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Re: * Jeff Rense Weekly E-News * 4-23-99

From: Donald Ledger <dledger@ns.sympatico.ca>
Date: Sat, 24 Apr 1999 13:53:14 -0300
Fwd Date: Tue, 27 Apr 1999 20:47:32 -0400
Subject: Re: * Jeff Rense Weekly E-News * 4-23-99

>From: Rense E-News <jocelyn@dewittec.net>
>To: Rense E-News  <jocelyn@dewittec.net>
>Date: Fri, 23 Apr 1999 21:24:07 -0600
>Subject: * Jeff Rense Weekly E-News * 4-23-99

>                * Jeff Rense Weekly E-News *

>                      The Week Ahead
>                   4-25-99 thru 5-1-99

>        Guests, Announcements, Week's Top Stories
>                    From sightings.com

>Jeff Rense E-News is distributed exclusively by Free Subscription.

>                   * From Jeff's Desk *


Hi Errol,

I was always under the impression that Jeff Rense's show and
site were dedicated to UFOs and other Paranormal areas. Now I
note that after reviewing the top stories listed below it
appears to be some sort of site supporting the Serb invasion of
Kosovo. Am I reading this right. Some of the crap on there
boggles my mind.

Don Ledger

>                      * TOP STORIES *

>        Just a few of last week's most intriguing!
>                 http://www.sightings.com

>Read these vitally important articles and dozens more at
>http://www.sightings.com  All stories are saved and archived
>in our huge DataPages section

>* Clinton And Blair Spurn Milosovic's Offer Of
>  'International' Kosovo Force

>* President Milosevic Exclusive Interview By Houston TV
>  News Analyst

>* NATO Bombs Milosevic House - Denies Trying To Kill Him...

>* NATO's Real Target Is Russia

>* Clinton Rushes To Exploit Colorado Shootings

>* Major US Military Decline Straining Capabilities

>* Report Finds China Stole Data On Top American Nuclear
>  Warhead

>* China Premier Rebukes Protesters- Warns Of Force To
>  Reclaim Taiwan

>* England's Mystery Lights - Flashlights On Foxes, UFOs,
>  Seismic Stress?

>* Spielberg Will Produce $40 Million ET Abduction TV
>  Miniseries

>* 3,500 Outlawed Cluster Bombs Dropped Around One
>  Village Alone

>* Arkansas Plant Sends Thousands Of Tons Potentially
>  Deadly Hot Dogs To Russia

>* Yeltsin - Russia Will Not Allow West To Defeat Milosevic
>  And Control Yugoslavia

>* UPDATE Kosovo Mine Said To Yield $3 TRILLION Over Next
>  5 Years

>* The Rambouillet 'Total Surrender' Agreement - Why
>  Yugoslavia Refused It

>* The Third Secret Of Fatima Confirmed??

>* Ecological Disaster After NATO Hits Petrochemical Plant

>* Migraine Pain - Not Mainly In The Brain

>* Men And Women's Brains Are Much Different

>* Y2K - New Scenario - Problems To Begin In July And Linger
>  For 30 Months

>* Y2K - Russia And US Said Still Cooperating

>* Y2K - New Study Predicts Phones Will Work At Dawn Of 2000

>* UFO Scotland Posts Best UFO Video Clips Yet - See Them Now

>* Cloned Beef Has Been Sold For Fours Year In Part Of Japan -
>  Consumers Shocked

>* UPDATE Bizarre 1947 'Ulimate Secret Weapon' News Story -
>  Your Help Requested

>* Apache Helicopter Sprays Texas Town With WHAT?

>* Contrail Spraying Of Cities Is Real - Part One & Two

>                         ---<+>---

>"The illusion of freedom (in America) will continue as long as
>it's profitable to continue the illusion. At the point where
>the illusion becomes too expensive to maintain, they will just
>take down the scenery, they will pull back the curtains, they
>will move the tables and chairs out of the way and you will see
>the brick wall at the back of the theater."- Frank Zappa

>                         ---<+>---

>                  * THIS WEEK'S GUESTS *
>                   4-25-99 thru 5-1-99

>(Please note Jeff's Guest schedule can change due to late breaking
>stories, etc)
>SUN  4-25-99
> (Encore 4-14-99)
> Michael Lindemann: Weekly UFO/ET Update
> Dr. Joseph Chiappalone MD: Sliding Toward The Edge...

>MON  4-26-99
> Carol Rainey: Media Suppression Of UFOs
> John Whitley: NWO War On Yugoslavia

>TUE  4-27-99
> UFO*BC: Monthy Canada UFO Report
> pending

>WED  4-28-99
> Michael Lindemann: Weekly UFO/World Update
> LIVE from England: Robert McBratney: Mother Shipton's Prophecies

>THU  4-29-99
> Jeffrey Nyquist: The Russian Bear: Dead Or Alive?

>FRI  4-30-99
> Steve Douglass: Recording Current Military Transmissions
> Elizabeth Baron: Nationally-Known Psychic

>SAT 5-1
> David John Oates Reverse Speech Show:
> The discoverer of RS does reversals live on the air!

>               --<>--   --<<<+>>>--  --<>--


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