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Re: Excerpt from 'Space Aliens From The Pentagon'

From: Don Allen <dona@amigo.net>
Date: Wed, 28 Apr 1999 23:03:07 -0600
Fwd Date: Thu, 29 Apr 1999 23:29:11 -0400
Subject: Re: Excerpt from 'Space Aliens From The Pentagon'

>Date: Tue, 27 Apr 1999 01:18:52 -0700
>From: Larry Hatch <larryhat@jps.net>
>To: UFO UpDates - Toronto <updates@globalserve.net>

>Dear Don:

>It wasn't all that dull, judging by the headache I suffered as a

>I will check out the site.

>I would still like to know if you believe William Lyne's lengthy
>and somewhat novel list of assertions, from the original
>posting you made some days ago... in whole or in part.

>If in part, which parts?


I bought the book a few weeks back. It is one, no, the _only_
book I have seen that takes the firm view that the "secret
government" stole Tesla's propulsion system and used it to make
man-made UFOs, at Los Alamos, and White Sands, during the
earlier part of this century. The author, Bill Lyne, is of the
firm contention that not only are UFOs man-made, that also
there are _no_ "alien abductions" and that Roswell, far from
being the "crashed saucer" event, was actually two bungled
events, one right after the other to cover up the Tesla man-made
flying saucers. One event involved shaved rhesus monkies, the
other was the infamous "weather balloon explanation" we've all
come to know so well.

Lyne's contention is that the cover-up was done to hide the
"true" nature of the man-made Tesla saucer work, and to use
"extraterrestrial" thesis to obfuscate and divert any attention
away from Tesla propulsion technology being utilized. To that
end, "alien abductions" are a means to put the attention "out
there" instead of what took place at Los Alamos in the 30's and
40's with Werhner von Braun and the "Kreisel-Teller" Nazi flying
saucer research work alleged to have taken place in NM during
this time.

I personally accept, after looking at the Roswell hubris of the
last few years, there was no crashed saucer, no extraterrestrial
"aliens", and it's been a dog chasing it's tail for years on
Roswell. Insofar as Lyne claims about the bungled events
regarding Roswell, I can accept it. I can also accept his view
that there are no "alien abductions" occuring either. There's no
solid proof, in my opinion.

Insofar as Lyne's extreme claims, I have no reason to "believe"
any of these claims, at face value. I don't put any stock in
"belief" unless I can damned well prove it to myself, in
research as having a factual basis. I am quite capable of
entertaining possibilities, but that doesn't mean I accept them
as proven fact. Lyne's book is interesting to the degree I've
not heard these kinds of arguments posed before. His CV isn't a
lightweight - Top Secret clearance in Air Force Intelligence,
earned a B.S. degree with a double major in Art and Industrial
Technology, acquired an M.F.A. in Studio Arts from Univ of
Texas at Austin. Worked in the Peace Corps. Was offered a high
position at the CIA and turned it down. Has patents to his name
on some inventions, and includes an invention in his book, "The
Dyna-Lyne Universal Variable Pneumatic or Hydraulic Transmission
System", giving the public unlimited right to the invention. Has
newspapers articles about himself, included in the book.
Documents a considerable amount of persecution in his dealings
with the New Mexico Patent Office.

Has his first "UFO" sighting in New Mexico in 1953, which he
documents in full detail. He patently doesn't buy into most of
Ufology's leading "experts" and definately names a few names,
some on _this_ list, as CIA/OSI moles lackeys, minions and
dis-information spinners. (loud chuckle).

He's got a web site up at:


He summarizes some of this on the website and also gives his
views on Roswell. It's a safe bet to say he's opinionated. <g> I
believe he does have an email address listed at the web site, if
you're so inclined to pursue his claims further. The book is an
interesting read.




"Resistance to tyrants is obedience to God" - Thomas Jefferson

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