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APRO Microfilm Questions

From: Jan Aldrich) <jan@cyberzone.net>
Date: Tue, 12 Jan 1999 10:10:08 -0800
Fwd Date: Tue, 12 Jan 1999 11:19:38 -0500
Subject: APRO Microfilm Questions

Several questions have come in concerning the APRO microfilm.

1.  Were all these reports on the microfilm published in the
APRO Bulletin?

No, these files on the microfilm contain many items that were
never used in the Bulletin.  Also, some items that were
published in the Bulletin do not appear in the files.
Specifically, I was looking for the stalled "tractors" or "bull
dozers" case from Forili or Ferrara, Italy.  It was published in
the Bulletin--the account differs from most others--however, is
was not on the microfilm.

2.  Was Fontes' material among the files?

There was Brazilian material, but none was from Fontes. Fontes
started to work with the Lorenzens long after the time period
covered by the files.

Loren Gross did receive some early Fontes material for another
source. Fontes produced a little bulletin with English
translations of some of reports.

3.  Do the files contain the APRO Bulletins?

No, but Ed Stewart obtained what might be considered a complete
set of APRO Bulletins. There is some concerns about missing
bulletins from 1954-56 period. It seems no matter how many
people we contact; their original source seems to be Isabel
Davis. If Isabel were missing some, we would not know as there
was no numbering system for early issues of the APRO Bulletin.

4.  Was there correspondence from Hynek or other personalities
on the microfilm?

No, the microfilm contains sighting report files only.

5.  What is the extent of the South American material?

Most South American material comes from Venezuela. The Venezuela
material consists of mostly of newspaper clippings, many
translated into English. There are some retrospective
investigative reports from Peru. Most of the South American
material is in the form of newspaper clippings.  (The Venezuelan
material Project 1947 found is from different sources than

Some comments about the microfilms in general, there are few
reports for the 1920s anywhere, the material in the APRO files
about doubles what was in the CUFOS/NICAP/CSI files. There are
"new" reports for 1947. Reports start getting more detailed
after APRO begins operations in 1952. There are some report
forms from other UFO organizations in Norway, Canada, and from
some of the representative overseas.

Jan Aldrich
Project 1947
P. O. Box 391, Canterbury, CT 06331, USA
Telephone: (860) 546-9135


APRO Bulletin May-June 1972, page 2


Almost 2,500 UFO reports in APRO files have been microfilmed
since the Organization received funds for the microfilming
project.  During the course of the microfilming it has been
possible to ascertain, for the first time the amount of
reports contained in the files.  Microfilming to date (reports
contained in the files.  The following is a breakdown
of the microfilming to date (reports are filed in chronological

     1600 BC-AD 1600                179
     1600-1700                       12
     1700-1800                        8
     1800-1900                       19
     1900-1910                       12
     1910-1920                       12
     1920-1930                       14
     1930-1940                       18
     1940-1946                       49
     1947                            81
     1948                            24
     1949                            47
     1950                            74
     1951                            51
     1952                           349
     1953                           132
     1954                           525
     1955                           226
     1956                           315
     1957                           376

   The reports from 2,000 years ago are from Roman and Greek
accounts of unusual aerial phenomena, many of which probably
could have had mundane explanation, such as meteorological or
astronomical phenomena, but they are all included for the
record.  The last 19th century "airship" sightings over  the
United States are not included in the above figures.  This is
not because APRO  does not accept the "airship" as legitimate
aerial phenomena but because APRO's files on the subject are not
very extensive. It is known that others have very complete files
on the "airship" reports so APRO decided not to include them in
its catalog at this time.

   A marked increased in reports is apparent from 1952 onwards.
That was the year APRO was founded and  report files were
maintained. Reports prior have filtered through to APRO over the
years in lesser numbers.  It should be noted that the totals in
the above list include UFO Report Forms, letters from citizens
describing their observations, reports received from other
organizations (including many abroad) and newspaper clipping.
Most do not represent, by means, *investigated* cases as APRO
was in its infancy in the early-mid 50s and the Field
Investigations Network did not exist.

    Statistics for years 1958 through 1971 will be given
microfilming progresses over the next several months.

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