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RAMS, Bell, Gersten, Rense Theroux

From: UFO UpDates - Toronto <updates@globalserve.net>
Date: Wed, 28 Apr 1999 08:42:48 -0400
Fwd Date: Wed, 28 Apr 1999 08:42:48 -0400
Subject: RAMS, Bell, Gersten, Rense Theroux

Art Bell In Hot Water...04/25/99

By Mitch Battros, Earth Changes TV

It appears Art Bell has acquired Peter Gersten to represent him
either legally, publicly, or maybe just a friendly lawyer
adviser. Gersten states his agreement with Art Bell in that Jeff
Rense, David John Oats, Robert AM Stephens and others are acting
in. libel, slander, malice and a reckless disregard for the
truth. Gersten states, "certain heinous statements are libel per
se in most states and actual damages need not be proven " and "
CAUS (Gersten) applauds Art Bell for taking this necessary
action" .

Well Mr. Bell, you might as well add Mitch Battros (Earth
Changes TV), Joe Firmage, Sean David Morton and everyone else
who disagrees with your perception and your methods to handle
conflict. No wonder there are so many biting at the bit to see
the alleged information yet to come which will put an, oh so
lurking shadow, on the dark side of Art Bell. Of course, if you
are innocent you have nothing legally to worry about. However,
the reality is people will never see you the same again. It is a
shame you did not have these thoughts running through your head
when you "ATTACK' people. (your words, not mine). You are quoted
as saying "I go after people until there is nothing left of

Hmm, if we only knew you back then. I can also remember you
stating to millions as you did your above statements, "When I am
in competition with someone, I go after them with everything I
have. I will move right next door to them and drive them out of
town". Gee Mr. Bell, is this what you are doing to your
competitors listed above. Hmmm, is there a pattern here.

Since I am in the media/entertainment field, I am very much
aware of the risk I am taking with such strong statements
against Mr. Bell. But when he went public speaking to millions
of people saying (although he did not mention my name) that I
was responsible for Richard Hoagland's heart attack, he had
crossed the line of civil decency. I am still not quite over
what Mr. Bell and his gang did to Courtney Brown. How can you
possibly justify to yourself the vicious attack made on Mr.
Brown. Then one year later give a tremendous amount of air time
and exposure to Mr. Jonathan Reed and those "fake" photos and
story about the aliens he killed in the Seattle area. It was
rumored that Art Bell never did believe this outrageous story to
begin with.

Does this mean your comrade Mr. Gersten's statement "certain
heinous statements are libel per se in most states and actual
damages need not be proven" applies to you as well?

If the allegations prove to be false, I will go public
immediately with the story and whatever retractions are needed.

artbell@aol.com Art Bell wrote:

1) "I thought Jeff Rense was a good guy until he started to be a
method for you to spread your poison. That puts him in the same
portion of the food chain as you. Rense does not wish Richard
well. He wishes R.A.M. Stevens well and on a regular basis
Publishes on his web site the kind of thing you see above."

2) "Jeff Rense at Sightings made that decision some time ago.
Richard (Hoagland) may be many things, but he is not the bottom
feeder this guy is."

3) " If you examine the nature of the attacks against Richard
(Hoagland) by Robert (Stephens) and his PUBLISHERS at Sightings
(Jeff Rense)"

4) "You are nothing but a Liar and Fraud (referring to Robert
Stephens), a very small person who attacks people when they are
down. So give me your best shot, personal or public."

5) "Jeff Rense and others who take up with him only sink to his
level.(of a bottom feeder)"

Well folks there it is. I am sorry to have to take such a
position. Art Bell was quite the inspiration to me. He in many
ways helped motivate me to take up with my vision. In some crazy
way, I am saddened Art chose to take this path several months
ago. If he had stayed the road, his past would have never caught
up with him. I, like thousands of others, watched him
deteriorate right in front of our eyes.

There is one thing for sure, I bet he wished he had never heard
the words Robert AM Stephens. You can get the full story and
ongoing unfolding of why Art Bell is not on the air, at Robert's
web site:


Mitch Battros

Producer - Earth Changes TV



From: UFOLAWYER1@aol.com
Message-ID: <b42a9249.2452ae80@aol.com>
Date: Sat, 24 Apr 1999 01:20:00 EDT
To: CAUSupdates@caus.org
Reply-To: UFOLAWYER1@aol.com

Dear CAUS Members:

On this Saturday, the CAUS commentary is about four simple but
powerfulwords: Defamation; Demand, Invasion & Sovereignty:

DEFAMATION: To harm the reputation of by libel or slander.

CAUS supports the intent of the First Amendment with respect to
free speech and upholds a person's right to say whatever (s)he
pleases....with certainlimitations. The US Supreme Court has
ruled that there are certain exceptions to our Right to Free
Speech and defamation is one of them. CAUS agrees that
defamatory statements should not be protected.Within the
Internet UFO Community and its periphery, defamation continually
rears its poisonous tongue...usually without challenge. Due to
the intricacies and expenses involved, not to mention
jurisdictional issues, the thought of a lawsuit to redress
obvious lies is nonexistent. I was not aware of any lawsuits
involving libelous statements made on the Internet...until now!

CAUS has learned that Art Bell is consulting with attorneys who
are seriously considering legal action against Robert A.M.
Stephens, John David Oates, Jeff Rense and possibly others for
libelous statements posted on Stephens' website and also
broadcast during Oates radio show on which Stephens was the
guest. Rense is the usual host of the Sightings radio show but
consents to Oates hosting the show on Saturday nights.

Certain heinous statements are libel per se in most states and
actual damages need not be proven. Since Art Bell is a public
figure, either malice or a reckless disregard for the truth will
probably have to be proven. CAUS applauds Art Bell for taking
this necessary action. Free speech is one thing. Accusing
someone of a crime, knowing it is false is another. Posting the
false information on a website and then broadcasting the same on
a radio show is unacceptable by any standards of decency and is
actionable. Being the host of a radio show and allowing libelous
statements is also actionable.

All parties involved should be held accountable.


Response from David John Oates

Reverse Speech Engineering

To: UFOLAWYER1@aol.com, eotl@west.net


Would you please check your facts before posting such rubbish!
For a start I am not a part of Jeff Rense's show - I own my own
independent operation. Secondly, the statements were not made by
me, they were made by Robert Stephens, who had in his possession
certain documents that prove these charges. I viewed these
documents before allowing him to speak this on air and in fact I
did NOT let Stephens mention more than 10% of what he had.

And, further, if you plan to cover this issue, why do you also
not cover the full facts, that Bell and Hoagland spent TWO HOURS
of air time on 12/30, (My show spent less than two minutes on
the current issue) claiming that I altered tapes to make
reversals say what I wanted them to say - with NO EVIDENCE to
back this up and even, the following day, the technician who
they claimed had the proof, made a full statement the following
day stating that my tapes were NOT altered - Belll did not cover
this. Will you also say that Bell stated on air and on his web
site that I had made racist posts in his name, with no proof
whatsoever to back this up - he even instigated an FBI
investigation that subsequently cleared me of this henious
charge, yet Bell did not cover this. Will you cover this? Will
you also state that I have had my request for a retraction on my
web site for four months now with absolutely no response.


David John Oates


Response from Jeff Rense

Sightings Radio/Online

To: UFOLAWYER1@aol.com
From: eotl@west.net
Subject: Retraction Demand


Regarding your 'editorial' of 4-24-99:

This sir, is a false and libelous statement about me and my
program: "Rense is the usual host of the Sightings radio show
but consents to Oates hosting the show on Saturday nights. "

FACT: Jeff Rense is the ONLY host of the Sightings radio

FACT: David Oates owns and hosts HIS OWN, independent, 'Reverse
Speech Show' which airs Saturday nights.

FACT: David Oates has always purchased his own separate radio
program airtime from the same syndicator I do.

FACT: David Oates has canceled checks from the syndicator for
purchase of airtime for EVERY single one of his programs from
its inception in November of 1998 to the present.

FACT: David Oates was under contract to a different network at
the time of his first few programs. As a favor to him to help
prevent any conflict of interest while that contract was being
canceled, I agreed to let him call HIS first few programs the
'Saturday Edition of Sightings' - even though, in reality, there
was no Saturday Sightings show.

FACT: David Oates had no program music of his own. As a favor, I
permitted him to use some of mine.

FACT: I have never had any control whatsover over David Oates'
program, his guests, or his editorial comments.

FACT: Neither I nor my program or website has ever said one word
about the issues in your 'editorial.'

FACT: I have nothing to do with David Oates' or Robert Stephens'
websites or statements.

Your statement about me is false. Your statement about me is
malicious.Your statement about me is defamatory. One email to me
would have gotten you the facts. One email to David Oates would
have gotten you the facts.

Your own expression: '...either malice or a reckless disregard
for the truth...' fits your actions perfectly.

I demand you retract and apologize for your reckless and
malicious statements, and post said retraction and this correct
information to all those on your list immediately.

Jeff Rense




What is Public and What is Private on the Internet?
by Michael Theroux

Note: Michael Theroux of Borderlands Sciences has checked in
with this installment of an important multipart essay on the
Internet and obvious censorship. It is a compelling subject on
this new medium of global union. Theroux was my first webmaster
and offered me my first ever online presence for which I am most
grateful. I am now running two websites and the medium for
visual effect is daunting. I also have learned a great deal from
Michael about this culture of 'Strange', for he is probably one
of the oldest dissenters of its milestone benchmarks, and the
characters that ride its winds peculiar, for nearly 12 years
now. The original of this essay is at Borderlands which has a
link on our front page. All installments will be run here on
this page as they are available. Rams


Borderland Sciences has been subjected to what we feel could be
called none other than censorship on the internet -- and
it has happened to many others. But, in order to understand
censorship, one must define what is public and what is private
on the internet. Many seem to think that when they pay for a
virtual space to hold a forum that it is theirs to do with as
they wish. This is true -- but if they decide they want to
control what is said there, and refuse to display certain posts
-- they cannot deny they are involved in censorship. Why?
Well, it depends on whether the forum is public or private. For
instance, if I pay to rent a hall to have a PUBLIC meeting, is
it OK for me to run out into the crowd and place my hand over
the mouth of some loud dissenter? If he/she gets violent or uses
abusive language, then I would have grounds to have him removed
and would not be censoring him. But, if he is merely opposing my
point of view and I have him silenced -- then I am
censoring him.

So it goes on the internet. It doesn't matter that you are
paying to hold the public forum -- if you silence anyone
for their opinions, you are censoring, and cannot deny it. If
you are interested in total control over what is posted, and do
not want to be accused of censorship, then have a private forum
-- by invitation only. It is that simple. If it is public,
and you choose what gets posted (usually to fit an agenda), then
you are guilty of censorship plain and simple. A good example of
a public forum (that is run as a public forum) is IUFO. Although
at times I have challenged what is being said there, I have
never once been told I couldn't do so -- which is why I
actually do engage in discussions there.

(Send email with the text: "subscribe iufo
yourname@whatever.com" to majordomo@world.std.com)

Footnote : Mr. Theroux advised Behold on 4-25-1999 that IUFO now
has censored him and borderlands posts and will not allow him to
present his solid research based dissent on various topics.
Thus, IUFO is now ran by Keith Rowland under the management of
Peter Gersten, Art Bell, and Richard Hoagland, it is to be
assumed . Rams

The alteration of history is another example of censorship.
Specifically with respect to Borderlands, all traces of
Borderlands and myself have been removed from the Art Bell
website. The webmaster, Keith Rowland, saw fit to remove all
previous links (which he had posted), and remove my name and
link from the previous guest list. I was on Art's show on
January 6th of this year, but you won't see it listed on the
website. Why would he do this? Well, in the past he had always
posted my links, but stopped doing so. While the links pertained
specifically to the show's subject matter, and were not in any
way rude or defamatory of any of the guests or host, he told me
in so many words that I was challenging too much, and that he
was sick of it. The topics included, Contrails, Y2k, Solar
Activity, the Pegasis Hoax, NEXRAD Radar, etc. After a very
brief sarcastic exchange between us, he stated that, "You've run
out of my generousity [sic]," and he then removed all links to
Borderlands. I have no problem with him deciding not to post any
further links from Borderlands if that is what he wishes, but to
alter the past by removing all previous posts and links
including the past guest reference is nothing more than
censorship. Others have been handled the same way. So now, if
you browse the Art Bell website, are you really getting the
whole story, or is it only what they want you to see?

While we are never going to stop censorship on the internet, we
can point out where it occurs. It is not our job at Borderlands
to focus our attentions on such things as we are really a
scientific research foundation, but I feel it essential to
define the differences between what is public and what is
private on the internet with regard to this topic of censorship.
There will be those who disagree -- which is fine, of

Michael Theroux


Borderland Sciences Research Foundation - Since 1945



Ph. 707.825.7733 FAX: 707.825.7779

 End of Part 1


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