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Re: Cough, Korf, Ahem!

From: Michael Christol <mchristo@mindspring.com>
Date: Thu, 31 Dec 1998 15:24:29 -0600
Fwd Date: Sat, 02 Jan 1999 08:03:50 -0500
Subject: Re: Cough, Korf, Ahem!

>Date: Thu, 31 Dec 1998 05:18:14 -0800 (PST)
>From: Roger R. Prokic <rprokic@earthlink.net>
>To: <updates@globalserve.net>
>Subject: Re: UFO UpDate: Re: Cough, Korf, Ahem!

>Who the hell are you to question my scientific/research
>approach?!! That is quite rude of you. In fact, as venomous as
>some folks here believe Kal to be.

I am Michael Christol...I am 54 Years Old, and a person who has
devoted 40 years to the study UFOs, aka Flying Saucers, and the
RUSSIAN and UNITED STATES Space Programs, starting with the
Lauching of Sputnik 1 and the ill fated US attempts to equal
that fete, by implimenting a rush job program ordered by Dwight
David Eisenhower, President of the United States at that time.

I know that following initial failures to successfully launch a
satellite, following the Russian Sputniks 1 and 2, that the
United States finally achieved success on Jan. 31, 1958, with
the launch of Explorer 1, which weighed 30.8 pounds, compared to
the Sputnicks which weighed 184 pounds and 1,120 pounds
respectively... The Second American Satellite, Vanguard 1,
lanunched March 17, 1958 was a tiny sphere, 6.4 inches in
diameter and weighte a paultry 30.8 pounds.

While successful, it hardly matched the performance of the
Soviets with their Mammoth Booster Rockets, while we used small
rockets, such as the Redstone booster, which was later used to
launch Allen Sheppard and Gus Grissom on their sub-orbital
trips, after the Soviets had successfully orbited Yuri Gagarin
on April 12, 1961. Allen Sheppards launch was five weeks after
Gagarin, on May 5, 1961....

It doesn't matter that Dr. Wernher von Braun and other
scientists had urged President Eisenhower to allow the launching
of a satellite prior to the Russian Launch, or that as far back
as the Pre-Korean War, that these same scientists urged then
President Truman to allow them to use an Atlas rocket to launch
a 1000 pound scientific satellite into orbit.

President Truman refused, citing he could see no use for it...

Speculation was that if the North Koreans saw that the United
States had the capability to place a Nuclear Bomb in orbit over
their country, as well as China and The Soviet Union, in 1950,
that there would have been no Korean War, nor would China or
Russia have interfered in that Nations politics...Why, because,
at that time, the War Mentality being what it was, these Nations
would have assumed we would not fail to use those nuclear bombs
on them, considering that we had already proven we would do so,
during the final days of WW 11, in Japan!

I know that NASA was born on October 1, 1958 and as a result
absorbed the National Advisory Committee for Aeronautics (NACA),
which was primarily concentrating its energies on Aviation at
that time, but did much of the groundwork which lead to the
establishment of NASA, i.e., the National Aeronautics and Space

Is that enough about what I know about the early space program?
I think so...I don't have to prove my history beyond that point.

As far as UFOs, I first became aware of "flying saucers" in
1953, when I heard my fist news broadcast about a sighting near
where my family and I lived in Rome, Ga. My father was a
construction worker, i.e., Boilermaker, Wielder, for the TVA
(Tennessee Valley Authority), which supplied electrical Power
over the Tennessee Valley and parts of Georgia and Alabama at
that time.

I was nine years old at that time...

When I reached the ripe old age of 12, I began checking out
virtually every book on the subject of Flying Saucers, I could
find at the Libraries...

I read Pro and Con books, one of them being by Dr. Donald
Menzel, whom, in my opinion was the predicessor of Phil Klass,
the next, prominent Debunker in Ufology... Needless to say, my
young mind preferred the pro-Flying Saucer books, but I realized
the need for ballance even at that age.

I read: Donald Kehoe; Edward Ruppelt; Adamski; Frank Scully;
Frank Edwards; MK Jessup; Amie' Michel; among othres. I learned
as much about the beginnings of the "modern era" of Flying
Saucers" as I could...I studied the cases of early sightings in
the South by Air Line Pilots, who claimed to be buzzed by long,
cylinder shaped objects, in view of the passengers as well.

I wrote and received replies from George Adamski and his
associate C.A Honey...

I wrote Dr. J. Allen Hynek, in April, 1985 and conversed with
him via phone several times prior to his death. I submitted my
first plant and soil samples from a soy bean filed in the county
about 15 miles from where I live to NICAP on August 7, 1967 and
received a reply on Aug. 21, 1967 from Emilie B. Sinkler, Staff

Enough!  I get so damn tired of having to promote my value to
this field.  I get off my butte and into the field, face to face
with those who make claims...check out the data to the best of
my ability, type up reports, which I share with close
associates, but mostly keep to myself, filed away in my own
filing cabnets, for posterity, or to use as a source of double
checking later reports of similar nature....

I really don't care if you, Kal Korff, or anyone else thinks I
am qualified to comment on this field as well as the Aeorspace
field or not!  I know what is locked away in the vault of my
mind...as well as in the files in my cabnets...not to mention in
the archives of my cyber filing cabnets...

>You take such a position againt me for supporting Kal in
>revealing Meier as a fraud, then in the same message you say I
>haven't this, I haven't that regarding your own research of
>Meier. You say you "cannot say completely that the Meier case
>is authentic". Come on Mike, either you believe or you don't!
>Take a position! Until then, don't question other people's
>"opinions" of Meier.

In the first place what Kal says is merely conjecture.  He has
never talked to Billy face to face.  He talked to Poppi, Billy's
ex-wife, but what ex-wife has ever had anything positive to say
about her spouce....I happen to have one of the origional
Genesis III videos, where she states catagorically, that she has
personally witnessed a sighting while with Billy and others of
the group, as well as being a part of the group which recorded
the "sounds" which appeared to origionate from abouve them in
the clouds.  So say what you will...but I would not base my
'belief' system on Kal Korff...

The only way it would be possible for me to 'know if what Billy
Meier is saying is so, would be for me to Personally experience
it!  Since I did not, you are asking me to make a statment of
Knowledge, not belief, based on what I have accumulated about
his case!  How can I do that?  How can you, likewise do that!
You are suppose to be trained to base your "educated opinion" on
the accumulated information available to you, not just someone
elses opoinions.

I have taken a position:  A position of 'Wait and See'! I shall
let History show the reality or fradulence of this case!  If
that is not good enought for you, Roger, that is just to bad!
No one says you have to read my posts.  No one says you have to
reply to what I address to you!  It is strictly Your Choice!

Anytime you see a message posted in the UFO UpDates, by myself,
just click on 'delete' and go on to the next one. It won't
bother me at all.

>Just to clarify my "opinion" -- note I never once said I did
>research and know for a fact. I believe Meier a hoax because:

>1. Many sources believe his UFO shots appear to be done using a
>model of some sort.

>2. Meier has a "cult-like" following - whether this is his
>intention or not

>3. He claims to channel with these Pleidians that come to visit
>him in his model UFO's.

>4. No scientific data ever has shown the Pleides to have the
>possibility to be life-sustaining.

>Just my opinion.

And you are entitled to your opinion...yet, much of what you
have stated in the above is based on half-true information. Why
don't you take the time to check out each of the four statments
you have made and see if you find information which alters those
views...I will not comment on them until you do so...then, maybe
I won't have too. <g>

>What's yours?

Sigh...some people.....
It does not matter what my opinion is.  What matters
is whether or not any of the material involved in
this case can be verified.

I use to talk to Marcell Vogel about his studies of the 'metal
samples' which Wendelle Stevens delivered to him. He had
something definite to say about those samples, and he also made
a video which shows part of those tests. He had a helper, who
worked with him on those samples, prior to his death...whom I
still communicate with on accassion, and whom have met face to
face and consider a friend. He has told me much about the metal
samples which Marcel did not reveal to me....

>Roger R. Prokic
>Telecom Design Lead
>Mars Surveyor Program
>Lockheed Martin Astronautics
>Denver, Colorado USA

REgards, Mike Christol,

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