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NASA's Stephens Admits to CAUS That He is a Fraud

From: Peter Gersten <UFOLAWYER1@aol.com>
Date: Mon, 4 Jan 1999 23:58:36 EST
Fwd Date: Tue, 05 Jan 1999 09:35:32 -0500
Subject: NASA's Stephens Admits to CAUS That He is a Fraud

Dear CAUS Members:

During a 60 minute telephone conversation, Monday evening,
Robert A.M. Stephens admitted to me that he is a fraud.  It also
became obvious, during our telephone conversation, that Mr.
Stephens has no ethical or moral standards against lying.  To
Mr. Stephens, lying is no different from telling the truth. Mr.
Stephens further admitted that the evidence of him not being a
Navy SEAL was 'absolutely correct.'

I have now reevaluated my opinion that Art Bell overreacted in
prematurely terminating the Stephens interview last Wednesday.
I now agree with Art, that no useful purpose would have been
served by allowing him to make further confusing and untrue
statements.  Mr. Stephens' plan that night was to confuse and
lie.  He knows no other way. No radio broadcast, whether for
entertainment or news, should provide a forum for this
contemptuous behavior.  In a way we have Art to thank for
exposing Stephens.  No other radio program had terminated him
before...quite the opposite in fact. Several had given him
unlimited access to the airwaves...even after the Bell show.  In
the end, we have Art to thank for bringing this travesty to a
halt.  Art's action signaled the beginning of the end for Mr.

A person's credibility is determined in many ways.  Finding that
a person has lied in the past can lead to the inference that he
is lying now.  Mr. Stevens lied to us about how he became
involved in the UFO field.  According to the editor, at no time
did Mr. Stephens have any contact with the Lake County Leader in
Montana, contrary to what Stephens boasted in several e-mails.
Mr. Stephens lied to us about being a Navy SEAL.  What lies did
he tell us about his NASA affiliation?

Mr. Stephens was a lie waiting to be exposed...and he wanted to
be exposed. He challenged us, in several e-mails, to call the
newspaper...even listing the phone number in one.  He
continually referred to his background as a former Navy
SEAL...knowing that any reasonable background check would reveal
no such affiliation.  Mr. Stephens' actions remind me of a
serial killer's plea left at a murder scene 'help me before I
kill again.'  But in this case Mr. Stephens was telling
us...no...warning us..'stop me before I lie again.'  Mr.
Stephens cannot help himself.  And we did nothing to help
him...and in effect...did nothing to help ourselves.

Mr. Stephens was able to fool us for over 80 days.  Shame on us.
We are so eager, CAUS included, to find the truth, that we will
embrace any 'savior' who presents himself cloaked in the garb of
'knowing the truth.'  Tell us you are from the government, the
military or NASA and a path will be beaten to your door.  In
this case the path led to Oz.  Tell us you have 'secret'
information and we will jump into your bed.  In this case, the
waterbed just sprung a big leak.

The messages, the indications, the signs...were all there from
the beginning. His irrational behavior, his vulgarity, his
double-talk were warnings which we failed to heed...beCAUS he
proudly stated he was from NASA and 'knew' certain things.  He
told us about alien abductions, cattle mutilations, Intruders,
NORAD/Fence radar and a litany of other subjects so near and
dear to our heart.  He represented the holy grail in our search
for this 'truth' that has eluded us for over 50 years.
Unfortunately, his information was only his opinion at best and
a complete fabrication at worst.  A little knowledge is a
dangerous weapon in the wrong hands.  In Mr. Stephens' hands, we
became willing victims for his expert swordsmanship.

His statements about the intercept capability of the SR-71 and
the Stealth 117A were inaccurate; his statements about alien
abductions were his opinions and extremely narrow-minded and
prejudiced; his statements about being a SEAL and his contact
with the Montana newspaper were lies.  And most importantly, his
ability to access any NORAD system is questionable.

Mr. Stephens has been exposed.  He laughed tonight when I
congratulated him on lasting 80 days.  As I have stated on
several occasions....the messenger is always tainted.  In Mr.
Stephens' case...so was the message...and intentionally so.

Hopefully we can learn from the past and not continue to make
the same mistakes.  Mr. Stephens was sent to us as an example of
what we need to do in the future...if ever presented with
another 'savior.'

Mr. Stephens stated that he no longer will be involved in any
manner with the UFO field.  He has instructed Michael Theroux,
his webmaster, to terminate his website. (see
http://www.borderlands.com/robertfraud.htm for Michael's
explanation)  He also stated that he will no longer be making
any radio appearances or disseminating e-mails.  How convenient.

Fool me once..shame on you Mr. Stephens.  Fool me twice...shame
on me.  I would suggest that we not allow ourselves to be fooled
again and take him at his word...no more platforms.  The only
Intruder in this story...was Stephens himself.

Good-bye Mr. Stephens.  Thank you for the lesson.

Peter A. Gersten

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