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Jaime Gesundt's open letter to Jerry Black

From: Jim Mortellaro <Jsmortell@aol.com>
Date: Thu, 22 Apr 1999 20:01:21 EDT
Fwd Date: Thu, 22 Apr 1999 21:53:06 -0400
Subject: Jaime Gesundt's open letter to Jerry Black

I have read your open letters to Stan Friedman and Whitley
Strieber and have the following comments with which to
completely disprove your allegations that their work is not

We at Gesundt's Freshly Made's Canal Street Gripple Works can
prove, beyond a reasonable doubt, that you, Sir, are mistaken
about a number of issues. First among these is that it is a
commonly known fact that Strieber and Friedman are really
Streiber and Freidman. So right off the bench, Sir, you cannot
even speel correctly.... spell correctly. Now how can this be?
That Strieber is Streiber and Friedman is Freidman whilst
speeling their names Friedman and Strieber in their books?

Because Budd Hopkins is really Bud Hopkins and Carol Rainey is
really Carrol Rainy. And Carl Sagan is really Lamont Cranston.
Having said that, how is is that your "Old Boy Network" spelled
these names," Bob, Carol, Ted and Alice," the last of whom
doesn't even live here any more?

Second and even more important than your lack of attention to
the speeling..... spelling... of the names of these people in
the old boy netweork is the fact that you have not even included
the names of two of the youngest of the old boys in the network?

This omission is a certain sign that you haven't the faintest
notion of what you are talking about! I refer to the great
Fromage and the greater still Gesundt! Hah! Caught you in a
gruesome little kettle of horse hockey, eh?

But wait, there's more! You said:

>well. Of course, the "Old Boys' Club" consists of Walt Andrus,
>Bruce Maccabee, Budd Hopkins, Don Berliner, and yourself, Mr.
>Friedman. There are possibly a few others that I could mention.
>Obviously, none of you gentlemen are going to have anything
>critical to say about the other. This has been going on for

We give you credit for the recognition that there are more of us
than you mentioned in your abominatory and inflamatory
intoberation delivered in a most insigredious manner. Indeed
there are more!

Bud Hoppkins is not old, neither is Gesundt, Strieble or
Fromage. Not even Andy Walrus or that guy with the polaroids in
Florida! These are young men. You fail to mention this in your
so called post, Sir.

You don't drink, do you, Sir?

You make one statement which we at the Gripple Works must admit
is both revealing as well as quite convincing. So we give this
one to you, however grudgingly.... you said...

>If my own father (God rest his soul) was a UFO investigator, and
>had investigated the Gulf Breeze case, doing as poor a job as
>Mr. Maccabee has done, I would be just as inclined to question
>the veracity of his investigation.

We have it on good authority that your paternal parent (may he
rest in peace) is _not_ Bruce Maccabee and Mr. Maccabee isn't
even dead yet... Hah, yet again, Black! We spoke with Bruce
recently about a great deal of money he owes us for Gripple and
for Gripple Dripple's most infamous controversial products, our
anatomically correct blow up dolls. Now what do you have to say
to refute that, Mr. Back? Huh?

We could go on a whole lot more than you, however we recognize,
in our own unique and inebriatory way, that to say any more than
we've just said would place us in the same position as you've
placed yourself in by your Streiber and Freidman bull set! That
specifically, to say more than this after having said so little
already, would make us look more like you must appear to us
after we read more of your nothing which you wrote than we just
said with a lot less bandwidth!

If you cannot fathom this, may we suggest a half gallon of
Gripple followed by a half gallon of Gripple Dripple? Then call
us in the morning.


Dr. Dumby B. Dimbulb,

Director of Excretorial Balther (Blather), Canal Street UFO
Gripple Plant Number Three. Unlike you, Sir, we will sell no
opine, until it's ready!

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