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{98} part 3 - United Kingdom UFO Network

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Subject: {98} part 3 - United Kingdom UFO Network

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Subject: {98} part 3 - United Kingdom UFO Network

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 U K  /  /  //  ___/ /  /  /                        5th January 1999
     /  /  //  /    /  /  /  N E T W O R K         part 3 - Issue 98
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World News

[W 1]******

Source: SHANGHAI, Agence France Presse
Publish Date: 5th November 1998
From: Kelly <kellymc@netcom.ca>

Air Force Pilot Plays Chase with UFO

SHANGHAI, Nov. 05, 1998 -- (Agence France Presse) The air force
had a prolonged up-close encounter with a UFO last month that
one fighter pilot described as "just like ones in foreign
movies," a government-controlled newspaper reported Thursday.

A Hebei Daily report -- carried in the news digest Baokan
Wenzhai -- gave a detailed pilot's account of an aerial
cat-and-mouse game played between the object and a jet fighter
ordered to intercept it.

At least 140 people on the ground also saw the object, it said.

An editor with the Hebei Daily said the events took place on
Oct. 19 and were still being investigated by local government

The newspaper's report and military sources quoted show an
openness that contrast sharply with Washington's notorious
secrecy on the topic of unidentified flying objects (UFOs).

It said the encounter began when four different radar stations
in northern Hebei province picked up an unknown moving target in
airspace directly above a military flight training base near
Changzhou city.

To observers at the base, the UFO first appeared like "a small
star," and then grew larger and larger, perhaps as it descended
to a lower altitude, the report said.

They described an object with a mushroom-shaped dome on top and
a flat bottom covered with bright, continually rotating lights.

A base commander surnamed Li reported to his superiors, who
ordered a Jianjiao-6 armed interceptor airborne to pursue the
object once checks showed no other civilian or military aircraft
in the area.

The two pilots aboard said the object closely resembled
depictions they had seen in foreign science fiction films.

When they got within 4,000 meters (13,200 feet) of the UFO over
Qing county, it abruptly shot upward, easily evading subsequent
attempts to get closer.

It appeared to be toying with the fighter by repeatedly
outdistancing it and then reappearing just above it, the pilots

The report said a request for permission to fire on the UFO with
an onboard cannon was denied by ground command at one point.

The interceptor was eventually forced to return to base after it
ran out of fuel at an altitude of 12,000 meters (39,600 feet).
The UFO then disappeared before two newer-model planes could get
airborne, the article said.

While China's racy tabloids often run stories of strange
phenomena alongside celebrity-gossip and crime stories, UFO
reports are seldom carried by more official papers like the
Hebei Daily. ( (c) 1998 Agence France Presse)

[W 2]******

Source: Time Magazine
Publish Date: 9th November 1998

In Case You Missed It: Eerie News from All Over.

It may just have been the way the cosmos marks Halloween, but look at the scary
stories in last week's news:

IN BELLEVILLE, WIS., village officials attempted to postpone Halloween, a tradition
that dates back to the Druids, because it conflicted with the town's UFO festival,
which dates back to 1986. Protests ensued, and it was decided that adults dressed as
Klingons could coexist with children dressed as witches (though not necessarily
Klansmen dressed as Mickey).

[W 3]******

Source: BBC
Date: 10th December 1998

Earth has heart of solid iron

Seismic waves have probed to the centre of the Earth

For 60 years geophysicists have suspected that the Earth's inner core was solid - now
they have proved it. By detecting special seismic tremors in the aftermath of a
massive Indonesian earthquake, the seismologists from Northwestern University and the
French Atomic Energy Commission have shown without doubt that at the heart of the
Earth is a solid iron-nickel ball, 2400km in diameter.

Destructive earthquakes can yield scientific benefits
Emile Okal and his French colleague, Yves Cansi, used an eight-station French seismic
network to study the earthquake occurring on the other side of the world.

"The 1996 Flores Sea earthquake, which was a big earthquake at about 600km depth, was
perfect in geometry for recording in France," said Okal. It was a rare opportunity as
massive, deep earthquakes are needed to probe the necessary 5000km below the surface
of the Earth but only happen infrequently.

Breakthrough applauded

Experts hailed the research, announced at the American Geophysical Union meeting in
San Francisco, as a breakthrough.

Professor Kathy Whaler, a geophysicist at Edinburgh University told BBC News Online,
"No-one has unambiguously taken these waves from the inner core before. And there is a
group in Utrecht who are getting the same result but using a different analysis of a
different earthquake, 1994 in Bolivia - that gives us confidence."

As long ago as the 1930s, scientists predicted that despite a temperature of thousands
of degrees, the crushing pressure at the Earth's centre would cause the iron-nickel
alloy to freeze. But because the telltale signals are so weak they have taken 60 years
to detect.

Capturing faint seismic tremors dispelled doubt
The key to the breakthrough is the behaviour of the two types of seismic waves. Pulse
waves can travel through both liquids and solids as they move by compressing and then
relaxing the material in the direction of travel.

Shear waves, in contrast, can only pass through solids. They vibrate at right angles
to the direction of travel and as liquids have no material strength the signal rapidly
dissipates in the fluid.

So detecting a shear wave coming all the way from the inner core would prove it was
solid. But the scientists' task was made even more difficult by the fact that the
liquid outer core surrounding the inner core blanks out all shear waves.

Wave energy converted

So they then had to exploit the different speeds at which the waves travel. Imagine a
seismic wave rumbling down through the Earth. When it reaches the outer core, all
shear waves are lost and only pulse waves continue. When the pulse waves reach the
inner core the waves are partly refracted and reflected.

This allows part of the energy to convert into shear waves that then travel through
the inner core. Shear waves travel more slowly than pulse waves so they reach the
opposite side of the inner core later. Here they are partly converted back to pulse

It was these delayed pulse waves that the scientists detected. The reason it has taken
60 years to do so is because the conversions from pulse to shear to pulse sap the
energy of the waves so the signals are exceedingly weak.

Improvements in instrumentation over the last 15 years were crucial to the new
finding, Okal said, as were computer capabilities, developed in France, to sort the
signals from the noise.

"We look at the interior of the Earth because we want to know what is there," explains
Okal simply. "But it may be interesting material scientists because it shows that
under tremendous pressures, iron is behaving in a different way. This understanding
might be applicable for other materials at not-so-heavy pressures."

[W 4]******

Source: BBC
Date: 10th December 1998

Astronauts cross new threshold

Robert Cabana (below) and Sergei Krikalev switch on the lights

Two astronauts from the US shuttle Endeavour have made history by becoming the first
people to step inside the International Space Station.

US commander Robert Cabana and Russian cosmonaut Sergei Krikalev excitedly unlocked
three hatches before floating side by side into Unity, the US-made science outpost.

They carried lanterns to see inside the 36-foot (10 meter) cylindrical chamber.

Lights on

Once inside the space station, the astronauts marked the moment by simply switching on
the lights.

Commander Cabana paves the way forward
They shared the moment with the world as they carried a camera into the space station.

"It's fantastic. I can't say how much this means to all of us" said Mr Cabana.

"We remember when Unity was just an aluminum shell. It's really nice to be in a new

Mission Control replied: "You've opened the doors to a whole new era in spaceflight."

Endeavour's six-member crew began assembling the first two elements of the $60bn
outpost on Sunday, but all of the work was outside the seven-level space station prior
to the hatch opening.

The space station consists of only two rooms so far and is still more than five years
from completion.

Astronauts work to install a communications system to Unity
The crew is now carrying out interior work, including the installation of a
communication system to provide a link between the shuttle and the space station when
the shuttle is not docked.

More than 100 space station components will eventually be assembled in orbit in one of
the most ambitious engineering feats ever.

Sixteen nations are involved in the project, led by the United States and Russia and
requiring more than 40 manned missions during construction.

So far, work has gone smoothly, but project managers are concerned about three pieces
of hardware that escaped during earlier spacewalks.

The small pieces of space debris pose no threat to the crew or the mission, but the US
says its air force will be monitoring the situation until the components re-enter the
Earth's atmosphere and burn up.

A third spacewalk is scheduled for Saturday, with the Endeavour due to return to Earth
on Monday.

[W 5]******

Source: CNN

Art Bell

The night is filled with many things, not all of which go bump.

One of those things is the voice of Art Bell. That voice carries out through the
darkness, riding the invisible radio waves from his broadcast headquarters--a trailer
next to his house in Pahrump, Nevada--over the lizards and sagebrush, between the
shadows and moonbeams, finally emerging from the speakers in millions of radios
belonging to those who are more fond of that voice than sleep.

It is the subject matter that his listeners crave--a titillating goulash of paranormal
activity, UFOs and the aliens who man them, cults, government conspiracies,
chupacabras, Ouija boards, black holes and small greys, the New World Order,
communication with the dead, and anything else seemingly abnormal in the universe.

All of this is discussed on Bell's phone-in talk shows--"Coast to Coast A.M.," which
airs six nights a week from 10 p.m. to 3 a.m., and "Dreamland," a program especially
tailored to things paranormal on Sunday nights from 6 to 9 p.m. He's been broadcasting
for 14 years--currently on more than 400 stations--and boasts the fourth largest
audience in talk radio nationwide.

Yet, listening to Bell in a room with the lights out or on the car radio while
following the headlights down a lonely stretch of highway, you get a seductive feeling
of campfire ghost-story intimacy. It's just you and him and his cavalcade of guests
and callers, many of whom sound paranoid and insane, but this is information that must
be heard. And when you hear it you'll know why.

uk.ufo.nw says: The Art Bell show is one of two highly recommended radio shows that
can be listened to live in the USA or via the Internet for the rest of the world. Both
the Art Bell show and Sightings On The Radio have their shows indexed and archived.
Past shows can be listened to at any time by using Real Audio.

Art Bell show: www.artbell.com

Sightings On The Radio: www.sightings.com

[W 6]******

From: "Darren Danks" <darrend@cableinet.co.uk>

"The nations of the world will have to unite, for the next war will  be an
interplanetary war.   The nations of the earth must someday make a common
front against attack by people from other planets."

General Douglas MacArthur, Oct. 8, 1955

[W 7]******

Source: Daily Mail newspaper
Publish Date: Tuesday 5th January 1999

Diplomatic silence on aliens

Question: Is it true that former UN secretary general Javier Perez de Cuellar claims
to have been abducted by aliens?

Answer: There is no evidence that Perez de Cuellar has publicly or privately claimed
to have been abducted by aliens.

Yet it is alleged by some people that in the small hours of November 30th 1989, Perez
de Cuellar and several other people were abducted from a high security cavalcade of
vehicles by a large oval UFO, which sank into Manhattan's East River, close to the
Brooklyn Bridge.

The focus of the abduction seems to have been a lady of dubious virtue named Linda
Cortile who, to the horror of onlookers, was floated out through her apartment window
high above the Manhattan streets at about the same time.

The story then becomes complex with Cortile being stalked and supposedly kidnapped by
two of Perez de Cuellar's security staff who were abducted with her, one of whom
develops an obsession with her and is subsequently committed to a mental institution.

She is then supposed to have become convinced she was Perez de Cuellar's daughter. He,
so the story goes, came to share this belief and occasionally sneaked round to her
apartment to bestow unlikely presents on her teenage son.

That this story is still held by some to be valid, despite concrete indications to the
contrary, is probably due to its promotion by the enormously influential abduction
researcher Budd Hopkins rather than any supporting evidence.

[W 8]******

Source: CNN
Publish Date: Sunday 4th January 1998

CAPE CANAVERAL, Florida (CNN) -- NASA's newest spacecraft hurtled toward Mars Monday
on a mission to dig for traces of water, transmit pictures and -- for the first time --
 listen for sounds.

The Mars Polar Lander lifted off on schedule Sunday from Cape Canaveral under gray
skies precisely on time at 3:21 p.m. EST (2021 GMT). The launch began an 11-month
journey whose prime goal is to search for water -- a key ingredient for life -- on the
red planet's southernmost icy surface.

"We have liftoff of the Delta 2 rocket carrying the Mars Polar Lander, NASA's first
visit to the red planet's southern pole," said launch commentator Lisa Malone as the
rocket soared skyward.

The landing craft, shrouded in a protective heat shield, separated from the rocket's
upper stage about 42 minutes later, high above the Indian Ocean, to begin its 470
million mile (757 million km) interplanetary voyage.

'I don't know what we're going to see'

The lander is designed to work in tandem with its sister ship, the Mars Climate
Orbiter, launched three weeks ago to observe the planet from an orbit 262 miles (422
km) high. Together with European nations, NASA hopes to launch unmanned craft to Mars
every two years.

If all goes according to plan, the lander will touch down on the edge of the Martian
south pole, a cap of frozen carbon dioxide, on December 3. The craft will slow its
descent with a parachute and rocket engines and land on three tripod-like legs.

NASA's three previous Mars landers plopped down in the equatorial desert.

"Bunch of rocks, couple hills in the background," said Edward Weiler, head of NASA's
space science division. "Now we're landing near a pole. I mean, I don't know what
we're going to see."

If the mission detects traces of water, it would boost the theory that life could
exist on the planet.

"Biology has taught us that if you have water and energy and some organic compounds
you can produce life even in the most extreme environments," said Ed Weiler, NASA's
head of space science. "Basically, life can get a foothold almost anywhere. This
forebodes well for the possibility that life existed on Mars sometime in the past or
even perhaps today."

Onboard camera view of booster separation

Eavesdropping on Martian sounds

A 6 1/2 foot (2-meter) robot arm on the lander will be used to scoop up samples of the
Martian soil for analysis in a mini-laboratory where they will be heated and
electronically sniffed to detect water.

The lander is also equipped with a camera to survey the landing site and a weather
station will study the frigid climate. Unlike the Mars Pathfinder, which landed on
Mars in July 1997, the mission does not carry a rover.

The mission will also give earthlings their first chance to eavesdrop on another
world. The lander will record the sounds of Mars with a microphone donated to NASA by
the Planetary Society, a space advocacy group once led by the late Carl Sagan.

Some scientists question whether sound will travel in the thin Martian atmosphere and,
if it does, whether anything will be heard other than the movement of the Polar
Lander's robot arm and its internal systems.

There's a possibility the sound of dust or sand blowing against the lander might be
picked up.

"It was kind of a neat idea," Weiler said. "We don't know what we are going to hear,
except I don't think we are going to hear Elvis."

Along for the ride: 2 crash probes

The lander will carry a piggyback mission called Deep Space 2. The goal of that
mission is to release two basketball-sized devices, 10 minutes before touchdown, which
will strike the planet's surface at 400 mph to 500 mph (640 to 800 km) and penetrate
beneath its surface with bullet-like probes.

Sarah Gavit, Deep Space 2 project manager, described the process as "crash landing" on

Destination Mars

Like the lander, the twin probes will hunt for water but at a much greater depth: They
could penetrate as deep as 3 feet (90 cms). The question is whether they will survive
the impact and radio back data.

It's a high-risk experiment called Deep Space 2 that's part of NASA's New Millennium
program to test new technologies for future missions.

Despite the ongoing controversy over whether a Mars meteorite contains evidence of
ancient life, the Polar Lander carries no life-detection instruments.

The only real way to confirm life on Mars, Weiler said, is to fetch dirt and rocks.
NASA plans to launch a soil-return mission in 2005; the samples would reach Earth in




By D. Lynne Bishop

A FEARFUL SYMMETRY Copyright 1995 by D. Lynne Bishop

All rights reserved. No part of this publication may be reproduced,
stored in a retrieval system or transmitted in any form or by any
means, electronic or mechanical including photocopying, recording or
otherwise without prior permission of the publisher, except by a
reviewer who may quote brief passages.

First Printing September 1995

Printed in the United States of America



Lynne Bishop's home page





        This story has no happy ending.  The events recounted in the preceding pages are
all true, and we are all real people.  Had this been a fiction novel, as the author, I
could have chosen an ending to my liking, but our choices in real life are not nearly
so simple, or as easily made.  Almost a year-and-a-half has passed since I made the
decision to seek answers to a puzzling event that occurred in my past, and that
decision caused a ripple-effect with far-reaching consequences.  It has affected the
lives of not only myself, but my family members, spouse, and friends.

        People are being changed by the "alien phenomenon."  Two individuals can share an
abduction experience, with one seeing the encounter as benevolent, and the other
person seeing malign intent.  Families and friends can be torn apart through
divisiveness.  Dealing with abductions as a part of one's daily life leads to a sense
of isolation.  Every aspect of your life is affected by the knowledge that the
alternate reality might occur at any time.  Many individuals welcome their "benevolent
space brothers," but many others fear the abductions over which they have no control.
For a select few, the phenomenon causes little disruption of their normal lives.  They
are the lucky ones.

        Over the years, a quasi-terminology has been adopted to describe those
individuals who have been affected by the UFO and alien presence.  "Contactee" has
been used to denote a person in willing contact with alien life-forms.  This can
include face-to-face contact, as well as "channeling" and telepathy.  "Abductee"
generally denotes an individual taken against his will by the alien entities.  The
term carries with it the connotation of "victim."  A newer term, "Selectee," has
recently been introduced, and attempts to bridge the gap between the other two.
However, this term can imply a hidden meaning of "better than" those who are not
"Selectees."  None of these terms describe me.  I have not initiated willing contact
with the creatures; nor am I better than any other person.  My encounters have been at
the seeming caprice of the entities, but I have chosen not to be a victim.  I am,
instead, a participant in an uneasy alliance, an "Experiencer."  Just as a person in
Florida might "experience" a hurricane, or a Californian might "experience" an
earthquake, I have experienced alien intrusion.  As humans, we all have the right to
make choices.  The ability to make choices also carries with it great responsibility
and accountability.  Those of us who have experienced firsthand the effects of alien
phenomenon have, perhaps, an even greater responsibility to tell the truth.  Denial of
the entire experience is the easiest route, but is an abrogation of that
responsibility.  For that reason, I refuse to deny the existence of the phenomenon.
It is real.

          There is no consensus of opinion regarding the motives of the entities, and
little hope of achieving such a consensus until all humankind admits the reality  of
the UFO/alien phenomenon.  Unless and until we break through the denial of these
creatures' existence, we will not find answers to the mystery.  They may be
"benevolent space brothers," intent on saving the world; or they may be our worst
nightmare come true.  We need to get past the concern with where they come from, and
start concentrating on what they want.

        It is tempting to believe they come to save mankind--but the question that arises
is, "Save mankind from what?"  The world is a complex place, and the desire to have an
intercessionary force is natural--a normal, human feeling.  We do not grow, however,
if we cannot move past our childish need for being parented.  The aliens are not our
mothers and fathers, and should not replace them.  To do this dishonors what we are:
human beings.  We are not aliens; we are of this world.  It is our home, and its
defense should come through us, not through a creature of questionable motives.

        There is something here, on Earth, that the aliens value.  Whether it is a
tangible object, such as the Earth itself, or an abstract form, such as the essence
that makes us human, the creatures want it.  They are actively taking it, and leaving
no answers behind.  Perhaps it is past the time that we should be actively seeking
those answers.  We need to define the limits of the wager:  just how high are we
willing to let the stakes get, before we pull out?  Are we willing to gamble the lives
of our children on the chance these creatures know better than us what is good for our

        At the recent UFO Conference in Eureka Springs, an unidentified woman stated,
"Why, after all, they just give you a nice sex dream and that's all there is to it."
I sincerely wish that was the extent of the phenomenon.  This story would have been
far different.

        Many lands have traded hands in exchange for colored beads.  I hope we ask for
more than a bauble to play with--and that, in selling our souls, we will not regret
the bargain.

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