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Filer's Files #50 -- 1999

From: George A. Filer <Majorstar@aol.com>
Date: Fri, 17 Dec 1999 22:53:18 EST
Fwd Date: Sat, 18 Dec 1999 01:43:24 -0500
Subject: Filer's Files #50 -- 1999

Filer's Files #50 -- 1999,  MUFON Skywatch Investigations
George A. Filer,  Director, Mutual UFO Network Eastern
December 17, 1999,  Majorstar@aol.com  (609) 654-0020
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Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

NOTE: I would like to point out that these files contain initial
reports from concerned people who spend a considerable bit of effort
and time to report their sightings.  They have observed,
photographed, or video taped unidentified flying objects (UFOs).  A
UFO is not necessarily an alien craft, it may be any type of various
phenomenon such as plasmas, Earth lights, classified aircraft,
blimps, etc. The cases are investigated whenever possible and only a
small portion are determined to be truly unidentified.  This
investigation may take weeks or even years.  Often these initial
reports are supported by others observers, creating a stronger case
for a particular UFO.  Hundreds of reports are received each month
from high quality observers.
---George Filer

Arthur C. Clark stated, "We are either alone in the universe or we
are not.  Either case is over whelming!"


My experience chasing a UFO while in the Air Force has led me to
believe that we are not alone in the universe.  I attempt to show
evidence that supports this belief.  Officially, NASA, the US
Government, most scientists, and numerous Ufologists feel that I'm
wrong, and I admit I may be in error.  I certainly could be, but
many people who I never thought would agree with my perspective are
sending letters of support.  By far the hardest people to convince
are those who claim to be Ufologists. This phenomena is a valid one
that's needs investigation using scientific instruments and
research.  The phenomena is real and in my opinion the evidence
exists in space, on Mars, and here on Earth.  The scientific images
of a large cylindrical shaped object taken by the Soviet's Phobos 2
scientific mission to Mars is virtually the same cylindrical shaped
object described by a witness in the Florida story below.  These
images and testimony could be used in a court of law and should be
considered as scientific evidence as well.  The objects are reported
by hundreds of witnesses each month.  Insiders seem very worried and
encourage these reports.

NASA claims they are searching for intelligent life on Mars with
something like 15 Billion dollars of the taxpayer's money.  I can
only assume these are competent scientists with advanced technology.

On December 16, 1999, I phoned Doug Isbelle at NASA Public
Relations (407 867-2468) who told me that better than 90 percent
of all missions sent into space are successful. He did admit
that something like 23 out of 31 probes going to Mars have
failed. Only eight got through for a 26% success rate.  I
explained my theories that someone or something was laying in
wait near Mars, and was preventing our space probes from getting
through.  He stated, "There is not much evidence anything is out
there so they are reviewing their technology, computers, mission
management, and the craft themselves to determine why Mars
missions are jinxed.  I told him, I was at one time a Flight
Planner, intelligence officer and flyer that planned flights for
the President of the US, various military transports and
fighters.  All flights were successful to my knowledge.  If we
lost over two-thirds of our aircraft we would have been fired.
I suggested that if you even suspect foul play, you must make
adjustments in how the mission is flown.  There are numerous
penetration techniques that might improve our chances of getting
through to Mars and save billions of dollars.  NASA has already
announced that bacterial life once existed on Mars.  Perhaps it
has grown up?  Furthermore, the 1989, last images from the
Soviet Phobos mission showed a huge cylinder UFO closing on the
Phobos spacecraft just before it stopped operating.  Doug
stated, "That was an old Soviet mission to Mars and not really
of any interest to NASA."  He assured me that they have
decreased the cost of each mission down from the billion dollars
each, and that the newer missions are much more reasonable.  I
wish to point out that Soviet Colonel Maria Popovitch, one of
the world's most famous test pilots appeared on the television
show Hardcopy with a video of a long cigar shaped object that
apparently caused the failure of Phobos 2.  Photos of the UFO
can be seen on my www.filerfiles.com Webpage. Hit, : "Is ET
capturing our Mars Spacecraft?" at the top of the page.


THOROFARE - Nick Altamuro was driving to work on Route 295 on
December 17, 1999, when he spotted a bright pinkish light in the sky
at 7:15 AM.  The light descended vertically and suddenly streaked
off to the northwest disappearing at tremendous speed.  The color
and high speed movement was much faster than any normal aircraft in
the sky and lasted for only 30 seconds.  Thanks to Nick Altamuro
Woodbury, NJ.


LANSDOWNE -- In a most unusual experience prior to this summer,
myself, my sister Dolores and friend Kathleen Simon watched as a jet
flew due west of Philadelphia. It formed a contrail along its path
from which an object broke off of the trail, just a short distance
behind the jet. Afterwards, the object veered off for about ten to
fifteen seconds and then, vanished.  The object was well defined so
as not to be simply vapor from the trail itself.  This curious event
occurred May 30, 1999, 8:00 PM EST This has been, undoubtedly,
the most outstanding incident in sightings for myself and others here.
Thanks to: Michael Kelly kellyguy65@hotmail.com

On December 15, 1999, at 9:52 PM a friend and helpful assistant
with my UFO Discussion Groups at the local Sidetracks Cafe in
Lansdowne, PA related having noticed a streak of bluegrass light
through the window of her sixth floor apartment.  The light came
from the direction of the roof just left of her window which curved
to the right.  It seemed like a firework and made a popping sound.
She was frightened and couldn't explain it.  Her room glowed,
briefly.  We discussed the possibility of arcing electricity but
didn't come to any conclusion. Michael Kelly
<skyecj@bellatlantic.net>Editors Note: We suspect a buildup of
electrical energy or plasma causes this phenomenon.


DANVILLE -- Adam Clark reports that on November 4, 1999, at 5:30 PM
my friend and I were outside talking when I noticed three disc
shaped objects in the sky.  I told my friend to look and we watched
the three objects for about 30 minutes when the objects flew off.
One of the disc objects was smaller than the other two.  They were
metallic gray in color.  No detail could be seen.  On November 18,
we were outside again and my friend told me to look up, because the
same three objects were in the sky.  We watched them for about 10
minutes around 5:30 PM. Thanks to Adam Clark doc45@gamewood.net


NORCROSS -- MUFON State Director Tom Sheets reports that NUFORC has
several recent cases posted from our area to include a November 21,
1999, illuminated object near Highway 141 in Norcross, possible disc
hovered and then accelerated at a tremendous speed.

LAWERENCEVILLE -- On November 24, 1999, a circle shape was observed
near Highway 316.  It was the size of a large car sending out
blinding flashes like lightening strikes.  ASD Mark Ausmus of
Lawrenceville also observed some sort of unusual explosion in the
sky a little over a week ago.  Possibly related to the above is a
witness living outside of Cumming at the south end of Lake Lanier.
He has observed unusual bright multicolored star like objects coming
up above the horizon and then going back down.  Within the last few
days, the witness has observed these darting objects again.

ROME -- A few weeks ago, our Diane Headrick referred a witness to
SSD Janssen in Rome regarding a 'ferris wheel' appearing UFO.

ZEBULON - On December 12, 1999, at 2:10 PM, a dump truck operator
was unloading on County Line Rd. in Pike County.  As he checked his
outside mirror, he noticed a distant object in the sky, his truck
facing to the SW, appearing just over the top of his mirror.  He
stuck his hand out and spread his fingers to measure it's travel
from NE to SW and stated that it went from the tip of thumb to tip
of finger in about 3 seconds.  He continued to watch the object for
about 10 seconds, describing it as round, aluminum color,
glistening in the sun, about 3 times the size of a BB shot or small
ball bearing at arm's length.  The witness indicated that it had no
aircraft like structures such as wings, tail etc.  He had earlier
been watching regular jet liners leaving contrails overhead, and
that the viewing conditions were good in the blue sky. This witness
was an attendee at a recent MUFONGA meeting.


DANDRIDGE -- On December 2, 1999, Patricia G. reports, "At 12:25
PM, I was sky-watching and saw a silver cylinder flying north to
southwest rather flying slowly.  I'm afraid I can't tell the altitude, but it
was large." "At first I thought it might be a jumbo jet, so I looked through
my binoculars, and to my delight there were no wings or tail, just a smooth
silver cylinder.   There was no jetstream or contrail." On Wednesday night,
December 1, Patricia's daughter "saw a blue light that pulsated in the
northeast sky.  She said it was as large as a pencil eraser.  She was
driving home and lost sight of it when she got home."  Thanks to UFO
Roundup Vol. 4, # 33, 12/9/9,  Editor: Joseph Trainor


John Thompson writes I think the December 5, 1999, flash was caused
by a bolide.  I believe the meteor blew up between Anniston and
Birmingham. There was no direction to speak of because one or more
pieces fell basically straight down. This would explain why most
people near Montgomery and LaGrange only saw flashes and the folks
in Tennessee only saw a flash. The radio manager down here was in a
totally cleared area he said. He caught the "ball" just barely going
down. In truth, he probably saw it at its highest -- 20 miles or
higher -- and saw it disappeared because of the curvature of the earth
between LaGrange and the location where it blew up at. The deputies
probably saw much the same in Douglas County except they were
looking more to the west whereas the radio man was looking to the
northwest. It might have traveled somewhat down to the west but
I'll bet it was almost a pure vertical free-fall for the ball and
tail into Alabama. We know the bolide wasn't that high because of
the witnesses in Alabama say they heard it only 1 1/2 minutes to 2
minutes later. Simple math of 760 mph for the speed of sound shows
it was not more than 25 miles away when the flash occurred. That's
not that high at all. Joel Vincent said that since the December 5,
explosion he has had lots of callers from Georgia and Alabama saying
that their have been crisscrossed "chem-trials" galore in the sky.
Joel was implied a decontamination effort was under way.  He asked
if I had heard about "cow poop" hitting north of Atlanta in August.
He said he got a call off the air that some stuff that can only be
described as cow manure had seemed to have been hurled to the ground
and splattered. It was not cow manure but it looked like this.
Strange! I told him the Big Birds have returned! I was wondered what
had happened to them. Best Regards, gin@wp-lag.mindspring.


TAMPA - The witness was driving south on Highway 75, and saw this
cylinder shaped object in very pale muted blue and green cast sky.
It stood out as a huge cylindrical upright object.  It appeared as
if the sky was a fabric and that this object was coming through a
slit in the fabric.  The witness was not sure what could be so huge
and its vertical position like a column was unlike the horizontal
positions of a plane, craft or birds, etc.  It was solid white in
color with a definite outline to it and it did not mover or change
shape.  The witness watched for about five minutes.  The length of
the object at arm's length was about the size of a new pencil, eight
inches by half an inch in width.  The witness also compares the
length of the object to approximately six full moons, at arm's
length. The sighting took place on November 9, 1996, at 9:00 AM.
Thanks to MUFON's Baywatch Newsletter 12/99 editor Fred Miller.


SILSBEE -- Sue reports that she observed a UFO, 25 miles north of
Beaumont, Texas on December 10, 1999.  Sue was traveling home from
work when she saw a large golden flying triangle at 5:00 PM.  It
appeared to be heading towards the ground on a fairly steep angle.
She thought it might crash and looked for the smoke or fire and the
sound of a crash, but there was none.  She tried to get her husband
to come outside and look but he doesn't believe in UFOs.  This is
the first time Sue ever saw a UFO.  Sue said, "This is my first
sighting ever."  Thanks to: SANKYSUE13

HOUSTON -- On December 10, 1999, at 8:00 - My daughter was looking
at the sky and asked me, "What is that?" and I replied it's the
Moon.  She said, "The moon is to the right!" I looked again and seen
this bright light with what looked like lots of stars or fire maybe,
behind it.  I was amazed. We watched it for about 20 seconds and
went to get my wife and she came out, but it was gone. We stood
there a couple more minutes and saw it again going the other
direction.  First, we saw it coming down.  The second time it was
shooting up.  I can only explain it as a strange feeling.  It looked
more like a rocket landing or missile.  We thought Russia sent one
at us, but the second time we saw it going the other way.  Well, we
were amazed. Thanks to the World Wide UFO Reporting Center


ELK CITY -- was visited again on December 16, 1999, by Contrails.
The contrails were last observed on November 29, 1999, Scarecrow
writes, "I observed a whole sky full of parallel contrails. There
were huge lines in the sky at low level, all parallel. Then there
were contrails crossing the first at right angles causing a checker
board sky. Thanks to Scarecrow "Lions and Tigers and Grays, Oh My!
scarecrow@colaw.net Editor's Note: There are many stories explaining
why Air Force and government aircraft are spraying large areas of
the country with unknown substances.  Some of the best explanations
indicate that some kind of anti-viral, or anti-bacteria spray is
being spread to kill disease or biological warfare agents. See
www.filersfiles.com and www.contrailconnnections.com. link for


CAIRO -- Egyptian pilots have threatened a US television station
with legal action over a news report into the theory that Egyptian
Flight 990 was brought down by a copilot suicide.  All 217 people
aboard the EgyptAir flight to Cairo died.  The head of the Egyptian
Pilots' Association, Captain Walid Murad rejected a report on CNN,
which said the pilot suicide theory had not been ruled out.  Captain
Murad said: "The association reserves the right to take legal action
against these allegations, which amount to defamation. "These
accusations are unacceptable and I don't know on what they are
basing them."  US television network CNN quoted "two sources
familiar with the investigation" as saying that a recently completed
transcription of the cockpit conversations did not alter the suicide

The sources said relief copilot Gambol al-Baitty was heard asking
or offering to take the controls half-an-hour after Flight 990 left
New York for Cairo, CNN said.  He was then heard saying "I put my
faith in God's hands", which he uttered "multiple times" before a
series of unexplained maneuvers.  The autopilot was turned off, the
plane went into a dive, the elevators went in different directions
and the engines were turned off, CNN said.  The sources emphasized
that the voice recorder information was not conclusive by it and
acknowledged that there has been considerable debate about the
meaning of the religious phrase, CNN said, EgyptAir president was
not accepting the possibility that one of his pilots was responsible
for the disaster.  He said in an interview published in the Al-Ahram
weekly, that "serious damage" to the aircraft's tail section might
have been the cause of the crash.  He said: "Serious damage to the
tail unit caused, perhaps, by a collision with a solid body, would
explain the rapid descent."



Bill Hamilton Executive Director of Skywatch International, Inc.
writes that when I served in the US Air Force in the 1960s I was
assigned to Security Service which reported directly to the National
Security Agency (NSA).  NSA is mainly concerned with signal
intelligence (SIGINT) and uses the finest radio equipment to tune
into the signals transmitted by various military organizations
throughout the world.  These military communications are often
encrypted so that only the intended receiver can decipher them.  We
have heard from various sources that have worked within
compartmentalized NSA projects that NSA may also be interested in
intercepting signals from extraterrestrial sources in order to
maintain national security.  We know from documents released from
FOIA requests that the NSA has maintained an interest in UFOs.  The
mission of tapping some type of signal from UFOs operating within or
without our atmosphere, or from planetary bases of operation is
conceivable.  "There are many intelligence reports that NSA may have
numerous "Deep Space Probes" some reaching beyond the orbit of
Neptune.  The real purpose of these space probes has not been
determined.  NSA/OCR is the reported office responsible for tracking
these probes.  Why then is NSA in deep space when the "threat" as we
know it is centered here in the near Earth environment?  A NSA
source reported that one of these NSA Deep Space Probes detected a
failed parachute on the Mars' Lander.  NSA reported this to JPL, but
JPL did not inform the public.  And, the "Aliens" are reportedly
suppose to have a base on Neptune's moon Triton.  Perhaps these NSA
Deep Space Probes monitor "Alien" activity in our Solar System? A
list of the successful NSA probes can be seen at:
Thanks to Bill Hamilton: skywatcher22@hotmail.com.


Mike Smeltzer comments that for several years I have watched a growing
list of satellites and space probes just disappear. I watched footage of
the Space shuttle Columbia explosion, only to discover less than one
second before the explosion occurred, two UFO fly past at high speed
(they only appear in two frames of video). This was the real beginnings
of my watching of strange situations unfold (only two weeks after the shuttle
explosion, the Russians watched Chernobyl go into meltdown). The list is
growing. Several Canadian communication satellites just stop broadcasting.
Two CIA black project Mars probes just disappear, one of which was launched
shortly after our Mars probe stopped broadcasting. The other CIA satellite,
after the Russian Mars probe video transmissions stop. The list goes on and
on. Insurance company's are not only just aware of the tremendous lose of
satellites but also the five fold increase in lost aircraft over the past
years. I feel some ones or some things are trying to tell us that we are NOT
in control of the skies.  (Snip.) Thanks to Mike Smeltzer <mikes@ptway.com>


Researcher Joseph Stefula writes: In his book "The F.B.I. Files-The
FBI's UFO Top Secrets Exposed," Nick Redfern, a FBI memo from SAC,
Dallas, to Director, FBI, states they had received copy of a MJ-12
document.  (MJ-12 Documents claim that an alien craft crashed at
Roswell.)  Dallas requested Headquarters discern if the document is
still classified?  Dallas would withhold any investigation in
abeyance until further direction from FBI Headquarters.

FBI Headquarters inquired if the Air Force's AFOSI, Washington, DC,
had any information on MJ12, the FBI would like to know? On November
30, 1988, Headquarters AFOSI advised the FBI that the document was
"fabricated''.  But Special Agent Frank Batten, Chief of the Information
Release Division at the Investigative Operations Center
admitted to Mr. Redfern that AFOSI had no records pertaining to MJ12
or any investigation that the papers were faked.  This situation is
odd to say the least, without any investigation how could Air Force
AFOSI state to the FBI that the MJ12 document was faked?  Redfern
interviewed Col. Dick Weaver (ret).  He , too, conceded, however,
that there were "no documents responsive to Redfern's request for
Air force files on how such a determination was reached."


Numerous experts have attempted to solve the mystery of the giant
anomalous object picked up on November 21, 1999, at 14:45Z on the
National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA)
Geosynchronous Orbiting Environmental Satellite (GOES) in orbit
watching the Earth's weather.  Nicla Camerin writes that he had
observed the NOAA Satellite photos above Earth.  These objects are
not the moon.  I looked at the images for the day before and after
at the same time.  If that object had been the moon, it would have
been there on those days as well." The image appears to be a full
disk, and in the left corner you can see another 'spot'.  I zoomed
in, and rendered and seems to be another 'object'.  Do you have any
idea at what timing are get this satellite images? 1/500, 1/1000,
1/8000 etc.  In the full disk 4 seems to be a 'blur'  in the top-left part
instead of the bottom are defined.  In the full disk there seems to be
some kind of heat around the object.  Thanks to Nicla.

  Another person wrote US Military satellites also pick up the Fast
Walkers on a regular basis.  They are the ones knocking out our

Nick Balaskas <nikolaos@York U. So does the Moon (about 15%).
Astronomer Rik Hill checked this out and found that our natural
satellite was at the right place, and showing the right phase to
account for the oval image at the time the pix was taken.  The shape
of the object was due to the motion of the Moon, which caused
trailing, even though the Moon phase was nearly Full, so the actual
disk was about circular. The time between pictures was 30 minutes,
not 15 minutes.  Therefore the shifts of the Moon from one picture
to the next are about 15 Moon diameters.

I sent an E-mail request to NOAA for any other images of the full
Earth they have which also include the Moon in the same pictures.
Until then, let's do a quick mathematical check to see if the
alleged UFO Mother Ship was in fact the Moon.

The mean diameter of the Moon is: 3475 km, while the mean diameter
of the Earth: 12,756 km.  The mean distance of the Moon to the
Earth: 384,500 km.  The approximate distance of NOAA's GOES
satellite to the Earth (since it is in geostationery orbit): 35,786
km.  The approximate distance of NOAA's GOES satellite to the Moon
(since the Moon is on the opposite side of the Earth with  respect
to GOES, this will be 384,500 plus 35,786 or): 420,286 km.   From
trigonometry we get: tan X(M) = 3475/420,286 = 8.268 x 10^-3 And tan
X(E) = 12,756/35,786 = 3.564 x 10^-1 where X(M) is the angular size
of the Moon and X(E) is the angular size of the Earth.  From the
inverse tans we get: X(M) = 0.47 degrees  and X(E) = 19.62 degrees,
The ratio in sizes of the Earth to the Moon in the GEOS images
should be 19.62/0.47 = 41.7.  In other words, the Earth should appear
41.7 times larger.  The diameter of the Moon (long axis) on the GEOS
images I downloaded was about 3 mm (plus or minus 0.5 mm) and the
diameter of the Earth was 96 mm (plus or minus 1.0 mm). This gives
ratios as large as 97/2.5 = 38.8 or as small as 95/3.5 =27.1.

Observations: The object in the GEOS images is smaller than what we
would expect for the Moon (assuming there is no pronounced
distortions near the edges of the GEOS images).  Also, the axis of
the nearly full Moon phase (less than two days from Full Moon),
should be parallel to the Earth's N-S axis.  It isn't
(nonsymmetrical distortions?).  Yes, GEOS images of the Earth are
taken every 30 minutes but it does not take up to 30 minutes to take
this image so no trailing of the Moon should be evident.  Note that
the Moon revolves around the Earth once (360 degrees) in just over
27 days so in a 30 minute time frame the Moon would move in the sky
by: (360 degrees / 27 days) / (24 hours x 2) = 0.27 degrees in 30
minutes.  This is about a half Moon diameter, not the 15 Moon
diameters you mention. If we assume it is the Moon in the GEOS
image, since it is a few lunar diameters from the edge of the Earth
and it moves about half a lunar diameter in the sky each 30 minutes,
there MUST be a few more images of the Moon in GEOS images taken
before and after this one. Conclusion: The object in the GEOS image
(taken November 21, 1999, at 14:45Z cannot be easily explained as
the Moon - it remains a UFO.  Nick Balaskas, Physics and Astronomy,
York University Thanks to Bob Young <YoungBob2@aol.com>

There is some disagreement if the moon will show up on infrared.
Anyone know?  The Photos are located at:

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RARITAN NEW JERSEY VIDEO - Extraordinary eight minutes of video
taken on V Day (Veterans Day) by Reverend Damian Barna.  This is an
extraordinary UFO video shot in broad daylight on November 11, 1999,
over Middlesex County only fifteen miles from New York City.  The
video tape is shows several different shaped UFOs.  One is the
standard disc shape. The primary ones are two cylinder or rod shaped
craft.  As the cylinder moves slowly through the sky it appears to
be covered in a thin vapor.  Although it is difficult to estimate
length the craft appears on the video as at least a hundred feet
long.  It sends out a thin line forward an estimated 600 feet, or
about six inches at arm's length.  Somehow the object seems to morph
or move along the tube to the second position.  The movement is
clear and distinct and may represent some sort of cloaking device.
I have never seen an object move in this manner.  It seems to
gradually disappear in one spot and gradually appears as the same
size and shape in another. The video was taken at 4:50 PM over
Raritan Center.  This is an extraordinary tape of very strange UFO
activity. Mail your check for $19.95 for your copy of the video to:
Reverend Barna, 222 Jackson Road, Medford, NJ. 08055.

Documentary Most readers of this column are familiar with the
Roswell event, but many are unaware that a similar incident occurred
in Pennsylvania in 1965, near a small rural community called
Kecksburg.  Veteran UFO researcher Stan Gordon, has been gathering
information on this case for many years, and has produced a studio
made 92 minute video called "Kecksburg The Untold Story."  This
production recently won the 1998 EBE film award for the Best
Historical UFO Documentary.  A startling revelation is revealed here
from a witness, who says he saw a body in the building at Wright-
Patterson Air Force Base only days after it was delivered there.  Send a
check or money order to: Stan Gordon Productions, Dept. GF, P.O. Box
936, Greensburg, PA 15601. The cost is $35.90.  For more info
check out Stan's Website at www.westol.com/~paufo

US GOVERNMENT UFO PROOF RELEASED: Audio tapes of a genuine
UFO Alert at Edwards Air Force base and studied by the Foreign Technology
Division at Wright Patterson Air Force Base, are now available for
distribution to the public.  Lunar Astronaut Dr. Edgar Mitchell was
at Edwards the night the UFO chase occurred.  The 6th person to walk
on the moon said, "The night it happened I investigated it myself
and this was a real event."  Sam Sherman's audio documentary tape
October 7, 1965, uses the actual voice recordings provided by the Air Force.
During this event 12 high tech luminous UFOs invade secure air space
and came down low over the runways at Edwards AFB.  Tower operator
Sgt.  Chuck Sorrels spotted them and notified the Air Defense
Command.  Sgt.  Sorrels is heard on the original tapes and in a new
segment where he verifies the event as it is heard on the archival
recordings.  The UFOs are described and a decision is made to launch
F-106 fighter interceptors.  You are there for an important part of
UFO history.  Hear it for yourself, it's the best UFO tape ever
made.  Tape cost is $14.95 each plus $2.00 for shipping -- total
$16.95 -- (for overseas orders-out of US - add $6.00 shipping cost --
total -- $20.95) you can send either a personal check or money order
to: Independent International Pictures Corp, Box 565, Dept. GF, Old
Bridge, New Jersey 08857.

MUFON UFO JOURNAL For more detailed monthly investigative reports
subscribe by contacting Mufon@aol.com.  Filer's Files Copyright 1999
by George A.  Filer, all rights reserved.  Readers may post items
from the Files on their Websites provided that they credit the
newsletter and its editor by name and list the date of issue that
the item appeared.  Send your letters to me at Majorstar@aol.com.
If you wish to keep your name confidential please so state.

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