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08-20-96: MJ12 - An Estimate of the Situation

From: Ed Stewart <ufoindex@jps.net>
Date: Mon, 01 Feb 1999 14:50:15 -0800
Fwd Date: Tue, 02 Feb 1999 12:06:37 -0500
Subject: 08-20-96: MJ12 - An Estimate of the Situation

Another item of mutual "authenticity" and proclaimed as such by
both Stanton Friedman and the research team of Woods and Woods
is the SCEO #092447 which is attachment A in the original
alleged MJ-12 papers and cited in the new alleged MJ-12 papers.

The following research posted in 1996 after another challenge by
Stanton Friedman which showed his ignorance and lack of relevant
research on his part on executive orders should clear any doubt
on anyone's mind that the document in question is a hoax; and by
extension, any new alleged MJ-12 document that cites the alleged
MJ-12 executive order.

Ed Stewart


Date: Sat, 24 Aug 1996 11:41:04 -0400
To: ianr@global-data.com
From: UFO UpDates - Toronto <ebk@nobelmed.com>
Subject: UFO UpDate: Re: MJ-12 Document

From: egs@netcom.com (Edward G. Stewart)
Subject: Re: UFO UpDate: Re: MJ-12 Document
To: ebk@nobelmed.com (UFO UpDates - Toronto)
Date: Fri, 23 Aug 1996 22:12:27 -0700 (PDT)

>From: fsphys@brunswickmicro.nb.ca
>Date: Sun, 18 Aug 96 00:53:32 -0400

>The Caus criticism is baseless.

So proclaims nuclear physicist Stanton T. Friedman. Must be so.
Then again, maybe not so fast.

>The listing for Attachment "A" is "Special Classified Executive
>Order  #092447 (TS/EO)" NOT as >listed by CAUS as Executive
>Order #092447 .(TS/EO means TOP SECRET/EYES ONLY). Special
>Classified Executive does not mean the same thing as Executive.

Since Stanton Friedman appears to "know" what it does not mean,
maybe he would care to enlighten the rest of us as to what it
does mean?

>The Truman Library has also stated they have no classified
>executive orders. That does not mean there are none. Relyea
>has noted that there are hundreds of still classified
>executive orders.

What seems to escape nuclear physicist Stanton Friedman is that
there are procedures in place for processing executive orders,
whether they are classified or not classified, as established by
THE FEDERAL REGISTER ACT of 1935 and amended by Franklin D.
Roosevelt's Executive Order #7298 "Regulations Governing the
Preparation, Preservation, Filing, and Distribution of Executive
Orders and Proclamations" and later EO# 10006, but it is
President Roosevelt's EO and the original ACT that is relevant
for this time period and discussion.

In essence, when the President of the United States wanted to
issue an Executive Order he had to send the proposed executive
order, classified or not, to the Director of the Bureau of the
Budget. If approved, it would be submitted to the Attorney
General. If approved, it would be submitted to the Director of
the Division of the Federal Register. If it met all other
requirements, such as, "The authority under which the order or
proclamation is promulgated shall be cited in the body thereof",
then it would be returned to the President for his signature.

On orders classified by the White House, the following
procedures were in effect:

"Classified orders were numbered by the Office of the Federal
Register according to the system established earlier at the
State Department [Before the Office of the Federal Register, the
State Department handled Executive Orders]. A classified
Executive Order was not assigned a number until it was
declassified. At that time, it was inserted in its proper
chronological sequence by assigning it the same number as an
order issued on or about the same date and adding a letter or
fraction suffix."

 ---From the "CIS Index to Presidential Executive Orders and

The problem with the Trumman/Forrestal "Special Classified
Executive Order #092447" has nothing to do with it being
"classified". The problem with it is that it should not have any
numbering to it whatsoever! Since it was allegedly classified.
Clearly, classified Executive Orders were only numbered after
they became declassified.

What is ironical, is that various types of executive orders are
excluded from the Federal Register Act and thus exempt from the
Numbered series inclusion requirement, such as:

"Presidential directives, decisions, determinations and other
types of Presidential orders other than those formally labelled
Executive Orders or Presidential Proclamations."

 ---From the "CIS Index to Presidential Executive Orders and

The fact that the alleged Trumman/Forrestal memo is clearly
labelled as a Presidential Executive Order, means that it would
NOT HAVE ANY number to it whatsoever since it was allegedly
"classified", a subtlety the hoaxer apparently was not aware.
Also, it would have been so easy for the President of the United
States to have issued a Presidential directive not labelled an
executive order and have avoided bringing in the Director of the
Budget, the Attorney General and the Director of the Federal
Register into the MJ-12 team. Were there such presidential
instruments in place? YES. Presidents of the United States have
over the years issued National Security Action Memoranda (NSAM),
National Security Decision Memoranda (NSDM), National Security
Study Memoranda (NSSM), Presidential Directives (PD),
Presidential Review Memoranda (PRM), National Security Decision
Directive (NSDD), National Security Study Directive (NSSD),
National Security Directive (NSD), or Presidential Decision
Directive (PDD) and Presidential Review Directive (PRD), what
Clinton uses today.

None of them require inclusion into the Federal Register, but
Executive Orders, classified or not, are governed by the Federal
Register Act and do require the participation of the Director of
the Federal Register, the Attorney General and the Director of
the Budget in the execution of the Executive Order. Another
instrument that has been used since the inception of the
National Security Act of 1947 and was available at that time was
the creation of a NSCID, a National Security Council
Intelligence Directive, which is an executive level directive
intended to provide guidance to all of the elements of the
intelligence community. NSCID No. 1 was issued in 1947 and it is
thought to detail the "Basic Duties and Responsibilities" for
the DCI, Director of Central Intelligence.

>Nothing like research by proclamation and prejudice rather than
>investigation and rationality. Was this "research" conducted
>by Mail or in person??? Disgustedly,

>Stan Friedman

It was conducted by mail, by computer, by phone  with the
Eisenhower Library, the ISOO, the NSC, the CSI, and verified in
person at the California State Law Library with the aid of a
research specialist at the Law Library.

Of interest here may well be that not only has Stanton Friedman,
after having visited 15 archives, NOT ever seen a "Special
Classified Executive Order", but neither has Dr. Pankratz of the
Eisenhower Library (verified by phone, nor has Director Steven
Garfinkel of the Information Security Oversight Office (ISOO),
the monitoring agency created by President Carter (verified by
phone), nor a representative (name and phone on file) of the
Division of Records Management within the National Security

But maybe, just maybe, Stanton Friedman has since he appears to
"know" what a "Special Classified Executive Order" is not.

What is exceedingly clear is that the fabricator of the
Trumman/Forrestal memorandum had no business calling it a
special classified executive order and assigning it a number of
any kind. Something only an "outsider" would do. (GRIN)

Ed Stewart
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