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Re: Ruppelt the Liar?

From: Jan Aldrich <jan@cyberzone.net>
Date: Tue, 27 Apr 1999 11:40:25 -0700
Fwd Date: Tue, 27 Apr 1999 20:50:54 -0400
Subject: Re: Ruppelt the Liar?

Dear Brad, Fran, and Mike,

Since I posted the above title, it has been cross-posted all
over the Internet without the context of all the other messages,
so there is a lot of heat coming down on my head.  However, the
idea was to simulate further discussion.

In any case my correspondents pointed out several things
which are interesting and are further developed here:

  1)  Ruppelt's original manuscript was much larger than the
final book. Only Brad and Michael Swords have read the larger
version, to my knowledge.

  2)  In cutting down the book to a reasonable length, did the
Fort Monmouth sighting get compressed in time to make it a "good

  3)  Considering that MG Cabell, was hot and heavy on the
Fort Monmouth, NJ, sighting, there was pressure to come up with
something on the sighting to get him off ATIC's back.  Any
reasonable sounding answer would do.  (McDonald also
investigated this sighting and was critical of the explanation.)
Ruppelt being successful in deflecting the heat on this case was
probably please with himself and just used his explanation which
he seemed pretty proud of in his book.

  4)  ATIC was in a funny position.  The ATIC was part of AMC
although the Directorate of Intelligence considered ATIC in a
special relationship as field unit of DI.  Even so, unless your
name is Patton or Hollingsworth you don't go firing people in
commands run by a superior officers.  I have discussed staff
and command relationships elsewhere.  Basically, staff "pukes,"
as one commander put it, are not important.They are adjuncts
of the commander.  The important relationships are commander to
commander.  Staff officers exercise supervision--not command--in
their areas of expertise.  Now if Cabell wanted to clean people
out of ATIC, he might have gotten with personnel to reassign
people at ATIC, but not without first taking the matter up with
the AMC commander in a back channel.  In his own office,
obviously, he is the authority to move or fire people as
required.  (It also goes without saying that superior staff
have their commander's ear, so you cross them at your own
peril.)  (Perhaps there is something, I haven't seen here.
Was ATIC actually under DI in a command relationship?  Was
it simply attached to AMC at the time?  It seems that has
to be answered.  I did see a memo concerning the "special
relationship" with DI as a field unit, but was that formalized?
Gad, you have to copy everything you see, because there is no
telling when it will show up as something important.)

5) Ruppelt in his book does not do justice to those people
that thought UFOs represented a possible Soviet jump ahead
especially in the early days.

6) Exactly what was Ruppelt's mission?  When you consider
that, then you might understand why he acted the way he did.
What do the higher ups want from him?

(From the Hynek and Friend tapes it is obvious that they
are both interested in UFOs and delving into the subject, but
they also understand that what they were required to do is to
offer some kind explanation for UFO cases that sounded
reasonable.) (Asside: I might add sounded reasonable--it did
not have to be reasonable.)

Ruppelt did recommend an enlargement of Project Blue Book in
1952.  He pulled out all the stops here.  He also complained
about lack of access to CRIVIS reports and other intelligence

Ruppelt did criticize the Air Force publicly on several
occasions concern their investigations after he left the USAF.
Did he perhaps hope that he might be recalled to lead a new,
better investigation?  Perhaps this was also the purpose of his
book.Also, Ruppelt was all over the map on UFOs, sometimes
depending on with whom he was talking.  When Halstead visited
with him he said one thing and another to the press.

I think at best he could be characterized as ambivalent
toward UFOs with Brad's assessment being closest to the mark.
However, we should continue to hammer on this as it is
important, my contributions were just for the sake of
discussion.  Please blast away at them!

Jan Aldrich
Project 1947
P. O. Box 391, Canterbury, CT 06331, USA
Telephone: (860) 546-9135

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