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[CAUS] - Mysterious Signal Update and Finnish Air

From: Peter Gersten <UFOLAWYER1@aol.com>
Date: Thu, 7 Jan 1999 01:27:57 EST
Fwd Date: Thu, 07 Jan 1999 07:59:57 -0500
Subject: [CAUS] - Mysterious Signal Update and Finnish Air

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Dear CAUS Members:

On this Thursday, CAUS shares with you an update on a signal
coming from the vicinity of the moon and an interesting report
on a UFO-jet air battle over Finland.


CAUS thanks Charlie Plyler (cplyler@i-america.net) and Kent
Steadman (Phikent@aol.com) for their reports:

1) Charlie writes:

This seems to be a continuing pattern but I will have to
perform a daily data analysis to be certain.  We have just
recovered from an ice storm complete with power outages.  The
most critical problem we had during the period were the constant
surges and arcs indicated by current flows in the earth.

I have looked into the .9hz signal a little more thoroughly and
it is a real oddity.  These signals occur on a daily basis in
most cases however will miss a day or two.  I am in the process
of going back into the files and pulling out the data for the
frequencies and times of interest.

Below is a table which you may find interesting. The last
column indicates distance difference between the wavelength and
the moon.

 Date     Time      Frequency  Wavelength       Distance to Moon

 12/06/98 10:09 UT  .9275 hz   323,256 km       384,016 km   60,260 km
 12/08/98 20:28 UT  .9375 hz   324,129 km       374,991 km   50,862 km
 12/22/98 10:09 UT  .9373 hz   319,876 km       387,692 km   67,816 km
 12/30/98 10:07 UT  .9380 hz   319,637 km       363,858 km   44,226 km
 01/01/99 10:07 UT  .9369 hz   320,012 km       366,271 km   46,259 km
 01/04/99 10:12 UT  .9375 hz   319,808 km       378,238 km   58,430 km
 01/05/99 20:36 UT  .9374 hz   319,842 km       386,249 km   66,952 km
 01/06/99 10:43 UT  .9390 hz   319,297 km       389,492 km   70,195 km

If you look starting on the date of 12/30 you will be able to
see more clearly the ratio of the signal to the moon's apogee
and perigee. The moon is moving away from the earth.  The signal
is doing so also, but not in proportion to the rate of the moon.
Also on 01/06 the signal wavelength is shorter as if it had
already reached it's opogee and has started going in the other
direction. (http://www.elfrad.com/)

CAUS note: (apogee: the point in the orbit of an object (as a
satellite) orbiting the earth that is at the greatest distance
from the center of the earth; also: the point  farthest from a
planet or a satellite (as the moon) reached by an object
orbiting it -- compare Perigee: the point in the orbit of an
object (as a satellite) orbiting the earth that is nearest to
the center of the earth; also: the point nearest a planet or a
satellite (as the moon) reached by an object orbiting it)

Kent writes:

Focusing now on the signal watch, I am constantly updating the
info and graphic support at ORBIT, including links to Charlie's
data charts and my interpretations. I would suggest this URL be
circulated for the latest:

CAUS is seeking the help of anyone with the necessary expertise
to help determine what this signal is.  CAUS is requesting that
anyone with an appropriate telescope look at the moon, in
particular near the rim--Mare Orientales as a starting point.
Please report any oddities, lights, or red or orange glow.


CAUS thanks Joseph Trainor, editor of UFO ROUNDUP (Volume 4,
Number 1 January 5, 1999) for this report:

Ufologists in Finland are looking into a reported air battle
between a Finnish jet fighter and a squadron of five UFOs.

According to Lars Osterman, the dogfight took place on March 31,
1997 in northern Finland.  Local researchers learned of it when
the pilot, whose name has been kept under wraps, phoned a radio
talk show and reportedly said he was "having trouble dealing
with" the experience.

According to Osterman, the fighter was an F-18A Hornet of the
Suomen Ilmaviomat (Finnish Air Force--J.T.), which was posted to
the Lapin Lennosto (Far North Air Department) air base at
Rovaniemi, 400 kilometers (240 miles) north of Helsinki.

The F-18 took off on "a routine 960-kilometer patrol of the
border" with Russia.  As the jet flew over the frozen tundra
southeast of Lake Inarijarvi, the pilot spotted three discoid
UFOs flying in a northeasterly direction. Going in for a closer
look, the pilot saw that "there seemed to be five saucers,
instead of just three."  He then radioed Rovaniemi and advised
them of the situation.  Lapin Lennosto Flight Control ordered
him to intercept the objects.

The five UFOs, described by the pilot as "glowing orange
objects," veered sharply to the Northwest.  The F-18 pursued
them to Ivalo, a city 200 kilometers (120 miles) north of
Rovaniemi.  From there, the F-18 chased the saucers west to
Inari, 40 kilometers (24 miles) to the Northwest.  Then the
saucers darted eastward, high above Lake Inarijarvi.

The pilot told Flight Control that the UFOs were breaking
formation and requested permission to fire at them.  Flight
Control responded, "Permission granted.  Fire at will." The
pilot got behind one glowing saucer and lined it up with the
reticule on his windshield "heads up" display.  But instead of
picking up the "target acquisition tone" in his earphones, he
heard the raucous honk of an alarm.  All at once, the targeting
computer went off-line.  The "heads up" display disappeared.
The F-18's firing system for the 20mm cannon was also down.
Instantly the pilot hit the "arming" switch for his air-to-air
missiles.  The red Malfunction light began blinking on the

According to Osterman, the saucers regrouped and flew away to
the East "at Mach 4 or 5.  They had an orange glow around them."
None of the F-18's flight control systems were affected, and the
pilot returned safely to Rovaniemi.  "They tested the computers
for days afterward but could find nothing wrong with them," he
added.  The saucers crossed the border and were last seen
heading for Talvikula in Russia.  (Email Interview)

Hope everyone has a conflictless Thursday and of CAUS...watch the skies!

Peter A. Gersten

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