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{98} part 2 - United Kingdom UFO Network

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Subject: {98} part 2 - United Kingdom UFO Network

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Subject: {98} part 2 - United Kingdom UFO Network

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 U K  /  /  //  ___/ /  /  /                        5th January 1999
     /  /  //  /    /  /  /  N E T W O R K         part 2 - Issue 98
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The United Kingdom UFO Network - a free electronic magazine with
subscribers in 58 countries.

This issue comes in 3 parts. If any part is missing please mail:
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United Kingdom News

[UK 1]******

Source: Tony Dodd
Date: 17th November 1998

"It has come to my notice from several directions that I have retired from Ufology and
the investigation of the same. I don't know how this rumour started or why it was
circulated, but I would like to set the record straight.

In January, 1998 I resigned as a director of Quest International and UFO Magazine in
order to persue my own investigations into the UFO phenomenon. This I have continued
to do with all means at my disposal and can state categorically that I have no
intention of retiring or withdrawing from the subject. To all my friends in the field,
I thank you for your support over the years and remember I will be working alongside

My 'E Mail' address is tonydd@globalnet.com

Best Wishes,

Tony Dodd.

[UK 2] ******

Source: Matthew Williams [truthseekers@btinternet.com]
Date: 19th October 1998

To those concerned.... here is my statement on our activities. I hope
people see the positive side to all of this - because there really is one.

Love Matthew & Paul


I Matthew Williams admit that during the summer of 1998 I made crop
circles in the United Kingdom.

This effort was undertaken in order to continue research into the circles
phenomena and follows on from limited circlemaking which took place in 96
and 97.

The *initial* reasons for undertaking this research are as follows:

1. To determine how easy or hard it is to make complex formations.
2. To observe the reactions of researchers in the crop circle fraternity
and to see how good their senses are for the recognition of man made
3. To ascertain if their if there is a form of communication
observable between circlemakers via pattern progression. This includes
human and "alien" or "spirit" intelligences.
4. To observe if there were any unusual effects observable of an anomalous nature
whilst making a circle - as has been stated on many occasions by other human
5. To understand the phenomena of circlemaking and its effects from a
different perspective - that of a circlermaker as opposed to researcher.
6. To ascertain if various other claims of previous human circlemakers
were true.

The need for secrecy in our work was paramount so as not to change our
results or effect the reactions of public or circles researchers. This was
not an attempt to "HOAX" people - merely a need to maintain status quo, so
as to establish a control sample from which we could guague reactions.

We did inform some researchers of what we were doing and even some close
friends. We obviously did not then refer to these people in our
observations as they were no longer part of the control. Some people are
offended because "they were not told". Well this is a fact they would have
to deal with. As far as we are concerned we told only those that we
considered important enough. Now that the "secret" is out, we are happy to
talk more openly about our results. Hopefully this will satisfy the
questions of those who were not given privvy to inside knowledge.


It was clear that a few months into the circlemaking season that as we
progressed in our endeavours that our group of circlemakers was changing
its opinions and motorvations as to circlemaking. This also progressively
effected a change in the inital questions that were being asked by us.

We observed many unusual phenomena in and around the fields whilst making
circles. We noticed changes in our outlook on life whilst making the
circles and got a sense that we were in communciation with a much higher
intelligence regarding the responses to our circle designs - ie: other
circles which appeared as an apparent reponse to circles which we created.

I will not go into to greater detail about what exactly these life
altering changes were as some of this is still sinking in for me, the
realisations still far too fantastic for me to feel comfortable writing

However I can say that due to special coincidences which took place -
which included the creation of almost exactly the same types of designs
appearing in different parts of the country on the same nights as we were
working, we had to conclude that human circlemakers (ourselves included)
were being given inspiration from a higher source for their designs.

Due to this change in attitude we them started to see circlemaking as a
form of sacred art which has a higher purpose. This is how I still
currently regard the subject.

Our circles were regarded by the circle research community as genuine.

We witnessed many measurable effects wuch as dowsability of the crop
circle after creation. These tests were undertaken by both ourselves and
independant researchers - albeit not to a scientific standard, but to a
near enough level for our benefit.

UFOs and other paranormal events were percieved in and around the areas
where we were making circles whilst we undertook their construction.

Whilst making circles we became aware that we were being protected by some
unseen force or intelligence whilst we worked. This was evidenced many
times to us and even took on the form of making us invisible and inaudible
to people standing on the edge of the field we were working in. (We at
first found this very very disconcerting having thought that we had been
caught out by either members of the public or circles researchers, only to
find out that we could not be seen or heard!) Maybey this is why no human
circlemakers have ever been caught.

People also experienced various equipment failures in our circles and
strange video andphotographic evidence has been collected by circles
researchers and public.


We believe Crop Circles to be a sacred form of art whose purpose is to
mystify people and cause them to ask questions of themselves about their
spirituality and the nature of the universe. Without the circles -whoever
the creators are then such questions would not be asked.

Crop circles do represent a tangable paranormal attractor and emitter.

We think that the message of the higher intelligence behind inspiration
for crop circles and subsequent paranormal activity contained therewithin
is entirely benign and friendly in nature.

The circles we made and considered by us to be genuine in both their
undamaged nature - how we were able to achieve non damage to plants with
use of our "stomper" boards (in the case of some, but not all, circles) is
a magical effect.

The subject grows in dynamism and interest due to human involvement - as
it human involvement that is a heavy part of the circle phenomena.

There is probably a non human intelligence working alongside human circle
makers to create some circles outright. IE the original phenomena still
remains creating circles - a fact to which ALL human circlemakers agree.
This is a very worthy point to note! Evidence to this come in the form of
additions to circles which appear in the morning.

There are fruther conclusions that will be revealed as we compile our


Anyone wishing to take part in creating circles must do so with reverence
and attempt to maintain a very high standard of work. They should not
discuss the details fo their work with anyone outside their team - so as
not to lose the magical effect for public observers. It is an old addage
that authorship causes circles to lose they mystique. Mystique can be a
shamanistic way to draw people towards a greater realisation through a
occult act (in some cases). *please take the word occult in its literal
sense, not a sinister sense*

I am sure that those who do ask for guidance get it. Ask with humility and
you may be surprised to see your circlemaking ability improve radically.
When circles are made with the wrong intent they look bad and do not have
paranormal effects attatched to them (sometimes they do but in a lessened
quantity - or warped/strange effects are observed).

Good luck everybody....

I think this information only goes to make the circle phenomena bigger
than it ever was before. Circle researchers should at last now embrace
these facts and get on board - see the bigger picture and we should all be
thankful that circles have for those who are preapred to take seriously
what they read here.

Love and enlightenment

Matthew Williams & Paul Damon

[UK 3]******

From: "Ron H" <ronald.hollyfield@cableol.co.uk>
Date sent: 8th November 1998

Dear Dave,

I was very interested in the Birmingham policeman sighting a star that '
shot up quickly', and you may be interested in the following personal

Observed at Bexhill on Sea, Sussex.

In the late 1950's (probably '57) my wife and I were walking home after an
evening with friends. The November sky was brilliant, a mass of stars and
we tried to recognise various constellations. Almost directly above us,
but slightly to the East was a group of stars forming a triangle, the
distance between each star being about one forefinger fingertip held at
arms length. (Does that make sense?) Quite suddenly the two Southernmost
stars shot across the sky in a Southerly direction at enormous speed, and
then equally suddenly stopped. After probably 20 or 30 seconds the 'stars'
shot off again, one to the South, the other making a ninety degree turn
and heading West. After a few seconds both objects disappeared, not by
going out of range, but as if someone had "turned the lights off".

It is worth mentioning that there was no noise, no flashing lights and
strangely no visible acceleration, the objects going from stationary to
'flat out' immediately. The distances traveled must have been enormous,
being first (before stopping) some eighteen inches - at star distance, and
then again another eighteen inches. If indeed these were manned craft of
some sort, it is difficult to visualise how a life form could tolerate the
'G' levels that would have been encountered.

I have a theory about what my wife and I saw - but that's another story.

Best wishes

Ron Hollyfield

[UK 4] ******

Source: UFO Magazine UK

uk.ufo.nw says: It looks like those of us in the UK are in for an interesting few
months on the TV. If UFO Magazine have had a hand in many of these I for one am
looking forward to viewing them. "Father Christmas I want some blank video's"

British TV viewers in for a treat.

British terrestrial and satellite TV viewers are in for a real treat as we enter 1999,
as a host of UFO-related programmes begin to appear. BSKYB have five major 1-hour
documentaries; Channel 4 have four 1-hour documentaries; Central TV have scheduled a 1-
hour nightly slot which will run for 6 months. Even the Disney Channel have got in on
the act with an impending nightly 1-week series specifically aimed at youngsters.
Granada TV are also producing a series on UFOs and the paranormal while BBC 2 will be
featuring a 30-minute special in January.

UFO Magazine has assisted all of the above programme-makers and our offices at times
have resembled a mini-TV studio, with passers-by outside curious as to what has been
going on as bright arc lights burned well into the night.

[UK 5] ******

Source: The Times
Publish Date: 15th August 1998

Reports of UFOs vanish mysteriously into space


THE little green men from outer space have packed their bags, fired up their flying
saucers and headed home. Or perhaps we have just become a little less credulous.
Reported sightings of UFOs have fallen dramatically in Britain in the past year,
according to the Ministry of Defence. In 1996, 609 people told the ministry that they
had seen an unidentified flying object. Last year, the figure dropped to 425. In the
first six months of this year only 88 people reported sightings.

Ministry officials differed from UFO experts yesterday in explaining the decline. A
ministry spokesman suggested that Hollywood was to blame. The unusually high 1996
figures had, he said, been prompted by the film Independence Day, with its story of
aliens trying to destroy Earth. This was compounded by Men in Black, last year's film
about aliens living on our planet. Similarly high numbers occurred after Close
Encounters of the Third Kind in the late 1970s, when sightings rocketed from 435 to

The spokesman added that the Hale-Bopp comet and last year's 50th anniversary of an
American pilot coining the term "flying saucer" had contributed to the figures. "There
was a series of films and events in 1996 and 1997 which triggered off a spate of
reports from the public," he said. "In contrast, this year we have had the World Cup."

His theory has a flaw: UFO sightings dropped from 600 to 250 after ET hit the screens
in 1982. Nick Pope, a UFO expert and civil servant who investigated sightings for the
ministry between 1991 and 1994, was sceptical of the films theory: "The idea of a link
is an attempt to try to trivialise the UFO project."

Graham Birdsall, editor of UFO Magazine, said official reports of sightings had
declined because the ministry decided last year to stop taking them in person over the
telephone, installing an answering machine instead. This put people off making a

He claimed that the official figures represented only 10 per cent of UFO sightings,
most of which went unreported because observers were afraid of being mocked. Many
other reports, made to the police and airports, did not reach the ministry.

The official figures were given in a written parliamentary answer to Lord Hill-Norton,
the 83-year-old former First Sea Lord and UFO aficionado. His only comment yesterday
was that he did not think the number of sightings had dropped.

[UK 6]******

Source: Police Review magazine
Publish Date: 18th September 1998

uk.ufo.nw says: This article was brought to our attention by a police office friend of
ours. Police Review is a magazine available to anyone but covers all police forces
throughout the United Kingdom.

This letter appeared on the letters page.

UFO Call

As a freelance writer, I am currently researching and investigating police involvement
in the UFO subject. To get a nationwide perspective, I would like to make an appeal
for any retired or serving police officers who have had any involvement in UFO
sightings or have had any personal experience to contact me.

This information will be collated into a book that I am currently writing.

All individuals will be acknowledged should they wish to be, or alternatively, I have
no objection to the use of pseudonyms and will, of course, have the utmost respect for
personal privacy and confidentiality.

Should you wish to contact me, you can write or phone at: Irene Bott, 11 Sandy Lane,
Rugeley, Staffordshire, WS15 2LB. Tel: 01889 576771. Mobile: 01523 102476

[UK 7]******

Source: BBC
Date: Wednesday 30th December 1998

Space holidays thought likely by 2010

Holidays in space could be available in just over a decade, author of 2001: A Space
Odyssey, Arthur C. Clarke has said.

"I am sure space tourism will be big business by 2010" he told the BBC.

"Space travel is at the same stage of development as aviation in 1910"

Gene Myer, of US firm Space Islands, said British Airways and Virgin Airlines were
developing ideas.

He said a weeks holiday in a space hotel would be selling for 10,000 pounds.

[UK 8]******

uk.ufo.nw says: The below two reports speak for themselves. UK 9 follows on from UK 8.

Source: BBC Online
Publish Date: Thursday 29th October 1998

Puzzle over alien 'discovery'

Is there intelligent life in this star system?

By our Science Editor David Whitehouse
The scientific world is buzzing with the suggestion that signals from aliens living in
another star system may have been picked up by a part-time astronomer.

Other astronomers are scrambling to confirm or deny them.

It could either be the most important discovery ever made, or more likely, a case of
mistaken identity or an elaborate hoax.

At first the part-time astronomer who discovered the signals would not reveal his
identity. However he has since been named as Paul Dore of Siemens Plessey Systems in
the UK.

He has been using a small radio telescope belonging to his firm to scan the sky for
intelligent signals.

On October 22 and on the following night, he reported detecting signals from the EQ
Pegasi star system which is 22 light years away.

The signals were not the type that occurs naturally. The data has been distributed to
several astronomers and observatories.

However astronomers at the Jodrell Bank Observatory in England say it is all a case of
mistaken identity. Astronomer Ian Morrison told BBC News Online: "I think he has
detected signals from a satellite."

The truth is out there

The same search for extra-terrestrial life is being carried out by professional
astronomers using the world's largest radio telescopes such as the one in Arecibo,
Puerto Rico.

They call it Seti, the Search for Extra-Terrestrial Intelligence.

With the development of radio astronomy in the 1950s, astronomers realised that they
had telescopes that could send and receive radio signals between the stars.

The first search for radio signals from space was in 1960. Two nearby stars were
observed but no signals were detected.

Since then about 40 searches have been made. Many unusual signals have been detected
but astronomers think that none of them were from intelligent life.

Last month astronomers at the giant Arecibo radio telescope conducting 'project
Phoenix,' a detailed search for radio signals from intelligent life in space, detected
a signal from EQ Peg but concluded that it was man-made interference.

The EQ Peg star system is unlike our own. It consists of two dim red dwarf stars
orbiting each other. From time to time explosions, so-called stellar flares, occur on
both stars.

Detecting signals from some form of intelligence living in a nearby star system would
be the most important scientific discovery ever made.

At the moment it seems likely that the 'alien' radio signals are just man-made

Terrestrial signals can easily fool astronomers into thinking that they have detected

The searchers of project Phoenix recently tracked a signal for 14 hours before they
realised it was a scientific satellite.

Many astronomers involved in searching for life in space have expressed regret that
the EQ Peg observations were released without going through the procedure agreed to
tell the public about possible ET signals.

Because of this they say they are suspicious that it is all a hoax.

Even if it is it will have caused many scientists to think again about how they would
release the news of a real discovery.

[UK 9]******

Source: BBC Online
Publish Date: Tuesday 3rd November 1998

Alien hoax dismays scientists

by Science Editor Dr David Whitehouse

Some greeted it as a breakthrough. Others were more suspicious, believing it to be a

Now the strange case of the 'alien' signals from a nearby star seems to be just that.

Last week it was claimed that a British engineer working for a telecommunications
company had picked up strange signals from a nearby star system called EQ Pegasi.

The data was posted on the Internet, starting a flurry of debate. Some astronomers
went away to look at EQ Peg, others were suspicious.
Chasing a ghost.

"For the past 10 days we have been chasing a ghost," says Dr Paul Shuch executive
director of the Seti (Search for Extra-Terrestrial Intelligence) League, an
international organisation of amateur ET hunters.

The Seti League has a network of 900 members in 48 countries. Many of them operate
small radio telescopes as part of their search for alien signals from space.

"None of them has been able to find the claimed signal from EQ Peg," says Dr Shuch.

"Real science has been jeopardised. It is no longer just a hoax, it is sabotage of a
highly respected grassroots effort. It has set Seti back a hundred years."
Some of the world's major radio telescopes have also been looking for the signal with
no success.

The Australian compact array telescope, which is 30 times more powerful than the
telescope that found the original signals, has not found anything.

"We think it may be a satellite," says Ian Morison of Jodrell Bank.
Other scientists have denounced the supposed findings as a deliberate attempt to trick
the world.

"It is a hoax and not a very good one at that," says Dr Nathan Cohen of Boston

He declined to elaborate because he said such information could be useful to future

Dr Seth Shostak of the Seti Institute in California said he was suspicious because the
supposed discovery did not come through the usual channels and that the nature of the
signal was strange.

Rumours that the signal had been detected by the giant German radio telescope at
Effelsberg have also been denied. Dr Rolf Schwartz said "We are not involved in any
Seti experiment."

Paul Dore however maintains he did find something and that the British and American
security services have told him it was a secret spy satellite.

The search goes on. For the past 40 years astronomers have been using radio telescopes
to scan the sky looking for alien signals.

Their equipment, designed to sift an alien signal from the cosmic static, is getting
better all the time.

Prof Frank Drake, who conducted the first search, has said he is hopeful a detection
will be made during the next 18 months or so.

One thing is clear however. Seti scientists will have learned a lot in the past week
about how to publicise any discovery of ET, as well as how to get their message across
when they think the world is being fooled.

The discovery of alien signals from space would rank as one of the major discoveries
of all time. The lesson of EQ Peg is that releasing such news may be a somewhat messy

[UK 10]******

uk.ufo.nw says: The below is a rather interesting editorial from the current issue of
the excellent UFO Magazine. It is penned by the magazines editor Graham Birdsall. If
any reader has further information or can get hold of the Yorkshire Evening Post
article, please get in touch.

Graham Birdsall was a recent guest on uk.ufo.nw IRC channel. The text log of this
meeting can be found at our web site: www.holodeck.demon.co.uk

Source: UFO Magazine (UK)
Publish Date: January/February 1999


As most of Europe prepares to entertain Monetary Union, Britain finds itself engaged
in a familiar debate about whether it should or should not embrace what some fear will
lead to a 'United States of Europe'. "Nationalism is the only game in town," barks
nuclear physicist Stanton T. Friedman, and it's a cry taken up by many who cling to
their ideals about national sovereignty.

But while politicians of both 'for and against' camps court favour with the media to
put across their points of view to the public at large, issues far bigger than Europe
concern this particular individual, yet they strike at the very heart of the debate.

Less than five miles from our offices here in Ilkley, West Yorkshire lies RAF Menwith
Hill, America's most important overseas communications base and manned by the largest
concentration of National Security Agency personnel outside of Ft. Meade, Maryland,
home to the NSA.

I had no quarrel with such a large American presence on my doorstep, because RAF
Menwith Hill helped save thousands of allied lives during the Gulf War through the
vital interception of Iraqi communication systems. But since learning that it is to
become an anti-ballistic missile warning station, through the deployment of 'Star
Wars' technology in space, I confess to having grave doubts about its future role.

Little has appeared in the national press to alert the nation as to what is about to
happen at Menwith Hill and I seriously doubt whether most are even remotely aware that
the local council are required by an act of parliament to grant planning permission
for any new construction at the facility. The council were recently obliged to rubber
stamp the construction of two new radomes at the base, but had no idea these were to
be part of the 'Star Wars' anti-ballistic missile system until I had alerted the local
media (a front page story in the Yorkshire Evening Post emerged some 48 hours later).

What is worse, the new system planned for RAF Menwith Hill is a flagrant breach of
Article 5 of the 1972 Anti-Ballistic Missile Treaty between the United States and the
former Soviet Union according to one senior US Admiral, but nobody seems to give a
damn. What price sovereignty in all this I wonder?

It's all very odd, particularly when you begin to ask yourself why such a system is
needed in the first place - and to counter what exactly?

The Cold War is officially at an end, yet Russia has remained curiously silent. Why,
for instance, didn't it act on the retired Admiral's charge and lodge a formal
complaint with either the United States of United Nations?

The other issue which greatly concerns me is the failure on the part of the British
Government to honour its commitment to introduce a Freedom of Information Bill. I had
hoped the Queen's Speech would signal its long awaited arrival, but it was not to be.

How ironic then, that in order to prise information about the UFO subject from the
British Government, we should still have to rely on questions raised by non-elected
members of the House of Lords.

Freedom, democracy and sovereignty are all issues which are clear to our hearts, but I
sometimes wonder who is really pulling the strings.

Have a great Xmas and peace and festive tidings to you all.

G.W. Birdsall

[UK 11]******

Source: Daily Mail newspaper
Publish Date: Thursday 31st December 1998

X-Files riddle of whine that goes to woman's heads

By Kate Hurry

It is a phenomenon that could be straight out of the X-Files. A strange humming noise
is heard all over town - but only by woman.

The mystery that sounds more like a case for television's sci-fi agents Scully and
Mulder is causing sleepless nights and feelings of desperation among its victims.

Environmental health officers in Warrington, Cheshire, have been unable to locate the
source of the noise which, strangely, no man has reported hearing.

Anne Heesom, 55, is one of a dozen woman affected. "It's a high pitched pulsating,
humming noise and it's turning me into a nervous wreck," she said. "It's been going on
for 18 months and it's had such an effect on my life I'm going to move house.

"The noise abatement officer drove me around to try to isolate the noise and we
stopped outside a water treatment works. He thought it could have been from one of the
generators." Other woman living up to two miles apart have complained of hearing
noises ranging from intermittent droning and humming to high pitched whining. Some of
their homes have been fitted with sound monitoring equipment, but male investigators
sent along have failed to detect any unusual noises, which are said to sound louder
from bedrooms and on cold, frosty nights.

The key to the riddle could be the way woman's brains perceive noises differently to
men, experts believe.

Dr Jonathan Hazell, head of London's Tinnutus Centre, said "the victims could be
'hummers' - people who are hypersensitive to extremely quiet external sound.

The way sound is heard depends on how it is filtered through the subconscious areas of
the brain, he explained. Woman are possibly more attuned to quiet noises to enable
them to pick up the sounds of their babies at night.

Chief environmental health officer Andrew Gilbert said: "They are hearing something,
whether it is actual or perceived, and we have to apply objective analysis to find out
where it is coming from. We've not closed the file yet."

-[continued in part 3]-

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