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Filer's Files #52-1998,  MUFON Skywatch Investigations
George A. Filer,  MUFON Eastern Director,  Happy New Year
December 31, 1998,   Majorstar@aol.com  (609) 654-0020

Senator Barry Goldwater, Alan Sheppard the first American in
space, Lt. Col. Corso and Col. Colman Von Keviczky all friends
of Ufology passed away in 1998. Senator Goldwater the Republican
presidential candidate in 1964 stated: The subject of UFOs is
one that has interested me for some long time.  About ten years
ago, I made an effort to find out what was in the buildings at
Wright Patterson Air Force Base where the information is stored
that has been collected by the Air Force, and I was
understandably denied the request.  It is still classified above
Top Secret." Thanks to Above Top Secret by Timothy Good.  These
officers felt the public has a right to be informed about UFOs.
We salute these wonderful men who spent much of their lives
serving their country and dedicated to exploring for
extra-terrestrial life.


MIDDLEBORO--On December 10, 1998, the witness spotted a strange
brightly lit craft in the sky around 9:00 PM. The craft had
numerous red, green, blue and white colored lights.  As the
witness watched the it broke into two UFOs. The two UFOs flew
geometric patterns at high speed around the sky.  The colored
lights were spectacular and eventually the two UFOs combined
into one and shortly there after disappeared.  The witness then
noticed what he believes were Air Force jets investigating in
the same general area as the UFOs.


TROUP COUNTY-John Thompson State Section Director writes: I am
now going to have to reassess what flew over west central
Georgia on December 10, 1998, at 10:20-10:30 PM.  I have located
a witness who was directly under the path of the unknown object.
This ex-Air Wing Marine says it was definitely flying under
1,000 feet and when directly overhead was seen only as a
fireball of orange-yellow color making a huge roaring noise.  On
it moving off to the ESE, he said it appeared to have a dark
Grey bottom that was slightly illuminated. Now it appeared to be
of a long delta shaped craft with a rectangular shaped boxed-off
end, with four fires coming out of the "box."  (Note: See other
witness in initial e-mail description who said its end was
boxed-shaped.) He said he saw no wings,  per-se, no airplane
lights, and that it looked much like drawings of the Aurora
craft that is alleged to be flying.  He wondered if it was a
cruise missile of some kind but said the craft was considerably
bigger than an F-16.  Total time of hearing the unknown object
was nearly 10 minutes!  The racket it made he said in both
intensity and duration was like no other aircraft he has ever
heard.  He, like many others, also wondered if it was not a jet
aircraft of some sort that was fixing to crash.  The speed of
the unknown  object was slower than a jet but he thought faster
than a prop plane.  Unlike most witness, who heard a loud
roaring noise for only  2-3 minutes, this witness was outside
the entire time when the unknown object passed eastward and he
heard it from beginning to end.  Another witness, seven miles
north, at where Highway 100 intersects Highway. 27 south of
Franklin, in Heard County, heard nothing but saw a bluish-red
fireball with short tail. This 48 year old witness said that the
fireball, which had no sparkler effect but seemed to be rolling,
was three-quarters the size of a full moon. It flew level
across nearly 45 degrees of sky in three seconds.  While this
witness is sure she and her 17 year old nephew saw this at
between 10 and 10:30 PM, like  all others, she is not certain if
it was on 12/10/98 (a Thursday). She is  certain that it was on
a weekday night during that same week.  She says what they saw
was not an airplane or "shooting star."  Her description,
however, suggests a spectacular meteorite, which is what I
initially thought the 12/10/98 unknown object was. There is
another witness who lives in the Liberty Hill area of extreme
southwest Heard County, one mile from my house, he says he
thought it was a dirigible! There is obviously considerable
confusion on what passed through three counties going towards
Savannah and possibly Ft. Stewart on 12/10/98 between 10:20 and
10:30 PM. A meteorite, cruise missile, black budget craft,
disabled military aircraft,  UFO imitator, or even true UFO are
options. It should be remembered that in the Troup-Heard
Corridor during 1994-1995 there were several reports of a
low-flying, slow- moving and loud roaring to "rumbling" UFO
documented. The FAA  has not replied thus yet; while they, most
likely  will have no  radar data (assuming the altitude of the
unknown object was extremely low) they could have voice
communication  between pilots.  LaGrange's Callaway Airport said
they had no pilot reports but did not think it was a dirigible
or blimp as they usually are given a "clearance" notice when one
flies over the area.  Initial description:  This occurred at
night and my wife and I both saw whatever it was that made the
"racket"--as many witnesses described it.  We heard it, like
nearly all, for at least two minutes; possibly even three
minutes.  I've seen many jets fly over but I've never seen one
like this!  What my immediate reaction was on hearing and seeing
it, was than it was a spectacular meteorite that seem to be
going too slow. But the path and length of noise heard are
consistent with an airplane.  What is not consistent was the
huge rocket like noise and the large fireball at its rear.  I
can only assume that the jet--if that is what it was--had some
kind of engine trouble that was emitting fire for over 45
seconds, the interval we had it in sight. Since e-mailing you, I
have talked to an individual just north of our house who said it
was a "box shaped," rear ended, jet that had blue, red and white
lights.  I also talked to a Meriwether Sheriffs Dept.
dispatcher, 30 miles to the East in Greenville, who saw it.  She
said that it had a blinking red light and that the sky was
completely clear where she was located.  There are over 20
people who heard it, but usually could not see it because of
cloud cover over most of the area. Considering these two
witnesses, and despite what we saw, it must have been some kind
of plane with jet engine problems.    Then again, it may well
have been someone trying to generate a UFO report. What kind of
plane flies over that rattles windows 15 miles away in at least
three counties and yet is going below the speed of sound? Since
the Art Bell LaGrange report of July 1997, I have seen several
of these unusual events.  Remember, the huge red light plane
seen here twice over the Troup-Heard Corridor that reek of UFO
simulations. I have to wonder is someone is trying to create UFO
reports for unknown reasons? I cannot imagine, what it must have
sounded like inside that plane?  At a distance many witness said
it sounded like thunder.  Closer up, the loud rocket-like
roaring noise sounded like the aircraft was about to crash.. So
far I have received no reply from the FAA on anomalous
radar/voice communication data or Tim Long of Georgia Tech on
seismic data.  I want to emphasize I am not sending this as a
UFO report. Incidentally, if you follow the azimuth of 110
degrees from southwest Heard County (just north of Glenn)
through Greenville, Meriwether County, the flight-path of this
"plane" would have been towards Hunter Air Field, south of
Savannah.  I believe this "racket and fire maker" would have
also passed over an area where other UFO reports were
investigated by Chief last year:  Jeff Davis County.  A curious
coincidence?  Best Regards, John Thompson
gin@wp-lag.mindspring.com Editor's Note: Hunter Air Field is
only a few miles from the Atlantic Ocean and has one of the
longest and strongest runways in the US.  Interestingly it was
designed to handle aerospace craft.


On Thursday, December 16, 1998, at 9:05 a.m., David W., his wife
and two children were driving on Manthorpe Road, heading into
Brewery Road in London when they spotted a UFO.  "The sky was
clear blue, with slightly patchy cloud near the horizon," Dave
reported, describing the UFO as "a solid white cylinder, smooth
but reflective surface with rounded edges, no visible wings,
markings or other appendages."  The UFO, he added, "flew like a
slow-moving missile, travelling 'a level straight line' east to
west, from Abbey Wood to central London. Thanks to Marc Bell and
Errol Bruce-Knapp. EDMONTON-On November 17, 1998, north of
London a triangular shaped craft was sighted flowing low over
just after midnight.  Observers of the Leonid meteor shower
reported seeing a low flying craft with triangular shape.  There
were a dozen amber lights coming from the craft that appeared to
flying at a high altitude.  This report was sent from England
and carried in FF #49, but apparently originated with Victor
Kean who should have been credited. Thanks to Victor Kean.


Robert Frola writes that his group cannot confirm Ross Dowe's
report you posted on #50 of Filer's Files:  A message dated
December 10, 1998, from Ross Dowe of the Australia National UFO
Hotline reads: The Hotline has been very busy taking sighting
reports from most parts of Australia over the last 48 hours.
UFO reports are coming from Melbourne, Victoria; Perth, Western
Australia; Darwin, Northern Territory; Brisbane, Queensland;
Canberra, Australian Capital; and Albury, New South Wales.  All
these reports are similar in nature.  Respondents are claiming
that they have sighted a very large black or dark triangular
shaped object with an illuminated array underneath, descriptive
of "Ezekiel's wheel."  The UFO was seen standing still, rotating
and moving slowly passing overhead.   Ross Dowe
(ippoz@eisa.net.au)  Robert Frola writes: There has been no
activity that I am aware of as all groups in Australia are in
communication with each other. On the contrary, it has been very
quiet, with little or no reports coming through.  There were
reports from Darwin and the Northern Territory, but they were
not what Ross is reporting to you.  Here is what Diane Harrison

NORTHERN TERRITORY:  From local Northern Territory News by Maria
Billias 12/14/98.    UFO reports in the Territory have increased
astronomically, with the latest sightings occurring in Katherine
yesterday morning.  UFO Researcher Keith Douglass of
Unidentified Flying Objects Research, Alice Springs, yesterday
said UFO sightings were reported  to him every two or three
days. And he said reports had soared, not just in the Territory,
but all over the world.  Mr Douglass said: "It's bigger than
anyone could imagine. "UFO sighting is on the increase because
it's becoming more acceptable not to be called an idiot. TENNIS
"A lot of people are seeing them in the Territory especially,
with strange lights being reported on average every two or three
days. Mr. Douglass said the most recent sighting came from
Katherine early yesterday morning, with two tennis-sized red
ball illuminating the sky.  He said: "I think there is something
going on out there.  Warwick S said: The time was 2.10am I had
gone out side to have  a smoke and enjoy the beautiful night/
early morning. I said a prayer, looked up and around the Milky
Way that hung there in the sky. I saw a shooting star and then
to my right a flashing light approaching, the lights caught my
attention.  At first I thought it was a plane as the Airport
isn't far away.  It flew past me slowly observing me and letting
me observe them.  It maintained the same speed around (5 km/h )
and then flew out to sea. It was 20 meters in height. Objects
lights were blue, red, yellow, and orange. The objects were oval
with light through the middle. The witness was scared, excited,
overwhelmed, and disappointed because they didn't stop to chat
during the ten minute sighting.  Thanks to Diane Harrison and
Robert Frola.


Ingo Swann, a gifted natural psychic who was one of the first
and most influential members of the U.S. government's
super-secret remote viewing program, has recently announced the
forthcoming publication of a new book in which, he says, he will
reveal astonishing secrets about alien activity. The book is
called "Penetration: The Question of Extraterrestrial and Human
Telepathy." A brief description now posted on the web says that
Swann was part of an unnamed "deep black" agency with an
extraordinary focus: "UFOs and extraterrestrials on the moon,
and worries about ET telepathic/mind control powers." Swann says
this group used to meet in an underground facility near
Washington, D.C., but was so secretive that it left no paper
trail. He says the only secrecy oaths he took were verbal, not
written, and that they have recently expired, so now he can
reveal some of his official knowledge concerning UFOs and
aliens.  During his time with the secret agency, Swann says, he
was taken to a remote lake in Alaska where he witnessed a large
triangular UFO at close range.. Swann was reportedly told that
this kind of craft emerged from the Alaskan lake every day.
Swann's main concern is the undeveloped nature of human
telepathy and its contrast with "the probable existence of fully
developed alien telepathy." Swann also says he will reveal new
secrets of the moon, its origins, its atmosphere, its occupants
and many other features."  More information at:
Thanks to Skye Turell for bringing this story to our attention.


Did a space craft crash near Roswell in 1947?  Photographs now
being examined may show possible strange symbols and writing
that seem unlikely to be engraved or embossed on Mogul balloon
materials and a radar target like kite. Numerous books have been
written claiming an  alien craft crashed, but they are based
mostly on forty or fifty year old  memories and testimony.
Intelligence officer Major Jessie  Marcel had picked up some of
the debris on a ranch near Roswell, showed it to his family and
brought it to Roswell Air Base for examination.  On July 8,
Colonel Blanchard announced that the Army Air Force had captured
a flying saucer.  Major Marcel and the debris were flown to Fort
Worth, Texas. James Bond Johnson was ordered by his newspaper
the Fort Worth Star-Telegram to go to the base and photograph
the debris. When he arrived at the Eighth Air Force Commander's
office, he was met by Colonel Dubose the Chief of Staff.
General Ramey was not there, but a still wrapped package of
debris was on the floor.  Colonel Dubose and Bond Johnson
unwrapped the debris and spread it out to prepare for the photo
shoot. Respected researchers have maintained that the real alien
debris had been switched.  In the book, The Roswell Incident, by
Charles Berlitz and William Moore on Page 35 it states:
"Actually," said Major Jesse Marcel, shown kneeling here amid
what he described as some of the less spectacular pieces of
wreckage, "this material may have looked like tinfoil and balsa
wood, but the resemblance ended there." At first newsmen were
permitted only as close to this material as was necessary to
take the picture.  Later, after torn-up pieces of an actual
weather device had been substituted for the real wreckage on
General Ramey's orders, press photographers were permitted to
examine at will.  Editor's Note: One problem we have is that
Moore offered three different versions of the quotes attributed
to Marcel, first in his book, then when he sent out his notes,
and finally in his magazine, FOCUS.  The controversy continues.

KEVIN RANDLE  writes: I think it is time to review the various
tales told by J. Bond Johnson as he continues to tell us about
the photographs he took in General Ramey's office.  I think we
now agree that he took six pictures rather than the two that he
originally claimed.  The evidence here is the quality of the
pictures.  They all look basically the same, have the same
lighting and angles, the debris in the pictures, and RAMEY'S HAT
and tie on the radiator. (Yes, examine the picture carefully and
you'll see a brigadier general's star on the cap and not a
major's leaf.)  Now, Johnson is telling us that when he entered
Ramey's office, Colonel DuBose was there and they unwrapped the
debris while waiting for Ramey to arrive.  What Johnson said to
me originally was "So I drove directly to Carswell [though in
1947 it would have been the Fort Worth Army Air Field] and my
recollections are now I went in and I opened my carrying case
with my Graphic [camera] and I had just brought one holder with
me with two pieces of the four by five film.   I posed General
Ramey with this debris..."  Notice that he said nothing about
unwrapping debris or anything else at this point.  This is all
based on what he told me during our first conversations in early
1989 and are, of course, on audio tape.  Johnson reported in
February 1998 that "I was met by COL DuBose and ushered into
Ramey's office. Dubose (sic) went to find Ramey.  I used that
time to further unwrap and arrange the debris."  When he was
challenged on this point, that he was unwrapping the material in
General Ramey's office, the story shifted subtly.  Now we learn,
"When he arrived at the Eighth Air Force Commander's office, he
was met by Colonel Dubose (sic) the Chief of Staff.  General
Ramey was not there, but a still wrapped package of debris was
on the floor. Colonel Dubose and Bond Johnson unwrapped the
debris and spread it out to prepare for the photo shoot.
Fifteen minutes later, General Ramey arrived clutching a piece
of paper..."  Once again Johnson raises the question of when
Ramey told him it was a weather balloon.  "No one seemed to know
the exact identity of the debris."  Not according to Johnson
himself.  He told me, in 1989 in two separate interviews that
Ramey told him it was a weather balloon.  To quote Johnson, once
again, "I posed General Ramey with this debris.  At that time I
was briefed on the idea that it was not a flying disc as first
reported, but in fact, was a weather balloon that had crashed."
There was no misunderstanding here.  That quote came in the
middle of a long narration by Johnson.  My original question had
been just to have him relate, in detail, what happened.  I was
not questioning him closely so that he was confused and I did
not put words in his mouth.  Those were his own memories until
he decided that he must have photographed the "real" stuff.
Johnson posted, on the Internet, a "press release" in which he
alleged that the University of Texas at Arlington held the
photographs under high security, that they were arranging a
special public showing of huge blowups of the photos and that
the University and the Air Force had fought about the photos.
According to the University, none of this is true either.  When
I ordered the blowups for analysis, I was told, without asking,
that these tales were not true.  There was no special security,
there was no planned show, and there had been no fight with the
Air Force.  I could go on with other Johnson misrepresentations,
but is there any real point.  Johnson has changed his story
significantly, he changes when facts suggest a version of his
tale to be wrong, and he keeps inventing new details to thrill
us all because he is the "Roswell Photographer."  Isn't it time
to stop reporting his tales.  They only confuse the issue rather
than clarify it.  His transparent attempt to read the "Ramey
message" with all sorts of references to "victims" and
"wreckage" and a second site at "Magdalena" have not been
duplicated by other researchers. The interpretations of the
message leave a great deal to be desired.  Thanks to Kevin

RESPONSE FROM JAMES BOND JOHNSON:  There remain two unwrapped
packages of the debris in clear view in the Ramey office photos,
including in the Newton photo.  Bob Durant and others continue
to expose their ignorance re the remarkable findings of the RPIT
(Roswell Photo Interpretation Team) volunteers.  Instead of
embarrassing himself with his ignorance by taking cheap pot
shots at this very dedicated international group of photo
analysts, they MIGHT have joined this distinguished group in
their quest to finally solve the Riddle of Roswell.  How can
fully displayed symbols and other anomalous objects carefully
unearthed from the Ramey office photos be dubbed "fantasies?"
Again and again the RPIT has invited wider assistance and has
NOT drawn any final conclusions as to the preliminary
revelations of their remarkable findings!  Durant --along with
other UFOlogists -- have been invited repeatedly to roll up
their sleeves and PARTICIPATE in this fascinating project.
Second, Johnny Mann, when he was in Roswell with Major Jesse
Marcel, Sr. showed Marcel the pictures in THE ROSWELL INCIDENT.
Mann   says that Marcel told him those pictures had been staged.
There is NO dispute that the pictures taken of Major Marcel were
staged.  I staged them.  It has been published repeatedly that I
helped to unpack the "flying saucer" crash debris that Marcel
couriered from Roswell to Fort Worth on orders of General Ramey.
Then I "posed" -- arranged, displayed -- the junk in an attempt
to make a meaningful photo record and then took the six famous
pictures of Major Marcel, General Ramey and Colonel  examining
the debris.  There is NO issue here. As far as I know, that is
the only time that Marcel referred to those pictures. See
website at: http://adm2.ph.man.ac.uk/ftw-pics/index.htm.  Thanks
to Colonel James Bond Johnson

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