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Re: Socorro: The Zamora 'Insignia'

From: Asgeir W. Skavhaug <asge-s@online.no>
Date: Fri, 27 Aug 1999 14:34:43 +0200
Fwd Date: Fri, 27 Aug 1999 21:25:07 -0400
Subject: Re: Socorro: The Zamora 'Insignia'

 >From: David Rudiak <DRudiak@aol.com>
 >To: UFO UpDates - Toronto <updates@globalserve.net>
 >Date: Thu, 26 Aug 1999 08:51:50 EDT
 >Subject: Re: Socorro: The Zamora 'Insignia'

 >>From: Larry Robinson  S/AP/EIS Kinesiology <lrobins@indiana.edu>
 >>To: UFO UpDates - Toronto <updates@globalserve.net>
 >>Date: Tue, 24 Aug 1999 16:13:06 -0400
 >>Subject: Re: Socorro: The Zamora 'Insignia'

 >>Socorro: The Author Responds
 >>First, I suggest that you read my web page before arguing the
 >>contents. Many of your arguments were already addressed.


 >Leon Davidson, a Los Alamos chemist and the guy who initially
 >got his hands on Blue Book Special Report #14, had his own
 >theory about the object and logo.  It was a secret government
 >craft operated by the CIA.  If you turn the "C" sideways, stick
 >the "I" in the center of the "A", and place the "IA" combo
 >underneath the sideways "C", you have a stylish CIA logo.
 >Davidson even went so far as to suggest that, as an inside
 >agency joke, it also stood for former CIA director Allen Dulles'
 >initials:  D opened up and turned sideways with the A sandwiched
 >inbetween.  Hey, it's possible, isn't it?

 >Here's my theory.  Many real estate companies sport logos
 >similar to what Zamora described, a pitched home roof being the
 >"arrow" shape in Zamora's drawing.  (One in the San Francisco
 >yellow pages even has an arch over the top).  So this was a
 >sighting of two small real estate agents in a white Chevy
 >looking at the mayor's property.  The mayor was considering
 >placing a fried chicken wings fast-food place there, so the real
 >estate agents pounded some test holes in the ground to test for
 >soil compactness (accounts for indentations in ground), then
 >burned a clearing with gasoline at the proposed fried chicken
 >wings site (burned bush, scorched rock).


David & List,

Here are some of _my_ speculations regarding the Zamora

If we (for the time being) rule out the balloon theory, and
assuming that Zamora wasn't (willingly or unwillingly)
hallucinating, we can say that the craft reported -- and
("badly" ) sketched -- by Zamora, i.e.,


seemed to have:

* A fairly powerful, noisy booster motor to leave the ground and
get into the air.

    - Therefore, this seems to me to be more of an ordinary,
      'terrestrial' combustion propulsion system, but it doesn't
      really need to be like this.

*Possibly a different and much less noisy propulsion system
taking over to cruise the craft through the air.

   - Well, the balloon, or airship/blimp, theory cannot really be
     ruled out here -- assuming that the speed of the craft was
     (significantly) overestimated (though, there were possibly
     high winds in the area that day, which could speed up the


*No windows, doors or hatches along the fuselage were sketched
*No technical details of the craft were sketched (e.g., nozzles,
exhaust pipes, etc.) -- just the egg shape, the legs and the

     -  The insignia seems to be sketched fairly detailed. And,
     what is the 'big circle' sketched around the sketched craft
     suppose to mean?

*The two "humanoids" were not sketched (Did they need any
breathing apparatus? Helmets? What did they really look like?)

*The 'humanoids' 'just stood' outside the craft, seemingly doing
nothing (or, they didn't have time to do anything before Zamora

*They probably stayed for only a short time at the site; they
landed just before Zamora arrived at the site, and then they
'had to hurry'.

And, further, one can ask the question why the craft (piloted by
_terrestrials or ETs_) did stop at the particular site, which is
within a ravine in the dry desert -- but, right in the middle of
the socalled Socorro Seismic Anomaly, SSA (see below)! (Seismic
activity can also be caused by underground nuclear, or regular,
bomb testing.) Apparently, the craft didn't have any engine
trouble, either.

Some speculative answers might be to (keep anonymous, and not
being observed by the military ground radars in the area) and:

*Undertake espionage; study military activity in the area
*Close-up study of landscape, animals, plants and/or soil
*Collect samples of animals, plants and/or soil
*Take pictures
*Undertake measurements of radiation and/or seismic activity in
the area, including results from military activity (atomic bomb
*Have some fresh air, and stretch their legs (after a looong
*Navigational problems
*Search for water/food
*Abduct people/mutilate animals
*Take a leak

In any case, _they got scared and had to hurry_ -- as usual in
such UFO cases. But why??

One of my speculations deals really with the possible
correlation between the alleged Zamora sighting and earthquakes
in the area.

Thus, according to:


with the following excerpt:

  "The Socorro region is of particular importance because it
  contributes a disproportionate share of the state's seismicity.
  The concentration of earthquake activity in the Socorro area
  shows up clearly on a map of the seismicity of New Mexico
  (Figure 1). The dense cluster of activity in the west central
  part of the state is shown in greater detail in Figure 2.
  _Because the concentration of activity near Socorro is so
  sharply defined and unusual, the name Socorro Seismic Anomaly
  (SSA) has been proposed for the region_ (Sanford et al.,
  1995a). The size of the SSA is 5200 km2 which is only 1.6
  percent of the total area of New Mexico yet it accounted for 36
  percent of the state's earthquake activity from 1962 through

And, also according to:


with the following excerpts:

  "Historical and recent records of earthquakes in New Mexico
  show that, although the area along the Rio Grande from Socorro
  north to Bernardo occupies only two percent of the total area
  of the state, it accounts for about 45 percent of all of New
  Mexico's earthquake activity. Seismic records also show that
  the earthquake activity in the area is often dominated by
  swarms of temblors lasting days or weeks, some strong enough to
  be felt."


  "Aster explains that the relatively high earthquake activity in
  the Socorro area, an area that seismologists refer to as the
  "Socorro seismic anomaly," is probably attributable to the
  ongoing inflation of a mostly thin, yet extensive, horizontal
  layer of molten rock, the 'Socorro magma body,' residing about
  12 miles below the middle Rio Grande valley, between Socorro
  and Bernardo. -NMT- George Zamora."

Further, according to:


with the following excerpt:

  "As stresses accumulate over time, UFO phenomena are generated.
  Generally there is a critical magnitude of stress that
  precipitates a sudden, substantial release in the strain
  energy: this is called an earthquake or a seismic event.
  According to the TST, detectable earthquakes do not cause most
  UFOs. Instead, both UFOs or ALP and earthquakes are generated
  by the same process: earth stress. Because earth stresses
  generally escalate over several months to years before
  earthquakes, most UFO reports _should precede earthquakes_.
  However variations in local stresses frequently follow strong
  seismic events; consequently a small proportion in the numbers
  of UFOs should occur during these adjustment periods."

Coupling the above mentioned information one can start
speculating in the possibility of a positive correlation between
the seismic activity in the Socorro area _and the Zamora

Also referring to:


 From this table we can see that the Zamora sighting occurred in
a period between a couple of earthquakes with high magnitude; in
the "short" period between 6 June '63 and 23 Jan '66; among the
very few highest in a 30-year period, with magnitudes of 4.0 and

Then, should there possibly be any correlation between the
Zamora sighting and the seismic activity in the Socorro area?

However, this is only a coarse speculation, inspired by the
report mentioned above, and it doesn't need to mean anything at

Why should there be any correlation at all? What should be the
reason or cause for possible correlation? Was the sighting
(existing) due to (or caused by) the seismic activity (before
and/or after the latest earthquakes), _or vice versa_? And, were
'they' really terrestrials or ETs? Can the assumption that
Zamora wasn't (willingly or unwillingly) hallucinating be
completely ruled out ? (unwillingly due to, e.g., the release of
anomalous electromagnetic fields and radioactive gases). And,
can the possibility for hoaxing, conspiracy or collusion be
completely ruled out? Did Zamora have any psychotic problems?

In the Zamora case I guess we'll never get an exact answer to
this. I would say that it will continue to be 'just an
interesting story' -- but, the speculations or debate around
this story should, in my opinion, continue in any case.


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