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* Jeff Rense Weekly E-News * 4-23-99

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Subject: * Jeff Rense Weekly E-News * 4-23-99

                   * Jeff Rense Weekly E-News *

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                      * From Jeff's Desk *

As most of you know, I endeavor to present a wide spectrum of
unusual information for your consideration.  This past week was
no exception.  On Monday, David John Oates presented many
arresting speech reversals dealing with the US/NATO war on
Yugoslavia.  Then, on Tuesday, Dr. Lorraine Day, MD spent two
hours giving her views on the accelerating NWO takeover.  We
just received the following letter from attorney Steffan Bertsch
which eloquently summarizes several other recent guests...

>From  Steffan Bertsch <steffanlaw@halcyon.com>   4-23-99


Several of my list were interested in knowing what David Icke
discussed on the Jeff Rense Radio show on April 22, 1999 because
they were unable to catch the show, so I am providing a brief
analysis of the interview here.

First of all, Jeff Rense is courageous enough to broadcast
messages that few on network radio would dare to address.  Among
his recent guests whose messages are too hot for other talk-show
hosts, are, David Icke, whose web site is:  davidicke.com,
Dr. Joseph Chiappalone, whose web site is: www.cia.com.au/annwn,
and Sherman Skolnik, who has no web site that I am aware of.

It would be well worth your while to check out sightings.com and
listen to interviews of either of these three gentlemen in the
archive section of the Rense web site.  Icke has come to his
conclusions of the New World Order and ET control of the planet
via research of physical events on the earth.  Chiappalone has
acquired his information about evil ET control of the planet via
metaphysical enlightenment to the Gnostic message.  Skolnik is a
no-holds barred researcher who is out to expose corruption on
any level.  None of you need accept any or all of what these
three have said on Rense's show, but, it would do you well to
listen to their messages and consider them.

I would say that for those of you who are very skeptical of
alternative dimensions, ETs and such, Skolnik is your man.  If
you want to understand "how" the physical is being played out by
ET conspiracies and unseen forces, David Icke will give you
incredible insight.  And for those rare few who wish to learn
"why" the ETs are so active in mundane matters of our earth, and
develop a Gnostic insight to the ongoing war of Good versus
Evil, listen to some of  Jeff's interviews of Dr. Chiappalone
either on archive, or an interview of him will be re-broadcast
this Sunday, 4/26/99 at 8pm Pacific Time.  This is an interview
that I highly recommend you catch because it blends metaphysical
with the physical quite well.

If you have no radio station that carries Rense, you can listen
on the internet.  I would advise any who want to get information
that truly dares to expose the NWO to contact program directors
of radio stations to air his show.

Regarding the April 22, 1999 interview of David Icke by Jeff
Rense, it covered all manner of subjects.  Icke has formulated
the basic plan of the NWO, which he calls:
Problem-Reaction-Solution. He says that you can trace most
government moves by using this method.  For instance, if the NWO
wants to get rid of guns in America, it will create problems to
guns, such as the recent shooting in Littleton, Colorado.  Then,
the NWO will fuel an emotional reaction to the event by using
the media, which it controls.  Finally, the NWO will offer the
solution, in this case, more police on the school grounds and
instant legislation to pervert the Second Amendment.

While discussing the Littleton incident on the show, Icke
revealed that Charlton Heston might be a NWO undercover agent,
who will soon announce that despite his affinity for guns, the
recent violent developments have caused him to re-think his
position.  In other words, he's about to deliver a George Bush
type blow to the NRA.  Of course, anyone who understands how
infiltration works, knows full well that any group that's been
around for several years has a swarm of NWO agents inside it.
And it the organization has been around for a lot of years, a
NWO agent generally heads or directs the group.

Icke explained that the NWO is on a very tight time table
because of the astrological forces that it understands and uses
to plan all major wars, depressions, riots and etc.  Those of
you who read my series on "Unseen Forces" may have gathered that
the NWO also uses a 9-based numerology for employing political
strategies.  It likewise uses a 13-based numerology to control
stock market movements.  Many scoff at astrology and numerology;
others fear them because they believe the studies are of the
devil.  The bottom line is that the NWO uses them, and it
controls the planet partially because of its use of these tools,
so there must be something to those sciences.  As Icke pointed
out, the NWO faces a critical time based upon these unseen
forces if it wishes to make its move for total OVERT domination.
Those in the know understand that the NWO already has near total
COVERT control of every aspect on the globe.

Icke also exposed George Bush and Henry Kissinger as shape-
shifting ETs.  And, that's really the guts of NWO control of the
planet.  We have many human-looking ETs on planet at this time.
Most mean us ill and serve their Evil Master.  Some are here to
rescue us from the Evil Mind's enslavement of the earth and its
inhabitants.  Can you tell which ones are which?  Are any of
them God's messengers?  If so, will you foolishly follow the
fiends and reject the friends of liberty?  Or, will you deny
ET existence totally?  The choice is yours.


                         * TOP STORIES *

           Just a few of last week's most intriguing!

Read these vitally important articles and dozens more at
http://www.sightings.com  All stories are saved and archived
in our huge DataPages section

   * Clinton And Blair Spurn Milosovic's Offer Of
     'International' Kosovo Force

   * President Milosevic Exclusive Interview By Houston TV
     News Analyst

   * NATO Bombs Milosevic House - Denies Trying To Kill Him...

   * NATO's Real Target Is Russia

   * Clinton Rushes To Exploit Colorado Shootings

   * Major US Military Decline Straining Capabilities

   * Report Finds China Stole Data On Top American Nuclear

   * China Premier Rebukes Protesters- Warns Of Force To
     Reclaim Taiwan

   * England's Mystery Lights - Flashlights On Foxes, UFOs,
     Seismic Stress?

   * Spielberg Will Produce $40 Million ET Abduction TV

   * 3,500 Outlawed Cluster Bombs Dropped Around One
     Village Alone

   * Arkansas Plant Sends Thousands Of Tons Potentially
     Deadly Hot Dogs To Russia

   * Yeltsin - Russia Will Not Allow West To Defeat Milosevic
     And Control Yugoslavia

   * UPDATE Kosovo Mine Said To Yield $3 TRILLION Over Next
     5 Years

   * The Rambouillet 'Total Surrender' Agreement - Why
     Yugoslavia Refused It

   * The Third Secret Of Fatima Confirmed??

   * Ecological Disaster After NATO Hits Petrochemical Plant

   * Migraine Pain - Not Mainly In The Brain

   * Men And Women's Brains Are Much Different

   * Y2K - New Scenario - Problems To Begin In July And Linger
     For 30 Months

   * Y2K - Russia And US Said Still Cooperating

   * Y2K - New Study Predicts Phones Will Work At Dawn Of 2000

   * UFO Scotland Posts Best UFO Video Clips Yet - See Them Now

   * Cloned Beef Has Been Sold For Fours Year In Part Of Japan -
     Consumers Shocked

   * UPDATE Bizarre 1947 'Ulimate Secret Weapon' News Story -
     Your Help Requested

   * Apache Helicopter Sprays Texas Town With WHAT?

   * Contrail Spraying Of Cities Is Real - Part One & Two


"The illusion of freedom (in America) will continue as long as
it's profitable to continue the illusion. At the point where
the illusion becomes too expensive to maintain, they will just
take down the scenery, they will pull back the curtains, they
will move the tables and chairs out of the way and you will see
the brick wall at the back of the theater."- Frank Zappa


                     * THIS WEEK'S GUESTS *
                      4-25-99 thru 5-1-99

(Please note Jeff's Guest schedule can change due to late breaking
stories, etc)

SUN  4-25-99
    (Encore 4-14-99)
    Michael Lindemann: Weekly UFO/ET Update
    Dr. Joseph Chiappalone MD: Sliding Toward The Edge...

MON  4-26-99
    Carol Rainey: Media Suppression Of UFOs
    John Whitley: NWO War On Yugoslavia

TUE  4-27-99
    UFO*BC: Monthy Canada UFO Report

WED  4-28-99
    Michael Lindemann: Weekly UFO/World Update
    LIVE from England: Robert McBratney: Mother Shipton's Prophecies

THU  4-29-99
    Jeffrey Nyquist: The Russian Bear: Dead Or Alive?

FRI  4-30-99
    Steve Douglass: Recording Current Military Transmissions
    Elizabeth Baron: Nationally-Known Psychic

SAT 5-1
    David John Oates Reverse Speech Show:
    The discoverer of RS does reversals live on the air!

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threshold the floor seemed antiseptic clean with no trace of
even one dust particle.  Just at the door, on the foyer floor,
the dust pile up could better be described as a wall of
snow that drifts against a doorway."


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