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Alfred's Odd Ode #300

From: Alfred Lehmberg <Lehmberg@snowhill.com>
Date: Sat, 24 Apr 1999 07:01:14 -0500
Fwd Date: Sun, 25 Apr 1999 01:02:25 -0400
Subject: Alfred's Odd Ode #300

Apology to MW #300 (For April 24, 1999)

I know a dark Knight of intelligence, friend. Involved to his
neck in anomalous trends he fights the good fight, and he fights
without end for the credence deserved by this thing that he's
in. Dismissed with the fringe, his battle uphill, the
mainstream's avoidance a sad, bitter pill, he strains and he
struggles for reason's fair share; he wants some good answers;
he questions; he dares! _Something's_ occurred that has strained
his credulity. _Something's_ occurred -- to pretend is futility!
The condition is global; it happens, transgender, to folks too
disparate to fake it, remember! I know some myself. Honest folk,
_most_ convincing that they have been TAKEN while TIME has gone

He has his own clarity, his head is a level. Were it me I should
be, I'd think, hammered and beveled. But for all of the
strangeness infecting his life, he seems to make use of its mind
blowing strife. He turns it his way, and attempts to be
positive, his vision is clear, so he dares interrogatives . He's
driven, industrious, and charming when able. He knows what he
wants -- industrious, capable . . . not strident, but ardent to
a fine double stitch. Why, if he were a female -- we'd call him
a bitch! <=D6>.

How does he warrant his furious pace? How does he run, like he
does, this mad race? How does he keep his composure refined in
the face of digressions from purpose he finds?

I can get angry at those that I love; I can lash out and rage if
the push comes to shove. I can hurt feelings to further the ends
I can see in a vision glad fate must portend! I can lose
tolerance! I can lose _sight_ of a good contribution I make to
this fight! But am I forgetting the ones on my team -- the ones
standing by me through nightmare that dream?

He fights draining battles without a reward. You'd think a
Fir-mage would extend him support. You'd think he'd get funding
for rational approaches that eschew new age craziness,
confusers, and hoaxers. A lot like John Ford (?), he goes on
like the bunny, but hopefully stays out of jail -- not funny.
This gives me concern for his strength and intensity, and if he
maintains it too "burn-out" propensity. He is _too_ valuable,
his labor _too_ dear to fail in this time when the truth may be
near. I hope he is resting, I hope he takes stock -- I hope he's
been open to other's strange thoughts. He knows he's not Jesus,
he's got half a brain. I'm hoping he's here, then, to hear the
refrain. I shudder to think of his energy lost. I shudder to
think of that terrible cost! I'm dreading the fracture I'm sure
this would make in the work, the crusade, and to all that's at

A noble dark knight, he's tormented, Byronic -- accosted,
assailed, by the charmless laconic. This -- knowing he suffers
unjust disrespect. He *knows* some approaches suggested are wet.
I know that his vision is clear and far out, but near in (though
murky) secures the best clout. I'm hoping for victory -- this
quest that he's in. He's a prince, a fine fellow, a leader -- a
friend. I offer support of the best moral kind (as he has his
own quest it is clear I have mine). I mirror his passion! I feel
his creed. I know what _I_ need when I soar and I cleave! _I_ am
enraged at the churlish complacent; _I_ find it hard, friend, to
suffer a fool. _I_ am incensed that we're treated like
mushrooms, and broken on purpose like mistreated tools!

. . . And so hard to find good allies in this struggle we're in.
This --_knowing_ patience bristles when support gets worn and
thin. The efficacious talented are few, and far between, so
support for them is _crucial_ or our QUEST remains a dream.


How does any ONE of us keep it together, _forgetting_ that some
of this twitchy stuff likely happens? And the point is, is that
we do. No, their justifications for our ignorance have some
other design. Thank God for the courage of the efficacious
talented -- the under appreciated dwindling few we listen for
that truly devote themselves to the big paradigm changing
questions, and have the courage to investigate that anomalous

Restore John Ford!

Ponder the Wit & Wisdom of Ching Chow!
View "Unstill Life" -- Animation . . . and more.
Consider Matter, Mind & Movement.
See the current HTML "Apology to MW" with illustration.
Take a ride in the Teleporter.

Explore "Alfred Lehmberg's Alien View" at his Fortunecity URL.

<Updated 24 April>

John Ford Restoration Fund -- Send your checks and
money orders to _me_, Alfred Lehmberg
(cut out the lawyers, they got their's) at:
304 Melbourne Drive, Enterprise AL, 36330. Strict records kept.
$350.00 pledged -- $150.00 collected!

"I cleave the heavens, and soar to the infinite. What others see from
afar, I leave far behind me." - Giordano Bruno, burned at the
fundamentalist's stake.

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