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Re: FOX Hoax Special - Reaction

From: Bob Shell <bob@bobshell.com>
Date: Thu, 31 Dec 1998 13:05:23 -0500 (EST)
Fwd Date: Sat, 02 Jan 1999 00:05:02 -0500
Subject: Re: FOX Hoax Special - Reaction

>Date: Wed, 30 Dec 1998 22:59:22 -0500
>From: James Easton <pulsar@compuserve.com>
>Subject: UFO UpDate: Re: FOX Hoax Special - Reaction
>To: UFO UpDates - Toronto <updates@globalserve.net>


>To further recap:

>During September 1995, in a posting to CompuServe's MUFON forum,
>Bob Shell wrote:

>"The tent footage, shot at the crash site under light from
>emergency lanterns, shows technicians cutting the "space suit"
>off one of the bodies because, to quote the cameraman, it was
>holding in heat and hastening decomposition.  The fabric was
>very tough, and they eventually had to use sheet metal cutters
>to cut it".

>How could the 'cameraman' - presumably Ray Santilli 'passing on'
>the message - confirm this if it's now claimed the 'cameraman'
>didn't recognise the 'tent footage' and by September of 1995,
>Ray knew that film was a joke?

The comments from the cameraman were provided by Ray or someone
at his office.  I honestly do not recall who told me this.

>Given that Ray Santilli now states he knew at an early stage
>that the 'tent footage' was a joke, perhaps Bob Shell can
>confirm the obvious deduction that he was never informed.

Correct.  What Ray did tell me was that he was not releasing the
footage because the cameraman could not verify it as material he
had shot.

>Similarly, Philip Mantle stated he would publicly reveal the
>'tent footage' during his BUFORA conference lecture at the
>University of Northumbria on 27 January 1996, did show it at the
>April 1996 Fortean Times 'Unconvention' and it was also intended
>to be shown by Philip at the Greensboro MUFON conference in the
>summer of 1996, a full year after it was supposedly acknowledged
>to be a practical joke.

>Again, can we surmise that Philip was never told by Ray Santilli
>that this film was a joke?

I believe at this time that Philip had been told the same story
I had been told, that the film could not be verified.

>It's not so much compounding Ray Santilli's failure to
>communicate his only recently claimed knowledge that he knew the
>tent footage was a joke played on him, the repercussions now go
>beyond that. For example, answering criticisms re the late
>delivery of 'Roswell: The Footage' videos ordered from Ray's
>company, Bob Shell responded on the CompuServe MUFON forum in
>September 1995:

>"I'm assured that the delay was only because Ray was trying his
>best to get permission to include the first autopsy and the rest
>of the tent scene. These negotiations apparently were not

This is what I was told at the time.

>Later, during October 1995, he added:

>"This morning I asked about the absence of the tent footage from
>the video. I am told this was just loose in the box and that the
>cameraman now says he can't recall what this is or when and
>where he shot it. Since I have not seen it, I can't comment, but
>I was told that this may not be an alien in he photo, but simply
>an injured serviceman".

>Patently known to Ray Santilli that it was neither an 'alien' or
>an 'injured serviceman', why was Bob apparently still being led
>to believe that was a possibility, when it was already known the
>footage was solely in jest?

Good question.  Ask Ray.


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