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DISPATCH # 114 -- the weekly newsletter of

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Date: Tue, 12 Jan 1999 22:35:00 EST
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Subject: DISPATCH # 114 -- the weekly newsletter of

S O M E T H I N G   S T R A N G E   I S   H A P P E N I N G


Quote of the Week

"Politics is the art of looking for trouble, finding it whether
it exists or not, diagnosing it incorrectly, and applying the
wrong remedy."

--Ernest Benn


Rant of the Week: “Be careful of what you say. It may destroy
your race.”

Every week we pick the wackiest, scariest, nastiest or funniest
rant from the hundreds of letters received by us here at
ParaScope headquarters, and present it to you as our Rant of the
Week. This week, “Lloyd” touches on, among other things, the
all-time second-favorite person among prospective ranters: Adolf
Hitler. (Jesus Christ is still the king, so to speak, among
ranters). Anyway, Lloyd warns us to watch our tongues because
you never know when you might be talking to the next Hitler. Or
Jesus. Enjoy.

"I'm not degrading anyone, but where in the hell did you all
(both North & South) get your education? The slave issue was the
tip of the iceburg. The war dealt with the south's hardships of
the plantations & economics compared to the rich North
Industries. I'm glad the south has it's attitude which it got
from the large amounts of Anglo-Saxon cultures/farmers primarly
from Irl/Scot lands. But no matter what, it was a lost war,
simply due to the massive Industries & resources the North had.
As to these people who believe so strongly in a man who had
"chronic acute syphilis" came up with the idea of a pure race,
no lower intelligence and for "ONLY GERMANS"... Many do not know
for example, His hate for Jews simply came from them picking on
him when he was studing art. I just told a good friend of mine
who has a baby on the way, "Each new born child carries within
them the power to save our world or destroy it". So, perhaps
people when it come to picking on others, becareful on what you
say. It may destroy your race. Now with the pure race ideas.
That was one hell of a lost cause... Why you may ask? It's
called gene purity rule... When a species has within pure genes
with no random sequences happening, nature takes over and forces
that probability to occur. You are going to have lower
intelligence like it or not. Mutations occure to advance a
species. Oh yea, Hitler had stolen large amounts of philosophy
from Existentialism which was sold to him from Neitz's Sister.
In truth, what did the world expect from Germany? The country
was dying because of sanctions from WW1... The people needed a
leader, they didn't care if it was a madman. They wanted to
survrive. Back in the 20's Our Government believed in a man
named Goddard whom had the idea of a pure intelligent race...
The exportation rate of newcomers into this country rose 300
percent! He used an IQ test in english on those who did not know
english... All in all... How much of reality has been slandered
and misconceived. How many consciences disturbed. How many Gods


All rants are printed “as is,” with spelling and grammar goofs
left uncorrected. Some rants may be edited for brevity or
clarity, to the extent such a thing is possible. If you’ve got a
rant you’d like to share, send it to pscplady@aol.com with
“possible rant” in the subject line of your letter.


Coming Up This Week!

Catch a number of great stories this week on the ParaScope web
and AOL sites, including daily updates to our Conspiracy
Newsline and Daily Dose features. Among the articles you'll want
to check out:

The Paper Trail: Up-to-date Declassification Review

The new issue of the Paper Trail, our monthly review of
declassification news, holds a smorgasbord of secret materials.
Highlights include Frank Sinatra's FBI file, newly released JFK
White House tapes, and the story of still-secret U.S. spy
documents on Princess Diana. What do we know now about these
topics that was once hidden away? Find out in the Paper Trail!


Confessions of a Skeptic

Some ParaScope readers have written to complain that our
articles are too skeptical. We've been called cynical, biased,
patronizing and closed-minded, and our editorial slant has been
deemed inappropriate for an alternative news service devoted to
fringe topics. It seems odd to some of you that we debunk and
dump on paranormal phenomena, when the bulk of our audience is
presumably made up of believers. In a unique editorial, Enigma
editor D. Trull adresses these readers' concerns by explaining
the rationale and objectives behind his skepticism, as well as
the common misconceptions that make skeptics so unpopular. And
in the process, he makes some startling confessions about the
things he does believe in! Don't miss it!


Conspiracy Newsline:

Oklahoma City Grand Jury releases final report, rejects
"conspiracy theories"; David Hoffman, author of "The Oklahoma
City Bombing and the Politics of Terror," is charged with
alleged "jury tampering" in OKC grand jury's sole indictment;
London activists occupy Shell Oil management offices to protest
human rights abuses; Oklahoma Death Penalty teach-in focuses on
Mumia Abu- Jamal and the racist implementation of capital
punishment; lots more news.


UFO Roundup:

The latest sighting reports and news from the world of UFOlogy.
"Chupacabra" reportedly raids home in Cayey, Puerto Rico;
earliest known prehistoric human handwriting found in the tomb
of King Scorpion in Egypt; group investigates UFO sightings in
Argentina; a classic case from the UFO Files; and some fun UFO
web sites to check out.

...All this, and much, much more!


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