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Harmonics of the Earth and the "Beam Ships"

From: From: Mark Cashman <mcashman@ix.netcom.com>
Date: Sun, 10 Jan 1999 12:34:50 -0500
Fwd Date: Sun, 10 Jan 1999 14:32:21 -0500
Subject: Harmonics of the Earth and the "Beam Ships"

>Date: Sat, 09 Jan 1999 13:58:33 -0600
>To: UFO UpDates - Toronto <updates@globalserve.net>
>From: Michael Christol <mchristo@mindspring.com>
>Subject: Re: Fox TV Special

>>>They verified that the sounds resonated at the same frequency
>>>when they harmonized, as the earth

(Roger replied)

>>I do have a musical background, but for the life of me I'm not
>>quite sure what this means or what its significance is. I'm not
>>casting doubts on what you are saying; on the contrary, I don't
>>really even understand it. Can you fill me in? And if not, is
>>there a more accomplished musician on the list that can?

(Michael replied back)

>It seems that the power system which propels the Beam Ship,
>resonates on the same frequency as that of the earth.

>So, this would explain why the vehicle could operate so well
>within the atmosphere of this planet.

>Apparently the propulsion system is capable of acclimating
>itself to the planetary field within which it is operating.

This is just nonsense.

Please, think about this.

First, what does it mean to say that "the power system which
propels the Beam Ship resonates on the same frequency as the

There is no question that the earth, as a solid body in space,
vibrates. However, it has an extremely complex vibration which
is based on its layered structure, discontinuities, various
gravitational deformations generated by tides, and the various
shocks produced, essentially at random, by tectonic activity.

Given that, no doubt there are many frequencies which are
harmonic to the state of oscillation of the earth at any point
in time. So what? I imagine the 60Hz frequency of the American
power grid can be fit into its harmonic structure somewhere.
Does that mean anything with regard to the operation or
effectiveness of our AC power grid? Of course not.

Contrary to the assertion "So, this would explain why the
vehicle could operate so well within the atmosphere of this
planet", I must point out that aircraft, which have no known
relationship to "the... frequency [of] the earth" operate just
fine within the atmosphere of our planet. Also, that our
spacecraft operate just fine on Mars and the moon, both of which
no doubt have a somewhat different harmonic spectrum from that
of the earth.

And, finally, how can one say "Apparently the propulsion system
is capable of acclimating  itself to the planetary field within
which it is operating." There is no such thing as a planetary
field. Planets have magnetic fields, but that's about it. Yet in
the preceeding discussion we were talking about acoustics -
sound frequencies and resonances. There is no such thing as a
"sound field" except to the audio engineer, and that expression
is simply used when discussing the perceived placement of audio
sources in the output from multiple speakers. And, of course,
such a statement would require an observation of the "Beam Ship"
away from earth, and, in that environment, measurement of its
propulsion system's "resonant frequency" (whatever that means in
the context of propulsion) and the measurement of the same
characteristics in the neighborhood of the earth, and a
determination that they differ. Yet there is no indication that
such measurements have been accomplished. :-)

I don't wish to pick on Michael specifically, but this is the
kind of New Age blather that we are constantly subjected to.
Michael didn't know the nature of the motion of the Moon around
the Earth and yet now he tells us all about the Beam Ships and
the resonance of their power systems with the earth's acoustics.
He speaks about sound as if it were electromagnetism, and states
as facts principles which have absolutely no meaning in science.

Putting statements next to each other does not demonstrate that
they have any relationship, causal or otherwise. The three
statements cited do not have any relationship, despite their
claim to prove something ("so this would explain","apparently").


Mark Cashman, creator of The Temporal Doorway at
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