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Happy New Year everybody, and welcome to the first column of
1999.  It=92s going to be a very interesting year for those with
an interest in anything weird and wonderful, and as we approach
the Millennium, there will doubtless be lots to report in this

Watch The Skies

The first story of the new year, appropriately enough, concerns
a new television series looking at UFOs, alien abductions, crop
circles, cover-ups and conspiracies.  Called Watch the Skies it
will be screened by Grenada Television on Tuesday nights at
7.30pm.  On current plans (although schedules can often be
juggled around) the first programme is due to be screened on 5th
January, but those outside the north-west will doubtless be able
to follow the Internet debate that usually follows the
transmission of programmes such as this.  I gave a major
interview, which may be used in one chunk, but is more likely to
be split up and used throughout the series, as we covered a lot
of ground.  Others interviewed included Apollo 14 astronaut
Edgar Mitchell (whose belief in extraterrestrials was mentioned
in my last column), and respected ufologist Timothy Good.

Ghost Force

Because I work for the Ministry of Defence I often review books
with a military theme.  In November I reviewed one SAS book, The
Shooting Gallery by Gaz Hunter.  This month I=92d like to point
you towards another book about the SAS.  Ghost Force is by Ken
Connor, who served in the SAS for a massive 23 years.  As you
can imagine, he has more than a few stories to tell, and the
action covers a wide spectrum of operations, including vivid
accounts of engagements in the Falklands Conflict and the Gulf
War.  But as with all these books, there are moments of humour
too (special forces personnel are notorious jokers) such as an
account of an incident where SAS personnel were given VIP
treatment when they visited Fort Bragg, the headquarters of the
elite US special forces unit, Delta Force.  A red carpet was
rolled out, and senior US Air Force personnel turned out to
salute.  It turned out that Delta Force personnel had somehow
convinced everyone that the SAS troops were a visiting
delegation of MPs.  Ghost Force is published by Weidenfeld &
Nicolson and costs =A320.

RAF Rudloe Manor

In last month=92s column I broke the story of how the headquarters
of the RAF Provost and Security Services moved from RAF Rudloe
Manor to RAF Henlow.  This is of great interest to conspiracy
theorists who (wrongly) believe that this unit carried out
covert UFO research.  Imagine my surprise and amusement to find
that one notorious self-publicist was claiming to have beaten me
to it, and published the news earlier.  He was proudly
trumpeting his alleged coup on the UFO UpDates Internet site
(seemingly unaware that most people who see his name on a
message regard any of his posts as nothing more than spam, and
delete them automatically).  Well, if you want stories cribbed
from freely-available, over-the-counter magazines like Air
Force=92s Monthly or Jane=92s Defence Weekly, fine. And if you like
listening to windbags who like to pretend they=92ve got inside
information, then go for it.  But if you want the real, inside
stories =85 keep coming to this site.

The Real X-Files

On 17th December, the official Hansard record of proceedings in
the House of Lords detailed the latest revelations about
Ministry of Defence UFO files.  Lord Hill-Norton, a former Chief
of the Defence Staff, had asked a Parliamentary Question which
led to details about files which no ufologists had even heard
of.  The latest information indicates that 108 further files
exist, on top of the 56 files at the Public Record Office and
the 76 files held by Secretariat(Air Staff), as detailed in the
responses to Lord Hill-Norton=92s earlier questions, which were
answered on 4 October and 19 November respectively.  This makes
a total of a massive 240 files (not bad for a =93low-profile=94
subject!) on UFOs, of which only 23 are currently open to the
public.  When we get our long-awaited and oft-promised Freedom
of Information Act, the MOD won=92t know what=92s hit it, now
ufologists are armed with these file references!  One ufologist
- he=92s a decent chap so, I won=92t name him - has baldly stated
that he believes this proves there were other departments
involved in covert UFO research, aside from Sec(AS) and its
predecessors, and that I wasn=92t told about this during my work
at the Ministry of Defence; he=92s constantly issuing statements
alleging that I was kept in the dark, and he uses these Hansard
extracts to support his case.  The only thing he conveniently
forgets to mention?  I=92m the one passing him the copies of
Hansard!  Oops!

The Uninvited

An exciting new documentary on the alien abduction phenomenon is
to be screened by The Learning Channel in the United States on
18 January.  The Uninvited has been made by Transmedia
Productions (the team responsible for the successful UFO
documentary, Dreamland) and is based on my book of the same
name.  Not surprisingly, therefore, I was the consultant on this
programme.  It=92s possibly the most comprehensive programme on
the subject ever produced, and features interviews with the
likes of Budd Hopkins, David Jacobs, John Mack, Whitley
Strieber, Travis Walton, and Peter Robbins.  There=92s also a rare
interview with Linda Cortile, and footage of one of Budd=92s
Support Group meetings, together with some sensational new
cases, and a few surprises.  But unlike so many programmes on
this subject, it=92s genuinely balanced, and contains
contributions from those sceptical of the theory that the
explanation for claims of alien abductions is extraterrestrial. 
There are interviews with  Philip Klass, Dr Chris French (Head
of the Psychology Department at Goldsmith=92s College) and Dr
Susan Blackmore (Senior Lecturer in Psychology at the University
of the West of England).  The programme will be screened in the
UK by Sky One, at a date yet to be decided.  But once it=92s out
in the States, expect furious Internet debate.

Truthsqueakers - No Views

Hot Gossip UK Editor-in-Chief Georgina Bruni has had an
unpleasant reminder of just how bitchy the wacky world of
ufology can be.  Having just signed a deal with a major UK
publisher for a book about the famous Rendlesham Forest UFO case
(I=92m doing the foreword), she was expecting interest from other
researchers, and was confident that they=92d be genuinely pleased
to see sensational new information put into the public domain. 
Alas, it was not to be.  While support did come from some
researchers, others have not been so generous. Two noted
=93anoraks=94 have been absolutely furious at the news, and have
been stamping their little feet in frustration.  The two lads
concerned are best known for a bonkers claim about breaking into
a secret underground city and being shot at by the guards!  One
of them produces a magazine full of all sorts of amusing science
fiction stories.  Nice to know that certain people find it
easier to knock everyone else=92s research, as opposed to
producing anything original and worthwhile themselves!

Flying Lighthouses and Radioactive Rabbits

Researcher James Easton has done some interesting research on
the Rendlesham Forest case.  That said, he=92s been a little
naughty, and anyone would think - judging from his recent
Internet posts - that he was the only person ever to have
investigated the case.  Stanton Friedman once said that he felt
he=92s been =93airbrushed out of the Roswell case=94 by researchers
who=92d built upon his work, and I wonder whether Jenny Randles
and Georgina Bruni feel the same way.  Easton=92s Internet posts
are full of references to his own papers on the subject, but
mysteriously fail to mention any dissenting views.  I wonder
why.  For those who=92d like some balance, check out Jenny
Randles=92 paper Seeing the Forest for the Trees (IUR, Summer
Edition),  Georgina Bruni=92s Rendlesham Unravelled - Not and my
Rendlesham - The Unresolved Mystery.  The last two should be
accessible on back issues of Hot Gossip UK, "The Unexplained
Sections", on the "Bentwaters" section at UFO UPDATES or at
www.cninews.com.  Easton is continuing to amuse serious
researchers with his theory that the UFO seen by Lt Col Charles
Halt and his team was the beam from the Orford Ness lighthouse. 
This is despite the fact that Halt has made it abundantly clear
that he was entirely familiar with the lighthouse, and had it in
view throughout his encounter.  His memo makes it clear that at
one time he was observing objects moving about in the night sky
(you=92ll believe a lighthouse can fly!). There=92s also the fact
that there were physical traces indicating that a structured
craft had been present - damage to nearby trees, and
indentations in the ground.  These holes were surveyed with a
Geiger Counter, and although the actual levels are the subject
of legitimate debate, it=92s not disputed that levels peaked in
the holes (and on the nearby damaged trees), and fell away in
the surrounding area.  The sceptics say these marks were caused
by rabbits - presumably spooky, radioactive glow-in-the-dark

Soldier Five

In my November column I hinted at a row over yet another SAS
book, Soldier Five, by Mike Coburn.  There had been rumours in
literary circles that people were trying to ban the book, and
that legal action reminiscent of that taken against Peter Wright
- author of Spycatcher - was being threatened.  The situation is
unclear, but I=92ll keep readers posted, as and when I find out
what=92s going on.

Are UFOs Secret Military Craft?

This is a popular theory with some researchers, but not one that
stands up to any detailed and informed scrutiny.  Let me
explain.  Of course we have craft that you won=92t see at the
Farnborough Airshow for a few years.  But any exotic prototype
or operational craft will be flown in clearly-defined ranges, at
night, and with no lights.  In other words, as I have patiently
tried to explain to one ufologist who touts this as his
favourite (and seemingly only) theory, you simply don=92t fly your
best-kept secrets over the mainland UK, ablaze with coloured
lights, and run the risk that it will be seen, photographed, and
splashed all over the morning papers or the Internet.  It=92s a
nice theory, but hopelessly na=EFve, and one that causes great
hilarity with aviation experts.  Only in the RAF=92s wildest
dreams do they have anything remotely similar to, say, the craft
that overflew RAF Cosford and RAF Shawbury on 31 March 1993. 
And if we did have such a craft, I can assure you that the
detailed and very public investigations that followed this
incident would have been switched off in an instant.  Think
about it!

RAF Feltwell

In previous columns I=92ve highlighted some recent controversy
about the role of RAF Feltwell.  But on 19th November the
government formally responded to a question about this, and
confirmed to Lord Hill-Norton that: =93=85 the only role of the 5th
Space Surveillance Squadron at RAF Feltwell is to detect, track
and identify the status of satellites, space debris and space

Ed=92s Note:

Nick Pope=92s books, The Uninvited and Open Skies, Closed Minds,
are available from all good bookshops, in paperback.  His
publishers in Britain are Simon & Schuster. The Uninvited is
available in the US, published by The Overlook Press, who plan
to publish Open Skies, Closed Minds later this year.

Permission to distribute this text providing the authors and
publication are credited. Photographs may be copyright and
cannot be used without consent.  =A9 Hot Gossip UK 1998 

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Georgina Bruni
Editor in Chief of HOT GOSSIP UK

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