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Re: Help Needed With UFO Report

From: Alex Field <alex@abcfield.force9.co.uk>
Date: Tue, 27 Apr 1999 20:15:58 +0100
Fwd Date: Tue, 27 Apr 1999 21:10:20 -0400
Subject: Re: Help Needed With UFO Report

Dear List

Anyone that can give me some advice or have ever heard of anything
like the report below I would be very greatfull to hear from you.

Please email at: ben@abcfield.force9.co.uk

All the best

Ben Field

=====Report Follows=====

First name: XXXX
Surname: XXXX
Age: 45
Occupation: teacher -musician

Contact information: With held by BUFOD

Day sighting took place: Tuesday
Day (date): 27th
Month sighting took place: April
Year sighting took place: 1999
Time sighting took place: 6:00
am/pm: AM

Description of area where sighting took place: Last night my
sleep was interupted again by a "dream" of a ufo. A cloaked or
stealth white object, that blends in well with a white sky cover
which always seems present with these dreams. Everybody always
talks about lights and rings and beams, but these are almost
transluscent and no sound is heard except air displacement when
they fly very low to ground(about 200ft)I wanted to see if
others have had shared or same vision of such objects. Last
night they were close according to my dream at the jersey shore
and a couple over philadelpia. Usally in these dreams only a few
of us can see them but there are many at low altitudes
constantly. These are different than my early childhood dreams
of ships-which I often had but dismissed-how I'm not sure-But
they do not invoke terror I felt then. Let me try to draw it. If
any one else has had this vision let me know.

                   (           )
                  (             )
                 /               \
           [-----                 -----]
          /                             \
         /                               \
        [                                 ]
         \                               /
          \                             /
           ---------           ---------
                    \          /
                     x  xxx   x
                      [      ]
                      [      ]
                       xx  xx

I'll have to continue this  with another letter as suspiciously
the brower is going nuts,......some sort of deinterference

Nearest town: cherry hill
Map ref: nj Country: usa

Did anyone else witness the sighting ?: No

Circumstances of the sighting/experience: Alright it stopped-I
was cut off twice.The picture up above is rough but somewhat
like what I have seen but the wings and dual rear stablizers
have cutouts in the middle of them almost like a prectxel or
doughnut,very rounded and sleek all one piece construction. I
somehow feel these are here to interfere with another group of
aliens who do the things so many write about,and is why they fly
at such low altitudes. They can stop humans from being abducted
and fly into action when they detect a raid by these others.
They know the areas where former abductees live and patrol
there. These ships are not dangerous they might even be droids.

I have never had any experiences with ufo's  in a conscience
state. And always dismissed these as just dreams. Just like in
my dreams of youth I dismissed how countless times I have
drifted floating through my house unable to scream and noone
able to wake. Always down the steps out the door and the
blissful trip up and up. Never questioning what was going on.
But these dreams have always been there.

The ships last night were new to me and I don't remember
anything about my trips of youth except the missiing time[could
be relative time;ie-hour of that time =1/10second of our
time]and the flight back. I always fly back just like I
went,past the sleeping bodys of my family. I have never woken up
from one of thses "dreams" until I would be placed back in my
bed. I wonder if this too is common.

I have never confided or told anyone about this until now.
Actually I have always thought my experiences were the result of
my mind and not some other or group of minds. I still don't
know. What made me come out,was something I saw a few weeks back
that jarred me. Was a TV show and most of them are crap,but
there was a guy who had this scar on his leg about 6" above the
ankle,to the left of his shin bone in a circular shape.....just
like mine. I don't ever remember an injury there but I kind of
remember picking at the scab and always wonder why it never
healed or when it did how there would be a scab on it. Now I
don't know anything else but psycologiclly speaking, I am a

I was diagnossed manic depressive a few years back,always manic
only recently occasionly depressed. Have not been able to really
hold a job. Always obcessed with transcendence of time. Always
trying to explain that it does not exist and heavey into
philosophy. A compulsive masterbator using the vacum cleaner and
pool suction outlet and making contraptions to do this safely as
a youngster, penis pumps now, A complete sexual addict. Till
about 30 at least 2x a day have an orgasm,now at least once a
day. Anal pleasure with my fingers and asstortment of objects,
fruit and dildo's Intrigued an experimented with beastiality and
incest,equally attracted to either sex,married,but still active
outside,in compelled purely sexual relationships.

Crank and pot since 15 years old ,Masters degree in music,who's
who in colleges and UNI a complete sexual deviate.At least 200
sexual partner,maybe more since 15,I fear now perhaps I am
carrier of a seed that lies dormant in all that have tasted of
or through intercourse now carry in their bodies waiting to do
what ever.

This is so nuts I don't why I'm telling all this  I am. I swear
on my fathers grave all I have said is true so help me God.

(Weather and Conditions) - Cold

The UFO was sighted in or near Urban Area

The UFO was sighted for [   ] Hour: 1

Noise info. heard during the sighting: always quiet

Was any photographic record made at the time?: No

The UFO Manoeuvred

The height the UFO was from the ground was about: 200-500

Did you experience any effects ie loss of time: always lost in time

permision to publish report: Yes

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