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Re: BUFORAwatch

From: Tim Matthews <matthews@zetnet.co.uk>
Date: Mon, 15 Feb 1999 07:42:34 -0000
Fwd Date: Fri, 15 Jan 1999 15:53:50 -0500
Subject: Re: BUFORAwatch

>From: Mike Wootten <ej77@dial.pipex.com>
>To: updates@globalserve.net
>Subject: BUFORAwatch
>Date: Tue, 13 Jan 1998 20:53:44 GMT

>BUFORAwatch has just received the following from a BUFORA
>insider. Our deep-throat informant states that this was posted
>onto the Internet as one of our bulletins. This did not
>originate from us but it's interesting enough to be one.

>Happy reading!


>It has come to our attention that controversial UFO researcher
>Malcolm Robinson has recently become a BUFORA council member.

>Since moving to London in May 1998, Robinson has been quitely
>active on the fringes of the British UFO Research Association,

>BUFORA with a number of lecture presentations. However, he was
>effectively stopped from taking a more active role in the
>association due to his stance on BUFORA's hypnosis moratorium.
>Robinson (although officially associated


>And how come Robinson is rated higher than someone like Andy
>Roberts on the BUFORA council scale? Andy is a critic of the
>BUFORA machine, but Robinson has effectively broken it's own
>rules, and did so repeatedly, with premeditated intent. But
>Robinson gets on council, regardless. Why????

>The ease in which such a controversial character as Robinson has
>quietly slid onto the BUFORA council should be contrasted with
>the problems Andy Roberts experienced in merely keeping his
>BUFORA membership! It can also be contrasted with the many
>objections BUFORA council had to Robert Moore's request for Andy
>Roberts to help with the BUFORA BULLETIN!  This resulted in
>Robert Digby (more on him later!) proposing changes to the
>running of the BULLETIN, which effectively means council now has
>full control over t he running of the magazine, although Robert
>Moore may ask people to write articles, etc on a regular basis
>(gee, thanks Mr. Digby..!).

I don't think that Malcolm is entirely the devil he is shown as

Having met him I though that he came over as a dedicated
researcher who has got the best interests of the subject at
heart....I think he is genuinely convinced that hypnosis is an
effective method.

I don't know of anybody who agrees though.

Yes, I am totally against the use of hypnosis as are most UK
investigators but there are ways of doing things and I have
concluded that this kind of attack is NOT the way!

BUFORA appears to be finished and it is true that this is
largely as a result of;

1 - A rump of Council members running the show with no reference
to the membership.

2 - The non-appearance of "UFO Times" for 10 months during 1997.

3 - The problem of trying to maintain a public face of
supporting research into supposed "ET reality" where 95% of the
accredited investigators do not support a belief in 'alien
contact', especially through the use of hypnosis (!).

4 - The lack of interest shown by the members perhaps as a
result of BUFORA's rather odd structure whereby the Association
is a registered company and where bureaucracy takes precedence.

(I am told that until the early 1990s BUFORA Council meetings
did not even discuss UFO research and were more akin to bank
managers' conventions!)


>As a result of this decision, it is known that a number of
>resignations have taken place, or will do so in the near future.
>It is said that the editor of the BUFORA BULLETIN - Robert Moore
>- has resigned. We contacted Robert to confirm this, but he
>would say no more than he is stepping down as editor in
>February-March 1999, in order to "concentrate on other
>projects". (Come on, Robert, tell us the real reason! Don't be

>Other people said to be on the verge of resigning from BUFORA
>(to our knowledge) include Andy Roberts, David Clarke, Jenny
>Randles, Tony Eccles and Kevin McClure.

I think they're all well out of it. Jenny only helps with the
UFOCALL service whilst Andy, Dave and Kevin are most likely to
go with the IUN - being launched at the big Southport UFO
Conference on 27th February.

>There are currently two concerns entertained by those aware of
>this decision. The first is that the BUFORA lecture programme
>will become bias ed and slanted towards Robinson's extreme views
>of UFOs. The second is of th e future; where will this end - as
>Robinson as BUFORA Director of Investigations!!!

I'm not sure that's true but it's the old problem;

Most attenders seem to want to hear about 'aliens' whilst most
of the active types - researchers/investigators - want to focus
upon objective research.

The simple solution whereby a proportion of each BUFORA
membership could be directed exclusively towards objective UFO
research has never been adopted and the NIC has virtually ceased
to exist.

Perhaps the failure to develop an NIC WITH IT'S OWN independence
and funding is evidence of a desire within 'the rump' to control
the Association for its' own ends?

>This decision by BUFORA council also seemingly puts a large
>shadow of doo m over the hypnosis moratorium. It also seems to
>indicate that the goals of BUFORA the mass-membership society
>can override and superceed the ideals of BUFORA the objective
>UFO study group! If this is true, BUFORA will be looked upon as
>an effectively inert player in the field of serious ufolog y.
>And it will only have itself to blame if this state of affairs
>come to pass.

Yes, I hear you but every NIC meeting has voted overwhelmingly
to reject the use of hypnosis and this has been a feature of
its' work.

In any case, membership is down to around 500, half of what it
was until fairly recently. There are various reasons as to why
this has happened but the most obvious one is not internal - in
fact people are losing interest. The "X" factor is diminishing,
even in this Millennial year!

>"Ping..... Bong.....!"

>Philip Mantle on the rebound?

>I am sure you will have noted Robert Moore's circular e-mail re
>QUEST magazine sent out in the late summer of 1998. This asked
>for material for a BUFORA UFO column in this magazine. Despite
>this, nothing materialised. I t is rumoured that Digby (infamous
>for his "I'll be getting rid of Jenny Randles soon!" remark made
>at a northern UFO conference in the early 1990's) was
>less-than-happy with Moore's openness towards this assignment ,
>where he fully addressed the concerns of some towards QUEST and
>any monie s forthcoming from this assignment to him.

>So, it was with some surprise that we heard Philip Mantle had
>been appointed. If this is not a case of "jobs for the boys" I
>don't know what is! Given the covert croneyism displayed by the
>content of this magazine (where many pieces are written by
>members of BUFORA's so-called "inner" council; ie Spencer, Beer,
>Gamble, etc) does this suggest that Mantle is now worming his
>way back up the BUFORA ladder?

No, not at all. As far as I am aware Philip is ONLY a BUFORA member
and is only involved with 'Quest' on a limited basis.

Anyway, it's up to him, and nobody else!

>Again, as with Robinson, BUFORA's "inner council" has again
>shown it's fondness for scientifically-ignorant individuals with
>extreme ufological views. We all know how Mantle is deemed a
>"cash cow" by some within thhe association, so his return seems
>effectively preordained.

This is a problem for all Ufology - not just BUFORA!! After all,
"science" does not provide simple and sensationalist answers to
the difficult questions posed by the variety of UFO phenomena..

>It's a pity BUFORA's inner circle don't show more support for
>it's more objective members, where it's future as an objective
>UFO body surely lies. But does the BUFORA "Inner council"
>actually want such a future for the association? Does it
>actually want the association to merely be a "gee-wow" group,
>catering for sensationism and scientifically dubious (but
>popular) notions???

Maybe....but this wouldn't be a problem is the mass membership
paid for effective research. That would indeed be a reasonable
compromise but I believe that the re-forming Independent UFO
Network - THE most successful UK group between 1987 and 1994
 - in terms of research at least - is the way forward and I am
certainly not alone in voicing this opinion.

I think that it's too late for BUFORA which is a great shame
given its potential.

But we must move on...........

Tim X

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