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Australian UFO Reports - 01-04-99

From: Diane Harrison <tkbnetw@fan.net.au>
Date: Mon, 4 Jan 1999 21:27:52 +1000
Fwd Date: Mon, 04 Jan 1999 13:19:38 -0500
Subject: Australian UFO Reports - 01-04-99

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Sighting Reports

Location: Lindisfarne Tas
Date: 10th June 1998

An object was seen dropping to earth leaving a vapor trail over
MT Faulkner. The trail that was seen first descend from a cloud
the object fell out of it when the vapor trail stopped. The
witness described the object resembling a Mac Donald's type
logo; a large M shaped object. The witness was driving during
the entire time and mentioned that the sunset gave the object an
unusual appearance. The descending motion of the object was as
if it was attached to a parachute, however, he could not see a
parachute on the object.

Although an article appeared in the Hobart Mercury the next day
as "Evening UFO mystery", the witness (ex-RAAF) felt that it may
be a deflated weather balloon or something that dropped of an

Location: Benalla Victoria
Date: 19th June 1998
Time: 10.00pm

An orange light was sighted at 10.00pm when the witness went
outside to feed his dog which at first looked like an n
airplane. It looked as if the light was about 1-2klms away. It
was not flashing and the witness was surprised that no engine
noise could be heard. As the light moved in a straight line
across the sky the witness was still trying to listen for engine
noise, it stopped for 10-20 seconds then dropped straight down
out of sight.

I contacted the Benalla Police Station to see if they had
received any other reports, which they had not. I also contacted
the Victorian Aero Club who conducts glider flying from Benalla.
They informed me that no flying is done at night and none is
done on Fridays (Fridays night was when the sighting took

Location: Orbost Victoria
Date: 21stth August 1998
Time: 08.55pm

Tow orange balls of light where seen traveling together from
west to east at 08.55pm. The witness became excited when one of
the objects dropped something that sparkled as it fell then
burnt out. The object that dropped the glowing substance then
vanished and the other remained in sight and kept moving from
west to east then slowly disappeared. The sighting lasted
approximately 5-10 minutes.

The witness was very excited by the whole encounter and
described her dogs going crazy and barking at the time of the
event. She had spoken to other individuals in the Orbost
community who had also seen the object at different times that

Location: Meadow Heights Victoria
Date: 9th September 1998
Time: ?

A red Light reported as slowly moving around the sky. Described
as a bright red star ( MARS like ) darting erratically but
slowly in the night sky. Slowly drifted off in the direction of
Cranbourne. No sound heard by the witness who felt it could not
be a plane or helicopter

Location: Werribee Victoria
Date: 18th September 1998
Time: 09.30pm

Witness described a triangle set of light whole out fishing at
approximately 09.30pm in the Werribee inlet. He saw the lights
while on his boat, which appeared to be some distance away. They
drifted off very slowly and then all three lights separated and
went in their own directions. The witness also mentioned that
another individual was walking their dog on the bank at the time
and that they departed immediately after the light left. The
witness was sure that the other individual saw the lights but
could not confirm this

Location: Williamstown Victoria
Date: 28th September 1998
Time: 10.30pm

Call was received at 10.30pm on this night to report a fiery
object ball of light with what appeared to be light or fiery
piece falling front. It was observed for about 5 minutes moving
slowly across the sky. A report appeared the next day in the
Melbourne Herlad-Sun VUFORS also received a call. A news article
appeared in Hobart Mercury on 1st October 98 about the King
Island UFO described in the Herald-Sun.

Location: Dandenong North Victoria
Date: 4th October 1998
Time: 09.55pm

This sighting took place on the previous Sunday 27th September
1998 at 9.55pm. A family of three saw a bright object about 10
degrees above the horizon for about 3-4 minutes. The object was
traveling very fast and had red and white lights. They contacted
the Canberra Observatory but had no reply.

Location: Rye Victoria
Date: 10th October 1998
Time: 08 to 08.30pm

Witness explained that a small star like lights have been seen
three times over the past two weeks at the same time, between
8.00pm to 8.30pm. he described them as moving across the horizon
over the bay. Sometimes they would stop then start up again. Two
at once have been seen, traveling in different direction.

Location: Mordialloc Victoria
Date: 22nd October 1998
Time: ?

Witness is an amateur astronomer who described three orange
lights larger than star but with less magnitude. The lights had
no sound and maintained a regular formation for the 5-10 seconds
that she could see them. They were no longer visible when she
reached another window to follow the object. She knows of
meteorites and other astronomical phenomena. She also mentioned
that the lights where lower than local aircraft in and out of
Moorabbin Airport.

Location: Noo Jee Victoria
Date: 7th November 1998
Time: 10.15pm

Excited witness called at 10.15pm to describe an orange glowing
light that was traveling across the sky in a strange manner. The
bright light would slowly move across the sky then stop, drop
and start up again. It seems to be heading East and the witness
where watching it as they were reporting it. It then disappeared
from sight.

Regards Diane Harrison

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