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The Millennium Report, February 1, 1999

From: psa@direct.ca (Paul Anderson - TMP / CPR-Canada)
Date: Wed, 3 Feb 1999 21:05:23 -0800
Fwd Date: Thu, 04 Feb 1999 07:12:05 -0500
Subject: The Millennium Report, February 1, 1999

The Millennium Report
February 1, 1999
Mystery Contrails and Weather Radar Anomalies over the US,
Y2K Updates and more!


Welcome to the first edition of The Millennium Report, the
online news service of The Millennium Project, an independent
research organization. TMP is a new research initiative started
in January 1999 as an alternative source of news and information
to the maintream media. TMP was founded by future studies
researcher Paul Anderson, also director of Circles Phenomenon
Research Canada.

This summarized edition is available free by e-mail and is
updated weekly or as breaking news develops; this copy is being
sent to those already on the Circles Phenomenon Research Canada
mailing list. If you do not wish to remain on this mailing list,
please send your request and e-mail address to: psa@direct.ca.

Full reports are available from the TMP web site links listed

A number of reports here, as we are playing catch-up from the
beginning of January. A lot going on (and we still have 11
months to go in '99!), including Y2K updates and links, plus
breaking reports on the "mystery contrails" being sprayed over
many locations in the US (and reportedly making many people ill;
is the US military playing with fire, yet again?) and weather
radar anomalies (connection with weather modification or crop
circles or just radar glitches?), plus much more (see below)!

Strange Days...

Best wishes to all of you.

Paul Anderson
Founder / Director
The Millennium Project


In this update:

Y2K, Mystery Contrails, Radar Anomalies Added to
Special Research Projects

Study Finds Evidence of Oldest Fossil Life - 3.7 Billion Years

Thousands of Blackbirds Dying in Louisiana from Unknown Cause

Confirmation: New NBC Documentary to Examine "The Hard Evidence
of Aliens Among Us"

Mysterious Ancient Circle in Miami

Scientists Say Life Possible on Pluto's Moon Charon

Astronomers Witness First Live Gamma Ray Burst

The Planetary Society Supports Optical SETI

New Spacecraft Design Combines Rockets and Helicopters

Contrails: Poison from the Sky

US Military to "Own the Weather" in 2025

UFO Roundup 4.4, January 25

A Skeptic's View of Contrail Mystery

No Meteors Found Yet as Divers Examine Minnesota
"Star Holes"

Radar Expert Speaks Out on Anomalous Weather Radar Image

Transcript of ZDTV Chat with Joe Firmage

UFOs - 50 Years of Denial?: New Upcoming Documentary on The
Learning Channel

New Evidence of Noah's Flood?

Odd "Star Hole" in Ice Found in Minnesota: Meteor?

1990 Photo of Prototype UAV Over Groom Lake?

UFO Roundup 4.3 , January 18

Contrails Mystify, Sicken Americans

Mystery Contrails May Be Modifying Weather

Mystery Contrails: Secret Military Operation?

Jet Contrails May be Sickening People Across the US

Arthur C. Clark Warns of Y2K Chaos

Unusual New "Emergency Broadcast System" Surprises TV Stations
in US

The Plan for Massive Military Mobilization: National Guard
Exercises Set for May Y2K Test

FEMA Urges Local Communities, Emergency Services Sector & Public
to Get Ready Now for Y2K

New Zealand Scientists Discover Planet that May Host Life: First
Earth-Sized Planet Reportedly Found Orbiting Another Star

Israeli Mid-Air UFO Explosion Analyzed

A UFO "Fender Bender" in Chile...Pieces Recovered

Missouri 1947 UFO Crash: Controversial New Web Site
Offers "Proof" with Debris for Sale

Number of Doomsday Groups Increases as Millennium

Government Planning to Protect Earth from Space Creatures: New
Plans to Guard Against Contamination from "Alien Microbes"

Is Exotic Propulsion Technology Being Tested in Canada'a North?:
Triangle Craft Reports from the Yuko

Over 100 Snow / Ice Circles in Germany


See the following web site
links for full reports:

Main Web Site:

The Millennium Report:


To be added to or removed from this mailing list,
send your request and e-mail to: psa@direct.ca


For further information or correspondence, contact:

Paul Anderson

Founder / Director
Main Web Site: http://persweb.direct.ca/psa
The Millennium Report: http://persweb.direct.ca/psa/tmr.html

Affiliate of Circles Phenomenon Research International
Main Web Site:  http://www.geocities.com/Area51/Cavern/3310
1999 Updates:  http://www.geocities.com/Area51/Cavern/3310/1999.html


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