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CUFORG: Skywatchers Newsletter --Issue 2, Part 3

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Subject: CUFORG: Skywatchers Newsletter --Issue 2, Part 3

Skywatchers Email Edition -- Issue 2 -- Sept.'98 - Jan. '99


'SKYWATCHERS' is a quarterly publication from the Cornwall
UFO Research Group (C.U.F.O.R.G.), which was founded in 1995.


My Paranormal, ET and UFO Experiences: Part 3
By Elaine Darlington

Due To Technical Difficulties We Inadvertently Lost The Final
Section of Elaine=92s Article Last Time - The whole article is
available at our Web site


or by email on request.

My daughter told me of a strange dream she had. She, her younger
brother and myself are at the school. A UFO passes over and
shines down a light, her brother decides not to enter the light
but my daughter seeing me enter, follows. Suddenly she cannot
breath properly. It's as though she is in water and she can only
manage shallow breaths. Suddenly she is pulled out by a being
that is purple in colour that looks like my troll. She says he
is stooped over and has bumps all down his back. He tells her
she is not supposed to be this side, but she tells him she is
with me.

She wanders down the corridor and a triangular like paper plane
passes her. The next thing she knows her and a friend are
carrying out an action rather like peeling wallpaper and a door
opens. She did not know who the friend was. In sight now is me
and the Nethum, he is hugging me, his head is bent down to the
side placing his face upon the top of my head. She says he is
wearing a white robe of some sort and boots. He asks her what
she is doing there and she tells him she is with me. He then
tells her that I am a "chosen one." The dream then ends. I have
told her how tall he is and what he looks like, but I have never
divulged the fact that he hugs me in the exact way that she has
described, neither have I told her of what he wears, yet this
was again correct. Either she has witnessed something or she has
read my mind and it has replayed in her dreams.

On the 20th/21st August I awoke in the night and overheard a
conversation. I was lain in bed and heard a car go by outside
the house and two girls' voices talking. The conversation was
"Did they hit it, what is it, ah it's a cat". The next morning I
searched opposite the house and up and down the road convinced
that one of my cats had been killed. All my cats turned up for
their morning feed what a relief. I thought no more about it, I
wished I had, I must have overlooked the fact that in the past
all of my premonition become reality two days later. It was the
night of the 22nd/23rd my cat Nala did not return to feed her
three-week-old kittens. The morning came and I remembered my
two-day lapse with premonitions and knew that she would not be
coming home. Ian went outside and under the bush opposite the
house lay Nala.

On the 26/10/97 I am relaxing and thinking the visitors are
welcome in my house anything I have they can share. I get up in
the morning and my engagement ring is missing from my side
drawers. Ian and I search everywhere, we roll back the carpet,
check in the drawers. I begin to get upset, saying irrational
things like "What's the point in wearing the other rings without
that one." Eventually I calm down, I remember thinking how
stupid, it doesn't feed you, keep you sheltered or warm, it
really is a non-necessity. The day passes and we retire to bed
checking to see if it has turned up, but no it's still not
around. In the middle of the night there is a bang like a clap.
When I get up in the morning there in full view is my ring. It
is placed upon a board with a small figurine that I had made.
The figurine is of a calf, when I fashioned it I was trying to
make a cat but it was as though the clay had other intentions.
Suddenly I realise that Orion and the Pleiades are in the Taurus
section of the sky. This is where I believe my visitors' origins
are, so it's just another strange coincidence. There have been
so many coincidences, I could take forever to tell them all, so
I won't go on.

In 1994, I had a break down. I feel it sort of re-established
the values that maybe I was not completely abiding by. What
happened in 1996, I felt was like a slap around the face, a wake
up call. That year my life really changed, humans eat such
rubbish, they are right. Now I'm vegetarian/vegan and don't eat
anything with preservatives, additives or E numbers. There are
underlying reasons for this diet. My strict moral values and
principles are firmly back in place. I will not play at the
physical worlds game, if lying, cheating or trampling others is
the only way to succeed then I shall be proud to have failed.
Respect all life, understand balance and be responsible for your

If we as a race wish to join them we have a lot to learn, just
as we have laws here, there are laws that govern the universe.
As we have a police force and a criminal justice system to
prevent those that break the law from inflicting harm on the law
abiding citizens, so, are the laws of the universe. There are
those that enforce these. If someone tells you there have to be
bad ETs, yes but those races are kept upon their planets and in
their own solar systems until they reach true advancement, then
and only then are they permitted what would be termed
inter-planetary travel.

The human race upon Earth is being guided and helped to qualify
for such a privilege, we can accept their help or continue with
our destructive behaviour.

If this should be our choosing I fear it will be a long time
before we reach this position of opportunity again.


The Sky At Night
By Sue Herbert, Amateur Astronomer


Saturn the ringed Planet is the next step in our Solar System
tour. The rings are composed of icy chunks, sized from fine
dust, to house sized blocks, There are 3 broad rings visible
from Earth lettered A.B.C. Hundreds of narrow ringlets, make up
the rings. Between the A. and B. rings lies the Cassini
division, where there are still ringlets, but less densely
packed. Jupiter, Uranus, and Neptune, all possess rings, but
none are so grand as the rings of Saturn. Saturn is one of the
four gas giants, and the second largest Planet in the Solar
System, it has a diameter at the Equator of about 120,800 KM.
Rotation is very fast, so it flattens at the poles, and bulges
at the equator, A day on Saturn is 10 and a quarter hours, and a
year on Saturn is 29.45 Earth years. Saturn is a cold planet of
gases and ice, with a surface temperature, in the region of
-170/degrees celsius.

Saturn has 24 Moons, Titan is the largest at 5,200 KM, with a
diameter larger than Mercury. It is also the only Moon to have a
detectable atmosphere consisting of a layer of gases above the
surface. Saturns other moons are heavily cratered, with icy
surfaces, each has a distinct character. Mimas has a huge crater
named Herschel. when impacted the collision must have nearly
torn the planet apart! The moon Iaptus is 900 miles in diameter,
its trailing hemisphere resembles those of other satellites, but
the leading hemisphere is one tenth as bright, and is coated
with a dark reddish layer of unknown origin.

Further Astronomical Terms.
Galactic Centre.
The centre of the Milky Way Galaxy as seen from Earth, which
lies in the direction of the Constellation Sagittarius. G. Star
a star with characteristics like the Sun. Galaxy. a collection
of stars, dust, and gas, which appear to be arranged in
aggregations called clusters, ranging from a few members, to
several thousand. The different types of Galaxy are elliptical,
Spiral, and Barred Spiral, and also a group of irregular shapes.
Geomagnetic Storm, a disturbance of the interaction, of the
Earth's magnetic field, in the magnetosphere with incoming
charged particles, often a result of a Solar Flare. Observations
include the Orionids Meteor Shower which will be at maximum 21
October. The planet Jupiter will be well placed in Aquarius,
close to the line of the Ecliptic. Saturn will also be visible
having risen in the eastern sky shortly after sunset. Mars will
only be observable through a high powered telescope. Venus will
be to close to the Sun for observing.


The Asteroid Belt, lies in-between Mars and Jupiter, and is our
next stop on our Solar System  Tour, Asteroids are also known as
the minor planets. There are two regions in Jupiter's orbit
where Asteroids can become trapped, they are called , The
Lagrangian Points, the first is about one sixth of an orbit  in
front of Jupiter, and the other one sixth of the way behind it.
Asteroids within this region are called Trojans, hence the
Trojan Belt. We know the orbit of more than 15,000 Asteroids.
They are rocky objects smaller than planets, vary in size, and
are numbered and named, for e.g. Asteroid Ida is 32 miles long.
In 1989, Henry Holte, discovered an Asteroid, that came within
half a million miles of Earth, and in 1993 another approached to
within 90,000 miles away well within the Moons orbit.

There are also about 200 Asteroids, that have orbits which in
fact cross the Earth's orbit, these near Earth Asteroids are all
capable of hitting the Earth, and there are probably 10 times
that number, a mile or more across to be found. Jupiter is the
great giant Planet of our Solar System.

It is over 300 times the mass of the Earth! and approx., two and
a half times the mass of all the other Planets put together! 
Jupiter rotates fast! once every 10 hours. Jupiter has the
largest storm on any of the Planets, the great RED SPOT which is
a whirlpool of wind, it is 30,000 miles long and one third as
wide, and is about four times larger than the Earth! Jupiter's
four main Moons are fascinating, Io is being constantly ravaged
by sulphurous volcanic eruptions it is the closest to the Planet 
and is the most effected by Jupiter's gravitational pull.

EUROPA, is further from Jupiter with an icy surface, a planet wide ice
rink! GANYMEDE and
CALLISTO are situated further out, and have older surfaces, of ice and are
scarred by impact
craters. Jupiter, and its four main moons are easily visible in a small
telescope, and if observing
on a regular nightly basis weather permitting!! you will find on one night,
the four moons are all visible,
while on another only two may be visible. A final thought, Jupiter has all
the ingredients to become
a second SUN!! .

A few more Astronomical Terms.
A smaller telescope, with a wide field of view, which is
attached to a larger telescope, to assist in locating celestial
objects. Flare. A disturbance in the upper chromosphere of the
Sun, in the form of a flame. This may be accompanied by the
emission of increased  numbers of charged particles, which have
enough energy to reach Earth, and interact with the magnetic
field, causing geomagnetic storms, and with the upper
atmosphere, cause Aurora.

Classic Sighting From 1977 Report by Dionne Jones

Penwith, Cornwall's western most peninsula, is the site of one
of the county's earliest documented and most well known UFO
cases. The famous Newmill incident which took place on 22nd
September 1977 was written up in some depth by Terry Cox, then
Bodmin representative of the UFO Investigators' Network (UFOIN),
for the Flying Saucer Review (1978 Vol.24/1, p28). The tiny
hamlet of Newmill, between St Ives and St. Just, is surrounded
by the remains of ancient stone circles, menhirs, tumuli, hut
circles and standing stones. It's a remote rural area, with an
almost prehistoric feel in places, so little has changed here
over the centuries.

An Unexpected Visitor

It was 9.30pm on a Saturday night, when Caroline Bond stepped
out of the Old Post Office, which she was then restoring, to go
to her moped by the door. The autumn sky was clear and the air
still outside. Caroline was planning to go out for the evening,
but as she stood by the door she had a feeling that her partner,
Pete Boulton, had followed her outside and was standing behind
her. She turned around and saw: "this kind of green-haze-thing
no more than 4 metres away". Caroline walked up to the object
until it was only 2 metres away, staring at in disbelief. Then
she went to tell Pete what she'd just seen, alling it a 'ghost'
because she didn't know how else to describe it at the time.
When Pete came down, the mist was moving away. It went up the
barn steps and crossed in front of the barn. They watched for
about two minutes, then Pete went to fetch his glasses, which
he'd taken off whilst decorating inside.

Meanwhile, Caroline went round to the front of the house and
asked a couple using the telephone kiosk outside their front
door to come and look at the apparition. They arrived just as
Pete was coming down the stairs, and at first they could not see
the object, but then spotted it by a big tree on the edge of
their neighbour, George Stone's, property.

Caroline described it as, "sort of red and green and silver,
flashing at a thirty degree angle above the tree," adding that,
"it seemed to have something below it... it seemed as if was on
top of another thing". Whilst initially describing it as a
'mist-thing', Caroline felt it was not a vapour. "If seemed
quite solid. You could not see through if when it moved in front
of the barn. In fact it blotted out the stones," she said. She
did not hear any noise at all. Later in the interview with Terry
Cox she said that when the object was above the tree she thought
it appeared a bit elongated, although it was oval when she first
saw it in the yard. It also seemed as if it was "on a sort of
pole". The object "glided in front of the barn about two metres
above the ground and seemed about one metre wide and bright. But
it was brighter when it was up in the sky'.


Afterwards Caroline felt quite excited and went looking for it
the next night. She told everyone else about the object, saying
that it seemed like a spaceship to her. She and Pete both sensed
an intelligence behind its movements. Pete commented on how the
object lit up the corner stones of the barn as it moved. He
thought it odd that the object moved across the barn, then
doubled back on itself before gliding towards the field.

Other Witnesses

The couple in the telephone kiosk were Bill and Sally Beard from
Birmingham. They were staying with Sally's mother, Mrs. Gibbons,
who had herself seen the object from her house nearby. George
Stone also saw the object when it was above the tree beside his
house. He, like all the others, also noticed a second similar
object visible in the night sky, to the north- west. Mr. Stone
said the original object was clearly visible in the northern sky
until it vanished about half an hour from the start of his
observation, while the one to the north-west was still visible
when he went indoors. He and his sister continued to watch it
from his bedroom window, until retiring for the night sometime
between 11 and 11.30pm. All the witnesses agreed that the
objects seemed to have red lights within a sharply defined green
oval and appeared to meander about the sky, making tiny angular
movements, at 'helicopter height'.

Saucer in Redruth

That same night (Sunday 18th September), in Redruth, there was
another UFO incident. Mr. Anthony Laity, a civil servant from
Crowlas, was driving on the Redruth bypass when he saw a saucer
shaped object on his nearside at rooftop height. It had a
glowing white dome on top and was a yellowish hue underneath.
When he accelerated the saucer also increased its speed, moving
on a parallel course until it faded into the distance.

After Effects

A week after the Newmill sighting, Caroline and Peter were
struck by a mysterious illness which induced vomiting, muscular
pains and headaches. Peter was most afflicted and was sent to
hospital for testing, but the doctors remained baffled by his

Caroline, however, was diagnosed as suffering from appendicitis,
but apparently, a perfectly healthy appendix was removed. Whilst
the couple were excited and interested during the encounter
itself, both became fearful afterwards (perhaps because of the
effect on their health?). Caroline would no longer cross the
moor unaccompanied after dark, even though this had not bothered
her before. This change of behaviour was repeated by another
local lady whom we interviewed after a ground level encounter in
Zennor on 23rd May 1997 (see Skywatchers No.19). This particular
lady had, however, read about Caroline's experience, indeed it
was she who brought our attention to this article.

Strange Perceptions

The interesting thing about this case is the uncertainty about
the appearance and nature of the object. At first it was
perceived to be a kind of mist or 'ghost', then we are told it
seemed quite solid, yet it's shape changed from oval to
elongated and other colours became apparent when it moved over
to the tree. The idea that it may have been a spaceship seems to
have occurred after, rather than during the sighting, as the
witnesses tried to interpret what they had just seen. If the
object were a solid, physical vehicle, why was it so hard to
describe? What kind of vessel can look like a mist and hover a
few feet away from people without making any noise whatsoever? I
don't think this is a 'nuts and bolts' UFO.

From the description it seems more likely that what we're
dealing with here is either a non or semi-physical object/force
or a perceptory enigma, maybe even a bit of both. Did the
villagers witness an as yet, unidentified energy - a fluid,
possibly sentient, force which affected or interacted with their
minds? Or was the object simply so strange that the human brain,
having no familiar reference point with which to compare it,
made its own interpretation, as it does when processing an
optical illusion? I'm not saying that I think it was a
hallucination, because too many people saw the same thing, but
I'm not convinced it was a fully physical object. The symptoms
that Caroline and Pete experienced after the encounter sound
very much like the effects of exposure to a strong
electromagnetic field. In fact this is true for most of the
physical symptoms linked with abduction, UFO and fairy
encounters. Exposure to EM (electromagnetic) fields can trigger
headaches, dizziness, poor concentration, weakness, fatigue,
nausea, insomnia, skin rashes, allergies, asthma and at very
high doses even blackouts and heart failure. It can also affect
the mind. But even if electromagnetic energy was present in this
case, was it the cause of the experience or just a by-product?
Did the witnesses experience an unusual energy form, or was the
energy emitted by an object that they couldn't perceive clearly
because of the EM effect? What came first the object or the
energy? It's interesting that another object was seen in the sky
once the first one had captured their attention, and that the
'UFOs' were seen again the following night when people went out
deliberately looking for them. Were the objects/ controllers/
beings, exhibiting 'intelligent behaviour' by making a repeat
visit, or were the witnesses by then in a sufficiently
suggestible state to see anything? Perhaps the repeat
performance indicates something special about the time - it did,
after all, occur only a month before the infamous interception
of an ITV Southern news broadcast by the Ashtar Galactic
Command. Was this, then, a time of 'preparation?'


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Ian J. Darlington
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All material used herein is Copyright =A9 1998 C.U.F.O.R.G. unless
otherwise stated. C.U.F.O.R.G. reserves the right to edit
submissions where necessary. No unauthorised reproduction,
posting on the Internet, etc without permission. Please ask -
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