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UFO ROUNDUP Volume 4 Number 5

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Subject: UFO ROUNDUP Volume 4 Number 5


Volume 4 Number 5
February 1, 1999

Editor: Joseph Trainor



An archeological team led by Dr. Zahi Hawass has reportedly
found what may be a pre-Dynastic underground tomb near the Great
Pyramid, a Danish newspaper reported last week.

Dr. Hawass, Egypt's Undersecretary of State for the Giza
Monuments, while on a lecture tour in the Scandinavian
countries, spoke to a gathering of notables, including Queen
Margarethe, at Dansk Industri's pyramid-shaped glass convention
center in Copenhagen, Denmark on Sunday, January 24, 1999.

According to the Danish newspaper Elektra Bladet, Queen
Margarethe "appeared at Dansk Industri's pyramid-shaped glass
hall, at a lecture by Dr. Zahi Hawass, the world's leading
Egyptologist and head of the Giza excavations."

"Between the Sphinx and the Khefren Pyramid, Hawass and his
staff have discovered a hitherto unknown subterranean shaft,
reaching a depth of 29 meters (96 feet). In the bottom of the
shaft they found a stone sarcophagus surrounded by water. If
Hawass's theory holds, he has found the grave of Osiris, the
(Egyptian) god of death."

"The queen was listening enthusiastically from the first row.
Since 1962, when she was a young crown princess and tried her
hand in Egypt as an amateur archeologist, she has had an ardent
interest in the pyramids of Egypt."

"The finds that he (Dr. Hawass) were describing were so great
that his voice was almost tearful."

"Dr. Hawass ended his lecture by discreetly inviting the queen
to visit his excavations at Giza, as Prince Henrik did last

The article also stated that Dr. Hawass would formally release
the information through the Egyptian media "in a couple of
months." (See Elektra Bladet for January 24, 1999, "The Queen
attends pyramid meeting," by Freja Ludvigsen. Many thanks to
Stig Agermose for forwarding the newspaper article.)

(Editor's Comment: Last year the big news was the detente
reached between Dr. Hawass and his one-time critics, Graham
Hancock, Robert Bauval and John Anthony West. In Atlantis Rising
magazine, Number 17, page 15, Hancock and West published a joint
letter, that stated in part, "We are now absolutely convinced
that the precious monuments of the Giza plateau could not be in
better hands than those of Dr. Hawass. We have seen him at work.
We have seen his passion and genuine love for the pyramids and
the Sphinx. And we have seen that above all else he is
determined to ensure the preservation of the monuments for the
future. There are no conspiracies. There are no hidden finds.
There is no skullduggery." One question, boys--Did your friend
Dr. Hawass mention even one word about this "Tomb of Osiris?")


On Monday, December 14, 1998, at 7:33 p.m., a 19-year-old man
heard a mysterious aerial boom in Portage, Indiana (population
29,060), a city located 22 miles (35 kilometers) southeast of

He reported, "I deliver pizza for a local pizza shop...I was
driving north on Swanson Road, approaching Stone Avenue where I
could turn left or right. As I was coming to a stop at Stone, I
heard a semi-loud bang. It sounded like a big firework but the
tone was deeper. Then I heard something that sounded like a
brief, strong wind, and it repeated seven or eight times. I
remained still at the stop sign while listening to these

"A couple of seconds later, a white light rose off the ground to
the northeast of me. It looked like it was about a mile away. It
went straight up about 100 yards, stopped for a few seconds,
then shot westward--it looked like it could have been going 100
miles in a fraction of a second."

"When I got home, I told my girlfriend what I saw. And she told
me that earlier in the night she was visiting her parents at
their house on Central and Willowdale and she heard a loud
bang." (Many thanks to Kenneth Young of Cincinnati UFO Research
for forwarding this report.)


UFO sightings continued in Italy last week, with three more
encounters in different areas of the peninsula.

On Saturday, January 23, 1999, at 8:15 p.m., seven young people
spotted a trio of UFOs in the night sky over Pescara, a port
city on the Adriatic Sea about 165 kilometers (102 miles) east
of Rome. Two female witnesses, Paola and Elisa, said they saw
"three luminous stars of a red color high in the sky, flying
toward the southwest. Two of them (UFOs) broke away from the
formation and travelled in a circular pattern. Then they
zaigzagged, appearing at several different points in the sky.
The third unidentified object remained visible for five
minutes." (See the Italian newspaper La Stampa Siciliana for
January 24, 1999, "Avvistati, venerdi.")

Also on Saturday, January 23, at 3:10 p.m., a man who was saying
prayers at a family graveside at the Cimiterio Comunale in the
city of Piacenza, 110 kilometers (66 miles) southeast of Milano
(Milan), spotted a UFO in the sky. "He saw a cylindrical object
passing over the city. The object flew from the northeast to the
northwest, passing in a diagonal line over Piacenza with a
constant linear trajectory. The sighting lasted about one

On Sunday, January 24, 1999, at the Parco Nazionale de Vesuvio,
near Napoli (Naples), about 200 kilometers (125 miles) south of
Rome, four people climbing Monte Somma mountain at 11 a.m. "saw
a brilliant sphere of colors ranging from a metallic silver to
an incandescent red. At just past the hour, this object appeared
at several different points in the sky without seeming to move
from point to point. The witnesses were adamant that this object
was not the planet Jupiter. One witness testified that the
object appeared to rotate on its own axis." (Grazie a Guiseppe
Piccoli, Davide Ferrara ed Alfredo Lissoni de Centro Ufologico
Nazionale per questi rapporti.)


On Thursday, January 21, 1999, "a U.S. Air Force fighter slammed
into a wooded area in northern Japan in the second crash in as
many days involving American military planes."

"The pilot suffered minor injuries after ejecting from the jet."

"The F-16, from the U.S. Air Force's Misawa air base, crashed at
about 1:30 p.m. local time in a forest 85 miles south of the
city of Misawa," which is located 560 kilometers (350 miles)
north of Tokyo.

"The pilot, whose name was not disclosed, parachuted to the
ground. He suffered a minor head injury, said a spokesman for
Japan's Foreign Ministry. The pilot was being taken to Misawa
air base and was listed in good condition, the Air Force said."
(See the Attleboro, Mass. Sun-Chronicle for January 21, 1999,
"US fighter crashes in Japan; pilot rescued," page 9.)

(Editor's Comment: Yes, readers, that's the same Misawa air base
from which three Japanese Mitsubishi fighter jets went missing
last autumn. A red spherical UFO was seen near the spot where
the first two Japanese fighters vanished.)


Early Sunday morning, January 17, 1999, Loisa Rhode "was
awakened by a sonic-boom type noise." Ms. Rhode's apartment is
on the second-floor of an apartment house overlooking Lake Tadd
in Atwater, Minnesota (population 1,053.

Ms. Rhode "discovered the strange hole in the ice" of Lake Tadd.
Two days later, on Tuesday, January 19, she phoned the Atwater
city office and reported the strange event.

"'They waited to report the event because they were afraid all
their friends would think they were loony,' city clerk Goldie
Smith told Reuters."

According to the West Central Tribune of nearby Willmar,
Minnesota, "A flying saucer, little green men and signs of
non-human life were found Saturday afternoon (January 23, 1999)
in Tadd Lake in Atwater. The discoveries were made by divers in
search of an object that plummeted from the sky last weekend,
creating a unique star-shaped hole in the ice."

"As nearly 500 spectators and a fleet of metro media watched
from behind the yellow police tape that circled the open water,
the divers with wet suits and 80-cubic-foot oxygen (scuba) tanks
strapped to their backs slid into the frigid lake."

"For nearly 45 minutes the Hutchinson-area divers, who had been
valuably briefed by a geologist to pick up anything the size of
a grapefruit, dove to the lake bottom feeling for objects."

"There was a festive mood in the air as families with snack
coolers, local firefighters, police, DNR (Minnesota Department
of Natural Resources--J.T.) personnel, a local deputy,
geologists from Bemidji and spectators from Atwater and as far
away as Minneapolis watched as the divers bobbed in the water."

"The non-human life form was a turtle--the first thing divers
plucked out of the muddy bottom of Tadd Lake."

"The 'saucer' was a rusty metal bowl that, when flung like a
frisbee, would probably fly into the garbage heap."

"The little green men were three plastic toy soldiers a
prankster reportedly threw into the lake. Divers secured the
men, which were surreptitiously hidden from the media and the
public by a member of the divers' top-side crew."

"'It wasn't anything we were looking for,' said Bob Stepien, one
of the divers, who was eager to get into a warm building after
emerging from the four-foot-deep water. 'Looks like just some
junk. A few rocks, a turtle, cold ice...I don't know that
there's anything more down there.'"

"'It was cold, muddy and dark,' said Neil Brady, another diver,
who admitted he really didn't expect to find anything. 'If
anything could fall in at a high velocity, I'm sure it could be
buried down there. The bottom is soft, and you can only dig so

"Bob Roulet, the third diver, said he's done a lot of diving
before 'but never with an audience. He and the other divers made
a joint agreement that if they 'saw anything glowing, they'd let
it be.'"

"Police chief Reed Schmidt said the Tadd Lake case is a mystery
that demands further investigation and an answer. 'Just like The
X-Files, we have to solve the story.' But their next foray into
Tadd Lake will probably occur in the summer time."

"Marc Ross, assistant Atwater fire chief, said he was
disappointed nothing unusual was found in the lake. 'But it sure
was fun,' he said, 'At least people and media were here for
something that wasn't tragic.'"

Ms. Rhode "watched from the window of her second-floor apartment
overlooking the lake as the recovery took place. She said she
was disappointed that nothing more than a handful of rocks were
found. 'I've enjoyed this, but I am disappointed.'"

Atwater is on Highway 12 approximately 83 miles (135 kilometers)
west of Minneapolis. (See the West Central Tribune of Willmar,
Minn. for January 25, 1999, "No meteorite found in Tadd
Lake--yet." Many thanks to Errol Bruce-Knapp and Stig Agermose
for forwarding the newspaper article.)

(Editor's Comment: This is the second "meteor hits lake" story
within a month. On December 24, 1998, a similar incident
happened at Parsippany Lake in northern New Jersey. For more
details, see UFO Roundup, volume 4, number 2 for January 11,
1999. In last week's issue, your editor asked what weird events
might happen just in time for the Blue Moon. Well, wonder no
further, readers. Here they are...)


Police in Jackson Township, New Jersey (population 1,100) shot
and killed a 431-pound Bengal tiger Wednesday night, January 27,
1999 following a flurry of frantic telephone calls from
frightened residents.

"The five-year-old male tiger made a sudden appearance Wednesday
afternoon in a neighborhood near the (wildlife) preserve. The
first sightings set off a wild search by police, state troopers
and authorities using helicopters and night-vision equipment."

"With families instructed to stay indoors, sharpshooters killed
the roaming Siberian on Wednesday night."

"An autopsy showed the animal was desperately hungry and hadn't
eaten for two days. But the animal bore no markings. Owners of
Six Flags Great Adventure amusement park and safari, which is
nearby, said its nine tigers are accounted for."

Police then suspected another local private preserve, the Tigers
Only Preservation Society, owned by Joan Byron-Marasak, "known
locally as the Tiger Lady," which "is licensed to own 23"

"Federal, state and local officials executed search warrants and
reported counting only 17 tigers on the grounds of the private
Tigers Only Preservation Society."

"Byron-Marasak--who has denied that the dead 431-pound cat could
have strayed from her 12-acre Ocean County preserve--insists she
owns 20 tigers and that three died last year of old age. She
blamed poor record-keeping for the discrepancy."

"Authorities yesterday said Tigers Only has a spotless record
and that their inspection yesterday (January 29,
1999)--involving a dozen officials from four agencies--found the
animals well fed and cared for." (See the New York Daily News
for January 30, 1999, "Escaped tiger mystery,' by Ralph R.
Ortega and Owen Moritz.)

The first sighting took place early Wednesday afternoon. "A
woman on Wright Debow Road just north of Route 195 in the
sprawling township called police at about 1:40 p.m. so say she
thought she saw a tiger in her backyard."

"Officers found large paw prints in the woman's yard--and at
about 5:30 p.m., one spotted a large animal nearby."

"Police shot the tiger with tranquilizer darts but the drugs
weren't enough to stop it. They were worried they'd have to
shoot to kill."

"Tiger experts from nearby Great Adventure Wild Safari Animal
Park were helping state police and Jackson Township cops to
capture the animal."

"But Great Adventure says its nine Siberian tigers are all
accounted for, and the tiger belongs to someone else." (See the
New York Post for January 28, 1999, "Cops tail tiger in Jersey"
by Bill Sanderson, page 12.)

"State police officers killed the animal after tranquilizer
darts missed their target."

"During the height of the tiger scare Wednesday, authorities
visited the Tigers Only Preservation Society but hurriedly left
the grounds when they got word over their radios that the tiger
had been spotted nearby."

"Another Fish, Game and Wildlife official, Rob Winkle, said that
one officer saw that part of Byron-Marasak's fence 5-to-6 foot
wire mesh fence was down," which led police to suspect the
Society of being the tiger's place of origin.

"'Her outer-perimeter fence was not adequately maintained,'
Winkle said, 'Part of her fence was down.'" (See the New York
Post for January 29, 1999, "Cops eye cat-lovin' 'Tiger Lady' in
Jersey scare" by Maria Malave and Gersh Kuntzmann, page 3)

Ms. Byron-Marasak has repeatedly denied that the tiger killed
Wednesday came from her private preserve.

Not only is the tiger's point of origin a mystery, there appears
to be a discrepancy in the paw prints. They were first
identified as coming from a female Siberian tiger with a weight
of 350 pounds, while the animal shot and killed was a male
Bengal tiger weighing 431 pounds.

"'If it's not hers, whose is it then?' said Pat Hart, who lives
down the street."

"'I don't feel safe living here, knowing there's a possibility
that one can get out,' said Suzanne Fiorello, a mother of two
who left Brooklyn for Jackson Township," located about 60 miles
(100 kilometers) south of New York City.

While police searched the woods of Jackson Township, another
strange big cat incident took place on the other side of the
continent, in southern Oregon.

"Several cougar sightings caused officials to post warnings
throughout the town" of Shady Cove, Oregon (population 1,351),
located on Highway 62 approximately 36 miles (57 kilometers)
east of Grants Pass.

"Concern was piqued Monday (January 25, 1999) when authorities
trapped a cougar under a deck near the Rogue River. Residents
were being asked to accompany their children to and from school
buses. Joggers and walkers were urged to use extra caution."
(See USA Today for January 29, 1999, page 11-A.)

(Editor's Note: Similar "phantom cat" sightings occurred in
Decatur, Illinois in July 1917 and June 1965. See the book WEIRD
AMERICA by Jim Brandon, E.P. Dutton, New York, N.Y., 1978, page


On Saturday, January 23, 1999, thousands of grackles, known
locally as blackbirds, began falling dead from the sky near
Bastrop, Louisiana (population 13,916), a city on Highways 2 and
139 approximately 323 miles (517 kilometers) north of New

By ones, twos and dozens, the grackles "have been landing in
yards and along a five miles stretch of Louisiana (Highway) 425
since Saturday." The fall of dead grackles continued for five
straight days, through Thursday, January 28, 1999.

"Either encephalitis or another virus, pesticide or avian
botulism may be causing the deaths of thousands of grackles...It
could take days or weeks to determine the true cause." (See USA
Today for January 29, 1999, page 11-A)

This was the second mysterious mass demise of birds during the
past six months. On October 30, 1998, in Tacoma, Washington,
"About 300 starlings dropped out of the sky. Neither poison nor
disease was the cause. The birds all suffered crunched chests
and blood clots in hearts and lungs. Since starlings fly in
tight formations, some speculated they had smashed into the side
of a large truck, or perhaps a wind gust had thrown them to
earth violently." (See the Houston Chronicle for October 31,
1998, "Bird deaths still mystery." Many thanks to William R.
Corliss of Science Frontiers for the item, which appeared in
issue Number 121, January-February 1999, of Science Frontiers


Sorry about the date typo in last week's lead story. It should
read 1999, not 1998.

Also, Australian ufologist Diane Harrison is affiliated with the
UFO Australian Research Network Hotline. Ross Dowe informs me
that Australasian UFO Hotline is a registered name and trademark
of Australia's National Space Centre. Thanks, Ross, for sending
in your clarification.

from the UFO Files...


One of the strangest incidents in the history of Lake Ontario
took place on November 17, 1880 aboard the coal-carrying
schooner Garibaldi.

"The Garibaldi was bound for Toronto from Fairhaven, New York
with 150 tons of coal. She sailed the length of the lake under
storm canvas, blown by the screaming ice-laden wind, before
dropping her hook (anchor--J.T.) outside the harbor to wait for
better weather before trying to enter Weller's Bay," Ontario,

"For 15 terrible hours the Garibaldi safely rode out the howling
gale. After her anchor cable finally broke, the crew tried to
sail the beleagured vessel into the harbor, but their efforts
were in vain."

"Driven by a screeching west wind, the schooner blew hard onto
an offshore sandbar. Battered by the waves, the old schooner
began to break up. The ship's yawl was smashed to kindling by a
massive boarding sea, preventing any effort to abandon her. Some
of the crew were eventually taken off by local men using an old
lifeboat, but the boat was too rickety to make another trip
through the surf, leaving the rest stranded on a dying

"All of the remaining crew, except for one, climbed high into
the frozen rigging and lashed themselves tight in the hopes of
survivng the storm. The mate, Louis Stonehouse, doubtlessly
muttering curses against the fury of the lake, went below the

"For the men aboard the old schooner, the long night was filled
with horror. Towering waves crashed into the hull, sending
freezing spray flying over the ship. Ice formed heavy on the
deck and caked thick on the rigging. Hour by hour, the ice built
up higher and higher on the Garibaldi until, when the cold dawn
finally broke, she was more ice than wood."

"When a rescue party eventually made it out to her, they found
the men in the rigging still clinging to life, but only barely."

"Louis Stonehouse was a different story. Down below they
discovered the old mate standing silently in the cabin, frozen
solid in a block of translucent ice. His boney hands were raised
high over his head, as if in a last desperate effort to ward off
the shimmering ice demons."

No one was ever able to explain how the Garibaldi crew, exposed
to freezing spray and wind chills well below zero, survived up
in the rigging, while Louis Stonehouse, down below in the warmer
cabin, became embedded in a coffin-sized block of ice.

The strange doom of Louis Stonehouse remains one of Lake
Ontario's weirdest mysteries. (See the book HAUNTED LAKES by
Frederick Stonehouse, Lake Superior Port Cities Inc., Duluth,
Minnesota, 1997, pages 147 and 148.)


Ian Darlington says the Cornwall UFO Research Group (CUFORG) has
a new website up and running. Check it out at

Keep up with NASA's latest new space science projects at this
site -- http://spacescience.nasa.gov

Giorgio Soulkalos announced a new website for the Archeology,
Astronautics and SETI Research Association (AAS-RA). Feel free
to look over their website at http://www.aas-ra.org

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by Jennifer Jarvis and her research team. They're the latest
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