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Official US Air Force 'Roswell Incident' Report

From: ames Bond Johnson <JBONJO@aol.com>
Date: Wed, 13 Jan 1999 02:46:10 EST
Fwd Date: Wed, 13 Jan 1999 15:21:22 -0500
Subject: Official US Air Force 'Roswell Incident' Report

Excerpts from the Official US Air Force
"Roswell Incident" Investigative Report:
"CASE CLOSED!"  (1994-1995)

"What is uniquely lacking in the entire exploration and
exploitation of the "Roswell Incident" is official positive
documentary or physical evidence of any kind that supports the
claims of those who allege that something unusual happened."

(Only with the discovery in 1998 by the international RPIT
(Roswell Photo Interpretation Team) of numerous strange curved,
geometric shaped glyphs and symbols emblazoned upon the Roswell
crash debris as photographed in the 8th Air Force Headquarters
office of Brig. General Roger Ramey on July 8, 1947, is there
finally both such documentary and physical evidence. A printed
message held by General Ramey refers to "VICTIMS OF THE CRASH"
and states that they were being brought to Fort Worth; the
message appears to be time stamped just a few minutes prior to
the taking of the photos. It is speculated that General Ramey
was learning of the recovery of alien bodies in a second crash
location even as he was being photographed.)

"Dr. Jesse A. Marcel, Jr., a physician and surgeon in Helena,
Montana, (son of the late Major Jesse Marcel and 11-years-old at
the time of the incident), on May 6, 1991, executed an  official
Affidavit. It stated that "... There were three categories of
debris: a thick, foil like metallic gray substance; a brittle,
brownish-black plastic-like material, like Bakelite; and there
were fragments of what appeared to be I-beams. On the inner
surface of the I-beam, there appeared to be a type of writing.
This writing was a purple-violet hue, and it had an embossed
appearance. The figures were composed of curved, geometric
hapes. It had no resemblance to Russian, Japanese or any other
foreign language. It resembled hieroglyphics, but it had no
animal-like characters." (Each of the types of materials
described by Dr. Marcel are to be seen in the Ramey office

"There is one additional person who was universally acknowledged
to have been involved in the recovery (of the Roswell wreckage),
Sheridan Cavitt, Lt Col, USAF, (Ret). Cavitt is credited in all
claims of having accompanied Major Marcel to the ranch to
recover the debris."

"Lt Col Cavitt was interviewed on May 24, 1994, at his home.
Cavitt provided a signed, sworn statement (Atch 17 ) of his
recollections in this matter. He also consented to having the
interview tape-recorded. A transcript of that recording is at
Atch 18. In this interview, Cavitt related that he had been
contacted on numerous occasions by UFO researchers and had
willingly talked with many of them; however, he felt that he had
oftentimes been misrepresented or had his comments taken out of
context so that their true meaning was changed."

"Lt Col Cavitt also reviewed the famous Ramey/Marcel photographs
(Atch 16) of the wreckage taken to Ft. Worth (often claimed by
LITO researchers to have been switched and the remnants of a
balloon substituted for it) and he identified the materials
depicted in those photos as consistent with the materials that
he recovered from the ranch."

"Similarly, Irving Newton, Major, USAF, (Ret) was located and
interviewed. Newton was a weather officer assigned to Fort
Worth, who was on duty when the Roswell debris was sent there in
July, 1947. He was told that he was to report to General Ramey's
office to view the material. In a signed, sworn statement (Atch
30) Newton related that ."..I walked into the General's office
where this supposed flying saucer was lying all over the floor.
As soon as I saw it, I giggled and asked if that was the flying
saucer ... I told them that this was a balloon and a RAWIN
target..." Newton also stated that "..while I was examining the
debris, Major Marcel was picking up pieces of the target sticks
and trying to convince me that some notations on the sticks were
alien writings. There were figures on the sticks, lavender or
pink in color, which appeared to be weather faded markings, with
no rhyme or reason (sic). He did not convince me that these were
alien writings." Newton concluded his statement by relating that
"..During the ensuing years I have been interviewed by many
authors, I have been quoted and misquoted. The facts remain as
indicated above." (A comparison of Ramey and Newton photos shows
that indeed some of the "beams" shown in the Ramey photos are
missing from the Newton photo.)

"The blueprints for the "Pilot Balloon Target ML307C/AP
Assembly" (generically, the radar target assembly) were located
at the Army Signal Corps Museum at Fort Monmouth and obtained. A
copy is appended as Atch 29. This blueprint provides the
specification for the foil material, tape, wood, eyelets, and
string used and the assembly instructions thereto. An actual
device was also obtained for study with the assistance of
Professor Moore... An examination of this device revealed it to
be simply made of aluminum-colored foil-like material over a
stronger paper-like material, attached to balsa wood sticks,
affixed with tape, glue, and twine."

(While there does appear to be included in the Ramey office
photos a foil-like material, it includes the strange glyphs and
symbols affixed in an "orderly" manner, which would indicate
some type of non-terrestrial writing. The "sticks" displayed
appear to be made of some type of hollow, plastic material
rather than wood and there is NO evidence of any tape, glue or

"Additionally, the researchers obtained from the Archives of the
University of Texas at Arlington (UTA), a set of original (i.e.
first generation) prints of the photographs taken at the time by
the Fort Worth Star-Telegram, that depicted Ramey and Marcel
with the wreckage. A close review of these photos (and a set of
first generation negatives also subsequently obtained from UTA)
revealed several interesting observations. First, although in
some of the literature cited above, Marcel allegedly stated that
he had his photo taken with the "real" UFO wreckage and then it
was subsequently removed and the weather balloon wreckage
substituted for it, a comparison shows that the same wreckage
appeared in all the photos of Marcel and Ramey. The photos also
depicted that this material was lying on what appeared to be
some sort of wrapping paper (consistent with the affidavit
excerpt of crew chief Porter, above)." (Thus there is no
evidence whatsoever of any "switch" of the "real" Roswell
wreckage as collected by Major Marcel and Lt Col Cavitt.)

"It was also noted that in the two photos of Ramey he had a
piece of paper in his hand. In one, it was folded over so
nothing could be seen. In the second, however, there appears to
be text printed on the paper. In an attempt to read this text to
determine if it could shed any further light on locating
documents relating to this matter, the photo was sent to a
national level organization (believed to be the CIA) for
digitizing and subsequent photo interpretation and analysis.
This organization was also asked to scrutinize the digitized
photos for any indication of the flowered tape (or
"hieroglyphics", depending on the point of view) that were
reputed to be visible to some of the persons who observed the
wreckage prior to it getting to Fort Worth. This organization
reported on July 20, 1994, that even after digitizing, the
photos were of insufficient quality to visualize either of the
details sought for analysis. This organization was able to
obtain measurements from the "sticks" visible in the debris
after it was ascertained by an interview of the original
photographer (Dr. J. Bond Johnson) what kind of camera he used."
(A 4"x5" Speed Graphic Press Camera with black and white cut
film were used.)

(RPIT members report being perplexed that the "national level
organization" utilized by the USAF for digitizing and subsequent
photo interpretation and analysis was unable to locate any of
the numerous symbols or read any of the Ramey message text since
these are readily observed by RPIT.)

"This report was generated as an official response to the GAO,
and to document the considerable effort expended by the Air
Force on their behalf it is anticipated that that they will
request a copy of this report to help formulate the formal
report of their efforts. It is recommended that this document
serve as the final Air Force report related to the Roswell
matter, for the GAO, or any other inquiries.


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