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PRESS RELEASE/Art Bell Censors NASA Contractor

From: Robert A.M. Stephens <sti3818@montana.com>
Date: Fri, 01 Jan 1999 16:17:31 +0000
Fwd Date: Sat, 02 Jan 1999 10:41:42 -0500
Subject: PRESS RELEASE/Art Bell Censors NASA Contractor



NASA Contractor Censored by Art Bell

"2:04 AM MST, 12-31-1998 NASA Contractor, Robert A.M. Stephens,
was cut off by Art Bell in his initial opening debate with
Richard Hoagland of the Enterprise Mission. The censorship
incidence happened on 12-30-1998 on Art Bell's popular late
night show, Coast to Coast, 34 minutes into the solicted
interview. There was no apparent reason.

Art Bell, for the first time, not for profanity, vulgarisms, or
for any other reason, stopped the release of truth. Probably the
first time truth has ever been uttered on the talk show host's
program, Coast to Coast. Bell was unavailable for comment.
Emails have not been answered.

It ended after Stephens had started to asked Hoagland why
Hoagland had told ex-employees they should leave Washington
D.C., because as Hoagland had told them: Washington D.C. was
going to drop nuclear weapons on itself. This was the first of
200 questions Stephens had prepared for the supposed 4 hour
'debate'. After this, Bell cut Stephens out of the program.
Contact made by this reporter divulged that said employees were
advised as Stephens claimed they were and were willing to come
forward on Bell's show if need be. Bell stopped this

For some reason, connected to continued falsehoods and lies
perpetrated by Richard Hoagland, of the Enterprise Mission, his
close accomplice in lie-macabre', Art Bell terminated the
solicted interview with Mr. Stephens. Stephens had just asked
Mr. Bell to have Hoagland then field questions since Hoagland
had become unresponsive and incoherent, and suddenly, Stephens
was silenced. Without explanation, the line went dead according
to Stephens and thousands of listeners who were outraged at the

Stephens said after the strange censorship act, "This entire
group, Art Bell-conspiracy-UFOs et al, is nothing short of
scientifc terrorism. It assaults the senses with such lies and
dementia mixed with selective irrationality that is nothing
short of a form of end millenenium insantiy."

Stephens had hoped to touch on subjects on the show as critical
assessment of NASA as well as triumphs and new, never before
released 'insider' information on new NASA exploits. Instead, he
was censored. Stephens had also prepared a 200 question list to
asked Hoagland thinking this was going to be a true 'debate'.

Stephens will be appearing on several other shows upcoming
shortly as well as an online interview on PBS regarding the 'Art
Bell Disinformation Show'. Asking the 20 year esteemed NASA
contractor why Bell did this heinous act, the very thing Bell
loves to rail against on his show, he said, "they both seem to
be involved in some sort of disinformation campaign of insidious
felonious lies. Art Bell called me a week ago and asked if I
would 'debate' Richard Hoagland. I did not know it was some sort
of trap, since all other shows I have been on have been
professionally handled and presented. This is the first time
ever, doing interviews on main network shows and others in all
media, that someone shut me off like that. I just wanted
clarification on the vicious and malicious lies the Enterprise
Mission and Richard Hoagland propagate against NASA along with
other bizarre claims toward organizations and other innocent
victims. But then that whole fringe group is tied in with other
malcontents." Stephens said. In a terse email to Stephens, Art
Bell told the NASA contractor, "you were incoherent, MAN. What
happened to you?"

The question is, actually, what happened to Mr. Truth turned
Censorship: Art Bell?

The Eclipse of a one time tell all and critique of coverup, now
lost in a sad demise of self delusion. This is the same man who
recently asked a guest on his show: "....how many times did you
hit the alien?" That of course, was not censored.

Release: NBC, MSNBC, AP, CBS, ABC, Netscape, Rueters, NY Times,
Jane's Weekly, BBC, Tokyo Times, Washington Post ---


-- Robert A.M. Stephens
Contractor, NASA
Shuttle Documentation Program

Stillwater Mills =991998, All Rights Reserved.
Release number 22..114-12-31-1998 =A9

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