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Skywatchers Newsletter --Issue 2, Part 1

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Subject: Skywatchers Newsletter --Issue 2, Part 1

Skywatchers Email Edition -- Issue 2 -- Sept.'98 - Jan. '99


'SKYWATCHERS' is a quarterly publication from the Cornwall UFO
Research Group (C.U.F.O.R.G.), which was founded in 1995.


Welcome to 'Skywatchers'! Due to work commitments there has been
a long break in the email editions of this newsletter, for which
I apologise. Although my work still keeps me up nights, I have
tried to get my priorities right - I've remembered that this
subject is more important to me than almost everything else in
my life.

Thank you Joe.

Ian Darlington, Editor.


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* Report On The Recent Group Meetings
* Sightings Reported to C.U.F.O.R.G.
* My Paranormal, UFO And ET Experiences: Part 3. Elaine Darlington
* The Sky At Night. Sue Herbert
* Classic Sighting From 1977. By Dionne Jones
Report on The CUFORG Monthly Meetings
By Dionne Jones.

JULY: The Lizard Zodiac Mystic and writer, Sheila Jeffries, was
CUFORG's star speaker for July. Sheila grew up in Glastonbury, a
place famous for its Arthurian links and its extraordinary
'landscape zodiac'. It was the sculptress, Kathleen Moltwood who
discovered the mysterious images in old field patterns and
routes, which seemed to represent the figures of the zodiac.
Sheila's first revelation of the evening was that she was born
right in the Lion's bum! She had her first vision and UFO
sightings there during her childhood, but soon 'learnt' not to
see the strange discs and purple lights that often sped across
the Somerset levels, invisible to other people. She went to art
college, became a school teacher and had a relatively ordinary
life until a friend who teaches her meditation introduced her to
the technique. It opened up everything she had 'forgotten' she
recalled seeing 'spirit people' when a child, and an angel in a
church, but had been discouraged from developing her natural
clairvoyant ability. One day, Sheila was meditating on Wearyall
Hill, when she received a message telling her to go to Cornwall
and look for 'Hallow Glen', where she would find a holy well by
a hawthorn tree and Piskies who would help her reactivate the
well. She came to Cornwall, searched high and low, but couldn't
find the place and ended up staying on a campsite at Four Lanes.
As she walked her dog in a mist shrouded field there, she had a
vision of a huge angel a 20ft tall male figure with a blazing
sword. She thought he must be the archangel Michael. He struck
his sword in the ground and taking the hint, Sheila bought a
nearby house which was for sale. As a result she acquired the
field where the angel had appeared. Sensing there was something
special about the spot, Sheila called in local dowser Don
Wilkins to try his art. Don detected water, about 250ft below
the spot where the angel had struck his sword and Sheila built a
well there. She also found a stone in the field later on which
she discovered was on the famous Michael ley. Sheila lived at
Four Lanes for 7 or 8 years, during which time she became a
Christian and lost interest in mysticism. Then she met Ted
Jeffries and went to live at Porthallow Vineyard in St. Keverne
on the Lizard peninsula. As soon as she stepped in the old
farmyard she knew she was on sacred ground (she has an ability
to feel leys - even when in a car). Porthallow had a glen with
nine streams and an unusual octagonal well and she feels this is
the 'Hallow Glen' she was sent to find. One day Sheila meditated
in the yard and saw an old lady standing with her arms crossed
outside a ruined cottage. She held a wren wrapped in a green
shawl. As the lady crossed the yard and stood in front of her,
Sheila glanced up and saw a dove shaped winged figure corning
down from the sky. The old lady said her name was Matilda, she
was a healer herbalist, and she directed Sheila to a spot where
masses of tour leaf clovers were growing (which she brought to
the CUFORG meeting in a frame). Sheila has always found four
leaf clovers on leys and felt there must be something very
special about her new abode.

On other occasions she also saw fairies, a Cistercian monk and a
line of white-robed druids who appeared as 20 pillars of light
in the yard. During another meditation the voice returned and
told her "there is a lion in the landscape if you look. In fact
there are three lions!". Sheila went to the library to look at
old maps of the area and after much studying found a huge image
of a lion's hind leg resting upon St Keverne church. It took six
months to find the complete 3 mile long figure. The story of its
discovery is related in Sheila's first book on the zodiac
'Cornwall's Landscape Lion'. By some strange coincidence (or
perhaps quirk of the Cosmic Joker), when the figure was complete
Sheila found that Porthallow, where she now lives, is in the
lion's backside! Sheila couldn't find the other two lions
mentioned by the voice, but writer Paul Broadhurst believes he
has found a lioness and a cub super-imposed on each other at
Lostwithiel, near Bodmin.

Over the next few years Sheila did find several other figures in
the landscape of the Lizard, situated within an ellipse rather
than a circle like the one at Glastonbury. She found a dove
inside the lion, centred upon Porthallow itself (remember the
vision of a dove over the yard where she saw Matilda?). Cancer
and Gemini are in the Coverack area, there is a phallic Taurus
figure at Kennack Sands, a paschal lamb for Aries at Erisey
Harton, Pisces is at Goonhilly, Aquarius at Trelowarren and
Libra & Virgo at Manaccan. She also found a figure resembling
the constellation Cygnus at Traboe and a dolphin at Mullion.
Scorpio, Sagittarius and Capricorn are still missing. Sheila
thinks that the dove, swan and dolphin replace them because it
is not a terrestrial zodiac but one based upon the orbit of
another planet around the star Deneb.

The Longstone at Trevallack (representing the top of Orion's
bow) should be an interesting place to be next August, since it
stands on the line of the approaching solar eclipse (it may even
have been raised to predict the event). So if Sheila is right
and there really is a giant zodiac and star map embedded in the
landscape of the Lizard, who created it and why? The answer came
when she went to meditate at a stone marking the position of the
star Deneb, within the Cygnus (swan) figure. After being
chastised for trying to tune in whilst inside the car ('we
cannot talk to you with all that metal around'), she channeled
information from nine extra-terrestrial beings about the
landscape zodiac. They appeared to her as 'beings of light' and
seemed to be behind some kind of silver wall. She felt they were
benign. They said they were from the planet Elos and the zodiac
was a map of their origin. They moved the standing stones by
'carving with sound in the spirit world'. The star map was
constructed some 9000 years ago and the zodiac completed when
they came as 'Phoenicians'. They said "we will come again in
numbers large enough for you to notice. The booms that you hear
are caused by our craft which travel too fast for you to
normally see, so you only see one if it is stationary or it is
approaching on a direct line towards you". The full transcript
of the channelling is in Sheila's follow up book - 'Cornwall's
Landscape Zodiac'. Sheila has seen UFOs at Four Lanes and has
sensed their presence at Goonhilly. She feels 'they are coming
again'. She finished with the intriguing news that several
dowsers from Fountain International found three new ley lines
coming from the wing of the dove and shining onto the Gemini
figure - something she feels symbolises the birth of the Christ

* * *
August Meeting: "Beyond Boundaries" - Joyce L. Murphy &
Ruben Uriarte Report by Dionne Jones

The Beyond Boundaries team visited Cornwall last August and
kindly shared their findings at our monthly meeting. Beyond
Boundaries is a company specialising in leading small groups of
people interested in the UFO phenomena to areas of the world
where sightings and encounters are frequently occurring. On
these expeditions people from all walks of life get to interact
at a grassroots level with local researchers and residents who
are experiencing the phenomena on a personal basis. Guest
speakers were Joyce Murphy and Ruben Uriarte. Joyce's background
is in maths and physics. She is also a roving correspondent for
'Sightings' on the radio (which broadcasts live across America
and on the Internet). Ruben is assistant director of research
for MUFON in California. The expedition team included a
representative of the Rockefeller organisation, an ex-USAF
officer from the Pentagon, a nudist, a photographer, an
electrical engineer, a retired pilot, a bar owner, a
photo-journalist, an abductee and several contactees. The talk
and slide show focused around the team's visit to Puerto Rico,
where they spoke to first hand witnesses of the infamous
chupacabras. The chupacabras, or 'goat-sucker', is a strange
humanoid entity (or entities) blamed for mysterious livestock
attacks on the Caribbean island since 1995. It has variously
been described and depicted as a fanged kangaroo-like being with
bulging red eyes, a cloven-hoofed predator, a real-life
gargoyle, a 2- legged 4ft high dark grey creature with large
fangs, pointed ears and claw-like hands or a Grey-like being
with spines or wing-like appendages down its back.

A Military Cover-up?

The chupacabras is thought to be hiding in the mountain rain
forest area of El Yunque, or in one of Puerto Rico's numerous
cave systems. Conspiracy theorists suspect they come from a
joint US-government and alien Grey base under the mountain. Yet
Indians have long recognised this to be a place of mystery. It
sits on one corner of the Bermuda triangle and is thought by
some, to be a dimensional portal (a doorway to, or from, other

Joyce has noticed how Navy Seals (US special branch forces),
show up at all the major dimensional portholes of the world. She
suspects that a blimp officially used to monitor narcotics
traffic on the island is actually guarding the portal, The
expedition went to Puerto Rico in June 1997, 5 weeks after an
alleged UFO crash in the centre of the island. They visited the
'crash site" but the semi-arid climate meant that no tracks were
left in the dust, so there was no tangible evidence to support
the story. Strangely, a video they made of the area exhibited a
red-shift effect (greens came out red). Near the crash site
Joyce was shown 2 stone artefacts taken from a cave; one had a
skull carved on one side and an alien looking being on the
other, whilst the other showed an Adamski style UFO and a
pyramid. In the cave the stones came from they were told there
is a buzzing sound "like bees" and strange lights are seen. A
family who washed their clothes in the river nearby remember
playing with little white people there as children.

Sightings of the Chupacabras

As the team made enquiries several incredible stories started to
emerge from local people. One man who worked as an air
conditioning mechanic at the island's Roosevelt Air Force Base
(the largest such base in the world), claimed to have found an
opening to a secret underground base. He said that submarines
came in and out of it from the ocean. The area in question was
treated with Agent Orange. He also saw a photograph of a Grey
type alien which had been killed by a forest ranger. The team
interviewed 2 policemen who claimed to have shot at the
chupacabras. They commented that there seemed to be a forcefield
around it which made the bullets bounce off. One woman looked
outside and saw some small grey beings touching her Swiss cheese
plant. She screamed and they disappeared. Another woman saw a
2-legged chupacabras walking down the street. It jumped 50ft
before touching the ground. Unlike most islanders, who are
uneasy about the creature, she had an intense urge to get close
to it and hold it. Other witnesses have reacted more
predictably. One man discovered several bipedal grey 'animals'
with a bad smell in his house and beat them with his cane. The
more he beat them the more they smelled! One of his daughters
saw a light which was so bright her body became transparent and
she could see her own bones. His other daughter had sexual
relations with one of these beings. As many as 40 different
sized entities have been seen together. They have been described
as 'prehistoric' looking, and seem to be capable of either
flying or making incredible leaps with the aid of strange
bat-wing like appendages. Stories were rife that the US
government had caught some of the entities. One computer
analysis 'and several others saw two entities pinned up before
the government had them hauled away. Apparently several drunk
navy seals bragged in a local bar about the beings they held
captive on a navy ship. A slide photo of an alleged Grey was
offered for consideration, but the silhouetted figures walking
through an archway were too indistinct for any clear
identification to be made. They could just as easily have been a
human adult and child. The photo was apparently taken at night,
yet it looks at first glance to have been taken during daylight.
The light, we were told, came from the moon. The photo was taken
by a peasant woman when a UFO hovered over trees nearby, and she
was pleased to have captured her 'friends' on film. UFOs

There is at least one story of planes chasing UFOs over Puerto
Rico, the objects disappearing when their pursuers got too
close. It's rumoured that the Navy has 8 fighters missing after
similar encounters, with 16 pilots unaccounted for. UFOs have
also been seen dropping strange creatures onto the island. They
seem to be associated with large bodies of water - and are often
seen coming in and out of a small lake or the ocean. Fishermen
frequently see bright lights in the sea. Curiously there are
also Big-Foot sightings in Puerto Rico, some of which are
associated with UFO activity.

Livestock Attacks

One angry lady who is dependent upon her livestock for food,
reflected the annoyance of other islanders whose animals have
fallen victim to a mystery predator which drains them dry of
blood, leaving two punctures on the neck as its trademark. The
attacks began in 1995 and soon spread to Mexico, Florida and
even Texas. A pediatrician who studied several animal corpses in
Mexico found it unusual that no rigor mortis had set in. She was
also telepathically told by a dying lamb that 'consciousness
survives the physical'. The lady was a pure scientist and found
the whole thing incredible. It changed her life. There have been
no definite attacks on humans yet, although there are a few
unconfirmed rumours. A woman in Mexico claims to have been
attacked by a bat-like creature which leapt 7ft away when she
fought it off.

Healings and Hybrids Overall, human interactions with the
entities seem to have been mostly positive, with a number of
miraculous healings attributed to them. Some abductees even
claim the beings have the power to regenerate human organs. One
man was on his death-bed when two 'doctors' came in to his home
one night, covered his eyes, worked on his abdominal area and
the next day he woke up, cured. The beings seem to be interested
in reproduction or cross-breeding and make repeat visits to
particular families. For example, the daughter of the man above
was pregnant with twins, but only one of them was born. She was
'told' to move to a particular house because the aliens could
materialise through the floor. The surviving twin regularly gets
taken into a craft or a tunnel under their home to see her
missing twin brother, who has been raised by the aliens and is
said to be mentally and emotionally advanced for his age.

When researcher, Mark Davenport, checked the house with a
magnetometer, he found an electromagnetic field emitting from an
octagonal area under the floor right where the aliens
materialise. Another woman claims to be a human-alien hybrid. In
the slide she has a prominent forehead and large Spanish eyes
which are likened to the classic facial features of a typical
Grey. Her mother won't talk about the father, but claims to have
been taken to a crystal palace to be checked over whilst
pregnant. We were told there is something unusual about the
girl's DNA - "it's similar to an

Other Expeditions

The Beyond Boundaries team has been to other suspected 'portal
areas' around the world. In Brazil they found a forest that had
been taken over by the US military, and listened to stories of
the 'chupa chupa' or 'big light' frequently seen in the area.
They also found shamen who commune with extra-terrestrials and
discovered a correlation between UFOs and crystal rich areas.
The UFOs also seem to be linked with ancient sites there, as
they have here. In Mexico they noted a connection between UFOs
and volcanoes. The sight of red and white lights jumping into
the cone of Mt. Popocapatetl led locals to believe that the
beings were trying to prevent it from erupting. In one hot spot
of activity some 200 people claimed to be contactees who are in
telepathic or face to face communication with ET's. We were also
shown a slide of a lady holding 'angel hair' that was later
identified by a laboratory to be from high altitude spider webs.


In Glasgow the team met a Rosicrucian who claimed to have been
taken on board a craft by ETs. He met Sananda (a Christ-like
figure) and was given advance warning of cataclysmic events due
to happen around the year 2000. E.T. prophecies often warn of
impending cataclysms or times of change, after which some people
will 'leave' to live at a higher rate of vibration whilst some
will stay in the physical to look after the world. One common
belief is that some people will be taken from this world to a
better place by the ET's. This topic raised quite a bit of
interest during the discussion at the end of the talk - several
people felt that the messages were not so negative here, and
suggested we could avert disaster by raising our own vibrational
level through positive thought. Most of the evidence presented
was anecdotal, and therefore relies upon our trust that events
happened as described, but the sheer number of reports in one
small area does suggest that something very unusual is going on
in Puerto Rico. Here in the south-west, very few people claim to
have encountered entities and those who have come forward tend
to be quite selective about who they tell. It leaves you
wondering whether there is more of this kind of activity in
places like Puerto Rico, or simply a greater openness about the
subject. We at CUFORG are keen to hear from anyone who has seen
or interacted with other beings, including fairies, and as
always, we will respect your privacy. We realise it's a
difficult subject for people to be open about, and will offer a
sympathetic, non-judgemental ear. We can be contacted at the
group's HQ or if you prefer, individual committee members can be
approached at the monthly meetings.

After the talk Dave Gillham and several committee members (Ian &
Elaine Darlington; Andy Tugby and Lorraine Welch) joined the
Beyond Boundaries team for an all-night radio session, broadcast
on Jeff Rense's 'Sightings' programme. We would like to thank
Joyce, Ruben and the other members of the team for sharing their
information with us. The Beyond Boundaries web site is at:
http://www.beyondboundaries.org The organisation's newsletter
can be obtained from:

Beyond Boundaries,
PO Box 250, Rainbow,
Texas, Tx 76677.

The =91Sightings=92 programme can be found at:


in the August 1998 Archived show.

* * *

December Meeting: Allan Jones
Report by Geoff Herbert

The visiting speaker for December was Allan Jones, a teacher
specialising in drama and Social Science. From his teens he was
into Astrology, UFOs etc. He studied geology at university and
acquired a sceptical-scientific-materialist type attitude. Then
he went to Canada with the intention of getting in to the
profitable oil business. So his early twenties found him in
Calgary with a =A340.00 bus ticket in his pocket and no money. The
ticket was for a one way journey to Jasper, a town in Banff
National Park. No work was forthcoming so under a cloud of
depression he wandered into the backwoods to find himself and
found instead a generous dose of 'flu, at least that's what he
thought it was.

Lying alone, feeling like death, with no prospects, personal or
professional, his sickness and depression achieved almost
tangible proportions. Finally, when death seemed the most
appealing prospect, an ancient Indian happened upon his prone
form and took it upon himself to effect a cure. Being barely
conscious at the time Alan was hardly in a position to argue,
and so it was he awoke the following day to the sound of drums
and loud chanting. Considerable activity was taking place around
his little tent in the wilderness. It seemed as if the entire
Indian population of the America's had singled him out for some
dark and primitive rite.

Consumed with fear and trepidation he peeped out to see a
solitary Indian in full ceremonial gear leaping about, dancing
and waving his arms around amid a pungent cloud of smouldering
herbs. An ancient wind-up gramophone that stood close by
produced the ethnic sound effects. Although a little
disappointed by this anti-climax Allan was encouraged to note
that his health was much improved. "Come," said the ancient
Indian.  Allan followed him to the shores of a nearby lake.

"Swim," said the ancient Indian pointing resolutely to the cold,
uninviting waters. Not wishing to be rude, Allan duly obliged.
Although the cold numbed his every limb and the experience was
not the least bit agreeable he was heartened to note that he
emerged from the waters completely cured.

They did, of course, become fast friends, Allan and the ancient
Indian. His name, he said, was Gordon. Gordon Van-Fleet. His
mother was a (Shoshone?) Indian Medicine woman, his father,

In the weeks that followed Gordon taught Allan some of the
mysteries of ethnic herbal medicine and lots of information
about spirits and spiritual things. This encounter in the
backwoods completely altered Allan's sceptical materialistic

He returned to England in the fullness of time, abandoning his
dreams of wealth amid the roughnecks of the oil business. He
returned with an eager curiosity about all things spiritual and
mystical. Thirsting not for some vague personal fulfilment, but
for knowledge; facts that would support rational enquiry.

Memory and hypnotherapy were among his first interests. These
fields of enquiry led almost automatically on to the work of
Arnold Bloxham and his research into past life memories.

Anxious to establish a more analytical approach to the subject
he concerned himself with the case of an eighteen-year-old girl
who produced, under hypnosis, memories of nine previous lives.
He sought any fact however trivial or seemingly unimportant that
could be authenticated by archaeological evidence or written

Being a clinical hypnotherapist does bring with it certain
attendant responsibilities. Sometimes you actually have to deal
with patients. And so it was about this time that a certain
young lady with personal problems was referred to him.

This poor girl beset with phobias and obsessions was generally
in a bit of a mess; he began therapy with a light approach but
soon discovered persistent memory blocks at certain points in
her youth. Deep hypnotic regression was called for, but this
only served to produce a very strong abreaction and deep trauma.
Further therapy revealed disturbing memories of abduction,
confinement against her will and being made the subject of
painful medical tests performed upon her by sinister alien
individuals. These events occurred while travelling alone in a
car across Bodmin Moor at night.

This case, and many others, has led Allan to conclude that alien
abduction is not a genuine phenomenon, but is entirely a
clinical condition. (A rather controversial statement which
ruffled a few feathers amongst those in attendance. Editor)

The evening's events concluded with a question time. Allan's
answers touched upon crystals, Peyote tea (an halucinogenic brew
made from cactus flower), the mysticism of the Lacota Sioux
Indians, the Celestine Prophecies, and temporal lobe epilepsy,
among other things.

Investigators Required
For Penwith and North Cornwall
All those interested please telephone or email:
Dave Gillham 01872 - 276381 cuforg@interweb-design.co.uk


All material used herein is Copyright =A9 1998-1999 C.U.F.O.R.G.
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requests will usually be granted providing full credit is given.


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