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CUFORG: Skywatchers Newsletter --Issue 2, Part 2

From: Ian Darlington CUFORG <cuforg@interweb-design.co.uk>
Date: Mon, 1 Feb 1999 21:58:47 -0000
Fwd Date: Tue, 02 Feb 1999 11:43:57 -0500
Subject: CUFORG: Skywatchers Newsletter --Issue 2, Part 2

Skywatchers Email Edition -- Issue 2 -- Sept.'98 - Jan. '99

'SKYWATCHERS' is a quarterly publication from the Cornwall
UFO Research Group (C.U.F.O.R.G.), which was founded in 1995.


Date/Time:   Autumn 1996/5.15pm
Location:     Teynham, Kent
Type/Size:   Disc
Case No.     116 (DG)


A man was walking through Kent orchards to Teynham Railway
Station on an Autumn evening in 1996, when he looked up and saw
a disc-shaped object about 3000ft high up in the twilight sky.
The object had a central white light on the underside and its
outer edge had dull green, white, yellow and raspberry coloured
lights. The witness immediately accepted that it was a UFO and
felt "strangely calm" about it. He was surprised by his own

The object was about =BC mile in front of him which would place it
approximately over the village of Teynham. He observed the UFO
for a few minutes then found himself close to the railway
station unable to remember how the object had disappeared from
his sight. He suspects he has several seconds or minutes of
'missing time'. No after-effects were noticed.

* * * *

Date/Time:  7th January '98/1.45am
Location:   Grampound Rd, Truro
Type/Size:  Ball of Light


"On returning home from work at 1.45am, I entered into Grampound
Road Village, very bright circular light flew over the top of my
car at a considerable height. It came from the rear and flew
forward in front of my car.

I could see it above my car through the glass sunroof. As it got
some distance in front, it appeared to drop in an arch behind
some houses that were in front of me, I then lost sight of the

* * * *

Date/Time: 8th Feb 1998/3-4pm
Location:	Falmouth
Type/Size: Ball of light
Case No.	126 (DG)


A lady in Falmouth got up in the early hours to let her cat out
and whilst doing so, saw a bright white light surrounded by a
halo in the sky towards Swanpool Beach. Between the stationary
light and halo was a bell-shaped transparent 'film'. The object
made no noise. The witness felt 'they' were aware of her and
afterwards she felt bewildered and 'changed' in some way. She
also noted that her dream recall and creativity has increased
since the event.

This lady had another strange experience on Saturday 31st
January 1998, which is recounted here in her own words:

"I had just got up. Put on the TV, flicking through the
channels. On Channel 4 there was football (I think it was
American). As I was watching the picture changed. For a moment I
thought that we had gone back to the studio to discuss the game.
I found myself looking at three men, they seemed normally
dressed. The one nearest to me was looking 'side on' and
appeared to be looking at something that I couldn't see. The man
in the middle of the screen looked towards the man nearest to me
and appeared to ask or tell him something.

The third man didn't seem to move. All of this time there was no
sound on the TV, although there had been sound for the football.
Behind the three men covering the background were silver tubes,
they covered the complete background.

I hope I have made this as clear as possible. After seeing the UFO on the
8th February, I
wondered if the two incidents were connected. While I was looking at the
above I had the
feeling that I was looking inside a spaceship. The picture was on the screen
for about half
a minute. Then it was back to the football."

* * * *

Date/Time: 24th March 1998/4-4.30pm
Location:	Truro
Type/Size: Large low-level cigar
Case No.	127 (DG)


A mother was waiting to pick her children up in the carpark of
Treyew School when she noticed a very black cylindrical object
float past, in the gap between two houses. At first she thought 
it was a helicopter, but discounted this because of its shape,
lack of noise and lights.

* * * *

Date/Time:  2nd Nov. 1990/11.45pm
Location:	  Cairo Airport, Egypt
Type/Size:  Disc, 3 inches AAL
Case No.	  119 (DG/DJ)


This sighting first came to our attention when the witness
approached the CUFORG desk at the 1997 conference. He was
curious about an object he'd seen whilst flying over Egypt eight
years previously. The plane he was in had just started
approaching Cairo airport (20 minutes from touchdown), when he
looked down at the lights below and saw a disc-shaped object 3
inches in diameter at-arms-length (AAL). It appeared "like an
old-fashioned hub-cap" and was flying in a zig-zag pattern on
the left hand side of the plane, in the same direction but much

The object was dull silver in colour and had no lights (he
assumed he could see it because the moon was shining on it). The
witness is confident it was not another plane a balloon or a
reflection. He estimated it was about 1000ft below the plane
(which had begun its descent). No after-effects were noticed.

* * * *

Date: 		11/7  28/7 1998
Time: 		1am
Location: 	Holland
Length of Time: 5-10 seconds
Size AAL: 	head of needle
Type: 		Ball of Light


"I was about to go to bed, I walked over to the curtains and was
just enjoying the view for a minute. Then I noticed something in
the sky, it was a small light which at first I thought was a
searchlight of a helicopter, but then it made a very fast bend,
first going down and then shooting up very fast. Then I lost
sight of the object."

There was one object sighted which made no sound. Its colour was
white "like a normal light". The shape was not sharply defined
and was quite bright.

The weather conditions were a clear sky and dry, the sighting
unfortunately was not filmed or photographed, there were no
other witnesses and the object was viewed through a glass

The witness reported no physical side effects but has had
unusual recurrent dreams that they do not think are related to
the sighting.

The object did not seem to be aware of the witness.

* * * *

Date: 		21/7/98
Time: 		4am
Location: 	Falmouth
Length of Time: 2 mins.
Size AAL:       1cm &  =BD cm
Type:           Triangle and orb


"I was awake and decided to get up. I went to the bathroom then
downstairs to put the kettle on and put the cats out. I pulled
the curtains in the dining room and saw a clear starlit sky. I
stood looking at a star formation, it was first getting light,
then I looked westward and saw a bright light moving; I got the
binoculars and watched the light move in a zig zag movement then
travelling very fast in a straight line across the sky. At one
point I could see a more defined shape as it came out from
behind the trees. It disappeared out of sight. Then I looked
westward and could hardly believe my eyes because another light
was travelling NWW - SSE by this time I was through the kitchen
door out the back door and standing in the drive. The object was
travelling very high and fast and very bright and was soon out
of sight. The first object was shimmering and sort of pulsating
and spinning. The second object was so bright and fast. (The
atmosphere) was so still and silent I started to feel unsure of
being outside because of what I had seen was no human aircraft
but something very fast and bright."

There were were two objects which made no sound. The colour was
a bright, greenish light. The first object was more defined than
the second and both were very bright.

The weather was clear sky with no wind or rain.

The sighting was not filmed or photographed and there were no
other witnesses.

The objects were viewed through a window and binoculars. There
have been no side effects, no recurrent dreams and the objects
did not seem to be aware of the witness.

* * *

Date: 		25th July 1998
Time: 		1.50am- 2.14am
Location: 	Falmouth
Length of Time: 20 minutes
Size AAL: 	Unknown
Type: 		Ball of light


"Having been at a barbecue I returned home, went upstairs to bed
I sleep in a loft conversion. There were a few stars but by and
large the sky across Flushing, across to Roseland was overcast.
From the corner of my eye my eye picked up a light. And then
became more visual I watched it for several minutes before I
phoned my neighbour. She came over and witnessed the light's
movements backwards, forwards shooting at odd angles diagonally
backwards then circularly. At approx. 2.14am what appeared as a
small star moved off towards Penryn."

There was one object seen, but the witness stated that at one
point it seemed like two. It made no sound and appeared as a dim
light above the cloud similar to a laser. It was dim until it
veered off at speed "like a moving star".

The weather was overcast with no wind or rain.

* * *
Date: 		25/7/98
Time: 		2am - 2.30am
Location: 	Chacewater, Truro
Length of Time: 15mins
Size AAL: 	Unknown
Type: 		Oval lights


"I was walking home at 1.45am Sunday morning when I saw a big
flash. I looked up to the sky and there were two objects in the
sky floating around each other getting brighter then dimmer,
then I wouldn't see and then they would come back again. I ran
to the front door, got my key out of my bag and ran upstairs to
my gran who was sleeping. I woke her up and begged her to get
out and have a look, she did and so did my younger cousin. I
watched for a while and then went to bed, but couldn't sleep. I
pulled the curtain back and there were about three shooting

There were two objects that made no sound, they were alternately
dull and bright white and shaped oval.

There were scattered clouds with no wind or rain but with some

The sighting was neither filmed nor photographed and there were two
other witnesses. The objects were viewed both through a window and
from outside.

There were no reported side effects or recurrent dreams and the
objects did not seem to be aware of the witnesses.

The gran watched the lights for ten minutes and "thought it was

* * *

Date: 		30th July & 4th August 1998
Location:	     Foxhole
Type: 		Experience


A lady telephoned the UFO Hotline at the beginning of August to
report some unusual experiences that her 3 year old daughter had
been having in their new house. A few days later CUFORG chairman
Dave Gillham, along with Ian & Elaine Darlington visited the
lady in her home. Unfortunately, due to being upset the little
girl was staying with her grandmother.

The child awoke late one night screaming, saying she didn't like
the "monsters in the room" with "big eyes". She said they were
funny shaped eyes and the "monsters" were not very big (tall).
After further questioning it transpired that the beings seem to
have touched the girl on the tummy and she had a pain there.
However, her mother questioned whether her daughter said this
because she had the pain first.

Between the two experiences, the child's mother believes she
wtinessed a UFO at the back of the house. It was a large circle
of light with a smaller light inside it and appeared to be above
the cloud. It was a very pale mint green, dull "as if shining
through fog". The lady claimed she felt no fear at the time as
she "knew it didn't want me, it was (my daughter) they wanted.
That seems a funny thing to say."

Following the experience, the child has developed a fear of
falling to sleep at night in her bedroom and has since become
quiet and subdued at times, before which she was very lively.
Also, a number of seemingly ordinary occurrences have bothered
her, such as a noise on the television and being frightened of a
swimmer in goggles. She has also had the recurring "bad dreams"
most evenings during the experience events.

Since meeting the child's mother and despite offering any
support and help they may require, we have heard nothing more
from the family and can only conclude that either the
experiences have stopped or the little girl has overcome her

* * * *

Date:        24th August '98
Time:        10pm
Location:    Truro
Viewed time: 20 minutes
Size AAL:    star


Four of us were in a parked car, but only two of us could see
the object. We noticed a large helicopter in the sky which was
following in trajectory a moving light.

Each time the helicopter drew to within a reasonable distance
the light disappeared. It reappeared ten minutes later only to
repeat the same sequence of events.

* * * *

Date:     October '78/'79
Time:     5,30pm
Location: Praze-en-Beeble


A very bright, white light was approaching from the east. As it
neared I noticed another light behind that was moving in an arc
like fashion (backwards and forwards). The speed at which it
appeared to be moving was very fast and as it reached overhead
it suddenly disappeared.

* * * *

Date:        23rd August '98
Time:        10.15pm
Location:    Truro
Viewed time: 2 minutes
Type:        Changing shape
Size AAL:    Tennis ball


I went into the back garden to observe the night sky, prior to
possibly taking my telescope out. I then became aware of a
strange object proceeding from north to south which appeared
cloud like and moving fast. The object then proceeded to change
its shape, elongating, until its appearance now resembled a

I felt very uneasy with a strange feeling of its awareness of
myself. I then went to the front of my house just in time to
observe the object proceeding southeast; it emitted no sound or
lights. The object reminded me of a cobweb moving very fast. The
object was last seen as a rod shape. The same phenomena was
again observed from the back garden less than a week later,
where its maneuvers were from due south to due north.

* * * *

Devon Investigation : Saturday 11th July 1998.
Researchers: Judith M Jaafar & Malcolm Robinson, S.P.I.

This case not only had information concerning UFO's but also
contained elements relating to ghosts.  Due to witness
confidentiality, I cannot disclose in which particular town in
Devon these incidents took place, nor am I at liberty to
disclose the true identities of those individuals involved. 
What I can do is give a brief outline of what happened.  At a
later date, I shall be doing  a full write-up of this case. For
now though, here are some of the salient details. Malcolm


It took us just under 5 hours to reach our destination in Devon,
in conditions that were wet and wild to say the least. Arriving
at the location, we were met by witness, B.P. Who made us feel
most welcome, after which we sat down to hear a most fascinating
tale of strange goings on that have occurred in the witness'
home. B.P. informed us that these strange events started in
November 1991, and consisted mostly of ghostly manifestations in
his home.

It was around this time that all family members found it hard
trying to sleep. B.P. related the time in which he woke up with
'something' pushing against his chest. He couldn't see what was
causing this pressure.

Most strange events tended to occur between the times of 03:00am
and 03:30am, and all family members felt and sensed that
'something else' was in their room, with them. One night, B.P's
wife woke up and saw what appeared to be four 'people' in her
room. The only thing was, they were transparent and were wearing
what appeared to be old fashioned clothing. Incredibly though,
standing further back from them, was what she described as a
tall 'grey' creature, similar it must be said, to the
oft-reported greys of UFO lore Footsteps could also be heard
pacing the hallway during the night, footsteps which couldn't be
accounted for by any member of the family. B.P.. also stated
that on some occasions he could smell the faint aroma of tobacco
smoke, yet nobody in the house smoked. (B.P. and his son used to
be smokers but gave it up some years ago).

B.P.'s son also told us that on one occasion, in the early hours
of the morning, he encountered a strange 'being' or 'thing'
standing in his doorway. He could only describe it as looking
something very similar to the children's cartoon character,
'Captain Caveman'. Unnerved, he pushed against this 'presence'
and told us that it felt as if he was pushing against warm
jelly, or warm air, but that there was a distinct substance to
it.  He said that it had long, straggly hair and looked
decidedly hideous.  After a few seconds, this presence started
to decompose, as if to frighten him even, and then just 'melted
away' and was gone.  As the weeks progressed, more and more
mysterious events unfolded in the home, and deciding that enough
was enough, the family sought out the services of a Spiritualist
who visited their home and conducted some form of 'cleansing
ceremony'.  This appeared to work for a few days, and things
were decidedly quiet, but sadly events erupted again. B.P. went
on to inform Judy and me of the time when the family heard
distinct moaning and screaming coming from the son's bedroom,
noises which were full of cursing and obscenities.  Their
initial thought was that their son had lost control and was
upset at something, then they realised that their son wasn't at
home!  Upon entering their 26 year old son's bedroom, the
terrified couple encountered....nothing!!

On another occasion, B.P's son was coming home when he observed
that all over the house were streaks of light. ''It was like a
laser-light show'', he said.  He also saw these streaks of light
in some of the rooms in his house as he approached ever closer.

B.P. and his wife have also seen what they call 'balls of light'
appearing in their home.  They are the size of tennis balls,
although on other occasions they appear to be the size of ping
pong balls. These lights will move around the house and then
suddenly 'pop' into nothing.  At no time have any members of the
family been able to touch these balls of light. They again
called for the Spiritualist chap to visit their house, where he
again conducted a cleansing ceremony.  This time it appeared to
work, for no more apparitions were encountered, although the
family did state, that although they have not encountered any
ghosts over the past few years, they can still 'sense' them!!

It was around the time that the ghosts began to depart, that
B.P's son started to encounter the typical small grey appearing
in his bedroom.  He said that on a number of occasions he would
wake up to find this small head with those big black wrap-around
eyes, looking at him.  But it was the way in which this head
looked over him that proved most interesting to him.  He stated
that it moved in a very peculiar manner. B.P's wife also
informed us of the time in which she had a strange dream, a
dream of meeting, (as she called it), 'aliens'.  Upon waking up,
she experienced a painful feeling on the side of her head.  Over
the course of the next few days, her hair all fell out on this
spot, and she was left with a small circular 'bald spot' on her
head.  She went to the doctor about this, but he was unable to
offer her an explanation. However, her hair did return, but
incredibly, not as you would normally have it.  It grew back
pure white! Thankfully, her normal hair colour did come back

It was around this time that B.P. was in a situation which
warranted the use of hypnosis.  He couldn't recall where certain
important documents were, and as they were vitally important to
his legal 'situation', he felt that he should perhaps use
hypnosis in an effort to retrieve those memories.  And so he
went along to visit a female hypnotherapist.  However, this
visit was to prove more incredible than he could ever imagine.
For under hypnosis, B.P. related seeing 'alien creatures' with
large cat-like eyes.  He also told of seeing a saucer-like craft
which contained a door or a hatch, and which was dark inside. 
He saw what looked like a radar screen in front of him, and then
felt that he was travelling in this craft and seeing clouds
passing below him as he looked out of a window.  This, and other
recollections came tumbling out during his hypnosis session. I
should point out, that prior to this hypnosis session, B.P. had
never witnessed any what could be termed 'aliens' in or around
his home, and he still hasn't.  It was only under hypnosis that
these strange events unfolded.  The family had no prior interest
in UFOs, hadn't bought any books, but admitted to watching the
odd T.V. show concerning them.

At one point, as B.P. was relating these events, he started
rubbing his head and complained of a 'soreness' just above the
eyes.  This only lasted a few minutes and then it subsided.  One
of the most fascinating episodes that B.P. related, concerned
the time in which the whole family encountered something strange
in B.P's bedroom.  Things had become so bad that the family had
started sleeping in the one bedroom.  The mother and father
slept in the main bed,  whilst the son slept on a mattress at
the side of the bed.  This night B.P. woke up to find the whole
room lit up by a shimmering glow.  He awoke his son, and as the
son diverted his gaze in the direction of the main source of
light, he claimed to have seen a large grey 'being'. (B.P. did
not see this being).  They both looked at the mother, who was 
lying flat on the bed with her arms outstretched with her eyes
shut.  She was mumbling something but they couldn't make out
what.  As it later transpired, they found out that just prior to
them seeing this strange light, the mother had in fact, been
dreaming of seeing this 'alien' in her bedroom and tried to wake
up to tell both her son and husband.  Anyway, a few seconds
later, this swirling misty light-effect rolled up into a ball,
as if a large vacuum cleaner was sucking at it.  It then
dissolved into a small funnel of light, and with a 'pop' was

For more information on SPI ENGLAND, contact Malcolm Robinson at

41 Castlebar Road,
Ealing, London, England,
W5 2DJ.

Telephone: 0181 998 4936. 
Pager 04325 345753. 

Or E-mail Malcolm at:judithjaafar@compuserve.com

To keep abreast on information regarding SPI SCOTLAND and SPI
ENGLAND, visit our Web site at:


* * *


This sighting has just been sent to us by the author of Haunted
Scotland. The year was July 1991, I was with a friend and we
were night fishing at a place called Burstwick Ski-pond, just
outside of Burstwick, near Hull, East Yorkshire.

The night in question was a clear evening with a very good view
of the night sky no clouds millions of stars, in the night sky

At around 2am a very large bright light rose from an adjoining
field, to a height just above the tree tops (about 50 ft from
the ground and to be honest I cannot really judge the height or
the speed of the object, whatever it was). It traveled very
slowly across the field to the right off where we were fishing.

The light or object disappeared from our view; it made no noise
at all. Although I only saw a light, not being able to see any
other details.

On the other hand my friend saw it as a disk shape object with
pulsating white lights around its centre, it was the size of a
double Decker bus or thereabouts. We fished on nervously but
there was no further sightings of this light which has left us
totally puzzled.

* * *


The following sighting was received by e mail from a couple who
live in London and were on holiday in Poole, Dorset Summer of

My wife and I both saw something very strange.  It was 9.55pm
second week of August 1998 and we were both looking up at the
very clear dark skies, that we are not used to seeing in London.
We saw between 15 and 20 very, very high objects traverse the
sky in less than 2 seconds, direction East to West, height
50,000 ft. They did not travel in a straight line, but swerved
to and fro and made sudden sharp turns.  I have seen many
shooting stars etc; they were nothing like that.  The objects
were pink-orange in colour and were slightly fuzzy in
appearance, as if out of focus.

Just as my wife and I were looking in amazement, a second group
of 10-15 then followed the first group.  They too behaved in a
similar way to the first group.  I am a keen aviation fan and
seen many aircraft of various types.  None have crossed the sky
as quickly as those objects seen that night.

* * *


The following Sighting was received from Arthur Straffon from West Penwith,
St. Just, Penzance.

I was returning from the local Spar shop at around 8pm on the
evening of Friday 4th December '98, the weather had been
showery, but warmer than the previous day which had been frosty,
when I noticed a light flash in the sky in the direction of the
south east, towards Chapel Carn Brea.

I had just reached the top of the Carn, and was walking towards
my garden gate.  The light flashed on briefly, and took the form
of a straight band connecting a spot below my immediate horizon
to a height of roughly 30 degrees in altitude.  It appeared to
be behind the low cloud, the centre of the band was a bright,
straight line similar to that of a laser beam or a focused,
powerful torch, although the colour was white and not yellow,
the bluish-white you would see from an electric discharge or
laser.  The band itself was diffuse, and the beam was vertical,
not inclined in any way.

At first, I thought that the light from the control tower at
Land's End airfield had been switched on, though there is not
normally any activity there after dark (there are no runway

The tower light flashes quickly and as I expected, there was
another flash, but after an interval of about 3 seconds. 
Although this flash was identical in form to the first, it was
some considerable distance to its left, but seemingly from the
same elevation or height.

After another 3 seconds, there was a third flash, once again
considerably over to my left by about the same deflection. 
Obviously this was not the tower light. There was no noise, and
no further action.  If the beam had been coming from an aircraft
such as a helicopter, as sometimes I have seen, then it was
completely silent and moving across the sky at a very fast rate.

I have never seen anything similar before, and cannot offer any
explanation for the occurrence.


All material used herein is Copyright =A9 1998-1999 C.U.F.O.R.G.
unless otherwise stated. C.U.F.O.R.G. reserves the right to edit
submissions where necessary. No unauthorised reproduction,
posting on the Internet, etc without permission. Please ask -
requests will usually be granted providing full credit is given.


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