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Robert A.M. Stephens Exposed as a Fraud?

From: UFO UpDates - Toronto <updates@globalserve.net>
Date: Mon, 04 Jan 1999 23:49:34 -0500
Fwd Date: Mon, 04 Jan 1999 23:49:34 -0500
Subject: Robert A.M. Stephens Exposed as a Fraud?

Source: http://www.borderlands.com/robertfraud.htm

Robert A.M. Stephens Exposed as a Fraud

I have recently done a fairly thorough investigation into the
claims made by Robert A.M. Stephens. Borderland Sciences'
association with Mr. Stephens began after he emailed me about
information I had posted to my website concerning the December
7th Landing. Some of the information Mr. Stephens was presenting
seemed very interesting (although unverifiable) and I asked him
if he would like us to put up a webpage for him.

After the December 30th, 1998 guest appearance by Mr. Stephens
on the Art Bell show, many (including myself) started to
question Mr. Stephens credibility.

The following is a report of my investigation on Mr. Robert A.M.

Initially, I checked out Robert A.M. Stephens (after his first
email to me) by doing a typical search on the internet for his
name. I came up with the following references:






I have to admit that my investigation was not very thorough. Mr.
Stephens gave me a phone number to a "Larry Mauk", his contact
at KSC =97 which turned out to be a fax machine. I sent a fax
asking for confirmation of Mr. Stephens, but received no reply.

After the Art Bell show appearance, I began to do a more
thorough investigation into his background. I emailed some of
the contacts he said he had at NASA. One of them, declared a
"buddy" by Mr. Stephens, wrote back saying, "I have never met or
talked to Robert Stephens to my knowledge, and I have no idea if
he is a Space Shuttle contractor as stated in his e-mail." He
then went on to say, "I was simply responding to his e-mail in
the spirit of public mail to NASA, and am a bit chagrined that
he has termed me his "buddy" and that he posted my e-mail to him
to the Web without asking me if he could do so." This NASA
spokesperson asked that I do not forward or post his mail
without permission =97 I am awaiting his permission.

I then went after the SEAL Team-3 claim. There are many sites on
the internet hosted by former Navy SEALs which enjoy exposing
those who make such false claims. Here is a list:

Fake SEALs and Phoney Frogs
Phonies and Scumbags
Fake SEALs
Wannabe Veterans
Mike's US Navy SEAL Homepage

There may be more. I then emailed ALL of them asking for
confirmation whether Robert A.M. Stephens had or had not been a
Navy SEAL. Here are a couple responses so far:

From: "VeriSEAL" <agile@ix.netcom.com>
Organization: Phony SEAL Hall of Shame
To: Michael Theroux <director@borderlands.com>
Date: Mon, 4 Jan 1999 20:49:52 +0000
Subject: Re: More info from ROBERT STEPHENS
Reply-to: agile@ix.netcom.com
Priority: urgent
X-mailer: Pegasus Mail for Win32 (v3.01b)


All of your e-mail info on Stephens has been forwarded to about
a dozen *REAL* former SEALs. What you have in the form of
Stephens is a 100% bonafide FRAUD.

Look for incoming messages from assorted retired Viet-era SEALs
who will likely be more than interested in Stephens. By the way,
the only two Teams in existence during WW-Vietnam were 1 and 2.
The owner of the Hall of Shame at the Teams Homepage (
http://The-South.Com/TheTeams ) is retired Senior Chief Kent
Dillingham, one of the plankowners of ST-3 in 1983. That means
he was one of the original founding SEALs for that Team.


I then Emailed Robert Stephens with this (his reply follows):


Date: Mon, 04 Jan 1999 08:44:57 +0000
From: "Robert A. M. Stephens" <sti3818@montana.com>
To: Michael Theroux <director@borderlands.com>,
Paul Dore <pdore@web-computing.demon.co.uk>
Subject: Re: Hi Robert-Hi Michael

Michael Theroux wrote:

>Hi, excuse me for doing my homework, but this is what I have
>come up with:

>West Coast Teams
>SEAL Team 1 - South East Asia
>SEAL Team 3 - Middle East

>SEAL Team 5 - South Korea

>East Coast Teams
>SEAL Team 2 - Northern Europe
>SEAL Team 4 - South America
>SEAL Team 8 - Africa

>SEAL Team 6 - Anywhere

>According to my sources, Team 3 wasn't formed until after the
>Nam thing. So, there seems to be a conundrum here...

>Is this correct?

>just checkin' you out.

No problem, if they care. No conundrum.

Teams by formation save for 6 and 8, are pretty much open for
deployment by locale. Team 3 formation was in 1970 or
thereabouts. In the deploy for Courier Services and other
interdiction duty in non Viet Nam battle zone areas such as
Laos, Cambodia, Thailand and northern Burma and up on the
Chinese border proper, several small elements from Teams 2, 3
and 4 were used or detached. The Courier Services is where I
entered into service under 'last surviving son status' (see the
selective service link and the Military archive link). My draft
number in 1970 was 311 out of 366. The women and children would
have gone before me and the public thought for Viet Nam at that
time was the same view it has now for child molestation. Viet
Nam was winding down too military wise.

The statement above for region location is something new to me.
I did not know and have not been aware of the designation you
show above such as 'South Korea' in relation to Team number.
However, this may be something more recent.

The resolve where Teams would be located did not come finally
until 1975 and is still subject for relocation for center
locale. In 1982 it was rumored they would all be combined on the
south coast. Just rumors. 6 and the new 8 are units I know
nothing about since they are really under the actual true
umbrella 'ops' types operations and I do not know their details
or what they do. Team 2 practiced for ship interdiction and was
the true resolvers for the Achilles Laurel ship hijacking though
the media credited the Marines. However, they do everything else
too not reserved for that above.

The Pol Pot connection with the Khmer Rouge with support of the
Chinese communist served as the last and most severe potential
faction for continued upset in the southeast asia region as Viet
Nam was winding down for America. I never saw or was in Viet Nam

Robert Stephens


I then forwarded this to the VeriSEAL contact and this was his


From: "VeriSEAL" <agile@ix.netcom.com>
Organization: Phony SEAL Hall of Shame
To: Michael Theroux <director@borderlands.com>
Date: Mon, 4 Jan 1999 21:06:01 +0000
Subject: Re: More info from ROBERT STEPHENS


For starters, you indicated his resume claims attachment to ST-3
from '70- '74. ST-3 didn't exist at that time. Secondly, he is
nowhere to be found in the SEAL personnel records archives.
Lastly, as demonstrated by his message which you were kind
enough to forward, he doesn't have the slightest idea what he's
talking about.

His name will eventually be prominently posted in the Hall of



And finally, I spoke with Mr. J.H. "Hoot" Andrews, USN, Ret.
Retired from SEAL Team TWO. See his post on Art Bell's website:
http://bbs.rowlandnet.com/cgi-bin/WebX?14@@.ee6c827/46 . He
reiterated what I had already heard, and verified that Robert
A.M. Stephens is a fake.

I called Mr. Stephens after this and asked him some questions
about this. He said he had never heard of Senior Chief Kent
Dillingham, one of the plankowners of ST-3 in 1983 (see above)
and the very SEAL team of which Stephens was supposedly
attached. I asked him about the VeriSEAL's claims, and why if he
felt these people were wrong, did he not take issue with them?
He said he did not care.

I told Mr. Stephens that I would be forced to take down his
website because of his fraudulent statements, and he replied
that that was fine and that I should expose him as a fraud ,
fake, pathological liar, etc. I agreed. He did say he would be
forwarding a letter from Larry Mauk confirming his contracting
work with NASA.

I admit that I should have investigated him more thoroughly from
the start - as Richard Hoagland said on Art Bell's show, "On the
internet, no one knows you're a dog!". This is really quite
true, but I must say that a good investigation will reveal alot.

While Mr. Stephens appears to have been deluded, it by no means
makes all of his points and statements, invalid. But, how are we
to believe anything he has said in light of this information?
Does the "NORAD/Fence" database exist? Does the "Blind Transom"
DoD tracking software exist? What about his alien implant
information? Probably not.

Now, we are left with the question, "What was Robert A.M.
Stephens' motivation for all of this?" Was it for his "15
minutes" (actually an hour) of fame? Or, was it some sinister
coverup plot devised by whomever he may be really working for?
Perhaps we'll never know.

UPDATES to Follow

January, 04 1998
Michael Theroux
Borderland Sciences Research Foundation - Since 1945

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