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{98} part 1 - United Kingdom UFO Network

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Subject: {98} part 1 - United Kingdom UFO Network

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Subject: {98} part 1 - United Kingdom UFO Network

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 U K  /  /  //  ___/ /  /  /                        5th January 1999
     /  /  //  /    /  /  /  N E T W O R K         part 1 - Issue 98
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The United Kingdom UFO Network - a free electronic magazine with
subscribers in 58 countries.

This issue comes in 3 parts. If any part is missing please mail:
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In this issue:


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Special Guest log

Joyce L. Murphy - Beyond Boundaries

United Kingdom News

[UK 1] Tony Dodd alive and well
[UK 2] Matthew Williams statement of activities
[UK 3] Sighting late 1950's Bexhill on Sea, Sussex
[UK 4] British TV viewers in for a treat
[UK 5] Reports of UFOs vanish mysteriously into space
[UK 6] UFO Call for police officers
[UK 7] Space holidays thought likely by 2010
[UK 8] Puzzle over alien 'discovery'
[UK 9] Alien hoax dismays scientists
[UK 10] Graham W. Birdsall
[UK 11] X-Files riddle of whine that goes to woman's heads

World News

[W 1] Air Force Pilot Plays Chase with UFO
[W 2] Village officials attempted to postpone Halloween
[W 3] Earth has heart of solid iron
[W 4] Astronauts cross new threshold
[W 5] Art Bell
[W 6] The nations of the world will have to unite
[W 7] Diplomatic silence on aliens

Book serialisation



By D. Lynne Bishop


The UFO Phenomenon CD Rom

Statement, Subscription Information, IRC connecting

How, where, and maybe even why, to find us - and what to do when you
get there.



Welcome to the first issue of 1999. I wonder just what this year has
in store for us. Several unnerving things have come to light over
this past month. An incite is given by Graham Birdsall in his UFO
Magazine editorial (reprinted below). A disturbing article 'Dawn Of A
New Age?' delves deeper into this and can be read in the
January/February issue of UFO Magazine (UK).

How many of you last year (98) filled in the online form at Nasa's
web site for your name and or others to be placed on a CD which would
go with the Mars Polar Lander. Nasa were after 1,000,000 names to be
placed on the CD which would journey with the Polar Lander.

The rocket successfully lifted off on Sunday 3rd January and is due
to arrive at Mars in December this year. The lander is designed to
work in tandem with its sister ship, the Mars Climate Orbiter,
launched three weeks ago. Further information can be found further
into the e-zine.


Available for download from the below urls is a scanned image of the
Roswell Daily Record of 4th July 1947 - 'RAAF Captures Flying
Saucer'. The file is a graphic image which can be zoomed into so that
all of the text on the front page can be read.

There are two file formats - gif & xif. Gif images are viewable in
most art type programs. The xif image is viewable by anyone who has
the Pagis Scanworks software or their freeware viewer. The beauty of
the xif format is that the file size is much smaller than normal
picture formats such as gif, jpg, bmp etc and there is no loss of
quality. In future any pictures made available by uk.ufo.nw will be
available in both the xif and one other format.

If you would like to download the xif Pagis viewer (freeware) at
1.4Mb point your browser to:


The Roswell Daily Record in xif format at 277Kb:


The Roswell Daily Record in gif format at 468Kb:


IRC Guest Log

Joyce L. Murphy
Special guest on UK.UFO.NW - IRC - #UFO channel

The below text is a log of the United Kingdom UFO Network -IRC-
(internet relay chat) meeting held on Saturday 12th December 1998.
Joyce Murphy kindly gave up a few hours of her time to answer
questions from visitors to our dedicated UFO channel.

Names within the < > symbols e.g. <Nesssus> are the nick names of the
person/s asking the questions/s. Where you see <Joyce> is the start
of Joyce Murphy's reply.


Our thanks to Dave_UFO for setting up the meeting with Joyce.
Our thanks to Crow & Raine for moderating the meeting.
Our thanks also to the many, many people who joined the channel.

Short - BIOGRAPHY - Joyce L. Murphy

Joyce L. Murphy, president and founder of Beyond Boundaries UFO / ET / Paranormal
Research Organization, is now regarded as being an excellent source of international
information on current phenomenon. She organizes and leads expeditions all over the
world where current UFO / ET / Paranormal events are occurring, traveling with a
primary team of qualified scientific investigators to gather the available data and
networking closely with local village researchers in acquiring the information
directly from the sources. These unique and exclusive research findings are shared
with the interested world via the Beyond Boundaries newsletter and website. Since the
Beyond Boundaries headquarters has become a huge databank of such information, much of
it being tangible evidence such as photos and videotapes, TV and movie interests
frequently contact this organization for their unique show material.

Joyce and her research expeditions have been the subject of several TV programs, film
documentaries, magazine articles, and Joyce is known as the catalyst around the globe
by professionals in the industry wanting to connect with the grassroots sources of
this pertinent and timely information. The most recent film project was the Strange
Universe Mex Files which included a fantastic undeniable documented sighting near Mt.
Popocatepetl, in central Mexico, and yielded 10 valuable segments for this television

Joyce and the Beyond Boundaries expedition teams have worked in the field with such
well known UFOlogists as George Knapp, Linda Moulton Howe, Robert Dean, Colin Andrews,
and Marc Davenport in producing conference lecture material and film documentaries.
The Tokyo Borderland magazine commissioned her recently for a series of articles
sending a team of 6 journalists to travel with her throughout the Caribbean. A group
of Australian physicians recently completed such an expedition with Joyce to uncover
stories for their contactee work in Mexico.

Joyce serves as roving correspondent for the Sightings on the Radio Show with Jeff
Rense and has produced many 3 hour radio shows broadcast live from wherever her
expeditions have traveled throughout the world. The guest of several TV shows in many
countries, subject of major news articles, subject of private consultation by senators
wanting to know more about the subject, and guest of countless radio talk shows Joyce
is not a novice to what the news and entertainment media want from her expeditions.

Joyce Murphy's educational and professional background includes two bachelor of
science degrees, one in mathematics, which provided the interest which began her
career in researching the fractal geometries of the English crop formations several
years ago. She was a public school teacher and most recently owned a travel agency
which afforded her even greater opportunities to travel to the four corners of the
globe, traveling with such notables as Lawrence Blair of the Ring of Fire Series in
the Indonesian islands, Australia, and New Guinea. Any paranormal subject has been
covered in great depth by one expedition or another led by Joyce.

Married with three grown sons and six grandchildren, Joyce and her husband Pike live
in a rural wilderness in Texas when not traveling on international expeditions or out
presenting the Beyond Boundaries roadshow, comprehensive of all findings, to
interested audiences throughout the United States.
Joyce now is a fulltime investigator of the phenomenon, manages an international
database, publishes an award winning newsletter, and leads several expeditions per
year on meaningful quests worldwide.

tel / fax: 817-573-1576


Session Start: Sat Dec 12 23:02:02 1998

<Dave_UFO> Raine it's over to you.

<Raine> If you have a question for Joyce please /msg raine or crow and NOT Joyce,

<Raine> Joyce is there anything you would like to tell us before we start with the

<Joyce> First of all let me tell you that I probably have very few answers to any of
the bigger questions - if any - I always have more questions than I started out with
the more that I learn about this crazy subject. I have not had any experiences of my
own to speak of other than the wonderful adventures we always seem to have on these
expeditions - I know a little bit about a whole lot but probably not a lot about any
one aspect of this subject

<Raine> <CR0W> Hello Joyce, can you tell us what your perseption is of crop
formations, since you last visited the U.K.?

<Raine> Joyce can you type JM when you are ready for the next question please, thanks.

<Joyce> Okay - my last expeditions to the crop formations in Wiltshire was July and
early Aug of '98 - I was very disappointed to learn that the stupid hoaxing is still
going on - Probably my greatest learning came from a couple of very ordinary local
people - who told me they were never urged by inner guidance or self to visit the
hoaxed formations - and they were in the last one we visited near Swindon - was the
one that ilyes described as a trumpet - do not have the

<Joyce> JM

<Raine> Joyce can you type your answers in smaller chunks at a time please as this
program can only hold small amounts in the buffer

<Raine> <Carnado> Joyce, what is the latest of the Tian-Shan (Shaitan Mazar) 91 Ufo
Crash story?

<Joyce> sorry - my first chat session JM

<Raine> we understand, no worries :)

<Joyce> The latest of the Tian-Shan story - sorry I don't seem to know what your are
talking about on this case - JM

<Raine> <Dave_UFO> Joyce have you any knowledge of the 'Rods' that have been spoken
about recently filmed by a team of parachutists decending into a deep gauge in Mexico.

<Joyce> No - not on this particular rods story - I know Becky Escamilla of Midway NM
who films rods all the time there - JM

<CR0W> If you have a question for Joyce please /msg raine or /msg cr0w with them.

<Raine> <CR0W> Joyce can you tell us what is the most credible of all cases you have
come across and why ?

<Joyce> The dimensional portal story near Fortaleza Brasil - saw footage on that case
that showed the actual portal JM

<Raine> <stu7> Joyce... how many strange sites have you visited this season ? All
together, since you started ?

<Joyce> Probably 25 to 30 different areas of the world since I started doing
cropcircles expeditions about 7 yrs ago JM

<Raine> <CR0W> Joyce could you give some more details on the dimensional portal story

<Joyce> A mathematics professor and his brother were given telepathic communication to
go to a rural village about 200 km from their home -

<Joyce> they were told they would see a portal but when they got there everyone was
seeing BVM apparitions - 4000 people there JM

<Raine> <Dave_UFO> What can you tell us of the rods that Becky Escamilla of Midway
films. Sounds very interesting.

<Joyce> The rods are long things that seem to always be shooting across the sky in
front of their home - they think they could be some sort of dimensional animals JM

<Raine> <RavNmaD> Joyce, is the video of the protal available anywhere?
<Joyce> The video belongs to the math professor - He wants full credit for the
discovery but I think would share it if urged - I will be happy to put you in touch
with him privately JM

<Raine> <Dave_UFO> How much time during a year do you spend travelling around?

<Joyce> Right now we are averaging one expedition almost per month - and in between I
travel around the U.S. with the slide presentation - expeditions are international JM

<Raine> <stu7> Joyce... has your group ever visited the peruvian(?) stargate ?

<Joyce> No - have been to Peru on a spiritual quest - but not for UFOs or to visit the
stargate - have heard of it JM

<Raine> <I-Knight> Joyce, I saw a video recently on George Knapp's "Russian UFO
Files". He seems to be very excited about this new source of information. Were you
involved in the visit to Russia and can you give us any further information on the
latest developments?

<Joyce> I have not been involved with George on his Russia investigation - He joined
one of my early circles expeditions and did a documentary - know very little about
Russia except what I heard from Valery Uvarov JM

<Raine> <Dave_UFO> Joyce this question is asked of every guest and you are no
exception I'm afraid. Have you ever been approached in way and told not to continue
your investigations?

<CR0W> If you have a question for Joyce please /msg raine or /msg cr0w with them.

<Joyce> No - Have had Pentagon officials on my expeditions, CIA who fully admit their
professions, people involved with Rockefeller, NIDS, and those are just the ones I
know about - No threats or "advise" from anyone JM

<Raine> <CR0W> Joyce if anyone here wanted to join you on an expedition what would
they have to do?

<Joyce> Contact Beyond Boundaries, follow the procedure for paying their expenses -
all expeditions are non profit - and then convince me they have proper interest and
prerequisites for the subjects covered JM

<Raine> <Dave_UFO> What is the most exciting information that has come your way

<Joyce> That's a hard one - I am just like a fly on the wall taking in everything that
goes one around me - but in this subject my more intriguing interests are dimensional
portals - probably meeting and visiting with 3 of the Montauk boys recently - JM

<Raine> <mawster> have you ever researched the use of ayahuasca among the native south
american tribes, and/or their claims of having contact with extra
terrestrial/dimensional entities?
<Joyce> I assume you mean the shaman's drug - No - but if you will go to Jan 30th
broadcast in Sightings archives for Belem Brasil you will find a very interesting
story from a physicist we interviewed about his work in the Amazon JM

<Raine> <Dave_UFO> Joyce you run your own news letter via e-mail. Would you like to
give details of how it can be obtained.

<Joyce> We are a membership organization - there is a form on our website - membership
gets you the 28 pg newsletter 6 x per yr JM

<Raine> <CR0W> What have you been working on most recently anything you can tell us at
this stage.

<Joyce> Right now I am hard at work on our Australia - New Zealand - Tasmania
expedition Jan 14th as well as our expeditions into the Basque country of Spain -
making contact with 100's of local people JM

<Raine> <jez_ufo> Joyce, have you had a chance to visit Sedona, Arizona to examine the
electromagnetic disturbances there, and if so, what were your conclusions?

<Joyce> Yes - several times - Found a lot of people who feel and see things - But as
for me, I guess I am not sensitive enough - visited all the vortices etc and felt
nothing - expensive place to visit JM

<Raine> <Dave_UFO> Joyce do you have any overall feelings for the future of ufology
and all it encompasses.

<Joyce> I keep saying if just one little incident involving ETs would take place that
could not be denied as real in our 3D world then we are all going to be swamped for
information we have gathered - until then we are just a tiny little study group in a
huge world JM

<Raine> <Nesssus> Hi Joyce, my question for ou is, Who was the most "interesting"
person that you have interviewed so far? And in what way was they the most interesting?

<CR0W> If you have a question for Joyce please /msg raine or /msg cr0w with them.

<Joyce> Oh Gee - it would be some little nobody way out in some tiny little jungle
somewhere - can name many - but when you are face to face with a person who has just
met with an "angel" or "ET" and possibly is telling the very recent story for the
first time to an outsider - and looks you right in the eye - that is impressive to me -

<Raine> <yush> a question, what is the truth in the north pole discovery or the link
between greenhouse gases to "take control"

<Joyce> I have very little information on that situation - but just heard on TV a
couple of days ago that the head of the biggest coal fired polluter in the world says
that the greenhouse effect is good for the world - will help us grow bigger and better
jungles - isn't that something - He thinks he is helping the planet JM

<Raine> <I-Knight> Have you investigated the Mexico Sightings and if so what can you
tell us about your investigations?
<Joyce> I was told about two days after that film was made public to be very careful -
not to make any statement on belief or doubt as to the authenticity of those pics -
but that incident is not what is important in Mexico - have more to tell you JM

<Raine> <Benat2> How much is membership and whats your url? what got you involved in

<Joyce> http://www.beyondboundaries.org $30 per yr JM

<Raine> <^Darren> Joyce, have you been following the obelisk approaching from space
and was supposed to land in Arizona a few days ago? What are your thoughts?

<Joyce> Yes - I have collected all info I could find on the EQ Pegasi - I am staying
totally open on this subject - would like to say I believe it all to be very possible -

<Raine> <I-Knight> You mentioned Montauk... What do you think of the writing of
Preston Nichols and Peter Moon?

<Joyce> I bought the 3 books - dusted them a few times - then after my recent trip to
Long Island I read them as quickly as possible - I have several other experiences that
seem to support their writings JM

<Raine> <Nesssus> hi again Joyce, who would you like to interview that you have'nt had
the chance to so far?

-> *k9* topic #ufo Joyce Murphy http://www.beyondboundaries.org channel #ufo2 open for
unmoderated discussion. /msg raine or cr0w your questions.

<Joyce> I want to go back to the Western Samoan island of Savaii - to the buried
pyramid, to the cave of the Little People - and to the cradle of Polynesia which is
almost totally unknown to UFOlogists - lots happening there JM

*** K9 changes topic to 'Joyce Murphy http://www.beyondboundaries.org channel #ufo2
open for unmoderated discussion. /msg raine or cr0w your questions._'

<Raine> <^Darren> Joyce, do you think we are heading towards a major ufo
contact/landing in the next year or two considering the accelerating increase in

<Joyce> Yes - I will certainly go out a big limb to say Yes - soon - something is
going to happen on these lines - I have talked with many people in many countries who
claim they have received prophecies by different means - Contact is going to be soon,
they say JM

<Raine> <I-Knight> What are the other experiences that support the Montauk writings?

<Joyce> Who is really running the world - and behind the Montauk project - which they
say is still alive and well - I had just visited with people in Pennsylvania who gave
me stories and supporting evidence - too long to share here - would be willing to sent
reprints of past stories written on this subject JM

<Raine> <stu7> Joyce... so, has your group ever visited Mexico, to see the mass
sightings ?

<Joyce> Yes - filmed our own sighting - a contactee told us her friends would come by
the volcano to say hello - they did - in a giant barbell shaped craft about 3 miles up
- filmed at precisely the time expected - JM

<Raine> <Nesssus> joyce do you think that the Americn government will ever come clean
on the issue of UFO and etc?

<Joyce> Oh, I think probably more and more info will be made public - but that is all
old stuff - what we are interested in is current phenomenon that is happening right
now - unpublished unreported unembellished true accounts JM

<Raine> <^Darren> Joyce, do you think the increase in solar flare activity over the
past year (ish) is generating the energy to facilitate the opening of dimensional
portals and that's why we are seeing more and more craft/beings?

<Joyce> Very possibly so - There are portals opening everywhere - just ran right into
one in Connecticut the other day - a voice from within the area said hello to me - a
long story - a ring of light appeared when the portal opened - Now NSA is
headquartered right next door in a residential neighborhood? JM

<Raine> <Dave_UFO> You obviously gather a tremendous amount of information on your
travels. How do you store it?

<Joyce> There are two books being written right now - about me and Beyond Boundaries -
by a PhD Psychologist - in one of the books will be every story we have ever gathered
on UFO ET Paranormal Spiritual phenomenon - also for the past two years newsletter
reports all -JM

<Raine> <I-Knight> Over the last few years ther has been a big increase in reported
daylight UFO sightings. Do you think this is indicative that ET's are possibly
intending to make more open contact with humanity in the near future?

<Joyce> I have heard people that I never would have thought say things lately about
weird dreams, lucid dreams, things that happened to them that could now have been a
dream, people reaching out to find out what is really happening to them - this could
be a form of contact? JM

<Raine> <stu7> ...Joyce... you say you're from "Rainbow" Texas... where in the
state is that ? Near Roswell maybe :)

<CR0W> If you have a question for Joyce please /msg raine or /msg cr0w with them.

<Joyce> No - not near Roswell - but come on by to visit anyway - We are about 70 miles
southwest of Dallas - on Mitchell Bend of the Brazos River - JM

<Raine> <jez_ufo> Joyce, have you any plans to visit Varginha, Brazil regarding the
alleged capture of 'strange beings' back around 20th - 23rd Jan, 1996?

<Joyce> No - spent 18 days in Brasil last Jan - had decided at that time Varginha was
too old a story - was in the past - probably had become commercial as well as too
embellished - there was so much current stuff going on - but since then have become
friends with V. Pacaccini JM

<Raine> <Dave_UFO> Have you spoken to many people who have had experience of the
Chupacabras. How do they come across to you?

<Joyce> Yes - please read the story of the little lamb - I hope on my website - the
chupacabras is for real - have interviewed many people who just chased one out of
their yard the night before - one brave lady was swinging a big machete while telling
us she was going to get that &*I()(*&^** for killing her chickens JM

<Raine> <^Darren> Joyce, is it true what I've heard (do you know) that the room below
where the Mexico footage was shot happens to be Jamie Mousan's (spelling?) state-of-
the-art digital video editing suite? Co-incidence?

<Joyce> I haven't heard that one - have been to Jaime's studio - if it is that same
studio it didn't look too state of the art to me - but I know very little about
videotaping - JM

<Raine> <mawster> do you think that man is just too primitive to be a member of a
"higher" society?

<Joyce> In my opinion - the so called normal - ordinary - average citizen of every
country is so far in the dark - their heads so stuck in the sand of the everyday world
of having to feed their families and so caught up in the fantasy of television they
don't have a clue - probably more in the dark today than in any dark ages of
civilization JM

<Raine> <I-Knight> Have you any contact/experiences with remote viewers? Anything UFO

<CR0W> If you have a question for Joyce please /msg raine or /msg cr0w with them.

<Joyce> Yes - not directly affecting me - but have been very close to people affected
by such - Also, I have taken courses myself in psychic development and mind control
that work much like remote viewing - anyone can do it - Also have seen people while
they were traveling in astral realm to spacecraft supposedly - getting ET contact JM

<Raine> <Nesssus> Joyce who do you think is keeping the most secrets in the USA, the
NSA, the CIA, the FBI, the Air Foroce or the US Navy?

<Joyce> The US Navy - It is my hypothesis - that if you find a dimensional portal -
things coming and going through it - you will find the Navy Seals guarding that portal
- crazy I know - but was verified just a few days ago to me - JM

<Raine> <I-Knight> A friend told me recently about a short film clip where this
massive disc-shaped UFO was filmed moving past a building. The ship was huge! Do you
know anything about this?

<Joyce> Would this be the Mexico city recent video that someone gave to Jaime Maussan?
Or did this happen somewhere else - I do know that people who claim to travel to craft
very often now report that they are huge - But I don't know of any film of a giant
craft? JM

<Raine> <^Darren> Joyce, how do you think the world will react when the crafts/beings
land on the preverbial White House lawn?

<Joyce> I could think of a lot of funny things to say right now when we can't watch a
news program without seeing our president's shame - but I think that TV has
conditioned people to just probably ignore it - say no - can't be - that is what I
just saw on TV - not real - stuck in the fantasy storage of the brain - JM

<Raine> <stu7> Joyce... sorry to ask this... but are you the same group who advertise
tours in the newage mags ?

<Joyce> No - the last ad I had was in UFO Magazine in the U.S. - don't think we have
anything in a newage type place - don't advertise except by our newsletter - no profit
to be made - so we always have people waiting to join us - JM

<Raine> <^Darren> Joyce, Rather than building new rockets, probes space stations etc,
do you think we should be developing our minds as the better form of space/dimensional
travel to visit other worlds?

<Joyce> I think we should focus of our spiritual development - doing something to
provide a more positive environment for our younger generations - less materialistic
societies - focus of our love of fellow beings - unconditional love - that seems to
always be the basis of any so called ET message - but now most I hear have turned to
get ready for what's coming stuff JM

<Raine> <I-Knight> do you think that some/many UFO contacts are psychic in nature
rather than being a physical phenomena?

<Joyce> I have learned from my experiences to never doubt the story of someone's
experience - that they have their own individual bubble of reality - might not be real
at all in my own bubble - JM

<Raine> <^Darren> Joyce, have you put any articles about your portal experiences on
your website?

<Joyce> I think the Brasil story is in there - forgot to mention that the most
impressing fact of UFOlogy in Brasil is that every researcher is also a degreed
scientist - almost everyone we met there - I will have to check on that - had a short
article in the last newsletter - will put it on the site soon JM

<Raine> <^Darren> Joyce, do you think we all need to start thinking in terms other
than what we "know" in science? I know some people don't believe in the dimensional
and portal theories.

<Joyce> Well, when I was finishing my math degree - I learned that at that time the
string theory allowed for 10 spatial dimensions that co exist along with our 3D world -
 now is increased to 20 spatial dimensions - where are those other dimensions and what
is in them - I think we have a lot to learn about the "new" physics and science -
teleportation is now a fact - have you heard that? JM

<Raine> Thats it for questions now Joyce, would you like to finish it there or is
there anything that you haven't been asked tonight that you would like to tell us

<Joyce> I failed to answer someone's question about how I got started on this path -
fractal geometries of the crop formations led me into the mess - curiosity - love the
people I meet everyday - and always feel that I must share what I have learned - get
others out of their routines to get out in the world and explore -

<Joyce> Please visit our website - will try to share everything - Thanx - JM

<Raine> Thanks alot Joyce for coming on sharing your time with us we all appreciate it

<CR0W> Well thank you very much indeed Joyce for joining us tonight, it's been quite
an insite into the beyondboundaries organisation, I wish you all the best for the

<Joyce> Thank you for giving me this opportunity - JM

<Raine> Please come and join us again sometime soon :)

<CR0W> We will now go unmoderated so everyone can bid you farewell

<Dave_UFO> Thank you for being so patient with us, while we got you set up - so-to-

Session Close: Sun Dec 13 01:01:07 1998

-[continued in part 2]-
United Kingdom UFO Network

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