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From: Georgina Bruni <georgina@easynet.co.uk>
Date: Mon, 01 Feb 1999 21:23:01 +0000
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Subject: HOT GOSSIP UK - FEB 1999

By Georgina Bruni


In late 1996 I interviewed RAY SANTILLI to ask him about the
infamous Alien Autopsy footage, explaining that I had received
information from a source who claimed he knew the real story of
how he [Santilli], had come to obtain the material. Later, in
1997 I published my findings in my regular column which I then
wrote for British SIGHTINGS magazine. It was further published
in FROM BEYOND, Canada and the USA edition .

A London fashion photographer who wished to remain anonymous, I
called him ANGEL, told me that four years previously he had
worked on a CD cover for one of Santilli=92s music companies.
During his working relationship with the British businessman he
claims Santilli had told him the truth about the =93Alien Autopsy=94
footage, and how he came to acquire it. According to the source,
whose name (with permission) was passed on to three other
researchers for verification - the cameraman story was a total

 =93Ray told me himself that he had been approached by someone at
an American Film and Video trade fair, who offered to sell him
=93under the table=94 unusual footage of an alien autopsy. I believe
Ray was genuinely convinced the footage was of a real alien
autopsy, but later when he discovered it was a fake, he decided
to run with it anyway. He was at first undecided on what to do.
He contacted the man who sold him the footage who confirmed it
was a fake. Ray had already paid a deposit and spent time on
looking for funding, he was too far in. He told me that if he
could pull this one off it would be the biggest hoax in
history.=94 The source recounted.

Angel is convinced that Santilli talked to dozens of people at
the time and he believes there are others out there with this
same information.

Santilli admitted to knowing the photographer and that he may
well have mentioned the AA footage to him, as at the time it was
no secret because he was trying to raise capital to purchase it.
I asked Santilli if there was any truth in Angel=92s story, he

=93His story is absolute nonsense. I did not buy the footage from
a trade fair, he=92s making the story up, or he=92s mixed up the
facts with fiction. I=92m surprised he would come out with a story
like that. I=92ve had no conversation with him for almost four
years. And as for the AA footage, if it were faked, not only
would it cost a great deal of money to make, but it would
require at least fifteen to twenty people, film crew etc. to
produce it, and how on earth would you keep all those people
quiet - there=92s bound to have been a security leak by now.=94

Santilli told me he had a collection of =91alien autopsy=92 films
created by special effects experts.  Apparently these films were
produced at incredible cost in an attempt to prove that it is
possible to fake such a film. The collection includes footage
produced by Fox, RTL, Fuji, a Scandinavian company, and even an
X-Files piece. The businessman explained:

=93I=92ll probably get shot for this, but I=92m seriously considering
putting them all together to make a one hour video special. And
believe me, they are  nothing like the original, they=92re
laughable, even though hundreds of thousands of dollars have
been spent on producing them.=94 

At the time of my interview with him, Santilli did mention that
he had problems with the =93Tent=94 footage, but regrettably I did
follow up on this part of the conversation.

Santilli is not , and has never been, interested in this subject
- he is a businessman. As far as I am aware his only interest
was to market the footage in the hope of making it a profitable
venture. I may be amongst the very few, but I do not dismiss the
possibility that a fraction of the Santilli footage may be
genuine. Rather than class it as =93Autopsy=94 footage, I prefer to
think it could have been part of a reel of =93Dissection=94 footage. 
A well known media friend recalls seeing a similar piece of
footage in the Disney archives when he visited the corporation
many years ago. At the time Disney were launching their
TOMORROWLAND site and decided to promote it by inviting the
world=92s media along for a weekend stay.

Anyway, my media friend claims he was shown a similar piece of
footage to that of the Santilli AA footage, and he was somewhat
amazed to have been told that it was GENUINE. The person who
recounted this to him was one of Disney=92s most famous animators,
and although the name of the animator was given to me, I was
asked not to reveal it publicly.  Was he sure it wasn=92t just a
piece of Disney film? I asked. No, he had thought so too, but
was told that Disney had a large collection of genuine UFO/Alien
footage. Considering that my friend is a credible person and has
no interest in this subject whatsoever, I cannot imagine he
would create a false story.  So, could it be that the Santilli
footage is of the same stock as the one apparently owned by
Disney?  Who knows?  Some questions which researchers might want
to ask is: =93How come Disney are in possession of such film?=94 and
=93Who were their original cameramen?=94 The answers to many
questions might well be hidden in their archives. I also
understand that one of the world=92s top rocket scientist=92s was
involved in their Tomorrowland project..... Von Braun, no less.

I cannot imagine Santilli would go to so much trouble to make a
hoax unless there was something to trigger his inspiration in
the first place. If he was genuinely offered a small piece of
footage, then there is very little he could do with it. Consider
the latest problems involving false footage being used in TV
documentaries. Even the prestigious BBC were involved. One film
company knowingly used false material in a documentary about the
Titanic. The so called footage passed off as the famous ship,
was in fact of its sister ship.

The only way we will ever get close to the truth about the AA
footage is if Santilli reveals the identity of the person who
sold it to him. Unfortunately, we may never be privileged with
this information.

Even supposing a fraction of the AA footage is genuine, I do not
believe it was in any way connected with the Roswell crash.
There were several incidents reported during the late 40s and
early 50s, and rumour has it that there was more than one crash
site in New Mexico.  We recall how many people jumped on the
band wagon of the 50th Anniversary of the Roswell incident.
Maybe the original scraps of AA footage belong altogether to
another incident.

Do not dismiss the whole because there is one piece of bad
apple amongst the crop. Throw away the contaminated piece
and there may still be the genuine article.


Thanks to Philip Mantle for bringing this to my attention:

LWT Television are appealing to the public to turn in any UFO
related footage which may be included in a ITV documentary
later this year.  The =9360 Minutes=94 programme is offering two
hundred pounds sterling for good video footage. Anything is
considered, but they are especially interested in UK sightings
and the Mexican wave.  The documentary will also feature well
known ufologists from Britain and overseas.  For more details
contact: Claire O=92Donohoe on [0171 578 4410]


American millionaire and Internet guru, Joe Firmage recently hit
the headlines when he quit his day job to pursue UFO study. It
seems the press have dubbed Firmage =93The Fox Mulder of Silicon
Valley=94, which I found interesting. You may recall that it was
the British press who christened MOD official Nick Pope =93The
Real Fox Mulder=94, a title that he, along with Firmage, is not
too keen to carry.  However, if Firmage gets as much publicity
as Pope, he shouldn=92y knock the title, but milk it for all its

Apparently Firmage is seeking a publisher to take on his much
publicised literary work =93THE TRUTH=94, which I would dearly like
to read but could not gain access to his internet site. Is Hot
Gossip banned, I wonder? My tip to Firmage - who incidentally
did not respond to my request for an interview - Why not buy a
publishing company and publish the book yourself! Two other
authors recently took on this challenge, notably William Birnes
and Dan Sherman.

Permission to distribute this text providing the authors and
publication are credited. Photographs may be copyright and
cannot be used without consent.  =A9 Hot Gossip UK 1999 
www.hotgossip.co.uk The above text is taken from "The
Unexplained" section

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