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Alfred's Odd Ode #287

From: Alfred Lehmberg <Lehmberg@snowhill.com>
Date: Sat, 02 Jan 1999 07:37:27 -0600
Fwd Date: Sat, 02 Jan 1999 11:38:54 -0500
Subject: Alfred's Odd Ode #287

Apology to MW #287 (For January 2, 1999)

Demoted to the status of another mouth to feed, the new born are
a horror _and_ a treat. On the one hand they continue what it
was that *something* started; on the other they are parasitic
fleas. On the one hand they're a savior, on the other they
detract from the bounty that humanity has made. On the one hand
they are _wondrous_ with potentials of the gods, on the other --
tiny devils we've betrayed!

We teach them infidelity, and we disrespect their brains. We
ridicule their innocence, and teach the wrong refrains. We
socialize them mindless, and we hook them on mere sports. Some
try and teach them "God" in school -- despite the bad reports.
We treat them like the children we invent but never _are_;
discounting the experience, we distract them from the stars. We
lie suggesting worship for the framers of a system that exults a
landed gentry as the cure for human schism. We feed them vague
distortions of the truth on UFO's. We obfuscate those issues
with a finger in our nose. Pretending we have answers where we,
point in fact, have none, we add to their contention that we're
finished, pointless -- done!

The kids all know the deal, and they'll hate us if they can.
They resent the pap we feed them 'cause the truth got hard to
stand. They hate our lack of courage, and the way we rape the
planet. They hate their bland coercion, and the reasons we have
planned it. They hate that YOU resent them 'cause, as yet, they
have no blame. You envy them their innocence, and the fact they
have _no shame_. You hate them, their reaction to a FLEET of
UFO's <g>, is to clap their hands in fearless glee, and dance up
on their toes.

They hate that they're demoted to another mouth to feed. They
hate you don't fulfill, in them, their truthful, honest need.
They hate you don't believe them, and they hate that you don't
care; they hate that you discount their lives as shallow, futile
-- bare. They hate you don't give credit; they hate that
_you're_ not real. It's why they may go crazy, why they drop out
-- miss the deal. They've had the *best* of teachers, those too
young, or "dead of brain." Education is a low rent field, the
profession's _warped_ and _stained_.

What's this to do with UFO's? It's kids aren't trained to see!
What we tell them they should look at, we must _show_ could make
them free. The way of it must set them off, to soar among the
clouds, to loose them from our tethers, and to teach them useful
doubt. If we want them to respect us, we respect them _first_,
in turn. We cop to crass inequity, and we show there's _more_ to
learn! Do we breed a race of liars to commit continued crime? Do
we _insist_ the same mistakes are made _another_ time? Are we
the ones (who wallow in a sickness rife with pus) to _pretend_
we're doing right by them -- to turn them into us?


The child _is_ the father to the man. Seems a great time, in a
period of wealth like there has NEVER been (with NO thanks to a
rabid right, or anarchist left) . . .to cop to it, treat the
kids as we would _individually_ be treated, and discover that
with regards to them -- less _is_ assuredly more <g>. Lastly,
know that their world is more vital to them than our world. It
is filled with challenges, threats, and anxious priorities we
have forgotten. It's up to us to provide the bridge and
relevance to our present _contrived_ reality that would repel
them if they only knew. But that's _our_ problem, a problem that
withers away into startlingly obvious when confronted at last by
the generic genuine. <g>.

Restore John Ford!

Explore the Alien View!
Ponder the Wit & Wisdom of Ching Chow!


<Updated 29 December>

John Ford Restoration Fund -- Send your checks and
money orders to _me_, Alfred Lehmberg
(cut out the lawyers, they got their's) at:
304 Melbourne Drive, Enterprise AL, 36330. Strict records kept.

"Only thin, _very light_ envelopes with a return address will be
accepted <g>." ~~~ $225.00 pledged -- $125.00 collected ~~~

"I cleave the heavens, and soar to the infinite. What others see from
afar, I leave far behind me." - Giordano Bruno, while burning at the
fundamentalist's stake.

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