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Serious UFO Study Shown on UK TV

From: Ian Darlington - C.U.F.O.R.G. <cuforg@interweb-design.co.uk>
Date: Mon, 1 Feb 1999 21:58:31 -0000
Fwd Date: Tue, 02 Feb 1999 10:47:28 -0500
Subject: Serious UFO Study Shown on UK TV

'Riddle of The Skies'
Produced by Union Skyline for Channel 4

Tonight we have just been given the privilege of watching the
first sober, intelligent study of the subject seen for some time
on British television. Part of a three programme series, 'Riddle
of the Skies' presents the evidence in a worthy and compelling

The programme began as they usually do with a brief overview of
the Roswell and Kenneth Arnold cases, then swiftly moved on to
Steven Greer of C.S.E.T.I. who claimed to have 3,500 pilot
reports on file, as well as 4000 trace events.

The programme then went into an in-depth study of the Belgium
Triangle incident of 1989, interviewing such quality witnesses
as a Belgium army Colonel and the Professor who analysed the
images caught on film.

Next up was Ken Mattingly and his Apollo 16 'flashes'. This
segment also included footage from the moon missions showing
objects flying over the surface and flashes from the craters.

Then we heard from Dr. Jack Kasher regarding the remarkable
STS-48 footage, followed by James Oberg's disputes with same.

Next came Story Musgrave along with soundtrack of mission STS-73
"We have an unidentified flying object =85 " heard clearly over
the radio link to Mission Control. Then STS-82, the famous
Hubble servicing mission where Steve Smith and his colleague
apparently discuss numerous flashes, objects and lights. Smith
then explained, unconvincingly, that the discussion centred
around photography taking place by the crew inside the shuttle.

Some of the Mir footage taken by Manarov also made an appearance
as well as the impressive footage from STS-80 where the lights
of Denver can be seen along with some phenomenal thunderstorms,
but which also shows at least one strange object apparently
appearing from nowhere and moving through the atmosphere.

Story Musgrave made another appearance stating that he didn't
know what the footage showed but that it "=85 has the
characteristics of thousands of things I have seen, apart from
the fact it appears from nowhere." He went on the say that he
believes there is nothing to suggest the existence of UFOs in
our atmosphere, apart from the 8 - 10 foot 'eel' that he has
personally seen twice and which appeared to have internal

The first programme ended with 85 year old Gordon Cooper who
feels the evidence for the existence of extra-terrestrials is
here on earth and not in space.

Next week's programme looks at evidence from pilots, air traffic
controllers and members of the military. I'll post my review at
the same time next Monday.

Finally, I have been looking for the STS-80 footage on the
Internet for a while but with no luck. Now I have it on video
I'll be posting it on our Web site as soon as I get my new
TV/video card.


Ian Darlington.
Editor/Webmaster 'Skywatchers'.

Cornwall UFO Research Group
ICQ 12387110

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