Gulf Breeze case and the Whitley Strieber case. Most
objective and scientific investigators have correctly concluded
that the Ed Walters/Gulf Breeze case is a hoax. Only a few
steadfast MUFON investigators in Gulf Breeze and Bruce Maccabbee
feel there is any validity to that case. With that in mind, I
would like to mention some similarities between the two
gentleman concerning their claims of UFO abduction.

a.) Both Ed Walters and Whitley Strieber have tried to use other
people’s experiences to validate their own cases. I cannot say
enough times that each case is evaluated on its own merits. No
case can be evaluated based upon a sighting by another person at
different times or locations. It is not acceptable in true
scientific UFO research.

b.)Both gentleman have used deceitful wording or statements to
imply to their readers that their case is valid. Mr. Ed Walters
stopped a PSE report [voice-stress analysis] in mid-sentence to
make it appear that he passed when he did not. One incident with
Mr. Whitley Strieber involves ‘knocks on the roof’ to which he
implied they had to be extraterrestrial [which they do not have
to be].

c.) Ed Walters and Mr. Whitley Strieber both sponsored and took
their own polygraph tests with no third-party involved. Both
attempted to use these invalid polygraph tests to validate their
alleged experiences.

d.) Both gentleman then refused my [and in the case of Ed
Walters, other people’s] request to take a properly-sponsored
third-party polygraph test.

e.) Both gentlemen have shown embarrassment when confronted in
the public, on the radio and TV about their alleged experiences,
even to the point of hostility. Mr. Ed Walters, while being
challenged by Phillip Klass on the Oprah Winfrey show, became
upset when Mr. Klass said he Walters was abducted. Ed Walters
then said on national TV: “I never said I was abducted.” Yet in
his book on the Gulf Breeze sightings, which had been out for a
long period of time, Mr. Ed Walters wrote that he had been
abducted, and ironically enough wrote a book later concerning
the numerous other abductions that had occurred to him during
that time. Mr. Whitley Strieber has become embarrassed and irate
on radio and TV shows whether because of having someone
appearing on the program with him or because of a very simple
question about his experiences, so he has shown hostility and
embarrassment on many different occasions.

Finally, the biggest similarity between the Mr. Ed Walters’ case
and Mr. Whitley Strieber’s claims of UFO experiences is, in my
firm opinion after more than 4 years of research on the Ed
Walters/Gulf Breeze sightings, and more than a 4 month review of
Mr. Whitley Strieber’s books, I have concluded -without
question- that both gentlemen have perpetrated a massive hoax on
the UFO community and the American People.

In the next year, Mr. Strieber may get the opportunity to appear
on another UFO special. A few months ago I was talking with a
television producer who was thinking about doing a program on
UFO hoaxes. Because of the recent program on the FOX network
concerning UFO hoaxes, this gentleman said he would have to hold
off on starting his production for the special on UFO hoaxes.
The name of the program was going to be ‘Strange Phenomenon’s
Biggest Hoaxes.” I had informed him at that time about the Ed
Walters’ case and, more recently, about the Whitley Strieber
case. He seemed excited and interested in both cases, because
they were both well-known national figures. So it looks like,
Mr. Whitley Strieber, down the road sometime you may be given
the opportunity to appear on this special and defend your case,
as will Ed Walters. He has not yet started to work on the pilot,
but when he does, he said he will let me know. This may take
between 12 and 18-months, and of course he is very excited and
hoping the program will be accepted.

In closing, Mr. Whitley Strieber, you have complained in the
past how the American media does not review your books. I will
promise you this: I will continue to review each and every book
that you write concerning the UFO phenomena. I will place that
report on the internet as I have done with my previous reports.
It is my sincere hope that someday you will stop writing these
books about UFOs.

Finally, Mr. Strieber, you would have the American public
believe that you have changed your writing over the past decade
from fiction to non-fiction, sharing with them your numerous
experiences with “The Visitors.” However, in reality, we know
that you have continued your illustrious career to this day as
strictly a science-fiction writer.


Mr. Jerry Black has been researching and investigating UFOs in a
scientific and objective manner for the past 39 years. He spent
four and a half years re-investigating the Ed Walters/Gulf
Breeze case, with experienced investigators Rex Salisberry,
Barbara Becker, and Zan Overall.

Mr. Black invites your comments on the above. He can be reached
at the following address and phone number:

Jerry Black 6276 Taylor Pike
Blanchester, Ohio 45107 (513)


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