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Re: Jerry Black's Update on Whitley Strieber

From: Don Allen <dona@amigo.net>
Date: Fri, 23 Apr 1999 00:14:33 -0600
Fwd Date: Fri, 23 Apr 1999 08:06:39 -0400
Subject: Re: Jerry Black's Update on Whitley Strieber

To: Conspiracy Theory Research List <CTRL@LISTSERV.AOL.COM>

At 09:57 PM 4/22/99 -0700, Steve Wingate wrote:

>>Inasmuch as Mr. Strieber and his wife Anne have refused to
>>respond to my request for the polygraph test -and lacking any
>>evidence whatsoever to support his numerous claims of encounters
>>with visitors, it is my opinion that Mr. Whitley Strieber has
>>perpetrated a massive hoax on not only the UFO community, but
>>against the American people.

>This is silly. And do you believe that everyone who does not
>agree to take your test is a liar and a hoax?

Now, _here_ is really silly -

"I would like everyone to pay very close attention to this next
statement: Whitley Strieber charged that the host of the show
was bound to misrepresent his experience by saying they were
‘alien visitors,’ which he never -at that time- claimed to know
if these visitors were extraterrestrial. Whitley Strieber went
on to say: {“Those people who claim alien encounters are just as
crazy as CSICOP.”}  (bracketed emphasis mine - Don)

Strieber can't make up his mind. He's vague, then blows off
ufology in a huff several years back, leaves his abduction
support groups hanging and splits. He shows back up, with new
books in hand, changes his mind about his experiences, says
they're real. I believe Jerry Black makes good points in his
post. Strieber is entirely free to ignore Black, but why not
take up his challenge if he doesn't have anything to hide?
Travis Walton took up the challenge with Black and passed, so
obviously he didn't have any reason to hide anything.

Because of his writing, Strieber has put himself very much into
the public eye, including his UFO production on TV just
recently. Does this mean that no one can ask for proof of his
claims without being considered  "silly"? 200 cases?! Strieber
has a history of throwing hissy fits when asked to provide proof
of his abduction claims. Self-administered polygraph tests don't
prove the veracity of his claims. If these abduction events
happenned to _me_, you can darn sure bet I would ask for
independent tests, even invite people in with equipment to
monitor my living environment to get some sort of proof. Beyond
proving it to others, first I'd want to prove it to myself.

Asking for proof is not a bad thing, Steve. Travis Walton didn't
back down from Phil Klass one bit. He wrote a substantial list
of questions for Klass to respond to and Klass couldn't make his
claim(s) that Travis had made up the whole thing to get out of
the logging contract BS, stick.



"Resistance to tyrants is obedience to God" - Thomas Jefferson

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